Netanyahu’s Wife To Be Indicted Over Corruption Charges

Middle East Monitor       Posted Sun., April 23, 2017

Israeli police have moved to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife on allegations of corruption, Israeli broadcaster Channel 10 revealed on Friday.

The Israeli channel said that the indictment is related to the case referred to by the media as the prime minister’s real estate on which Sara Netanyahu was investigated over her alleged use of state funds for private spending.

According to Channel 10, Quds Press said that the police recommendation came in the wake of completing the investigations into Netanyahu’s real estate case, noting that Jerusalem District Prosecutor Nurit Litman had decided that Sara should be brought before the courts.

Jerusalem’s district authorities are expected to raise their recommendation to the government’s attorney general and the judicial advisor to review the file and take a final decision, Channel 10 said.

If the case is accepted, Netanyahu’s wife would be summoned to attend a hearing session prior to the issuing of the indictment against her. Such proceedings would take a couple of months, according to the Channel 10 report.

The Netanyahu’s’ commented on the news in a statement, saying: “It is shameful that an indictment is to be issued against the prime minister’s wife based on false allegations.”

Sara Netanyahu is accused of ordering new furniture for the prime minister’s official residence in Jerusalem. Later, she allegedly swapped it with old furniture from her house in Caesarea. In addition, she was accused of doubling the number of dinner guests in Netanyahu’s office in order to be able to afford private chefs.

She was also accused of paying for her elderly father’s expenses by dipping into the funds of the prime minister’s official residence.




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George Orwell’s “1984” – His Premonitions And Foresight. Big Brother Is Watching

Green Left Weekly   by Rolando Perez Betancourt     Sun., April 23, 2017

Orwell’s novel “1984” is not an anti-communist novel, but rather a work aimed against totalitarianism of whatever stripe. The novel was published in 1949, one year before his death from tuberculosis, made him a standard-bearer for international anti-communism.

At the height of the cold war, Orwell had written: “I believe that if the USSR were conquered by some foreign power, the working class everywhere would become discouraged, at least for the moment, and the capitalist cretins who never stopped suspecting Russia would feel encouraged… I do not want to see the USSR destroyed and I think that I would have to defend it if necessary.”

The loudly trumpeted anti-communism of the Cold War … advanced the novel 1984. Weighed down by the propaganda, many people who had not read it, assumed that the book was an attack on the socialist ideas of Marx, and talked about an “Orwellian universe” and other distorted concepts foreshadowed by the constant battles of the global right wing.

However, it is clear that 1984 is not an anti-communist novel, but rather a work aimed against totalitarianism of whatever stripe.

The work describes a gloomy and oppressive future dominated by thought police. It takes place in London, where Winston Smith is a functionary in the Ministry of Truth responsible for “correcting” historical facts so that they always coincide with what is wanted by the leaders.

They are lords of half the world, with designs on subjugating the universe and whose principal slogans are “War is Peace”, “Freedom is Slavery”, and “Ignorance is Strength”.

All this is controlled by television monitors, the eyes and ears of the government — Big Brother is determined to know everything and to eliminate the slightest privacy.

More than 50 years have passed since Orwell wrote this cautionary book and after the febrile anti-communist exaltation, it is scarcely mentioned in recent times by those who glorified it. One has to be suspicious.

Today, a neoliberal totalitarianism with a leader from the North seeks to dominate the world and in it, the three previously mentioned slogans fit like a ring on a finger. Big Brother lies like the witch in Snow White and then transmits on his screens whatever suits him.

He creates super-ministries of espionage, searches libraries to see what citizens are reading, controls telephones and other means of communication, and accuses those who do not support militaristic adventures of being unpatriotic.

Two days ago (July 7/03), Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon were cut off as they talked on the [NBC] Today Show about freedom of expression, while the contracts of other critics have been cancelled as in the case of actor Sean Penn.

Big Brother buys (according to the Associated Press) “access to data banks of hundreds of millions of inhabitants in Latin American countries”, calls into his service the phantoms of McCarthyism, and coins the maximum slogan with no room for shading: “Those who are not with us are against us.”

Orwell called his novel 1984, and there are plenty of indications to suggest that he was only off by 20 years.

Full article here:  The above article was first published on July 2003

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Russian Rabbi Warns France’s Jews To Leave If Le Pen Wins Election

The daughter of Le Pen has denied the holocaust which is a grave and unforgivable sin. (r. a.)

By JTA  via Times of Israel       Sun., 23, 2017

Russian Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar (pic above) called on French Jews to leave their country if the far right politician Marine Le Pen is elected president next month.

Lazar, a Chabad rabbi who was born in Italy and has lived in Russia for 25 years, made the remark on Friday while attending a conference on Jewish learning near Moscow organized by the Limmud FSU association.

“If Marine Le Pen is elected president of France, the Jews must leave,” Lazar said, according to a transcription of his address at the conference provided by Limmud FSU. Lazar was a keynote speaker at the event, which drew 2,500 participants — a record attendance since Limmud FSU began holding conferences across the former Soviet Union.

Polls ahead of Sunday’s first round of presidential elections suggested the centrist independent candidate Emmanuel Macron is in a tight race for the lead with Le Pen, leader of the National Front party and the daughter of its founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, who has multiple convictions for Holocaust denial and incitement of racial hatred against Jews. Macron and Le Pen each have about 22 percent of the vote in a poll from April 19.

Le Pen recently called for banning the wearing of the kippah in public and for making it illegal for French nationals to also have an Israeli passport — steps she said were necessary because of the principle of equality in order to facilitate similar limitations on Muslims.

Le Pen has said radical Islam is a “threat to French culture” and has called on Jews to make certain “sacrifices” in order to fight jihadism. She has softened the rhetoric of her party after taking over from her father in 2011 and has kicked out of the party dozens of members over anti-Semitic rhetoric — including her father.

Many French Jews regard Marine Le Pen as dangerous, and the CRIF umbrella group of French Jewish communities has called her and the far-left communist candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon “candidates of hatred.” CRIF President Francis Kalifat on Friday said that Le Pen and Melenchon’s growing popularity is “a real danger to our country’s democracy.”

Under Putin, Rabbi Lazar’s Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia has become the largest Jewish organization in Russia.

Rabbi Lazar praised Putin during his address Friday, saying: “Putin was the first president to publicly speak out against anti-Semitism and did the most for the Jews in Russia. There is no institutional anti-Semitism in Russia.”

Full article here:


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Did You Know?

Posted by r. a.   Sat., April 22, 2017

Did you know that the terms “Christianity”, “Catholicism”, “Judaism”, “Islam” are not found in the Bible? Did you know that the term “Christian” is only recorded twice in the Bible (Acts 26 :28 & 1 Peter 4 :16) and the plural term “Christians” appears only once (Acts 11: 26).

Did you know that the followers of Christ (meaning “anointed one”), were called by non-believers as “Christians”, meaning “the anointed ones”?

Did you know that there is no such religion as Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism or Islam found in the Bible?

Did you know that the organized religions of Catholicism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam are a blend and fusion of some truth, lies, pagan belief systems and the traditions of men?

Finally, Christ and his true followers obeyed the laws, commandments and statutes that were revealed by the Creator-God (I AM) to the House (12 tribes) of Israel in the first 5 books of the bible and the prophets.

These laws, commandments and statutes included the observance of the weekly 7day Sabbath, the annual feast day Sabbaths and dietary laws.

May you turn from the lies, philosophies, mythology, mysticism and the man-made beliefs systems of this world and accept the “Truth” (Psalm 119: verses142, 151; Jn. 14:6 & Jn.17 verse 17 – the word of the Creator-God.

Peace and blessings to all who love the truth and hate the lies and deceptions of this world.

My sources:  King James Bible, the Jerusalem Bible and Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance with Hebrew and Greek dictionaries.



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In Case U Missed It – Why Israel Can’t Be Stopped (vid)

Posted by r. a.   Vid By Brother Nathanael     Fri., April 21, 2017

The following vid was published in March 2016 during Trump’s race for the presidency. Bro Nat uses news clips of Hillary and Trump interviews and speeches to demonstrate and point out the hypocrisy and lies of these two streetwalkers of Israel. (r. a. note)

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Netanyahu Tells Visiting US Def Sec Mattis Trump’s Mid East Policy “a welcome change”.

America is the fallen and painted woman of counterfeit Israel (r. a. note)

JTA News  via algemeiner news   Posted Fri., April 21, 2017

President Donald Trump’s recent actions in the Middle East are “a welcome change,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told visiting U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis.

The two met Friday in Jerusalem; Mattis is making his first official visit to Israel in his new post.

The “forthright words on the part of President Trump and very forthright deeds against the use of chemical weapons by Iran’s proxy, Syria,” Netanyahu said, have “been appreciated around the world and in our region. I think this is a welcome change, a strategic change of American leadership and American policy.”

On April 7, a U.S. Navy vessel launched 59 missiles into Syria, where they hit an airport controlled by President Bashar Assad, in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons by forces loyal to Assad. Former President Barack Obama said the use of chemical weapons was a “red line,” but did not order a strike on Syria following alleged uses of chemical weapons after he issued the statement.

Netanyahu also noted that Mattis had “very clear and forthright words” about Iran.

“We sense a great change in the direction of American policy,” the Israeli leader said.

In February, Mattis called Iran “the single biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world.”

Netanyahu and Obama clashed publicly over the deal that Obama spearheaded as president between six world powers and Iran, which offered the Islamic republic relief from sanctions in exchange for a partial scaling back of its nuclear program. Netanyahu said the deal “paved Iran’s path” to obtaining nuclear weapons, whereas Obama said it was the best way to block that path.

The Iranians “appear to be living up to their part of the agreement,” Mattis said during a meeting with his Israeli counterpart, Avigdor Lieberman. The nuclear deal “continues to be in force,” he said.

However, Mattis also warned “that in no way mitigates against or excuses the other Iranian activities in the region, including the war in Yemen that grinds on and what they’re doing in Syria” to keep Assad in power. “But the agreement on nuclear issues still stands and that’s all I can say about it.”

Echoing past statements by Netanyahu, Mattis in his statement published by the Prime Minister’s Office mentioned the Iranian threat on Israel in the context of the Jewish state’s vigilance following the Holocaust.

“The two dangers that face Israel and all of the other nations in the region that are trying to maintain a stable and peaceful and prosperous region are those that I’m here to discuss with the prime minister, especially the week before Holocaust remembrance,” he said in reference to Israel’s official memorial day for the genocide, which this year falls on April 23.

Mattis’ statement was issued Friday by Netanyahu’s office along with the prime minister’s. The quote attributed to Mattis did not name the two threats (dangers) he was referencing.


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“They Hate Us For Our Freedoms”! Nope! “They Hate Us For Our Bombs”!

“New Homeland Security Chief, John Kelly, Gives 2+2=5-Orwellian First Speech.” I have abridged the article. (r. a. note)

Blacklisted News   By Alice Salles    Posted Fri., April 21, 2017

Under President Donald Trump, DHS Secretary John Kelly holds his agency’s most important position as the leader of a multi-layered organization that thrives in an environment of constant conflict. And on Tuesday, speaking at George Washington University, he laid out what The Hill called a “dark vision” of the global threats facing America.

“Make no mistake,” the retired U.S. Marine Corps general said, echoing former President Barack Obama. “We are a nation under attack.”

During Kelly’s first major public speech since becoming head of DHS, he told attendees at George Washington University that America is “under attack from people who hate us, hate our freedoms, hate our laws, hate our values, hate the way we simply live our lives. And we are under attack every single day,” he firmly stated. “The threats are relentless.”

But some of the threats Kelly listed include instances that have deep roots, and unfortunately, the former general is in no position to exploit them. Perhaps because he’s genuinely unaware of these roots, or, perhaps, because he knows that once he or someone in his position starts talking about the roots of terrorism in the Middle East, the fear-mongering rhetoric will sound like wishful thinking — on their part.

Of course, since nobody anywhere “hates us for our freedoms.” They just hate us for our bombs.

“We will never apologize for enforcing and upholding the law. We will never apologize for carrying out our mission. We will never apologize for making our country more secure.” — Secretary Kelly speaking at GWU this week.

But despite Kelly’s most dramatic portrayals of the so-called threats the country faces, the tools and weapons terrorist organizations have been relying on to expand and bring more and more people under their wings have all been deployed by men and women like Kelly, himself.

After all, the United States has been in an ongoing campaign to radicalize members of certain groups in the Middle East since the 1980s.

So next time Kelly mentions incredible visions of death and destruction to justify embracing anti-privacy measures, more surveillance, and less freedom, remember that what he wants us to be afraid of is the messes people like him created decades ago and are now trying to handle by doing what they have always done well — fomenting more crisis, at home and abroad.


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The Zionist Agenda An American Jew Living In Racist Marxist Israel Warned Us About

Veterans Today   By Ian Greenhalgh    Posted Thurs., April 20, 2017

“The Life Of An American Jew In Racist Marxist Israel” – This booklet should be required reading for every school child around the entire world, for it is one of the very few honest and truthful insights into the real nature of our world, of the real forces that power the machinations of global politics and foment almost every conflict. 

Do yourself a favour, take 15 minutes from your day to read this work then another 15 passing it on to any and everyone you know who would be prepared to accept a healthy dose of the hardcore truth, unvarnished and undiluted. [ Intro by Ian Greenhalgh ]

Book Title: The Life Of An American Jew In Racist Marxist Israel

Written in 1985 by Jack Bernstein 



I am well aware of the tactics that you, my Zionist brethren, use to quiet anyone who attempts to expose any of your subversive acts.

If the person is a Gentile, you cry, “You’re anti-Semitic” which is nothing more than a smokescreen to hide your actions.

But, if a Jew is the person doing the exposing, you resort to other tactics.

First, you ignore the charges, hoping the information will not be given widespread distribution.

If the information starts reaching too many people, you ridicule the information and the persons giving the information.

If that doesn’t work, your next step is character assassination. If the author or speaker hasn’t been involved in sufficient scandal you are adept at fabricating scandal against the person or persons.

If none of these are effective, you are known to resort to physical attacks.

But, NEVER do you try to prove the information wrong.

So, before you start your efforts to quiet me, I OFFER THIS CHALLENGE:

You Zionists assemble a number of Zionist Jews and witnesses to support your position; and I will assemble a like number of anti-Zionist, pro-American Jews and witnesses.

Then, the Zionists and the Anti-Zionists will state their position and debate the material in this book as well as related material—the debate TO BE HELD ON PUBLIC TELEVISION.

Let’s explore the information and let the American people decide for themselves if the information is true or false.


Certainly, you will willingly accept the challenge if what I have written is false.

But, if you resort to crying, “Lies, all lies,” and refuse to debate the material you will, in effect, be telling the American people that what I have written are the true facts.

Jack Bernstein

(This honest and courageous Jew was assassinated some years ago, by MOSSAD. Here is confirmation of this report (Ian G. note)

Full article- book here:

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Stop The Dam Lie – Pretending N. Korea Is A Threat To America

ANTIMEDIA   By James Holbrooks   Posted Thurs., April 20, 2017

North Korea is a threat, goes the narrative. And we, as loyal Americans, should fear the potentiality of that fact. That’s why U.S. aircraft carriers, accompanied by fighter jets and warships, are currently steaming toward the Korean Peninsula.

That’s why the best soldiers the United States military has to offer are currently in South Korea, training — goes the narrative — to take out Kim Jong-un.

That’s why Japan, staunch U.S. ally, is considering deploying troops to South Korea — in preparation for the time when that evil dictator from the north will try to harm Japanese nationals in the south.

Conveniently, if Japan does deploy those troops — and, let’s be honest, they will — that will put the coalition of Japan, South Korea, and the United States together on the Korean peninsula.

Consider that for a moment.

They actually want us to believe that it would take the combined military might of the U.S., Japan, and South Korea to take out Kim Jong-un. There literally is no other way to look at it.

As in all cases when it comes to geopolitical analysis, it helps to look at a map. North Korea is sandwiched between a U.S.-occupied territory to the south and a global superpower, China, to the north.

In what universe does it make sense that Kim Jong-un would think attacking an “enemy” in the region would be beneficial? On Monday, Anti-Media reported on the fact that former Pentagon chief William Perry told CNN in November that North Korea would never strike first because, very simply, Kim doesn’t want to die.

“I do not believe the North Korean regime is suicidal,” he said. “Therefore, I don’t believe they’re going to launch an unprovoked nuclear attack on anyone.”

That’s because Kim has certainly applied to the situation what the mainstream narrative would like you to discard — common sense. With just a dash of it, any logical being can look at the events unfolding and see that North Korea poses no threat, to any surrounding nation, period.

Which poses an immediate question: Why the military buildup in South Korea?

China, incidentally, reportedly just deployed 150,000 troops to its border with North Korea. Much like Japan, the reason given was preparation. Preparation for war was the message between the words.

But it wouldn’t be war with North Korea. That tiny strip of land is merely the buffer between two military juggernauts, the United States and China. That’s World War III, friends, and it has nothing to do with Kim Jong-un.

. They need us to believe. If we don’t, it all falls apart for them.

Full article here:

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US Black Female Judge Found Dead In N.Y. Hudson River – Police Seeking Clues

AP news agency   via Al Jazeera    Posted Thur., April 20, 2017

US police are asking for the public’s help as they try to track the movements of a pioneering judge before she was found dead in New York’s Hudson River.

Sheila Abdus-Salaam’s body was found along the riverbank near her Manhattan home on April 12. She had been reported missing a day earlier.

Two law enforcement officials say the death is being treated as a suicide. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation hasn’t been completed.

But Abdus-Salaam’s husband, Gregory Jacobs, warned against treating her death as a suicide.

“These reports have frequently included unsubstantiated comments concerning my wife’s possible mental and emotional state of mind at the time of her death,” Jacobs, who is a minister at the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, wrote in a statement.

“Those of us who loved Sheila and knew her well do not believe that these unfounded conclusions have any basis in reality.”

Abdus-Salaam, her widower wrote, “loved Harlem and its people and lived there for nearly all of her adult life”.

“I now join with the NYPD [New York Police Department] in asking anyone in the neighbourhood to step forward with any information that might help us determine what may have happened during those hours before her death,” the priest pleaded.

Investigators were looking for any video or any witnesses who may have seen the 65-year-old in the time leading up to her death.

An autopsy was inconclusive as to the cause of death and required further study.

Abdus-Salaam was the first black woman on New York state’s highest court.

                                   ‘Trailblazing jurist’

Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, who appointed Abdus-Salaam to the state’s Court of Appeals in 2013, earlier called her a “trailblazing jurist”.

“As the first African-American woman to be appointed to the state’s Court of Appeals, she was a pioneer,” Cuomo said.

“Through her writings, her wisdom and her unshakable moral compass, she was a force for good whose legacy will be felt for years to come.”

Abdus-Salaam, who was 65 years old, graduated from Barnard College and received her law degree from Columbia Law School.

She started her career as a staff attorney for East Brooklyn Legal Services and served as a judge on New York state’s Supreme Court for 14 years, according to the Office of Court Administration’s website.

The president of the New York State Bar Association, Claire Gutekunst, said Abdus-Salaam grew up poor in a family of seven children in Washington, DC, and “rose to become one of the seven judges in New York’s highest court, where her intellect, judicial temperament and wisdom earned her wide respect”.


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