Zio-USA Will Pull Aid To El Salvador For Refusing Monsanto Satanic Seeds.

Monsanto corn

For those who may not know: Monsanto is a Jewish family owned and controlled corp. They were involved in the black slave trade in the 1700’s. I have abridged the following. (my intro).

SOURCE: Collective Evolution             Posted Sunday, July 27, 2014

Governments do not dictate major policy, major multinational corporations do. We’ve seen this time and time again, and one of the best examples out there is Monsanto. This time, the United States government wants to force GMO seeds on El Salvadorian farmers.

Encouraged by the U.S. Embassy, the Millennium Challenge Corporation had “granted” El salvador 277 million dollars to “improve El Salvador’s competitiveness and productivity in international markets.”

This, however, would not come without certain commitments and obligations, which included a commitment to ensure that the Ministry of Agriculture’s procurement of corn and bean seed would “be consistent with the provisions of the CAFTA-DR( Dominican Republic-Central America-United States Free Trade Agreement).” (1)

“We are asking the Government of EL Salvador to implement the procurement program for corn and bean seeds in a competitive, objective, and transparent manner that demonstrates to all stakeholders both EL Salvador’s commitment to the CAFTA-DR, as well as its commitment to good governance. Such principles are inherent in the provisions of the CAFTA-DR.” (1)

Again, without these specific economic reforms the U.S. government will not provide El Salvador with the 277 million dollars in aid money through the MCC. What is happening here?

The U.S. is seeking to spark economic growth in El Salvador through various policy reforms created and set up by Washington. What will this lead to? More pollution? More environmental degradation?

Farmers across the country have united in order to stop this stipulation within this US aid package. Which again, indirectly requires the purchase of Monsanto genetically modified (GM) seeds.

“Trans-national companies have been known to provide expired seeds that they weren’t able to distribute elsewhere. We would like the US embassy and the misinformed media outlets to know more about the reality of national producers and recognize the food sovereignty of the country.” – Juan Joaquin Luna Vides, 45 year old Salvadoran farmer (2)

Hundreds of other farmers have successfully produced high-quality seed that is adapted to the specific soil and climate conditions of their country. Using indigenous seeds simply makes more sense.

If you didn’t know, Monsanto controls the majority of seeds all over the world. In India alone, thousands of farmers lost their livelihoods, and many farmers all over the world have filed lawsuits against Monsanto.

Full article here: http://www.blacklistednews.com/U.S._Government_To_Pull_Foreign_Aid_In_El_Salvador_For_Refusing_Monsanto_Seeds/36877/0/38/38/Y/M.html

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Hamas Cuts The Soft Underbelly Of Baby-killer-Israel. One More Rocket Could Cause A Serious Wound.

I have abbreviated the following, just a bit. (my note)

VETERANS TODAY  By Stuart Littlewood       For Fri & Sat. July 25-26, 2014

Hamas has hit Palestine’s bloodthirsty occupier where it could hurt real bad — in the soft under-belly that is Ben Gurion airport. The Resistance has achieved this by lobbing a rocket too close for comfort and causing air carriers in the United States and Europe to halt flights to Tel Aviv after warnings from governmental agencies concerned about passenger safety.

Reuters reported that Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Netanyahu, called for US airlines to resume flights to Israel. “There is no need for US carriers to suspend flights and reward terrorism,” said a statement from Israel’s Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz.

But a senior Obama administration official said: “We’re not going to overrule the FAA, period… when a rocket lands a mile from that airport, that kind of trips their wire.”

Ben Gurion AirportStrictly speaking Ben Gurion airport, near Tel Aviv, belongs to the Palestinians anyway. It was formerly Lydda airport; and Lydda, a major town in its own right during the British mandate, was designated Palestinian in the 1947 UN Partition.

In July 1948 Israeli terrorist troops seized Lydda, shot up the town and drove out the population as part of their ethnic cleansing programme. In the process they massacred 426 men, women, and children. 176 of them were slaughtered in the town’s main mosque. See http://www.palestineremembered.com/al-Ramla/al-Lydd/index.html for the lurid details.

Those who survived were forced to walk into exile in the scalding July heat leaving a trail of bodies — men, women and children — along the way. Israeli troops carried away 1,800 truck loads of loot. Jewish immigrants then flooded in and Lydda was given a Hebrew name, Lod.

So Israel has no real right to Lydda/Lod/Ben Gurion airport — it was stolen in a terror raid, as was so much else. It’s Israeli terror that has been rewarded all these years by airline flights.

Today the airport handles over 14 million passengers a year and is the international gateway to Israel. Hamas’s thrust at Ben Gurion may be just a prick. But they only have to lob one more rocket into the vicinity and and it becomes a serious belly wound. Most visitor traffic from abroad would dry up.

Before Israel’s flag-wavers get all hot under the collar, let’s consider what happened to Gaza’s airport. The Oslo II Agreement of 1995 provided for one to be constructed.

The Yasser Arafat International airport was built with funding from Japan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Germany and Morocco, and cost $86 million. Arafat and US President Clinton attended the opening in 1998. Owned and operated by the Palestinian Authority it was capable of handling 700,000 passengers a year.

In December 2001 Israel destroyed the radar station and control tower, and cut the runway.

The only usable airstrip in Gaza today is a small airfield at Gush Katif, which is only suitable for short take-off and landing aircraft. The Israeli air blockade prevents it being used.

After this and all the other economic outrages committed against the Palestinians, Hamas will taste sweet revenge it they succeed in shutting down traffic through Ben Gurion and causing grief to Israel’s tourist trade and other business.

Source: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/07/24/hamas-pricks-israels-soft-under-belly-ben-gurion-airport/

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International Anger Expands Against “The Son Of Perdition” (Isra-hell) !

I have abridged and edited the following just a tad (my note)

Global Research     By Felicity Arbuthnot    Posted Thurs., July 24, 2014

“You take my water

Burn my olive trees

Destroy my house

Take my job

Steal my land

Imprison my father

Kill my mother

Bomb my country

Starve us all

Humiliate us all

But … I am to blame: I shot a rocket back.” (Placard first seen in Gaza, 2012.)

The “most moral army in the world” from “the only democracy in the Middle East” has attacked hospitals, a home for the disabled, a geriatric hospice, demolished five mosques, razed entire neighbourhoods, erased entire families – the youngest – so far – just three days old …  (pic below -Councillor Hugh Lewis takes down the Israeli flag in Dublin, Ireland. (Independent)

ireland-removes-israeli-flagYet again a war is declared against children and the young. Forty three percent of Gaza’s population is aged 0-14 and just under twenty one percent, 15-24. (Index Mundi, 2013.) Thus sixty four percent, 0-24.

Israel claims eternal victim status while it murders neighbouring True Semites with seeming legal impunity by stealing land, obliterating homes, bombing UN safe facilities, hospitals, etc, and, as always, the UN bleats weakly of “concern” and “regret”. Many countries have had enough!

Ecuador has recalled their Ambassador from Israel, Chile has suspended their free trade agreement negotiations.

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales and Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro have called the assault on Gaza genocide and “extermination”, with Maduro demanding that the UN address the: “systematic violation of the Human Rights of the Palestinian population in Gaza by the State of Israel and adopt the necessary measures to halt those violations.”

Venezuela severed all relations with Israel after its last massacre, “Cast Lead” over Christmas and New Year 2008-2009.

Prime Minister David Cameron calls the onslaught on the 1.7 million people of Gaza in their forty mile long ghetto “not disproportionate”.

President Maduro, on the other hand, stated: “It is clear you cannot morally compare occupied and massacred Palestine with the occupying state, Israel, which also possesses military superiority and acts on the margins of international law.”

Meanwhile, amid massive protests in South Africa, the African National Congress in Parliament (who suffered their own long years of apartheid) is calling for the Israeli Ambassador to leave with “immediate effect” and for the South African Ambassador to Tel Aviv to be immediately recalled.

The ANC Chief Whip, Steone Sizane, MP., in a blistering address said: “The office of the UN Secretary General issues statements which have no effect. The UN Security Council must stand up and act to support vulnerable Palestinian people at the ?time when they need their protection.

“The situation involving Palestine and Israel is an undeclared war, in which the aggressor, Israel, has destroyed the Palestinian economy, robbed people of their land, unilaterally changed borders, and unilaterally built a wall of exclusion to keep Palestinians out of their land.”

“When it feels provoked, it unleashes the most sophisticated military hardware on a defenceless people. Palestinians have been reduced to cheap labour for the Israel economy.”

“This relentless destruction of the Palestinian territory and its people by Israel must be stopped.”

Full article here: http://www.globalresearch.ca/israel-international-anger-mounts/5392802

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Where In The F### Are The No-Fly Zones And Sanctions Against Anti-human-Baby-Killer Isra-Hell?


Zionism dees illus

I have edited the following just a tad. Most people who follow the events in the Mid East know the answers to the questions posed by Sherrie, the author of the blog. Nonetheless, perhaps her questions will awaken some to do some critical thinking on this issue which eventually will lead to WW3. 

Sherrie Questioning All website              Posted Wed., July 23, 2014

When are people going to wake up?

Don’t people see the propaganda happening against Russia and Putin? Yet the silence from the world about what Israel is doing by mass murdering people they had caged up and imprisoned in Gaza!

What is happening is outrageous!

Israel has murdered over 600 people in a few days, but I am not hearing the U.S., EU or anyone else calling for sanctions against them.

Yet manufactured evidence against Russia which has not been proven, has people calling for war against Russia. The old man McCain did a little stint on CNN saying Putin is a murderer today.

Remember Syria? The lies of a chemical attack last year? Remember how the U.S. and the world were outraged? BUT Israel can get away with $%^&*# murdering everyone they want… and #$%^&*# silence from every government!

Why didn’t McCain talk about the mass murders that are taking place in Gaza?

Why is it that Israel is allowed to murder who ever they want and get away with it? How is that right?

Where is the UN regarding this? Where are the humanitarian organizations?

ALL money given to Israel must STOP!

Their rights to murder whom ever they want must STOP!

The world has to start standing up against this genocide, instead of looking the other way!

The looking the other way when ‘allies’ commit murder and genocide, yet lies against other countries who have not done what they are accused of is too much.

How do we stop this? How do we stop the lies and murders?

Israel is not the chosen country of the world in God’s eyes. The Jews are not the chosen people of the world in Gods eyes. We All are chosen people, including the Palestinians! They have the right to live their lives in Freedom and liberty without being massacred by Israel!

All of us together are One people no one should be a slave to another nor any country have a right to murder others because they feel they are ‘chosen’ over all others.

Enough is enough! If Russia was doing to East Ukraine what Israel is doing to Gaza we would be in WW3 with the U.S. and EU bombing Russia. Yet Israel can do as they please and murder who ever they please.

Why is that? Why is Israel allowed to murder anyone they want and bomb any country they want?

Where is the outrage from the media and citizens of the world?

Source: http://sherriequestioningall.blogspot.ca/2014/07/where-are-sanctions-against-israel-for.html Via -> Whatreallyhappened.com

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For The Benefit Of Jewish Zionists, USA & EU Seek War With Russia Over Ukraine Situation – Mark Dankof

zionist usa war russia

PRESS TV        Posted Tues., July 22, 2014

The United States, Europe and Israel are seeking to start a war with Russia over the situation in Ukraine, as such a conflict would benefit US and Zionist interests, a political commentator in San Antonio, Texas says.

US President Barack Obama and other American officials working on behalf of “Zionist and banking interests” are trying to facilitate a conflict with Russian President Vladimir Putin over Ukraine, Mark Dankof, a broadcaster and former US Senate candidate, told Press TV on Monday.

“The people of the United States and the entire world are being lied to in all likelihood by the President of the United States and by all these other American governmental spokesmen because they want a war, they’re seeking a war,” he said

“They’re trying to do everything they can to minimize Putin’s influence in the world as well as to retaliate against him for his diplomacy in the Syrian situation that prevented the implementation of Israeli war plan in that country,” he added.

In recent days, Washington and its allies have tried to indirectly blame Moscow for the downing of a passenger plane over the Ukrainian territory, where pro-Russian groups are operating against the central government.

On Sunday, former US Congressman Ron Paul defended the Russian government and slammed Western leaders for spreading “propaganda” after a Malaysian Airlines plane was allegedly shot down by the anti-Kiev groups.

Paul said the recent plane crash in Ukraine would “have the least benefit” for Russia, and Putin is smart enough not to participate “in an act like this.”

On July 17, Malaysian Airline Flight MH17 was reportedly shot down over Ukraine’s volatile Donetsk region, while travelling to Kuala Lumpur from the Dutch capital Amsterdam. All 298 people on board died.

Source: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/07/22/372315/us-war-with-russia-benefits-zionists/        Link includes 4 min vid interview

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White House Hypocrites Recall This! American Navy Shot Down An Iranian Civilian Airliner Killing 290 Passengers.

American navy Iran plane

Source: Lew Rockwell Blog             Posted Monday, July 2014

Down the Memory Hole is Iran Air Flight 655, shot down by the USS Vincennes on July 3, 1988. The Airbus A300 was flying in Iranian airspace and the Vincennes was sitting in Iranian waters. A total of 290 passengers (including 66 children) were killed.

Vincennes was known in the Navy as “Robo Cruiser,” a ship under the aggressive command of Captain Will Rogers III who, along with his crew, seemed to like to menace and shoot just about anything that moved.

Reagan’s contemptuous initial response to reporters: “Understandable…Ever been in combat?” he angrily snapped.

Later on Reagan from Camp David:

“We deeply regret any loss of life. The course of the Iranian civilian airliner was such that it was headed directly for the U.S.S. Vincennes, which was at the time engaged with five Iranian Boghammar boats that had attacked our forces.

When the aircraft failed to heed repeated warnings, the Vincennes followed standing orders and widely publicized procedures, firing to protect itself against possible attack.”

Navy Commander David Carlson, in charge of the USS Sides in the Gulf that day, begged to differ with Reagan on just about every detail.

In the September 1989 Naval Institute Proceedings, Carlson wrote:

Quote: “When the decision was made to shoot down the Airbus, the airliner was climbing, not diving; it was showing the proper identification friend-or-foe (IFF Mode III); and it was in the correct flight corridor from Bandar Abbas to Dubai…The Vincennes was never under attack by Iranian aircraft…There was no coordinated attack involving the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps boats and Iranian military forces.

Having watched the performance of the Vincennes for a month before the incident, my impression was clearly that an atmosphere of restraint was not her long suit…Her actions appeared to be consistently aggressive, and had become a topic of wardroom conversation…’Robo Cruiser’ was the un-amusing nickname that someone jokingly came up with for her, and it stuck.” (end of Carlson quote)

At the time, the Navy asserted that Revolutionary Guard gunboats attacked the Vincennes first, but Carlson revealed that the Vincennes sought permission to open fire on them, a protocol unnecessary if the ship had already been under actual attack.

Unlike the South Koreans and Korean Air Lines Flight 007, Iranians NEVER received an apology from the U.S. government for the killing of 254 Iranians and 36 others on Iran Air Flight 655.

Nevertheless, U.S. taxpayers apparently got a bill for $132 million in compensation the U.S. paid to Iran to make Iran’s suit against the U.S. in the International Court of Justice go away.

My source:


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A Little Payback! Five IDF Baby-Killers Shot Dead By Armed Wing Of Hamas.

Israeli tank and soldiers

Ma’an News Agency               Posted Sun. July 20, 2014

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Hamas’ armed wing said Saturday that a group of its operatives infiltrated Israeli territory for the second time in a day and killed five Israeli soldiers.

The al-Qassam Brigades said the fighters tunneled under the Gaza border into Israeli territory near the Sufa crossing east of Rafah. Then they shot five soldiers dead, the group said.

It said three were killed by direct gunshots to the head, while the others suffered bullet wounds in other areas of their bodies.

Only hours earlier, the Israeli army announced the deaths of two soldiers by militants who had breached the Gaza border.

An army statement said those two, Sergeant Adar Bersano, 20, from Neharyia, and Major Amotz Greenberg, 45, from Hod Hasharon, were killed during a clash with a number of militants who infiltrated Israel through a tunnel from Gaza.

The fighters, also affiliated with Hamas’ military wing, infiltrated the southern Israeli region of Eshkol near Ein HaShlosha through a tunnel and attacked an Israeli army patrol.

The al-Qassam Brigades claimed responsibility for the raid in a statement, adding that “Heavy fighting is ongoing with the forces of the occupation.”

The Israeli military said in a statement that militants opened fire on the attackers with machine guns and an anti-tank missile.

The military said that they returned fire and killed one of the militants, while the rest re-entered the tunnel and returned to Gaza.

It added that they pursued the attackers into Gaza.

The group had reported earlier on Saturday morning that it had breached “enemy lines” in the northern Gaza Strip and had engaged Israeli forces.

They said that they had managed to infiltrate Israeli lines in the area, which has witnessed heavy fighting since the beginning of the Israeli ground invasion late Thursday.

Source: http://www.maannews.net/eng/ViewDetails.aspx?ID=714530

Via à Information Clearing House website

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She-Devil From The Bottomless Pit Calls For The Slaughter Of Palestinian Mothers.

Mothers of all Palestinians must be killed: Israeli MP

ALALAM Website                 Posted For Fri & Sat., July 18 -19, 2014

Ayelet Shaked of the ultra-nationalist Jewish Home party called for the slaughter of Palestinian mothers who give birth to “little snakes.”

“They have to die and their houses should be demolished so that they cannot bear any more terrorists,” Shaked said, adding, “They are all our enemies and their blood should be on our hands.

This also applies to the mothers of the dead terrorists.”

The remarks are considered as a call for genocide as she declared that all Palestinians are Israel’s enemies and must be killed.

The development comes as many officials from various countries have slammed Israel’s airstrikes on the Gaza Strip. The Turkish prime minister is the latest to condemn the offensive, accusing Israel of massacring the Palestinians.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan has lashed out at Israel, saying it is committing state terrorism against the Palestinians in the region. Speaking in parliament, he also questioned the world’s silence toward Tel Aviv’s ongoing atrocities.

Reacting to Shaked’s remarks, the Turkish premier said Israel’s policy in Gaza is no different than Hitler’s mentality. (I do NOT agree with Erdogan’s parallelism re Hitler – Baby-Killer Isra-Hell is in a genocide league of its own regarding savagery and brutality –my comment)

“An Israeli woman said Palestinian mothers should be killed, too. And she’s a member of the Israeli parliament. What is the difference between this mentality and Hitler’s?” Erdogan asked.

The developments come as the UN agency for Palestinian refugees has recently said women and children make up a sizeable number of Palestinian fatalities caused by Israeli attacks on the besieged region.

Source http://en.alalam.ir/news/1612199?utm_source=Alalam+English+Website&utm_campaign=80cfdc80b6-      VIA >> The Ugly Truth webpage

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Would It Be OK And “Responsible” For Hamas To Send Precision Bombs Into Israeli Family Homes?

Gaza homes bombed

The following is in response (2 days ago) by the owner of the mondoweiss.net website to a Jew who stated that the Palestinians are “responsible” for the conflict and destruction. Here’s monodoweiss.net’s reply. (my intro)

Comment by mondoweiss.net                  Posted for Thurs., July 17, 2014

Of course the world can see clearly how responsibly Israel is behaving. Despite the words Palestinians may say, looks like the one doing the destroying is Israel.

How many dead now? That would be nearly 200 Palestinians, 77 percent being CIVILIANS, over a thousand injured.

Responsible? How many Israeli deaths? NONE. That shows which side is behaving responsibly. (according to recent reports 1 or 2 elderly Israelis died while fleeing to bomb shelters. –my note)

If the IDF was among the Israeli civilians in their homes, would it be okay for Hamas to send in precision bombs into those homes that hold many civilians, or is that brutality only for the Palestinians to endure?

Perhaps if not for those rockets, more Palestinians would have been killed. Give us a break here, it takes some chutzpah for apologists to come here and play the victim, and try to convince us that Israel is defending itself.

What about the rights of the Palestinian people to defend themselves? Yeah, I guess goyim are not entitled to that eh?

Answer this, do you think Israel does not provoke by blatantly stealing land and building illegal settlements? Have you taken a look at the shrinking map of Palestine?

If someone stole my land, controlled my water, destroyed by orchards, collectively punished my people, killed my family, and held us under a brutal occupation, I would want to send them MORE than rockets.

Israel is the bigger terrorist, it has the deadly weapons, power over the Palestinians, and kills more civilians, even babies. Get real.

Source: http://mondoweiss.net/2014/07/gazans-operation-protective.html

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“Rocket Attacks By Hamas And Other Groups Was Stupid In The Extreme” Guest Responds To Alan Hart’s Statement.


Guest Comment — Information Clearing House       Posted Wed., July 16, 2014

“I have to say that I think the resort to rocket attacks by Hamas and other groups was stupid in the extreme”  <<Quote from Alan Hart’s article – Wanted A New Strategy For Palestinian Resistance.

A few reflections re that assertion:

Does anyone have actual proof / evidence that “hundreds of rockets” are being launched into ‘Israeli’ territory? These figures are being generated by Israel, alone. There has been no independent assessment of the number of ‘rockets’ that have been fired from Gaza.

Meanwhile, this so-called rocket downpour is being exploited to the max by Netanyahu to terrorize the Israeli population via emergency sirens and calls to take immediate shelter in underground compounds.

Should it come as any wonder that the primary popular justification for the current military assault on Gaza is, “What would you do if you were under constant rocket fire?”. – It’s as though, were there no rockets coming from Gaza, Israel would need to invent them.

Speaking of which, it should be remembered that Gaza is full of Arabic-speaking, Israeli spies, who gather ‘intelligence’ on the Gaza population, and have been known in the past to have contributed to and incited militarized operations against ‘Israel’, without the knowledge of the Hamas govt.

Who exactly is behind the firing these “hundreds of rockets”, then?

Curious, too, that, to my knowledge, there have been no statements by, or interviews of, Hamas govt officials since the beginning of the renewed Israeli military attack on Gaza.

Has the silence been purposeful or imposed?

Israel’s current offensives on Gaza and the West Bank were planned well in advance, conveniently justified by a dubious kidnapping incident and equally dubious claims of a need to defend the Israeli population from rocket fire.

And here we have the Chris Hedges, Alan Hart, et co, pontificating to the Palestinians, telling them what they should and shouldn’t be doing, without having the faintest idea of what is actually going on, and why.

Source Comment Section: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article39089.htm

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