Sheriff Destroys Mainstream Media As Orwellian – Operation Censorship Kicks In (link has vids)


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline  Posted Thurs., Dec.08, 2016

“The Purge” We’ve Long Been Warned About Has Begun!

According to Milwaukee, Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke, ‘fake news’ was born in August of 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri when MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times and Washington Post all began pushing the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ lie that has since been demolished though it started a movement.

Ripping the MSM in a Tweet favorited over 10,000 times, Clarke implored to ‘fix the ghettos’ and ‘stop trying to fix the POLICE!’ while claiming that the DEMOCRATS created the ‘black lies matter’ MONSTER.

Just the latest public figure to slam the ‘real fake news’ that came to us straight from the MSM in their drive to push Hillary Clinton into the White House while defaming Donald Trump every chance they had.

We hear in the final video below from Dave and the X22Report that ‘Operation Censorship’ has kicked into full gear as the desperate globalists seek to silence all opposition to their madness.

And despite one ‘conspiracy theory’ after another having gone viral over the past several decades dating back to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, for some very strange reason, we’ve never seen the MSM and globalists going into full meltdown mode like they have over the recent ‘pizza gate conspiracy theory’.

Why are the globalists in full meltdown mode over ‘pizza gate’, with social media banning conversation of the topic already, when 9/11 or Sandy Hook or the Boston Marathon bombing ‘conspiracy theories’ were allowed to continue on and flourish w/o as much as a peep from them?

While we have no proof nor are we accusing anybody, it has long been warned, where there is smoke, there is fire.

With Facebook already blocking links to ‘fake news’ websites according to this new story from Infowars,

 DESPITE the Washington Post recently issued a ‘sort of’ retraction on their recent ‘fake news’ Russian propaganda story as seen in the screenshot below soon after the Naked Capitalism Blog threatened legal action against them, we see that the real ‘war’ against the 1st Amendment is just being kicked into gear.

 As we learn in this new story from Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan,  ‘this is the purge we all knew was coming’ as social media seeks to stifle ‘extremist content’.

And we’d be wise to remember that according to official US government documents under Barack Obama, Christians, those who support the US Constitution, 2nd Amendment supporters, preppers and in all, 72 ‘types of Americans’ are labeled as extremists and potential terrorists according to this August of 2013 story from Michael Snyder.

Will we soon see massive, widespread censorship of those things near and dear to us such as our religion or…’the truth’? 

Continues here with several vids:

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Canadian TrutherGirl Says Pizza-gate Is Not Fake News Or A False Flag (Vid)


Posted by r. a.    Vid by thetruthergirls     Wed., Dec.07, 2016

Rumours continue to fly all over the place regarding the Ped-ring and Pizza-gate rumble. After much research, into this newsy pipeline, the truthergirl gives reasons why she believes much of the buzz contains both “fake” and truth and she separates the two and then you decide where the truth of the matter resides. (r. a. note)

Here’s her 13 min vid.

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Reading Or Watching The News Causes Anti-Semitism.


Real Jew News   By Bro. Nathanael Kapner    Posted Wed., Dec.07, 2016

TRY IT YOURSELF… open any news page, let’s say for starters, The Washington Post, and you’ll find that every anti-Trump and pro-homosexual piece is authored by a Jew.

One’s eyes and modest sensibilities are at once struck by odious names like Ruth Marcus, Alex Wasserman, Anne Applebaum, Sara Horwitz, and Jennifer Rubin.

Yes, Jews, and they vomit out a steady stream of venom aimed at President Trump.

Then turn on your TV to CNN. Your eyes are gouged by the displeasing faces of Wolf Blitzer, Dana Bash (b. Dinah Ruth Schwartz), and Jack (Jacob) Tapper (Tapperman).

They’re all part of what Dr Kevin MacDonald calls the “culture of critique,” meaning that whatsoever is wholesome, meaningful, and of white Christian society, they’ll rip it to pieces.

How about that once-upon-a-time White Anglo-Saxon Protestant journal, The Atlantic, now run by Jeffrey Goldberg and infested with a host of his fellow Jews.

Try finding a single upbeat piece, or a critique of Israel’s genocidal policies, or an exposure of the pernicious Jewish Lobby’s hold over Capitol Hill, and your ill-fated search ends in tragic despair. Alas! A disconsolate feeling seeps in and a depression sinks into your soul.

It’s true, many Gentiles are part of the journalistic swamp. But my study divides the world into two classes of people: Jews and the Goys who shill for them.

… when the press was somewhat Judenfrei, (free of Jews) you could alight upon sundry anti-Israel pieces in The Atlantic such as “Political Zionism” and “Zionist Aspirations in Palestine,” penned by authors with comforting Christian names.

But Goldberg and his synagogue buddies now at the helm are master censors of truth and nimble insight.

A plaintive tune suddenly sounds from the suffocating fog:

“Gone are the days when our hearts were young and gay (you can’t even say that once fine word)…Gone are the days when our hearts were happy and free…

…They’re coming, they’re here now, and our heads are hanging low. I hear their loathsome voices calling, Jews rule the day.”

Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio, a nation turns its…stop please, for even that was penned by the Jew, Simon Garfinkle, who, while cloaking himself with the poetic, mocked heaven. I feel something coming on, it engulfs like an overwhelming flood.

Is this a symptom of cultural smog?

Or, is it time-tested Anti-Semitism that pursues the polluters of the beautiful and good?

 Source:    via SGT Report website

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For Cat Lovers: Paws And Rear Of Cat Frozen In Ice (-35C) Remains Alive. (Vid Incl)


Pravda ru    Posted Tues., Dec.06, 2016

A family couple from Zlatoust (the Chelyabinsk region) used a few buckets of warm water to save a cat, whose paws froze into ice, Interfax reports. The video of the “rescue operation” was uploaded on the Internet.

The footage shows the feline sitting on ice being unable to move. The people had to bring a few buckets of warm water to melt the ice and thus free the animal.

It took them more effort to unfreeze the rear part of the cat’s body.

The couple said that most likely, the cat found himself in captivity after he crawled under a warm car and fell asleep there.

The car went cold quickly, and the paws of the feline froze into ice quickly as it was -35 Centigrade. Afterwards, vet specialists gave the cat anti-inflammatory drugs, and the feline was able to move in a few hours.

Another curious cat-rescue incident happened this year in St. Petersburg. A fire brigade arrived to put out a fire in an apartment, but found no one, but a cat inside. The firemen took the cat out of the apartment and gave the animal an oxygen mask. The photo of the cat wearing the oxygen mask went viral on the Internet.


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HSBC’s Pro-LGBT Painted Lions Anger Hong Kong Family Groups


It seems most of the nations on this earth are accepting the “Mark of the Beast” and it’s not a micro-chip! (r. a. note)

South China Morning Post          Posted Tues., Dec.06, 2016

Activists have accused HSBC (British Multinational Banking Services) of trampling on the family values of Hong-Kongers by decking two lion statues in rainbow colours at its Central headquarters in support of sexual minorities.

The Family School SODO Concern Group, Parents for the Family Association, Overturning LGBT Agenda and Next Generation Orientation have launched a joint online signature campaign expressing disapproval at the “disgusting” display, which they claimed had offended both customers and shareholders.

By 9pm on Monday night they had collected 1,800 signatures and they vowed to protest in front of the lions if they collected 3,000. On HSBC Hong Kong’s Facebook page there were mixed views, with some threatening to close their accounts and others supporting the bank’s inclusive policy.

HSBC kicked off the “Celebrate Pride, Celebrate Unity” campaign late last month by displaying replicas in rainbow colours of Stephen and Stitt, the bank’s iconic lions, in front of its main building.

The statues, designed by local LGBT artist Michael Lam and on show until the end of December, represent pride and unity in diversity, with Stephen painted in stripes and Stitt in circles. Throughout the bank’s history, the lions have stood for courage and prosperity.

Unveiling the rainbow lions, Diana Cesar, HSBC group general manager and chief executive, said the campaign called for support for the local LGBT community, and “equality for everyone”.

But petition organiser Roger Wong Wai-ming, convenor of the Family School Sexual Orientation Discrimination Ordinance Concern Group, accused HSBC of disregarding the feelings of its shareholders and customers as the social movement it backed blurred gender boundaries and discriminated against traditional values that most people held dear.

“We think that this very act is causing damage to the emotions of many Hong Kong people as well as trampling on their family values,” he said.

HSBC had adopted some pro-LGBT policies, such as providing spousal benefits to the gay partners of employees, Wong said, claiming this was not fair to shareholders because the policy had never been discussed in any shareholders’ meeting.

In reply to the Post’s inquiries, an HSBC spokeswoman said the bank’s commitment to diversity and inclusion had helped it to attract, develop and retain employees.

“Having a workforce that reflects the diversity of our millions of customers in Hong Kong and which draws on a wide range of perspectives makes us better able to serve the whole community,” she said.

“This kind of policy literally forces every shareholder, willing or not, to recognise the homosexual lifestyle”, said Roger Wong, campaign organiser.

HSBC  =  Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (headquarters in London, UK)


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Fundraiser Calls For The Assassination Of Trump And Pence


RT News Site   Posted Mon., Dec.05, 2016

A Dark Web website is trying to raise money and gather expert advice with a view to allegedly assassinating President-elect Donald Trump and Vice-President-elect Mike Pence.

The site, which CSO reports went live last week, calls for assistance to fund an assassination attempt against Trump, and features an image of the president-elect in crosshairs. The website is located on the Dark Web, and can be accessed only using the Tor browser, which masks IP addresses.

“As you are all well aware, the consequences of having Donald Trump and Mike Pence as the leaders of the free world is extremely dangerous,” the website reads. “The political, environmental and social consequences will change the United States for the worst.”

Pointing to the “rise of several white supremacist movements like the KKK and the neo-nazis,” the site promoting assassination says “trying to eliminate other Americans of different origins cannot be tolerated.”

“We, as a society have come too far to go back to this,” it adds.

The site’s authors claim they are part of a “well-known organization that has always defended and protected the rights of all people against crooked governments and regimes using different cyber attacks.”

It says it now needs to go further, “as it will require much more than cyber attack to defend ourselves to avoid civil war or another world war.”

The site asks for anonymous donations from those who “wish to see our plan succeed” and asks those with “expertise, intelligence or contacts you consider relevant,” to get in touch.

The Bitcoin wallet associated with the site has received $88,000 since March, but as the website has only been live for about a week, donations thought to be related to the assassination fundraising only amount to $119, CSO reports.

According to the website’s source code, a hacker has claimed they know who is behind the site, reported the International Business Times.


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Egyptian Lion Tamer Mauled To Death. (1 min vid)


Al Arabiya   By Ashraf Abd Alhamid,   Posted Mon., Dec.05, 2016

An Egyptian lion tamer has been killed during a circus performance in Alexandria, northern Egypt by one of the big cats weighing 200kg.

A security source told Al that Islam Shaheen was a 35-year-old who worked as a lion tamer in the Lion village in Alexandria. He died due to injuries suffered during the attack which happened in front of an audience of children and adults.

Shaheen suffered multiple injuries. He was taken to Andalusian Salam hospital in Smouha area, east of Alexandria but died a few days later.

Shaheen had worked in the profession for 10 years according to his brother, but that he had been caught by surprise by the lion that was a new addition to the show from South Africa.

There’s been conflicting speculation as to the reason behind the attack, with close friend of Shaheen, Seif Ali telling that the attack happened because the lion was hungry, while another speculated that the lion was startled by loud music.

Islam Shaheen from Alexandria died due to injuries sustained after his lion attacked him during a circus performance. (Supplied)

But circus spokesman, Mohammed Mustafa, denied these claims, stating instead that the attack happened because the lion was in the mating season and was behaving erratically.

Now more photos have come to light that show Shaheen at work, which appear to show how he was able to get close to the lions with apparent complete confidence in previous acts.

The lion has been withdrawn from the shows while a vet follows up on the condition of the lion before determining its fate.



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So, What Is The Truth?


By r. a.   Posted Sun., Dec.04, 2016

One of the most eternally significant questions posed by an unbeliever was the one presented to the Messiah by Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor of Judaea. Messiah had stated that he “came into the world to testify to the truth”. Pilate sarcastically and cynically asked: “What is the truth?”

Today, nearly all the world spews Pilate’s cynicism. They sneer, mock, scorn and laugh when presented with the question – what is the truth.

Some say truth is a power play, a construct created by the elite to control the ignorant masses. To some, truth is subjective, the individual world of preference and opinion. Others believe truth is a collective judgment -what the majority believes to be true. While some believe it to be the product of cultural consensus, and still others, flatly deny the concept of truth altogether.

As Isaiah, the prophet of Israel declared:  “… for truth has fallen to the streets and justice cannot enter”.

So, what is the truth?

If one claims to possess “the truth”, that truth must square with the word of the Creator-God as revealed in the bible. If it doesn’t plumb/gel with same, then it is not the truth. For, “the truth” does not contradict itself.

The biblical word of the Creator-God must be the plumb-line, the touchstone by which all other claims of truth must be tested and measured.

In other words, “the truth” is that which is in accord and agreement with the “mind”, “will” and “character” of the great I AM, the Creator-God.

He is “the author, source, determiner, governor, arbiter, ultimate standard, and final judge of all truth”. As Messiah declared: “Sanctify them (disciples) by Your truth. Your word is truth” (John 17:17).

I am fully persuaded that every person has been born with an innate “knowing” that a Creator-God exists. Unfortunately, our authority figures have convinced the collective that there is no Creator-God. They claim everything in this world came about as the result of a “big bang” and evolved into the beauty, glory, power, and life forms we see.

“The Truth” is there is a Creator-God and the denial of this involves a deliberate disbelief – it’s an intentional rejection of the Creator and his laws.

Lastly, “The Truth” is the Creator’s law, his commandments, his testimonies and these are everlasting eternal truths and they can hammer to pieces all lies.

 Peace and blessings to all who love the truth and hate the lies.

Sources: King James Bible, Jerusalem Bible and




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Mad-Dog General Mattis “Left His Men To Die” – Retired Lieutenant Colonel


PRESS TV      Posted Sat., Night, Dec.03, 2016

A former United States Army Special Forces officer has denounced retired Marine General James Mattis (pic above) as an “indecisive” leader who left his men to die after they were hit by friendly fire in Afghanistan.

On Thursday, US President-elect Donald Trump announced that Mattis, known as “Mad Dog” and the “Warrior Monk,” will serve as his secretary of defense. The retired four-star general had been involved in several key military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Jason Amerine was in charge of US Special Forces aiding future Afghan president Hamid Karzai in fighting a guerrilla war against the Taliban when his troops were hit by a US smart bomb on December 5, 2001 outside of Kandahar.

Amerine said on Friday a delay by Mattis in sending medical evacuation flights from a nearby base might have led to the deaths of Staff Sgt. Brian Cody Prosser and at least two Afghan fighters.

 “He was indecisive and betrayed his duty to us, leaving my men to die during the golden hour when he could have reached us,” Amerine said in a Facebook post.

Sources told NBC News that Mattis, who was 45 minutes away at Camp Rhino, rejected Amerine’s repeated requests to send rescue helicopters.

Amerine, who is a future of war fellow at the New America think tank in Washington, DC, was awarded the Bronze Star Medal and the Purple Heart for showing bravery in the Afghan invasion.

 In November 2001, Mattis led Marines that carried out a raid in helicopters on Afghanistan’s Kandahar province, giving the US military a new foothold against Taliban militants after the October 2001 American-led invasion of the country.

In 2003, Mattis commanded a division of Marines during the Iraq war, and in 2004 he led Marines in bloody street fighting in the city of Fallujah.

Mattis served as the commander of the US military’s Central Command (CENTCOM) from August 2010 to March 2013. 

But President Barack Obama purportedly decided to remove Mattis — about five months earlier than expected — from his National Security Council over his confrontational military strategy with regard to Iran.


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The Swamp Of War: Will Trump Drain It?


The following are excerpts. (r.a. note)

Truth-Out –  By Andrew Bacevich, TomDispatch   Posted Fri., Dec.02, 2016

Even if commander-in-chief Trump were somehow able to identify modern day equivalents of General Grant and Sherman to implement his war plans, secret or otherwise, would they deliver victory?

On that score, we would do well to entertain doubts. 

Although senior officers charged with running recent American wars have not exactly covered themselves in glory, it doesn’t follow that their shortcomings offer the sole or even a principal explanation for why those wars have yielded such disappointing results.  

The truth is that some wars aren’t winnable and shouldn’t be fought.

Trump’s critique of American generalship possesses merit, but whether he knows it or not, the question truly demanding his attention isn’t: Who should I hire (or fire) to fight my wars?  Instead, far more urgent is: Does further war promise to solve any of my problems?

.As a candidate, Trump vowed to “defeat radical Islamic terrorism,” destroy ISIS, “decimate al-Qaeda,” and “starve funding for Iran-backed Hamas and Hezbollah.” Those promises imply a significant escalation of what Americans used to call the Global War on Terrorism.

Toward that end, the incoming administration may well revive some aspects of the George W. Bush playbook, including repopulating the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and reinstituting torture. The Trump administration will at least consider re-imposing sanctions on countries like Iran…

Yet President Trump is also likely to double down on the use of conventional military force.  In that regard, his promise to “quickly and decisively bomb the hell out of ISIS” offers a hint of what is to come.

His appointment of the uber-hawkish Lieutenant General Michael Flynn as his national security adviser and his rumored selection of retired Marine Corps General James (“Mad Dog”) Mattis as defense secretary suggest that he means what he says. 

 In sum, a Trump administration seems unlikely to re-examine the conviction that the problems inflaming the Greater Middle East will someday, somehow yield to a US-imposed military solution. Indeed, in the face of massive evidence to the contrary, that conviction will deepen, with genuinely ironic implications for the Trump presidency.

In the immediate wake of 9/11, George W. Bush concocted a fantasy of American soldiers liberating oppressed Afghans and Iraqis and thereby “draining the swamp” that served to incubate anti-Western terrorism.  

The results achieved proved beyond disappointing, while the costs exacted in terms of lives and dollars squandered were painful indeed. Many Americans concluded that perhaps the swamp most in need of attention was not on the far side of the planet but much closer at hand — right in the imperial city nestled alongside the Potomac River.

To a very considerable extent, Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, preferred candidate of the establishment, because he advertised himself as just the guy disgruntled Americans could count on to drain that swamp.

Yet here’s what too few of those Americans appreciate, even today: war created that swamp in the first place. 

 War empowers When it comes to sustaining the swamp, nothing works better than war.

Were Trump really intent on draining that swamp — if he genuinely seeks to “Make America Great Again” — then he would extricate the United States from war.  But don’t hold your breath on that one. 

All signs indicate that, in one fashion or another, our combative next president will perpetuate the wars he’s inheriting.   And soon enough, those who elected him with expectations of seeing the much-despised establishment dismantled will realize that they’ve been had.

Which brings us, finally, to that third question: To the extent that deficiencies at the top of the military hierarchy do affect the outcome of wars, what can be done to fix the problem?

The most expeditious approach: purge all currently serving three- and four-star officers; then, make a precondition for promotion to those ranks confinement in a re-education camp run by Iraq and Afghanistan war amputees, with a curriculum designed by Veterans for Peace. 

Graduation should require each student to submit an essay reflecting on these words of wisdom from US Grant himself:  “There never was a time when, in my opinion, some way could not be found to prevent the drawing of the sword.”

True, such an approach may seem a bit draconian. But this is no time for half-measures — as even Donald Trump may eventually recognize.


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