Murder Of A Fake Holocaust Survivor. “A Hitler On Demand Angle” (Vid)

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Israeli Child Sex Slavery Ring Dismantled By Columbian Police

Mint Press     By Whitney Webb       Thurs., Dec. 13, 2018

MEDELLÍN, COLOMBIA — A large child sex slavery ring overseen by Israelis was dismantled by Colombian police earlier this week, in a story that has shocked Colombia and much of Latin America but received minimal coverage from mainstream Western media outlets.

The network had been active since 2011 and expressly “recruited” young, underage females in situations of economic hardship or domestic abuse to work as “sex slaves” catering to Israeli tourists visiting Colombia.

Colombian authorities first began to investigate the sex slavery network in June 2016 following the murder of Israeli citizen Shay Azran in the Colombian city of Medellín. Soon after, Azran’s murderer was found to be another Israeli, Assi Ben Mush, an ex-IDF soldier who was known for his past involvement in both drug and human trafficking in the early 2000s.

However, Mush (pic in middle) was never arrested for Azran’s murder.

As authorities delved deeper into Mush’s current activities while investigating the homicide, they determined that he was the owner of a hostel in Cartagena, Colombia and that he was also one of the coordinators of “tourism” packages sold exclusively to Israeli men visiting Colombia.

According to judicial sources cited by El Colombiano, the tourism packages sold by Mush and his cohorts involved taking Israeli men – most of them businessmen or men who recently ended their compulsory military service in the IDF – to parties at a variety of locales such as hostels, hotels, farms and yachts, where the main attraction was the sexual exploitation of underage women and the mass consumption of narcotics and alcohol.

The sites where the exploitation occurred offered lodging or services exclusively to Israeli tourists, a practice that is surprisingly common in frequented tourist destinations throughout South America.

Mush was expelled from Colombia in November of last year after a massive sex party was broken up by police and illicit drugs were found at the scene. By that time, authorities had already determined the existence of the network and his accomplices.

As a result of the multi-year investigation, 14 Israeli citizens were determined to comprise the network along with two Colombians, one of whom was a police officer. Yet, while 16 arrest warrants have been issued, only seven arrests have been made, five of which were Israeli and the remaining two Colombian.

The network was found to extend through several Colombian cities – Santa Marta, Medellín and Cartagena – and was initially difficult to detect, as those running the network hid their real activities behind legitimate commercial establishments such as hotels and spas.

Full article here:

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Outright Murder: Undercover Israeli Soldiers Assassinate Palestinian Taxi Driver.

IMEMC            Thurs., Dec. 13, 2018

Undercover Israeli soldiers assassinated, on Wednesday evening, a Palestinian Taxi driver, near Surda village, north of the central West Bank city of Ramallah; the army claimed the Palestinian was allegedly “involved” in the shooting targeting colonialist settlers, last Sunday.

The slain Palestinian has been identified as Saleh Omar Saleh Barghouthi, 29; (pic above) eyewitnesses said he was driving his taxi when the undercover Israeli soldiers, driving an old commercial Mercedes, ambushed him, and opened fire at him, before abducting him while he was still alive, but severely injured and bleeding.

The army later said the Palestinian died from his wounds in a hospital in occupied Jerusalem.

Eyewitnesses said that the taxi remained in the middle of the road, after the soldiers shot Saleh, and added that a young man, identified as Wa’ad Barghouthi, tried to remove it from the road, but the undercover forces attacked and abducted him too.

Eyewitnesses said the undercover soldiers instantly opened fire at the car after ambushing it, in what appeared to be a clear assassination, not an attempt to abduct and imprison him.

The soldiers also abducted Ala’ Tarifi, who owns the Taxi company, when he tried to ask about Saleh’s condition.

Hours after killing Barghouthi, dozens of soldiers invaded Kobar village, northwest of Ramallah, and stormed his home where they forced his family in one room, and then removed the males from the property, before conducting extensive and violent searches.

The soldiers assaulted the family, and hurled concussion grenades in the property, eyewitnesses said.

The invasion into the village led to protests, and the army fired dozens of rubber-coated steel bullets and gas bombs.

Medical sources said the soldiers injured several Palestinian, including a child, and prevented a Palestinian ambulance from transferring the wounding child to a hospital in Ramallah.

The sources added that the army prevented many ambulances from entering Kobar.

Full article here:



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Strasbourg Shootings: Suspicious – Patsy Involved? False Flag?

By Stephen             Thurs. Dec. 13, 2018

On Tuesday, the day after French President Macron’s national address in response to weeks of Yellow Vest protests for social justice he opposes, offering woefully inadequate concessions, suspicious shootings occurred in Strasbourg, France.

The Macron regime alone benefits from what happened, its timing suspicious. Reportedly, four people were killed, another dozen injured, some seriously, the incident occurring near the city’s Christmas market, a few km from the European Parliament.

Part of the city is on lockdown over what happened. France’s interior minister Christophe Castaner said the nation’s security level was raised to the highest level – a state of emergency not so far declared.

Hundreds of French police and military forces are conducting a widespread search for a suspect identified as 29-year-old Cherif Chekatt. Why him and not others is unclear. No motive was suggested for the shootings.

Police claim he was seen leaving the area after the shootings by taxi. Is he responsible for what happened or a convenient patsy – the case when similar incidents occurred in France, elsewhere in Europe and America.

Was the Strasbourg incident the action of a homicidal killer, a terrorist act, or something more sinister?

Was it staged to heighten fear and shift attention from Yellow Vest protests? Was it a state-sponsored false flag like numerous similar incidents in recent years?

According to French police, Cherkatt is a Moroccan-born Muslim with a criminal record, involving various petty offenses, including robbery, not murder or other violent crimes.

A native of Strasbourgh, his local residence was searched several hours before the shootings. He wasn’t home at the time – no explanation given as to why the search occurred.

Authorities claimed they found a rifle and ammunition, four knives, and a fragmentation grenade. Virtually all homes and apartments have various sorts of knives.

Many people own handguns and rifles. Fragmentation grenades aren’t readily available to anyone other than police, security, and military forces. Did Chertoff have one, or was it planted in his residence by authorities?

According to interior ministry official Laurent Nunez, he’s being investigated for possible involvement “in murder and acts of terrorism in relation to a criminal enterprise.”

His record of petty offenses is world’s apart from murder, terrorism, and other forms of violence. Petty thieves aren’t likely to commit mass shootings when never before having been involved in violent acts.

Gunfire reportedly came from three locations. Were multiple gunmen involved? Police said the individual they believe is responsible for the shootings left the crime scene by taxi, wounded by gunfire, his whereabouts unknown.

It’s unclear if the official account of the Tuesday incident is accurate or if Chekatt is being used as a convenient patsy for a state-sponsored false flag – aiming to divert attention from Yellow Vest protests and help end them.

Unless proved otherwise with credible evidence, the latter explanation seems most likely.


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No Postings Tomorrow (Wed. Dec.12/18) Attending Family Funeral

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I will be attending a family funeral tomorrow, which will take up most or all of my day. I won’t have the time to search and post any articles.

However, a BIG THANK YOU to those who take the time to view and comment on those items that I do post. I certainly appreciate it.

Take care. Peace and blessings to all.
Ron A.


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History Is Repeating Itself – From Nixon To Trump: The Parallels (Vid)

Posted by r. a.    Vid by Blackstone Intelligence Network       Tues., Dec. 11, 2018

Richard Nixon enjoyed strong support from his base during Watergate.  But by the end of the special prosecutor’s investigation, Nixon’s support had vanished.  In this video, we discuss parallels between the Watergate and #RussiaGate investigations. (Blackstone intro)

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War Is A Racket! “My Son Is A Marine” – Should You Be Proud Or Ashamed?

Veterans Today        By Kevin Barrett       Tues., Dec. 11, 2018

Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor: I have two sons. Neither are Marines. If they joined the Marine Corps I would be proud, not ashamed, on one condition: that they joined the Smedley Butler Brigade and devoted as much time and energy as possible to educating their fellow Marines about the truths expressed in Laurence M. Vance’s article reposted below.

“My Son Is a Marine”

By Laurence M. Vance,

Neither of my sons are Marines, and if any of them were, I would be embarrassed and ashamed to tell you. But many people have sons who are Marines—and are proud of it. I know this because of all the bumper stickers I have seen that read: “My Son Is a Marine.”

The only thing worse than this is having a daughter who is a Marine.

If the parents of Marines put honest bumper stickers on their cars, perhaps they would say things like the following.

My son makes widows and orphans.
My son fights unjust wars.
My son is pawn in the hands of Uncle Sam.

My son bombs other countries.
My son fights foreign wars.
My son is part of the president’s personal attack force.

My son maims foreigners.
My son polices the world.
My son is responsible for the deaths of children.

My son fights senseless wars.
My son destroys foreign industry, culture, and infrastructure.
My son goes where he has no business going.

My son serves the state.
My son tortures foreigners.
My son fights immoral wars.

My son obeys orders unconditionally.
My son is part of an organization that is a global force for evil.
My son wastes the taxpayers’ money.

My son spreads democracy at the point of a bayonet.
My son intervenes in the affairs of other countries.
My son serves the state.

My son kills on command.
My son invades other countries.
My son enforces no-fly zones—in other countries.

Continues here:



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Congress Warned Against Criminalizing Boycotts Of Israel

Middle East               Tues., Dec. 11, 2018

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has issued a new warning about congressional efforts to pass legislation criminalising politically motivated boycotts of Israel, amid reports that the bill may be slipped into “the end-of-the-year omnibus spending bill”.

The ACLU reaffirmed that it “has long opposed the Israel Anti-Boycott Act through its multiple iterations because the bill would make it a crime to participate in political boycotts protected by the First Amendment”.

The bill, eagerly promoted by a number of pro-Israel groups in the US, constitutes “a full-scale attack on Americans’ First Amendment freedoms”, the ACLU said.

According to the ACLU, in an attempt “to avoid public scrutiny”, the bill’s sponsors hope to include “the bill’s unconstitutional criminal penalties in must-pass legislation scheduled for a vote just days before Congress’ holiday recess — likely because it will be harder to pass in the new Congress”.

Crucially, the ACLU said that an updated version of the bill seen by the organisation, being considered for inclusion in the spending bill, “does nothing to cure its free speech problems”.

“Furthermore,” the ACLU added, “knowingly violating the bill could result in criminal financial penalties of up to $1 million.”

“Were this legislation to pass, federal officials would have a new weapon at their disposal to chill and suppress speech that they found objectionable or politically unpopular,” the group concluded.

“Whatever their views on the Israel-Palestine conflict,” the ACLU stated, “members of Congress should oppose any effort to include this unconstitutional law within the omnibus spending bill. Americans’ First Amendment rights are at stake.”


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Israeli Settler Groups Call For The Assassination Of Palestinian President.

This picture shows a post set up by extremist Israeli settler groups near Yitzhar settlement south of the occupied West Bank city of Nablus on December 11, 2018, calling for the assassination of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. (Photo by Ma’an news agency

Some Palestinians mark Pres. Abbas as a Zionist lapdog. (r. a. note)

PRESS TV           Tues., Dec. 11, 2018

Extremist Israeli settler groups have launched an incitement campaign against Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the northern part of the occupied West Bank, calling for his assassination.

Palestinian sources, requesting anonymity, said Israeli settlers put up posters near Yitzhar settlement south of the city of Nablus, located approximately 49 kilometers (30 miles) north of Jerusalem al-Quds, on Tuesday, calling for the killing of Abbas.

The posters read “supporter of terrorists” referring to Abbas as the financier of operations against settlers in the West Bank.

The development came only two day after the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) announced in a report that at least 11 attacks had been conducted by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank between  November 20 and December 3, resulting in Palestinian property damage.

Furthermore, about 85 Palestinian-owned trees, mostly olive ones, had been vandalized by Israeli settlers in Turmusayya village, near Ramallah.

In five other incidents in different localities of the West Bank, Israeli settlers punctured the tires of 52 Palestinian vehicles, and wrote racist and anti-Arab slogans with spray on some of the vehicles and on the walls of schools, mosques and several homes.

On October 12, a 47-year-old Palestinian woman, identified as Aisha Mohammad Aravi, was killed near a checkpoint south of Nablus after being struck by stones thrown by Israeli settlers while driving with her husband.

According to Palestinian media outlets, Aravi was hit in the head by the stones and died shortly after the incident. Her husband was wounded moderately.

Less than a month before US President Donald Trump took office, the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 2334, calling on Israel to “immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem” al-Quds.

About 600,000 Israelis live in over 230 illegal settlements built since the 1967 Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and East Jerusalem al-Quds.

Palestinians want the West Bank as part of a future independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem al-Quds as its capital.

Full article here:

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Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer! Inspired By Ostracized Jews(Link has 1 min vid)

The following is an excerpt from Henry’s article titled “Rudolph the Hooked-Nosed Reindeer”.  (r. a. note)

By Henry Makow  Ph.D  (         Mon. Dec. 10, 2018

Judaism is a satanic cult where God is replaced by his “Chosen People,” led by the Masonic Jewish central bank cartel.

A documentary Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas (2017) brought home how the West has been inducted into this satanic cult (Cabalism). Many popular Christmas songs  were written by Jewish songwriters and are really Jewish.

These include Dreaming of a White Christmas, Silver Bells and Let it Snow. Through banker control of the mass media, Cabalist Jews have removed Christ from Christmas and replaced him with snow and material consumption.

As the video embedded (at the link below) explains, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, written by a Jew. Robert May, (pic above) was inspired by how Jews were ostracized because of their big noses.

Santa plays the role of God, choosing Rudolph to lead the other reindeers.

May’s “Christmas” song is about Jewish supremacism. That’s what “modernity” is all about.

Cabalist Judaism involves abandoning absolute standards and imposing a false reality that advances Jewish banker interests instead.  Through their control of the mass media and suppression of the truth, they have converted most people to “Judaism.” We are satanically possessed. We are all Jews now.

What do Cabalists believe? Just ask, what do you and I believe? They are our common values. We are materialists. There is nothing beyond matter, no Moral Order, no God and no soul to hear God speaking to us.

We believe in buying-low-and-selling-high. We believe that after money, sex is the best thing in life and the more partners the better. We believe in despoiling pre-puberty children with “sex education” and gender dysphoria.

We pursue social causes like migration and civil rights if they can be used to weaken our perceived rivals. We believe in Greater Israel and endless wars against her perceived enemies, no matter how many people are killed or maimed.

Freemasons are known as “Jewes.” They run the world for the bankers. They create mental reality. They program us. We are all “Jewes” to some extent.

Cabalism is a reality-creating cult that believes thinking and saying something makes it true. It is a religion of deception, not revelation. Its god is Lucifer.  Naturally its practitioners have gathered the instruments of mass deception into their hands. This is the mass media and education.

The story behind “Rudolph” illustrates how Christians gradually have been stripped of their religion and inducted into this cult.

It’s not just Christians. I had a Jewish friend who wrote a popular tv show set on an Indian reservation.

“What do you know about Indians?” I asked him.

“I just write them as Jews,” he replied.

Full article here:    (Dec.09, 2018)


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