Savage Sons Of Lucifer, ISIS, Crucified Two Young Men In Northern Syria

ISIS crucify two

FARS News Agency  Posted Thurs., April 28, 20TEHRAN (FNA)- The ISIL terrorist group publicly crucified two young men in its stronghold city of Raqqa (Northern Syria), reports citing eye-witnesses said.

Informed sources reported, citing witnesses in Raqqa, that ISIL terrorists forced the local residents to gather on the square, where the execution of the two accused of cooperating with the anti-ISIL forces was held, and observe the process.

ISIL terrorist group has had to resort to more brutal ways to fuel more fear inside or outside its occupied territories, as government forces have been retaking major cities and slowly pushing the terrorists back to a diminished territories.

Earlier this week, the ISIL terrorist group executed 21 members in the city of Raqqa on charges of fleeing the battlefield.

They were executed on charge of escaping battles against the Syrian government forces across the country,” the source said.

Last week, the ISIL terrorist group in Iraq, in a brutal arbitrary execution, locked the groups’ defectors in a freezer for a day and killed 45 fellow fighters in a warning to other potential defectors.

The ISIL fighters attempted to flee the battlefield during recent fights. They were executed by being locked in morgue freezers in Mosul for 24 hours, left for a slow, presumably agonizing death.

Their bodies, then, were reportedly stretched out along the sides of the road at city entrances as a warning to other fighters on the consequences waiting for possible defectors.

The city of Raqqa which is considered as self-proclaimed capital of the ISIL group, has been overrun by the group since 2013.

The Syrian army, as well as the Kurdish militias, are currently carrying out offensives to liberate the city and its nearby areas from ISIL.


ISIS Created

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Iranian Minister – “Under The Guise Of Humanitarian Aid” The US Creating Potential New World War


PRESS TV      Posted Wed., April 27, 2016

Iran’s defense minister has censured the United States for adopting a double-standard policy in defending its interests, saying such a policy may finally lead to a new world war.

Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan made the remarks at the 5th Moscow Conference on International Security (MCIS) in the Russian capital on Wednesday.

For the sake of safeguarding its own interests, Washington is employing “double, multiple standards on the main issues associated with the disruption of safety and stability,” Dehqan said, adding, “They use proxy wars, and they impose a heavy cost on the stage to wage the wars. We see a repeat of the situation and there could be a potential new world war taking place.”

The Iranian minister also warned that only a “realistic” and “responsible” approach to the conflicts gripping the Middle East could prevent a potential new world war.

He further condemned the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel for propping up terrorist groups “under the disguise of humanitarian aid, under [the excuse of] establishing a cessation of hostilities”.

“There are countries that created those terrorist groups, sponsor those terrorist groups, and they do not want to lead an effective war until the very end,” he stated.

The MCIS kicked off on Wednesday with a focus on international convergence on fighting terrorism, and security issues concerning the Asia-Pacific region, as well as international stability and military cooperation.

Iran to boost defense capabilities

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Iranian defense minister noted that the Islamic Republic will enhance its defense capabilities, particularly the missile program, warning that no one can impede the country’s peaceful efforts in that regard.

“Iran… will be taking steps at the highest levels for the military equipment of its armed forces,” he said, adding, “And no will or organization will be able to stand on the way and obstruct the development and upsurge of the defense capability, especially missile defense capability of Iran.”

Iran has never made and will not make threats to security of other countries, Dehqan further reiterated, saying that Tehran condemns any aggression and use of force against sovereign states.

The Islamic Republic has repeatedly assured other nations, especially its neighbors and regional countries, that its military might poses no threat to other states, stressing that its defense doctrine is merely based on deterrence.

Iran and Russia have cooperated in the area of defense toward countering the threat of terrorism in the Middle East.

The two countries have successfully provided assistance to the Syrian government in its efforts to push back militant groups in the Arab country.


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911 – Perpetuating The Fiction Of Arab Responsibility For A US-State-Sponsored False Flag

911 fleeing peeps

Whatsupic News  By Stephen Lendman      Posted Tues., April 26, 2016

Bin Laden and Riyadh had nothing to do with it. Osama was dying in a Pakistani hospital, expiring in December 2001 of natural causes – Western media reporting his death, including the NYT.

Obama didn’t kill him, one of his many Big Lies. Twenty-eight pages of a congressional investigation (sic) cover-up report of the 9/11 attacks remain unpublished.

According to NYT editors, they’re “being withheld amid suspicions that what they contain could implicate the Saudi government and Saudi citizens in the terrorist attack” – despite no evidence suggesting it.

The 9/11 whitewash commission found “no evidence that the Saudi government as an institution or senior Saudi officials” were involved in the attacks.

Times editors called for release of the redacted pages so “all the facts (about what happened can) be known.” Facts if revealed would expose US culpability, maybe Israel’s, not Saudi Arabia.

If Riyadh was involved the 9/11 attacks, why did America wage war on Afghanistan, then Iraq 18 months later while maintaining close ties to the kingdom?

Attacking another nation is an act of war. Suggesting possible Saudi involvement distracts attention from US responsibility, perhaps CIA complicity with Israel’s Mossad.

On 9/11, numerous bin Laden and Saudi royal family members were in America. Despite an FAA ban on private flights after the attacks, they were allowed to leave for home unhindered.

On September 13, 2001, three Saudi nationals flew in a private Lear jet from Tampa, FL to Lexington, KY. They flew home on a Boeing 747 marked with Arabic writing.

Other flights in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 took numerous bin Laden and Saudi royal family members back to the kingdom unimpeded.

The NYT reported bin Laden family members escorted by FBI agents to a secret meeting in Texas, from there to Washington, where they left for home on a private aircraft.

Within days of the 9/11 attack, reports indicated at least six chartered flights took around 140 Saudi nationals, including bin laden and royal family members, home from US locations unhindered.

Would they have been allowed to leave if suspected of 9/11 involvement? Given close US/Saudi ties, what possible motive could the kingdom have to attack its important ally?

The myth of bin Laden’s involvement persists despite months of serious illness followed by his yearend 2001 death – along with the FBI admitting it “h(ad) no hard evidence connecting” him to what happened.

9/11 was Washington’s pretext for waging phony global war on terrorism, enacting police state laws, letting Big Brother watch everyone, criminalizing whistleblowers exposing government wrongdoing, and making America unsafe and unfit to live in.

Full-blown tyranny may be one more major false flag away.


911 mossad Netanyahu

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Thousands Of Fat Cat Millionaires Fleeing Chicago. Why? REPOST: Chicago’s Sears Tower A False-Flag-Target


By r. a.   Posted Mon., April 25, 2016

INTRO: Two weeks ago it was reported by many reputable news sites that many as3,000 individuals with net assets of $1 million or more, not including their primary residence, moved from the city last year, with many citing rising racial tensions and worries about crime as factors in the decision, according to research firm New World Wealth. (New World Order, perhaps – r. a. note)

Heres another possible reason why the millionaires are leaving. Could it be the fat cats are in the know regarding a plan, by criminal New World Order power brokers, to execute a major false flag. Such a well-planned-attack would be blamed on ISIS and result in triggering martial law throughout many surrounding cities and states.

In addition, if such an attack were to occur just before the November 2016 US election, it is possible that Obama would have an excuse to cancel that election and remain in office for a third term. Just a thought.

Heres a repost of an article that I posted in June 2011, which includes a link to another piece that I posted in Oct. 2012 whose sources noted that Chicago was the next target for a major false flag. And, we know these false flags are planned well in advance, in some cases, years before an actual and set target date. (intro By r. a.)


The Excavator    By Saman Mohammadi    Posted June 01, 2011

Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente warned in February that we should expect another false flag attack in America to boost the popularity of President Obama and escalate the wars in the Middle East.

“Look for a false flag,” said Celente, “look for something to rally the people around the president. They’ll do another one …. Remember the Maine. Remember the Gulf of Tonkin.”

Another false flag attack is a matter of when, not if. The U.S. shadow terrorist state is an unaccountable, secretive, resourceful, cunning, and powerful engine for destruction and deception.

The 9/11 attacks signified that we live in an age of state terror and mass deception. Nothing has changed in a decade. In fact, America is ripe for another 9/11.

[T]he shadow myth makers in the national security crime syndicate are preparing the American public for an attack inside America to be blamed on Pakistan (or Iran emphasis r. a.).

The most likely place to be blown up by the shadow state terrorists is Chicago’s Willis Tower, formerly Sears Tower.

silverstein-pullitIn 2004, the building was sold to a couple of investors from New York named Lloyd Goldman and Joseph Cayre who are associated with Larry Silverstein’s investment group.

(left pic is Silverstein who owned the N.Y twin towers, including building #7, which fell when no plane hit it – r. a. note)

Other have also said that a future false flag attack may take place in Chicago. The current mayor of Chicago is Obama’s former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (a rabid Zionist, emphasis r. a).

If there is another government false flag attack, say goodbye to America and say hello to the New World Order. [T]he tyrants and traitors who are in control of America’s shadow terrorist state …seek to terrorize, steal, deceive, destroy, and control.

Source:  June 01, 201

Here’s the link to the other post on a false flag in Chicago  Oct.9, 2012

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Russia’s “Advanced Biomorphic Combat Robot Revealed” – Has Machine Guns and Grenade Launchers

Sputnik International    Posted Sun., April 24, 2016

Russian combat robot 2The alleged first-ever photos of Russia’s advanced biomorphic combat robot, which will move like a four-legged animal and be equipped with a machine gun and guided antitank missiles, have emerged on Twitter.

Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of the Russian magazine Natsionalnaya Oborona (National Defense) has published the first-ever photos of Russia’s advanced biomorphic combat robot on his Twitter page; it looks something like a mule.

“A mule-like robot equipped with machine guns and grenade launchers” – via a Tweet.

The publication came after a few weeks after media reports said that work is in full swing in Russia to create a state-of-the-art biomorphic combat robot which will walk on four “legs” and will be armed with a machine gun and guided antitank missiles.

The reports said at the time that such a robotic system is designed to be used as a reconnaissance device, a platform for the transportation of armaments and ammunition, as well as for the detection of minefields and even weapons.

Additionally, this robot, which the initial reports said resembled a lynx, will be capable of evacuating the dead and wounded from battlefields.

The robot will also be able to move on challenging surfaces, including sand 10 centimeters deep, grass up to one meter high, snow and puddles 40 centimeters deep as well as on glaciers and mountainous terrain.

The 400-kg robot is expected to move at a speed of up to 15 kilometers per hour on flat terrain, and 10 kilometers per hour on uneven surfaces. State tests of the system are scheduled for 2019.

Source:       Via

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Inmate Escapes US Prison, Two Weeks Later Found Beheaded


New York Daily News   By Alfred Ng    Posted Sun., April 24, 2016

A North Carolina inmate who escaped prison using a toothbrush shank was found decapitated two weeks after escaping.

Kelvin Singleton’s headless body was discovered April 7 by a hunter walking through the woods in Bertie County, 15 miles from the Chowan County Detention Center. He was naked and his body was partly decomposed.

Authorities identified the body on Tuesday, and were still searching for the escaped inmate’s missing head, Chowan County sheriff Dwayne Goodwin told the Daily News.

The beheading remains a mystery to investigators.

“We have interviewed a ton of people,” Goodwin said. “We don’t have a motive or anything at this point — no suspect, no motive.”

Singleton’s headless body had been in the open field near Ashland Church Road for about a week, Bertie County Sheriff John Holley told the Roanoke-Chowan News Herald.

Singleton escaped on March 29, after he carved a shank out of a toothbrush and forced a guard to release him.

The 26-year-old had been behind bars for robbing an Edenton tobacco store at gunpoint and speeding off in the clerk’s car in January, police said. He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery, attempted kidnapping and larceny of a motor vehicle.

Chowan sheriff’s deputies tried finding him using search dogs shortly after his escape, and also looked for him in Charlotte, where his mother and children live, WAVY10 reported.


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Obama Hints He May Not Leave Office. He Could Be A 3rd Term Pres. Here’s How! (Vid)

Obama General

Vid by Seho Song     Posted by r. a.   Sat., Night, April 23, 2016


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Russia Denies Report That Their Forces Fired Upon Israeli Aircraft Over Syria

Putin and Netanyahu

Source: www.i24news       Posted Fri., April 22, 2016

Russia on Friday denied a report that its military forces have fired on Israeli Air Force planes on at least two occasions over Syria in recent weeks, calling them “far from reality.”

“In this case, Israeli press reports are far from reality,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told a conference call with journalists, Reuters reports.

According to a report by Israel’s Hebrew-language Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper published Friday, the alleged incidents were the reason for a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin which took place in Moscow on Thursday.

Putin had not been aware of the incidents before they were brought to his attention by Israeli President Reuven Rivlin duing his trip to Moscow last month, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

Israel and Russia last year established a coordination mechanism intended to prevent misunderstandings between their air forces as Russia began carrying out airstrikes in Syria in support of President Bashar Assad’s regime forces.

Israeli media on Tuesday reported a close aerial encounter between Israeli Air Force fighter jets and Russian warplanes along the Syrian border, several days before Netanyahu’s trip to Moscow.

According to multiple reports, a Russian jet was scrambled to inctercept Israeli military aircraft operating along the Syrian frontier. While the reason behind the incident was unclear, reports indicated that the planes did not make contact and the Israeli aircraft continued on their course of duty unobstructed.

Israel’s Channel 2 said that contacts between Israeli and Russian officials through the coordination mechanism established last year prevented a more serious incident.

During his meeting with Putin on Thursday, Netanyahu spoke of the importance of security cooperation between the two countries, and confirmed a separate follow-up meeting would be held between Israeli Air Force Commander Amir Eshel, Russian defense minister and other senior Russian security officials, in order to further discuss security coordination between the two countries.

The two sides had made “progress” on an issue that is “very important to Israel’s security,” the Israeli prime minister said.


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Jewish Daily Forward Openly Admits Jews Are Behind Homosexual & Transgender Movement

Homo Pride Parade

I have edited the following just a tad. (r. a. note)

The    Posted Thurs., April 21, 2016

The Jewish Daily Forward recently published its annual Forward 50, a list of the 50 most influential Jews in American life… To introduce the list, Forward editor Jane Eisner describes the immense influence Jews have over American political and cultural life. In the process, they essentially admitted that Jews are the leading proponents of homosexual marriage, gay rights, and the disgusting, entirely degenerate and insane movement supporting transgenderism.

Due exclusively to Jewish influence and subversion, these Talmudic, degenerate cultural and social movements have become mainstream in American society today, a fact that Vice President Joe Biden once openly celebrated.

This is a year when American Jews are deeply, loudly and passionately embedded in some of the most pressing political and social issues in the nation.

Not that we were shy in other years. But a confluence of events allowed — or perhaps dictated — an outsized role for many of the Jews profiled in this year’s Forward 50. From the debate over a nuclear deal with Iran, to the emergence of transgender identity in synagogues and on screen, to the groundbreaking acceptance of marriage equality, American Jews are playing a starring role.

The most obvious Jew to grab the political national spotlight this year is Bernie Sanders, the quirky, blunt talking, doggedly earnest independent senator from Vermont.

It’s fair to say that his candidacy for president was considered no more than a quixotic adventure last spring — until summertime’s record-breaking crowds scrambled expectations and proved that a Jewish guy who still sounds Brooklyn can wow them in Iowa.

Beyond the never-ending presidential race the boisterous debate over the Iran deal found Jews negotiating (Wendy Sherman), opposing (Chuck Schumer), supporting (Jerry Nadler) and otherwise shaping the most serious foreign policy development of the year.

Our influence goes well beyond politics. The legal framework to support same-sex marriage, which Evan Wolfson developed as a law student 30 years ago, was ratified at the highest level when the Supreme Court ruled in favour of marriage equality in June.

Another human rights issue — ensuring that transgender Americans do not suffer discrimination — was championed in a Jewish day school by a remarkable bar mitzvah boy (Tom Sosnik), on the high-fashion runway (Hari Nef) and in the acclaimed television show “Transparent” (director Jill Soloway and actor Jeffrey Tambor.) […]

Suffice it to say, without Jewish propaganda, activism, lobbying, and support, none of these anti-White, un-Christian socio-cultural movements – homosexual marriage, gay rights, transgenderism, etc. – would be accepted, much less celebrated, in American society today.

Source:   (published Nov.11, 2015)

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Pentagon’s New Rules Allow US Air Strikes To Kill Civilians

USA Military

Anti-War   by Jason Ditz      Posted Wed., April 20, 2015

Though the Pentagon has mostly issued blanket denials whenever they’re caught killing civilians in airstrikes against ISIS targets anyhow, officials say their eagerness to escalate the air war against ISIS targets has seen the implementation of new rules allow the US to kill larger numbers of civilians per attack.

The details are still scant, with the official rules likely to remain a secret, but officials say they have implemented a “sliding scale,” based on the region being targeted and the “opportunity.”

In some cases, US airstrikes will be allowed to kill 10 civilians per strike.

This was seen previously in incidents where US forces attacked sites believed to contain physical cash. In both cases, the attacks took place in residential neighborhoods, and the Pentagon insisted they were “comfortable” with the number of civilians killed.

Despite officials being pretty open about killing civilians in those cases, the deaths were never included in the official Pentagon figures for civilians killed.

Overall, the Pentagon is believed to have killed several hundred civilians in the ISIS air war since 2013, though the official admissions are to only 14 deaths.


American war Machine

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