Sabbath Day (Ex.20: 8-11) Word – Advice For Those Who Fear God In Time Of Trials And Tribulation

Posted by r. a.    Sat., Sept.23, 2017

In Messiah’s name: for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Those who fear the Creator, they obey him, while those who don’t, have no protection or hope.

Book of Ecclesiasticus  Chpt.2 verses 1 – 18     Jerusalem Bible

1 My child, if you aspire to serve the Lord, prepare yourself for an ordeal.

2 Be sincere of heart, be steadfast, and do not be alarmed when disaster comes.

3 Cling to him and do not leave him, so that you may be honoured at the end of your days.

4 Whatever happens to you, accept it, and in the uncertainties of your humble state, be patient,

5 since gold is tested in the fire, and the chosen in the furnace of humiliation.

6 Trust him and he will uphold you, follow a straight path and hope in him.

7 You who fear the Lord, wait for his mercy; do not turn aside, for fear you fall.

8 You who fear the Lord, trust him, and you will not be robbed of your reward.

9 You who fear the Lord, hope for those good gifts of his, everlasting joy and mercy.

10 Look at the generations of old and see: whoever trusted in the Lord and was put to shame? Or whoever, steadfastly fearing him, was forsaken? Or whoever called to him and was ignored?

11 For the Lord is compassionate and merciful, he forgives sins and saves in the time of distress.

12 Woe to faint hearts and listless hands, and to the sinner who treads two paths

13 Woe to the listless heart that has no faith, for such will have no protection.

14 Woe to you who have lost the strength to endure; what will you do at the Lord’s visitation?

15 Those who fear the Lord do not disdain his words, and those who love him keep his ways.

16 Those who fear the Lord do their best to please him, and those who love him will find satisfaction in the Law.

17 Those who fear the Lord keep their hearts prepared and humble themselves in his presence.

18 Let us fall into the hands of the Lord, not into any human clutches; for as his majesty is, so too is his mercy.

Peace, blessings and protection to all those who love the truth and hate the lies and deceptions

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Mattis Weighs Using “Kinetic Weapon” To Black Out North Korea

Your News Wire     By Aaron Kesel    Posted Fri., Night, Sept.22, 2017

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis hinted at using a kinetic weapon on Tuesday while discussing tensions with North Korea when he made a Freudian slip.

Mattis was asked whether there was “any military option the US can take with North Korea that would not put Seoul at grave risk,” Mattis responded, “Yes, there are, but I will not go into details.”

Later during the press conference, another reporter questioned Mattis and caught him off-guard: “Just to clarify, you said that there were possible military options that would not create a grave risk to Seoul,” a reporter asked.

“Are we talking kinetic options as well?”
“Yes, I don’t want to go into that,” Mattis responded.

Previously, Mattis stated that a war with North Korea would “involve the massive shelling of an ally’s capital, (South Korea) which is one of the most densely packed cities on earth.”

In 2015, the U.S. Air Force confirmed that military contractor Boeing has an electromagnetic pulse weapon, which is capable of targeting and destroying electrical systems without the collateral damage of killing people. It’s essentially an EMP that takes out the power grid of a given area.

The project is known as the “CHAMP,” or Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project, and it already has been operational since 2015, according to Air Force Research Laboratory commander Major General Tom Masiello.

the U.S. also has other kinetic weapons in its arsenal that would allow Trump to “totally destroy North Korea” — one of weapons system is the “Rods from God.”

What is the Rods from God? The “Rods from God” is a part of the directed energy weapon family; it’s a kinetic energy weapon.

The rods are directed munitions, the higher you are (the greater your distance from the planet), the greater the kinetic energy you have.

Full article here:


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The Faces Of The Jewish War Machine Who Bought Morgan Freeman (3 min vid)

The following is an except from article titled: “Donald Trump Is Israel’s Best Puppet, So Far”, by Jonas E Alexis. (r. a. note)

Veterans Today  by  Jonas E. Alexis    Posted Fri., Night, Sept.22, 2017

North Korea allegedly launched a missile over Japan a few days ago, and the entire world went berserk. But the United States is launching thousands upon thousands of bombs in the Middle East every single month, and not a single country has ever challenged that.

Do these people really think that North Korea does not have astute observers and intellectuals? Can they not see our obvious contradictions?

The sad part is that the war machine is recruiting celebrities and asking them to join their rank. They have recently conned Morgan Freeman into this diabolical activity.



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North Korea Confirms Preparation for War With US is Complete

Whatsupic News      Posted Fri., Night,  Sept.22, 2017

North Korea has warned of “catastrophic consequences” in response to any further provocations by the US, days after a US navy battle group was sent to waters off the Korean peninsula, and was met by Donald Trump with a repeated threat of unspecified unilateral action.

The US president said on Twitter that he would “solve the problem” of North Korea if China did not provide greater help in exerting pressure on its neighbour.

The shrill rhetoric has been matched by a military build-up.

“We will hold the US wholly accountable for the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by its outrageous actions,” North Korea’s state-run Korean Central News Agency quoted a foreign ministry spokesman said.

“(North Korea) is ready to react to any mode of war desired by the US.”

The Guardian reports: The spokesman cited Washington’s refusal to rule out a pre-emptive strike against North Korean missile sites as justification for its nuclear program.

“The prevailing grave situation proves once again that (North Korea) was entirely just when it increased in every way its military capabilities for self-defense and pre-emptive attack with a nuclear force as a pivot,”

the spokesman said, according to KCNA.“We will take the toughest counteraction against the provocateurs in order to defend ourselves by the powerful force of arms.”

The US strike against a Syrian base is also being seen as a warning to North Korea after Donald Trump said Washington was prepared to act alone if China failed to exert more pressure on its neighbor to halt its missile and nuclear weapons programs.

North Korea again defied UN resolutions banning it from developing ballistic missile technology with another test-launch on the eve of Trump’s summit with the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, in Florida last week.

White House officials have signaled that all options – including preemptive strikes – remain on the table in addressing North Korea’s steady advance towards developing long-range missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead as far as the US mainland.

The nuclear-powered Carl Vinson’s presence in the area coincides with speculation that North Korea could be preparing to conduct its sixth nuclear test to coincide with key dates in the country’s history, including the 105th anniversary of the birth of its founder, Kim Il-sung.China’s foreign ministry, meanwhile, has played down reports that Beijing has deployed 150,000 troops to its border with North Korea.

Hua Chunying, a foreign ministry spokesperson, told reporters she was “not aware” of such a mobilization by the People’s Liberation Army along the 880-mile border. In the past, similar reports had been proven “groundless and false,” Hua claimed.

However, with regional tensions building ahead of Saturday’s Kim Il-sung commemorations, Hua said China was “closely following” developments on the Korean peninsula.

“We believe that, given the current situation, all relevant parties should exercise restraint and avoid activities that may escalate the tension.”


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Sept.21, 2017 – The Feast Of Trumpets – Today Is A High Holy Day Sabbath

Posted by r. a.   Sept.21, 2017     This is the only post for today.

In Messiah’s name: for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Most people, including Christians and Catholics believe the weekly Sabbath and the annual Holy Day Sabbaths are Jewish. Even some of the Jews believe this to be so. The truth is they are NOT Jewish. The great I AM, the Creator-God says “these are MY feasts” (Lev.23: 2,4)

The weekly and annual holy day Sabbaths (feast day festivals) belong to the Creator-God, the great I AM who created them and ordained them to be observed by the 12 tribes of Israel for a perpetual covenant. They represent the statutes (laws) given by the Creator-God.

These Sabbaths (plural) are also to be observed by those who claim to be followers of the true Messiah – he kept them. Messiah did not abolish them. (Matt.5 :17)

Here’s the command to keep the Feast Of Trumpets – Lev.chpt.23 verses 24-25

24 Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, In the seventh month, in the first day of the month, shall ye have a Sabbath, a memorial of blowing of trumpets, an holy convocation.
25 Ye shall do no servile work therein…

To the non-Israelite, the great I AM says those who keep his Sabbaths (plural) he will give them “a name better than of sons and of daughters: I will give them an everlasting name, that shall not be cut off.” (Isa.56: 5) Read that brief chapter for all the blessings promised to the “stranger”.

Peace, blessings and protection for all those who love the truth and hate the lies and deceptions.

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Two Oklahoma Women Kicked, Tortured And Starved 5 Yr Old Boy

RAW STORY    by Travis Gettys    Posted Wed., Night, Sept.2017

Two Oklahoma women were sentenced in the horrific and systematic abuse of a 5-year-old boy.

Rachel Jean Stevens, 29, (on left) and Kayla Ann Jones, 26, (on right) were each sentenced Tuesday to 20 years in prison for beating the boy so severely that he suffered two strokes, reported KFOR-TV.

The boy was airlifted in December 2015 to an Oklahoma City hospital, where doctors found multiple broken bones at different stages of healing, and they said he was malnourished and had lesions on his face.

The child was also suffering from seizures related to the abuse, investigators said, and he suffered two strokes at the hospital related to the trauma.

The two Muskogee women were charged with felony child abuse by injury and child neglect.

Investigators found the boy had been locked in a room and bound with duct tape over his eyes, and he told police that Stevens, his mother, and her girlfriend, Jones, had beaten him with a belt.
Police also said Stevens hit her son’s hand with a hammer and that Jones kicked him in the genitals until he bled.

Another 5-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl also lived in the home, but investigators don’t believed they were abused.
The abused boy underwent extensive medical treatment after he was removed from the home, and the children were taken into custody by the Department of Human Services.
Jones and Stevens both pleaded no contest to child abuse and child neglect.


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American Jews Are Driving US Wars – “Call It Like It Is”

The following are excerpts from the article “American Jews are driving US wars”, by Philip Giraldi. (r. a. note)

Information Clearing House  By Philip Giraldi       Posted Wed., Sept.20, 2017

Most recently, some pundits, including myself, have been warning of an impending war with Iran. To be sure, the urging to strike Iran comes from many quarters…

But what makes the war engine run is provided by American Jews who have taken upon themselves the onerous task of starting a war with a country that does not conceivably threaten the United States.

They have been very successful at faking the Iranian threat, so much so that nearly all Republican and most Democratic congressmen as well as much of the media seem to be convinced that Iran needs to be dealt with firmly, most definitely by using the U.S. military, and the sooner the better.

It is safe to say that much of the agitation to do something about Iran comes from Israel and from American Jews.

So it is safe to say that much of the agitation to do something about Iran comes from Israel and from American Jews. Indeed, I would opine that most of the fury from Congress re Iran comes from the same source, with AIPAC showering our Solons on the Potomac with “fact sheets” explaining how Iran is worthy of annihilation because it has pledged to “destroy Israel,” which is both a lie and an impossibility as Tehran does not have the resources to carry out such a task.

The AIPAC lies are then picked up and replayed by an obliging media, where nearly every “expert” who speaks about the Middle East on television and radio or who is interviewed for newspaper stories is Jewish.

For those American Jews who lack any shred of integrity, the media should be required to label them at the bottom of the television screen whenever they pop up, e.g. Bill Kristol is “Jewish and an outspoken supporter of the state of Israel.” That would be kind-of-like a warning label on a bottle of rat poison – translating roughly as “ingest even the tiniest little dosage of the nonsense spewed by Bill Kristol at your own peril.”

As none of the above is likely to happen, the only alternative is for American citizens who are tired of having their country’s national security interests hijacked by a group that is in thrall to a foreign government to become more assertive about what is happening. Shine a little light into the darkness and recognize who is being diddled and by whom.

Call it like it is.

And if someone’s feelings are hurt, too bad. We don’t need a war with Iran because Israel wants one and some rich and powerful American Jews are happy to deliver. Seriously, we don’t need it.


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UN Speech: “If Only Trump’s Words Were True”

Information Clearing House    By Chris Rossini    Posted Wed., Sept.20, 2017

“In America, we do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example for everyone to watch.”

Those were actual words spoken by President Trump today at the UN. If only it were possible to see the thoughts swirling through the minds of everyone listening.

The words “yeah right” most likely dominated at that moment.

​If only the president’s words were true. Instead, the U.S. government has been at constant war (both overt and covert) for an entire century. The globe is bursting with American military bases that are stationed around every corner.

Tell us another one Mr. President: We are celebrating the 230th anniversary of our beloved constitution, the oldest constitution still in use in the world today. This timeless document has been the foundation of peace, prosperity and freedom for the Americans and for countless millions around the globe whose countries have found inspiration in its respect for human nature, human dignity and the rule of law.

Again, one would have to ignore the last 100 years to believe that the U.S. Constitution has been the foundation of peace. It would be, if politicians took their oaths of office seriously. They don’t.

America is the greatest debtor in the history of the world. Both the government and its citizens are drowning in bills that can’t possibly be paid. About half of the citizens are on federal welfare. The government will someday have to break the bad news that it’s completely broke.

The citizens won’t be happy…to say the least. To call this “prosperity” is to butcher the meaning of the word.

The Constitution is not a timeless document. It’s purpose was, according to the drafters, to chain down the federal government.

​It failed.

But wait, there’s more:
In America, the people govern. The people rule. And the people are sovereign. I was elected not to take power, but to give power to the American people, where it belongs.

The people definitely don’t govern. That makes no sense.

Government, because it is a monopoly on violence, is a zero-sum game. Someone must win and someone must lose. Someone dictates, and someone else is expected to obey.

Only in a free society would people govern their own lives. No aggressive use of force would be permitted (by anyone or any group).

But since it is accepted (at this point) that government is a tool of violence to be used against others, the fight is for *some* people to control it, and others to suffer under it.


“The people rule” is a fairy tale.

​Speaking of fairy tales:  As President of the United States, I will always put America first.

Well, it’s been about 9 months, and even many of Trump’s supporters know that this isn’t true at all. Right out of the gate, Trump started breaking his campaign promises. He has continued up to the present day. Political+Crony Globalism is still firmly the agenda.

Finally, in a complete contradiction to his earlier statement about America, the president said: “No one has shown more contempt for other nations and for the well-being of their own people than the depraved regime in North Korea”.

If America were truly a “shining example” it would not be concerning itself with North Korea, probably the most impoverished nation on earth. America would not have thousands of troops on North Korea’s border. It would not conduct military drills on that border.

A shining example is supposed to … you know … set an example. A new philosophy on what the role of government should be is necessary in the “land of the free”.

Trump is not providing that philosophy. Instead, he’s standing at the podium of a globalist institution, lying to anyone who’s paying attention.

Liberty is far superior to this.


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Offbeat: Dutch TV Presents Flat Earth Discussion (4 min vid)

Posted by r. a.   Vid by Flat Earth Talk     Tues., Sept.19, 2017

Flat Earth discussed on a Dutch television program. The audience seemed very open minded? How about you? What do you have to say about what they talked about? (note by Flat Earth Talk)

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Amid Growing Tensions With Iran, US Opens Permanent Military Base In Israel

Your News Wire   By Carol Adl     Posted Tues., Sept.19, 2017

While the US routinely deploys forces to Israel, it is has now opened its first official and permanent military base in the country. The move is being seen as symbolic and intended to send a strong message to the enemies of Israel.

RT reports:

It will be a “base within a base,” located inside the Israeli Air Force’s Mashabim Air Base in the middle of the Negev desert, close to a US military radar installation east of Dimona that tracks ballistic missiles.

From the base, American forces will be helping operate Israel’s multi-tiered missile defense system, which the two countries developed together.

The base’s opening is largely symbolic and isn’t expected to bring operational changes, AP reported. However, Israeli officials believe the establishment of the base will send a message to their enemies.

“It’s a message that says Israel is better prepared. It’s a message that says Israel is improving the response to threats,” said Brig. Gen. Zvika Haimovich, the commander of Israel’s aerial defense.

In his speech, Maj. Gen. John Gronski, deputy commander of US Army National Guard in Europe, said the base “symbolizes the strong bond that exists between the United States and Israel.”

Its opening coincides with Israel’s renewed push for the Trump administration to cancel what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the “terrible” nuclear deal with Iran, whom Israel considers its biggest enemy.

The deal was negotiated by world powers, including the US, two years ago, to make sure Iran does not build nuclear weapons. The UN’s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, last week certified that Iran complied with the agreement.

However, earlier Monday, the Trump administration threatened to quit the deal if the IAEA does not require and obtain access to all Iranian military sites. “We will not accept a weakly enforced or inadequately monitored deal,” Trump said in a statement to the watchdog’s annual meeting in Vienna.

On Sunday, Israeli intelligence chief Yossi Cohen was cited by Israel’s Channel 2 as calling for immediate action to ensure that Tehran cannot attain a nuclear bomb.

“Today’s Iran is the North Korea of yesterday, and so we need to act now so that we don’t wake up to [an Iranian] bomb,” Cohen reportedly said. It was not immediately clear whether he called for a military strike against Iran.

The following day, an Iranian Army commander threatened to destroy Tel Aviv and Haifa if Israel makes “the tiniest” mistake of attacking Iran, according to Tasnim News Agency.


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