Last Minute Change In Security At Trump’s Inauguration – Recall JFK In Dealey Plaza (Vid)


Posted by r. a.    Sun., Jan.15, 2017   Vid by TruthStream Media

There are many who believe that a route change took place on the eleventh hour (last minute change) just prior to President Kennedy’s drive through downtown Dallas so that the shooters would have a better field of vision. (r. a. note)

(TruthStream Media Intro)>>Without explanation and just a week before inauguration, President Obama has suddenly announced he is removing the Major General in charge of the DC National Guard who helped plan and was set to oversee event security that day, effective right in the middle of the ceremony the very minute after Donald Trump is sworn in as president.

The termination is unprecedented and out of decorum with such a high state function taking place, raising serious concerns about the vulnerabilities and gaps in security on such an important day. Not saying that anything is going to happen, but it’s hard not to notice and raise questions when the scenario is being made plausible.

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After School Satan Club Approved – Christian Evangelicals To Blame


And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceives the whole world: (including Christians) he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. (Book of Revelation Chpt.12 verse 9)   [ r. a. note]

Raw Story   By Sarah K. Burris     Post Sat., Night, Jan.14, 2017

Christian evangelicals only have themselves to blame for a new After School Satan club that has popped up at Vista Elementary School in Taylorsville, Utah.

According to the Salt Lake Tribue, the club was approved after other Christian based clubs sprung up at the school, Patheos explained.

“If you are going to invite religion into schools you have to invite everybody,” said Chalice Blythe of the Utah chapter head for The Satanic Temple. “You can’t just say one is good and the other is bad.”

The school was forced to send home a letter to parents explaining that there was nothing they could do about the club and that it was legal and the school had no “discretion on this issue.”

Blythe explained that these clubs don’t actually worship Satan. Instead, they work to teach children the importance of science, critical thinking and understand the world around them.

“Kids naturally have that ability to be curious and question things,” Blythe said. “We’re basically just saying we should bolster that.”

Moises Esteves, a spokesperson for Child Evangelism Fellowship, thinks that the club is a misguided attempt by “very confused folk.” He went on to call it nothing more than a publicity stunt, “compelled by their despise of God and despise of anything Christian.”

Blythe explained that the club is perfectly transparent about what they’re doing.

“We have nothing to hide and we legitimately feel we are offering a really good curriculum for kids,” he said.

According to the national website for the club, the group thinks that keeping religion out of school is the best route.

“But the worst case scenario, when religion is allowed in the schools, is an environment in which one religious voice enjoys the exclusive benefit of delivering its teachings to the children, promoting the understanding that their religion is endorsed by the school, or otherwise has special privilege within their community.”

The site reads. “The Satanic Temple does not advocate for religion in schools. However, once religion invades schools, as The Good News Clubs have, The Satanic Temple will fight to ensure that plurality and true religious liberty are respected.”



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US & NATO Ramping Up For W-A-R – Provoking Russia (Vid)


The  By Alex Christoforou    Posted Fri., Jan.13, 2017

Here is Jimmy Dore saying things about what the US and EU did in Ukraine that no one in the main stream would dare say…

“You know the United States overthrew the Ukrainian democratically elected government. You know that right? YES!”

“Yes, and we installed a right-wing government…YES!”

Dore then blasts NATO’s “Operation Atlantic Resolve”, and the warmonger posture in Europe towards Russia…

“Could you imagine if Russia was putting stuff in Canada. Putting a continuous presence of a Russian armored brigade combat team in Canada (or Mexico) on a nine month rotation basis.”

“Could you imagine if they did that?”

“The Russian intervention in Ukraine”…that is what Atlantic Resolve is.

“Do you see the Orwellian speak on that.”

“We [USA] are beefing up our military forces in other countries because we are dedicated to enduring peace.”

“We [USA] ran out of bombs in Syria because we are dedicated to enduring peace.”

“What about the United States intervention in Ukraine? We [USA] overthrew their democratically elected government.”

It gets better…

“Is someone getting ready for World War 3. I mean like NATO and the United f***in States.”

“And you don’t need ‘Donny tiny hands’…this is the sh** that we’re doing, right now before ‘Donny-tiny-hands’ takes over.

“This is what’s happening right goddamn now. And people are afraid that Donald Trump might be friendly with the Russian. You stupid a**holes. Why don’t you suck more propaganda from your government.”

In closing, Jimmy delivers this zinger of truth.

“I welcome Trump’s friendship with Putin and if you don’t, you are a sucker!”

Jimmy Dore Vid


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U.S. Court Ruled Iran, Syria Must Pay 200 Mill For Death Of Jewish Baby In Jerusalem Attack


One Jewish baby is worth much more than a thousand Palestinian babies. (r. a. farcical  note) Staff     Posted Fri., Jan.13, 2017

A United States district court ruled Tuesday that Iran and Syria must pay $178 million in damages to the family of a three-month-old baby who was killed in an October 2014 terrorist attack in Jerusalem.

Chaya Zissel Braun, who held both American and Israeli citizenship, was killed when Abd al-Rahman al-Shaloudi, a Hamas member from eastern Jerusalem, rammed his car into a crowd of people at the Ammunition Hill light rail station.

The vehicle hit Braun’s stroller, killing her and seriously injuring her father Shmuel. Keren Yamima Mosquera, a 22-year-old Ecuadorian woman, was also killed in the incident.

Both Hamas and Fatah, the political party led by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, subsequently praised al-Shaloudi.

At the trial, expert witnesses for the plaintiffs established that Iran and Syria had provided material support to Hamas, which acknowledged prior to the attack that al-Shaloudi was its operative. The court ordered a default judgment against the two state-sponsors of terrorism.

The lawsuit was brought to the Washington, D.C., District Court on behalf of Braun’s parents, Shmuel and Hanna. The family was represented by Nitsana Darsan-Leitner, director of Shurat Hadin, the Israel Law Center.

“This ruling sends a clear message that the heavy price will be imposed on anyone who finances terror and spills the blood of innocents,” said Darshan-Leitner, whose NGO seeks to wage a legal struggle against global terror. “We will continue to constantly pursue Syria and Iran through any legal means at our disposal to ensure that the victims of terror have justice.”

A similar car-ramming attack that took place in Jerusalem this past Sunday and left four Israeli soldiers dead prompted worldwide outrage, but garnered praise from both Fatah and Hamas.


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Terror Hoaxes To Galvanize Public Support For Our Masters Agenda (6min vid)


Vid by TruthMediaRevolution  via Morris

Posted by r. a.    my source, siccs7    Thurs., Jan.12, 2016

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The ‘Hasbara’ (Israeli Propaganda) Machine


AL Jazeera   By Avi Shlaim      Posted Thurs., Jan.12, 2017

“Israeli propagandists deliberately, yes deliberately, conflate (merge) anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism in order to discredit, bully, and muzzle critics of Israel.”  Avi Shlaim, an emeritus professor of international relations at Oxford University.

A remarkable piece of investigative journalism by Al Jazeera titled “The Lobby”, is packed with concrete evidence of murky manipulations by Israel’s envoys and friends in Britain to empower its supporters and undermine its critics.

“The Lobby” not only alleges but documents covert operations by the Israeli embassy and improper interference at every level of British politics. It exposes the way in which the Israeli embassy “infiltrated” both the Conservative and the Labour parties in flagrant violation of diplomatic protocol.

The most shocking revelation is that Shai Masot, a senior political officer at the Israeli embassy, set up a number of political organisations in the UK that operated as though entirely independent.

He was also secretly caught on camera plotting to “take down” MPs he regarded as hostile to Israel. Among the MPs that Masot wanted to “take down” was Sir Alan Duncan, the foreign office minister and vocal supporter of a Palestinian state.

Mark Regev, the Israeli ambassador, made a full apology to Sir Alan for the incident and stated that Masot will soon be sent back to Jerusalem. Regev had little choice but to apologise: Al Jazeera produced the smoking gun.

Before being posted to London, Regev had served for eight years as chief spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Regev is essentially a PR man and a notoriously pugnacious one. He personifies his master’s mantra that the best defence is offense.

The British government seemed satisfied with the apology and declared the matter closed. But a number of MPs from all parties have expressed their concern over this gross interference in British democracy and called on the prime minister to launch a public inquiry.

It is a fair guess that despite the recent setback, the Israeli embassy under Mark Regev’s leadership will continue its campaign of targeted political attacks and that in its Hasbara – a polite Hebrew word for propaganda – it will continue to equate legitimate criticism of Israeli policies with visceral hatred of the Jewish people.

But in the long run, Israel and its envoys abroad have no chance of winning the battle for hearts and minds for the simple reason that Zionism itself has already ended up on the wrong side of history.

The above is an excerpt from the article titled “Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism in British politics” written by Avi Shlaim.

Full article here:

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Mass Murderer: Anders Breivik Says His Prison Treatment Is Inhumane (incl 1min vid)


Investment Watch   By Amna El Tawil   Posted Wed., Jan.11, 2017

Anders Breivik, a Norwegian far-right terrorist who killed 77 people, has given a Nazi salute to the court that is to decide whether his human rights were violated in the prison. After all; a man who didn’t respect other people’s rights had the decency to complain that someone mistreated him.

 The government in Norway is trying to overturn the verdict that it violated the extremist’s human rights by keeping him in isolation. An Oslo District Court judge stated that the country had violated a ban on inhuman and degrading treatment.

 When he appeared in the courtroom, Breivik gave a Nazi salute but didn’t speak. Then, judge Oystein Hermansen asked him not to repeat the salute and added: “It also disturbs what we are dealing with here.”

Anders Behring Breivik gestures as he enters a courtroom in Skien, Norway, on Tuesday, March 15, 2016. Breivik, the right-wing extremist who killed 77 people in bomb and gun attacks in 2011 arrived in court on Tuesday for his human rights case against the Norwegian government. (Lise Aserud, NTB scanpix via AP)  NORWAY OUT

Anders Behring Breivik gestures as he enters a courtroom in Skien, Norway, on Tuesday, March 15, 2016. Breivik, the right-wing extremist who killed 77 people in bomb and gun attacks in 2011 arrived in court on Tuesday for his human rights case against the Norwegian government. (Lise Aserud, NTB scanpix via AP) NORWAY OUT

Anders Breivik sued the government last year. He argued that his solitary confinement, frequent strip searches and the fact that he was often handcuffed during the early part of his incarceration violated his human rights.

But lawyers representing the government said that he enjoys better prison conditions than some inmates in Norway. They also warned that he remains a threat and should continue to be held in solitary confinement.

 Also, the government is appealing the shocking Oslo Court District’s decision wherein they sided with the mass murderer. Speaking for the state, Fredrik Sejersted said the government’s view is that Breivik’s prison conditions don’t violate his human rights.

That’s primarily because Breivik is, in fact, Norway’s most expensive prisoner and has better condition than other inmates to compensate the fact that he can’t make contact with others.

 This isn’t the first time he gives Nazi salute or shocks others in any way. For instance, during one of court hearings, he admitted that his only regret was not killing more people.


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Under Trump, Israel-Palestine Conflict Could Explode – Israel Supporter Warns


Mondoweiss    By Philip Weiss    Posted Tues., Jan.10, 2017

The Israel-Palestine conflict could “explode” under the presidency of Donald Trump, long-time Israel supporter David Makovsky warned on Sunday in New York.

Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are capable of a series of eight or nine missteps that could lead to an outbreak of greater violence in Palestine and across the region, Makovsky said in an appearance at the 92d Street Y. “I worry… it is going to cause an explosion.”

Makovsky, a former State Department aide who is now an expert at the Israel lobby group the Washington Institute, detailed some of those possible missteps:

The Israelis are now so “spun up” about the UN Security Council vote against settlements that there is a major push to colonize more of Palestine.

 “Netanyahu is the most left wing member of his government,” Makovsky said. He has failed to get anyone to his left inside the coalition and the result is that the center doesn’t hold. “He’s riding the tiger and going along for the ride.”

david-malovskiyThe Israelis are pushing Trump for a demonstration of support for their claims to Palestinian territories. The UN vote, Makovsky (pic left) said, is “forcing them to want to force Trump to do something soon.”

 If Trump gives Israel the go-ahead on its colonization of Jerusalem and the West Bank, Netanyahu will lose his “excuse” that Americans oppose the occupation, and he could become “intertwined” with Education Minister Naftali Bennett and there will be no check on expansionism.

Bennett will push for “76 outposts” to be legalized on the east side of Israel’s wall inside the West Bank; and there will be a push to “settle everywhere.”

Trump wants to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. But moving the embassy would “require a lot of political spadework on the part of the new administration” that it may not be capable of, Makovsky said: talking to Arab leaders, talking to Palestinians, going on satellite TV and saying, This is West Jerusalem, this has nothing to do with East Jerusalem, that’s for negotiation. But even with that kind of P.R.  

Arabs across the region may well hear: “America has decided Jerusalem belongs to the Jews.” The result could be violence against American embassies across the region.

“The Jordanians said Friday, this is terrible, it could lead to an explosion in our country, don’t do it. Ironically Arabs might have more influence on Israel than the US in trying to hold it back,” Makovsky said.

The Israelis have withheld infrastructure supplies from going to the besieged Gaza Strip because they wanted the Palestinian Authority to reap the political rewards of such aid; but the result is that the water will soon be undrinkable in Gaza, and even Israeli generals are warning that there could be a fourth war to follow the three of 2008, 2012, and 2014. “The cycles are shorter and the wars get longer.”

Full article here:

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Another Routine Killing: Israeli Soldiers Kill Palestinian Man Outside His Home.


TeleSur News    Posted Tues., Jan.10, 2017

Israeli soldiers shot dead Tuesday night a Palestinian man at a refugee camp outside of Nablus in the West Bank. The Israeli military claims the man was attempting to stab a group of soldiers, but Palestinians say the man was shot in cold blood as he attempted to stop the soldiers from entering his house.

Israeli occupation forces said that the man was armed with a knife as soldiers took part in raid to arrests suspects at the Fara refugee camp, northeast of the city of Nablus. “Forces called on the attacker to halt and upon his continued advance fired towards him, resulting in his death,” Israeli military authorities said in a statement after the killing.

The IDF also said that other Palestinians in the camp threw explosives and shot at the soldiers, but no injuries from the incident have been reported.

The victim was identified as 32-year-old Mohammed Sahi by an official at the refugee camp, Khaled Mansour. Sahi was shot six times after he had attempted to prevent Israeli soldiers from entering his house.

In a statement, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry identified Sahi as a former prisoner who spent three years in Israeli jails who was “executed in cold blood” in his courtyard where he died at the scene in front of his mother.

The IDF also arrested three other young men and then left the site, according to Haaretz.

Escalation of confrontations between Palestinians and Israeli forces since October 2015 has killed at least 246 Palestinian in violence in Israel, the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Israeli authorities say that the majority of Palestinians killed were carrying out knife, gun or car-ramming attacks. In the same period, at least 34 Israelis have been killed.

The IDF routinely carries out raids against Palestinians suspected of militant activity and there are proposals to give Israeli forces immunity so that they may continue to carry out killings. Israel has been internationally condemned for its collective punishment of Palestinian populations and illegal settlements on Palestinian territories.

The shooting came less than 48 hours after four Israeli soldiers were killed in a truck attack. The incidents did not appear to be connected.



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Satanic Scientists Creating Half-Human and Half-Animal Hybrids (5min vid)


Posted by r. a.  Vid by Christian Truther      Mon., Jan.09, 2017

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