Lesbian Clobbers Six Women Who Rejected Her On Dance Floor


Daily Mail UK   By Joe Sheppard       Posted Sat., Night, Feb.18, 2017

A spurned lesbian beat up six women when they resisted her advances in a bar, a court heard.

Kimberly McLeod, 28, ‘misread the signs’ of the women dancing together at the venue in Hartlepool, County Durham.

She grabbed two of the girls by their faces and attempted to kiss them but became angry when they pushed her away.

In her rage she beat up the whole group of friends, leaving them battered and afraid to leave the house.

One of the victims, a teacher, had her nose burst after she was punched by McLeod, leading to her developing Bell’s palsy, which caused her face to droop to one side.

In her rage she beat up the whole group of friends, leaving them battered and afraid to leave the house.

One of the victims, a teacher, had her nose burst after she was punched by McLeod, leading to her developing Bell’s palsy, which caused her face to droop to one side.

The disfigurement from the attack at the Loons bar lasted for months. 

According to the Hartlepool Mail, in a victim statement the woman told Teesside magistrates court: ‘I can’t understand how a person can have such hate inside them to physically attack other people. I had to make up reasons for my injuries. 

‘I am thankful for just one thing – although I suffered this horrendous attack I know that it was in no way personal against me.’

Lynn Dalton, prosecuting, said the victim felt her nose ‘pop and start pouring with blood’ as McLeod, who lives with her same sex partner in Hartlepool, hit her.

 The defendant pleaded guilty to six charges of assault and two sexual assaults and was handed a 17-week prison sentence suspended for two years and ordered to pay £150 costs to each victim.

Chairman of the bench Martin Slimings said McLeod had carried out ‘multiple, persistent, unprovoked assaults’.

Source:    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4237110/Spurned-lesbian-beat-6-women-rejected-bar.html

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US Is A Den For Traitors, Bandits And The Corrupt – Venezuela’s President


TeleSur News     Posted Sat., Night, Feb.18, 2017

The Bolivarian Revolution leader made the remarks amidst renewed U.S. attacks on the South American country. 

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro bashed the United States during a televised government youth rally on Thursday, calling it “a den for traitors, bandits and the corrupt.”

 “There are bandits — I know who they are and where they are — that when we go in search for them, they end up escaping to the United States,” Maduro added.

The Bolivarian Revolution leader made the remarks amidst renewed U.S. attacks on the South American country. 

On Monday, the U.S. President Donald Trump’s Treasury Department placed Venezuela’s Vice President Tareck El Aissami on a sanctions list for allegedly aiding drug traffickers and Middle Eastern terrorists. He was placed on the narcotics-related Kingpin Act Designation, making him the highest-ranking Venezuelan official to be sanctioned by the U.S.

El Aissami, pointing out that there is no legitimate evidence proving his complicity, has consistently denied all allegations, accusing the U.S. of slander. 

Earlier that day, Cuban-American right-wing congressional leaders Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Florida, and Sen. Robert Menendez, D-New Jersey, called on lawmakers to boost funding for illegal right-wing opposition groups operating within the country. These are the same groups that have received millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars for over 15 years and are responsible for deaths associated with their violent “guarimbas.”

On Wednesday, Trump met with Lilian Tintori, the wife of convicted opposition criminal Leopoldo Lopez, at the White House. The pair discussed ways to ramp up pressure and sanctions on the South American country.

While the U.S. and its right-wing opposition escalated attacks on Venezuela this week, Venezuela’s leadership did not back down.

Venezuela’s National Telecommunications Commission, CONATEL, announced plans on Wednesday to begin sanctioning procedures against CNN en Español for its “direct aggression against the Venezuelan people and state.”

And on Thursday, after Tintori met with Trump, Venezuela’s Supreme Tribunal of Justice upheld Lopez’s 14-year jail sentence. Lopez was found guilty of inciting violence during protests in 2014. 

Source:   http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Venezuelas-Maduro-Says-US-Is-a-Den-for-Traitors-Bandits-20170217-0022.html

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Atheist Teacher Claims To Be “Bullied” By Her Students. Here’s How


American Thinker    By Rick Moran   Posted Fri., Feb.17, 2017

Susan Creamer, a teacher at Merritt Brown Middle School in Panama City, took to the Atheists of Bay County’s private Facebook page to vent her frustrations about students in her class who invite her to church or teasingly yell “God Bless You” when someone sneezes, EAGnews.org reported.

“There is a bevy of boys in one of my classes (middle school) who are taking turns either inviting me to their church or leaving (anonymously) flyers inviting me to church events. Today, I found one on the A/V cart I use for a podium,” Ms. Creamer wrote, according to a screenshot published by NBC News affiliate WJHG.

“Every time any child sneezes, they loudly say ‘God bless you!’ and look in my direction. I have complained twice to my principal – one last month and once today,” she continued. “She has spoken privately to one or two of the little cretins, but it seems to do NO GOOD. I am feeling bullied and harassed. It has become intolerable. I don’t feel like talking with the parents will stop the inappropriate behaviors because, for all I know, the parents are encouraging them.”

The Atheists of Bay County page is closed to members only, and Ms. Creamer didn’t name the students or the school she worked for in her post.

Karen Tucker, a spokeswoman for Bay District Schools, told the Northwest Florida Daily News that it is against school policy to criticize students on the internet.

“I don’t think it matters (if the page is closed), because eventually someone else is going to see it posted, which is what happened,” she said. “People were re-posting. If you said things on there, which she did, about students, no, I don’t think it matters.”

Ms. Tucker said Human Resources is investigating the post, along with other comments made by Ms. Creamer on the Atheists of Bay County page, the Daily News reported.

In an official statement, the district said it does not “condone the use of disparaging comments about our students in any form, on any social media platform or in any school.”

“Unfortunately, like any other organizations of our size, we have had to address these issues occasionally with our employees,” the statement said.

There is no reporting on what precipitated the razzing from students.  How do they know she’s an atheist?  Almost certainly because she told them.  Many atheists use disparaging language to describe the religious beliefs of others, and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if that were the case here.

Even so, the problem isn’t the kids “bullying” the teacher; it’s the teacher’s lack of control in her classroom.  Has she tried to discuss the issue with students, or did she simply run to the principal and ask her to take care of it?  Perhaps she should also change her attitude toward students of faith and respect them for their beliefs.  She might be surprised to get some respect for her beliefs in response.

Source:    http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/02/atheist_teacher_claims_to_be_bullied_by_middle_school_students.html

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Inflaming Westerners Against Muslims: Mass Sex Assaults In Germany Never Happened


SOTT Website   Via RT News    Posted Fri., Feb.17, 2017

Reports of mass sexual assaults on women in Frankfurt on New Year’s Eve allegedly committed by dozens of drunken refugees, and which initially appeared in Germany’s Bild newspaper, were made up and are “completely baseless,” police said.

The story about mass sexual assaults by refugees in the Fressgass Street area in downtown Frankfurt was reported by Bild earlier in February. The article has since been taken down.

One of the victims, Irina A., 27, told Bild: “They [the migrants] grabbed me under the skirt, between my legs, my breasts, everywhere….More and more of these guys came. Their hands were everywhere,” the Express said, quoting the original report.

Her words were supported by Jan Mai, a local pub owner, who said that a mob of Arabs was “highly aggressive, there was shouting and hand gestures.”

“When I came in, the whole place was full with a group of around 50 Arabs. They did not speak German, drank our guests’ drinks and danced towards them. The women asked me for help because they were being attacked. The mood changed completely,” he told Bild, as cited by the Express.

It was claimed the migrants came from a refugee center in Hesse state, where Frankfurt is located, the Local said, citing the original report.

Police started an investigation into the alleged incidents and on Tuesday released a report stating that the allegations of mass sexual assaults had been invented.

“There were no massive mob-like attacks by masses of refugees in Fressgass [Street]. The allegations were groundless,” police said.

In the article several people “reported about sexual assaults, bodily injuries, thefts and extremely aggressive behavior of masses of refugees. Media interest in these descriptions was very high. The police were not aware of these circumstances,” the statement said.

According to police, “interviews with alleged witnesses, guests and employees led to major doubts with the version of events that had been presented.

“One of the alleged victims was not even in Frankfurt at the time the allegations are said to have taken place,” the report said.

The Bild editorial team quickly apologized “for this inaccurate reporting and the accusations against those concerned.”

“This reporting does not correspond in any way to the journalistic standards of Bild,” the newspaper said in a statement.

Bild said that the alleged witnesses – the pub owner and his staff – talked of mass sexual assaults to other media outlets. “We apologize for our own work. I’ll shortly announce what Bild will do about it,” online editor-in-chief Julian Reichelt tweeted.

Inflaming Westerners Against Muslims: Mass Sex Assaults By Refugees In Germany Never Happened.

The Bild story appeared to prompt comparisons with the Cologne attacks committed on New Year’s Eve in 2015. Back then, groups of North African men sexually assaulted hundreds of women in the city.

A German police report from November revealed the latest figures on the crimes committed on New Year’s Eve 2015 across Germany: 881 sexual offenses involving over 1,231 women. The victims were almost all young women.

Apart from Germany, similar sex attacks allegedly took place on New Year’s Eve that year in Sweden, Austria, Finland and Switzerland.

Source:  https://www.sott.net/article/342661-Hystericizing-Westerners-against-Muslims-Mass-sex-assaults-by-refugees-in-Frankfurt-on-New-Years-Eve-never-happened


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Israel’s Terror-Fraught-Vision For Future: “Perpetual Ethnic Cleansing” Of Palestinians


Anti-War Website   By Ramzy Baroud       Posted Thurs., Feb.16, 2017

Empirical historical evidence combined with little common sense are enough to tell us the type of future options that Israel has in store for the Palestinian people: perpetual apartheid or ethnic cleansing, or a mix of both.

The passing of the “Regularisation Bill” on 6 February is all we need to imagine the Israeli-envisaged future. The new law allows the Israeli government to retroactively recognize Jewish outposts built without official permission on privately-owned Palestinian land.

All settlements – officially recognized settlements and unauthorized outposts – are illegal under international law. The verdict has been passed numerous times by the United Nations and, more recently, pronounced with unmistakable clarity in UN Security Council Resolution 2334.

Israel’s response was the announcement of the construction of over 6,000 new housing units to be built throughout the Occupied Palestinian territories, the construction of a brand new settlement (the first in 20 years), and the new law that paves the way for the annexation of large swathes of the occupied West Bank.

Undoubtedly, the law is the “last nail in the coffin of the two-state solution”, but that is not important. It never mattered to Israel, anyway. The talk of a solution was mere smoke and mirrors as far as Israel was concerned.

 All the “peace talks” and the entirety of “peace process”, even when it was in its zenith, rarely slowed down the Israeli bulldozers, the construction of more “Jewish homes” or ended the unceasing ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

Since Donald Trump was sworn in as president of America, Israel has felt liberated from its obligation to doublespeak. For decades, Israeli officials spoke passionately about peace, and did everything in their power to hinder its attainment.

Now, they simply do not care. Period.

.Netanyahu 3Almost immediately after Trump was inaugurated as president on 20 January, all masks came off.

On 25 January, the real Benjamin Netanyahu resurfaced, dropping his act altogether, and declaring in enviable brazenness: “We are building, and we will continue to build” illegal settlements.

What more is there to talk about with Israel at this point? Nothing. The only solution that mattered to Israel is Israel’s own “solution”, always driven by blind American support, European uselessness and always imposed on the Palestinians and other Arab countries, by force if needed.

Thus, leaving Palestinians to choose between subjugation, humiliation or imprisonment.

Once small outposts are legalized, they would need to be fortified, (“naturally”) expanded and protected. The military occupation, in effect for 50 years, will no longer be temporary and reversible.

Civil law will continue to apply to Jews in Occupied Palestinian Territories and military laws on occupied Palestinians.

It is the very definition of Apartheid, in case you are still wondering.

To meet the “security needs” of the settlers, more “Jewish-only” bypass roads will be constructed, more walls erected, more gates to keep Palestinians away from their land, schools and livelihood will be put up, more checkpoints, more suffering, more pain, more anger and more violence.

That is Israel’s vision.

Israeli lawmakers’ approval of the bill is, indeed, an end of an era. We have reached the point where we can openly declare that the so-called “peace process” was an illusion from the start, for Israel had no intentions of ever conceding the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem to the Palestinians.

In the words of former President Jimmy Carter: “Israel will never find peace until it permit(s) the Palestinians to exercise their basic human and political rights.”

Full article here:  http://original.antiwar.com/ramzy-baroud/2017/02/15/israels-vision-for-the-future-is-terrifying/

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17 Yr. Old Pregnant Teen Swarmed By Cops And Tased With 50,000 Volts! WTF! (1min vid)


The Free thought Project     Posted Wed., Feb.15, 2017

In an extremely disturbing video, an NYPD officer can be seen traumatizing a pregnant teen by shocking her with a stun gun. The teen was accused of resisting arrest on Friday night after she refused to let officers enter her apartment without a warrant.

The video evidence clearly shows teenager, Dailene Rosario, 17, who is 14-weeks pregnant, being swarmed by nearly a dozen officers before being taken to the ground with the stun gun.

Rosario says that she informed officers that she was pregnant prior to them tasing her and her baby with 50,000 volts.

“I was resisting them because I didn’t do anything wrong,” Rosario told New 12.

According to Rosario’s family police were in their building handling a separate issue on Friday night, but came to the family’s dwelling after Rosario’s boyfriend got into an altercation with her sister’s boyfriend while playing a video game.

When officers came to the residence, Rosario’s boyfriend was no longer there and Rosario was inside her home engaging in an argument with her sister’s boyfriend regarding the incident.

When police attempted to enter the residence, the sisters refused and told them they would need a warrant to enter the home. Police then called for backup.

At this point Rosario attempted to “get a breath of fresh air,” but police intervened and grabbed her.

“The officer said, ‘Oh, since you’re refusing,’ he grabbed my arm and I got pulled into the crowd of cops,” Rosario says.

Officers broke the door to the home down and arrested the sister’s boyfriend while the pregnant teen was being incapacitated and driven to the floor by the 50,000 volts of electricity shocking her — and her unborn baby.

The “Toddlers’ Truce”, a controversial television close down between 6.00 pm and 7.00 pm is abolished in the United Kingdom.

Howard Carter unseals the burial chamber of Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

The video, recorded by a witness, clearly shows Rosario being surrounded by officers. As they twist her arm she can be heard telling the cops to “get off me.” Only moments after Rosario tells the officers she is pregnant, a plainclothes officer in a baseball cap tases her.

The fact that these police officers used a stun gun on a pregnant teen, in an effort to force compliance, speaks to the extremely abusive nature of the actions shown in the video. At the point she was tasered, there was no risk of injury to any officer, or that she would be a flight risk. The use of the device in this instance was simply a tactic to punish her to force compliance – something that falls well outside of the police scope of legitimate use.

Rosario was arrested for “fighting,” according to police, and is charged with resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct.

The family says that Rosario sustained bruises to her body during the traumatizing incident, and that they are considering suing the NYPD.




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No-Balls-Trump! Betrayed Flynn -The Neo Cons Neutered President And His Admin


I abridged the following. The link below has an update. (r. a. note)

Information Clearing House   By The Saker   Posted Wed., Feb.15, 2017

Less than a month ago I warned that a ‘color revolution ‘ was taking place in the USA.  My first element of proof was the so-called “investigation” which the CIA, FBI, NSA and others were conducting against President Trump’s candidate to become National Security Advisor, General Flynn. 

Yesterday, the plot to get rid of Flynn has finally succeeded and General Flynn had to offer his resignation.  Trump accepted it.

Now let’s immediately get one thing out of the way: Flynn was hardly a saint or a perfect wise man who would single-handedly saved the world.  That he was not.  However, what Flynn was is the cornerstone of Trump’s national security policy.  For one thing, Flynn dared the unthinkable: he dared to declare that the bloated US intelligence community had to be reformed. 

 Flynn also tried to subordinate the CIA and the Joint Chiefs to the President via the National Security Council.  Put differently, Flynn tried to wrestle the ultimate power and authority from the CIA and the Pentagon and subordinate them back to the White House. 

 Flynn also wanted to work with Russia. Not because he was a Russia lover, the notion of a Director of the DIA as a Putin-fan is ridiculous, but Flynn was rational, he understood that Russia was no threat to the USA or to Europe and that Russia had the West had common interests.  That is another absolutely unforgivable crimethink in Washington DC.

flynn-generalThe Neocon run ‘deep state’ has now forced Flynn to resign under the idiotic pretext that he had a telephone conversation, on an open, insecure and clearly monitored, line with the Russian ambassador.

And Trump accepted this resignation.

Ever since Trump made it to the White House, he has taken blow after blow from the Neocon-run Zio-media, from Congress, from all the Hollywood “stars” and even from European politicians.  And Trump took each blow without ever fighting back.  Nowhere was his famous “you are fired!” to be seen.  But I still had hope.  I wanted to hope.  I felt that it was my duty to hope.

But now Trump has betrayed us all.

Remember how Obama showed his true face when he hypocritically denounced his friend and pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.? 

Today, Trump has shown us his true face.  Instead of refusing Flynn’s resignation and instead of firing those who dared cook up these ridiculous accusations against Flynn, Trump accepted the resignation. 

This is not only an act of abject cowardice, it is also an amazingly stupid and self-defeating betrayal because now Trump will be alone, completely alone, facing the likes of Mattis and Pence – hard Cold Warrior types, ideological to the core, folks who want war and simply don’t care about reality.

Again, Flynn was not my hero.  But he was, by all accounts, Trump’s hero.  And Trump betrayed him.

The consequences of this will be immense.  For one thing, Trump is now clearly broken. It took the ‘deep state’ only weeks to castrate Trump and to make him bow to the powers that be. 

Those who would have stood behind Trump will now feel that he will not stand behind them and they will all move back away from him.  The Neocons will feel elated by the elimination of their worst enemy and emboldened by this victory they will push on, doubling-down over and over and over again.

It’s over, folks, the deep state has won.

Source:      http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/46444.htm


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Bill Introduced To Outlaw Microchipping Humans – – “We Are Already Chipped”


Many Christian And Torah-Keeping assemblies claim the “micro-chip” is the so-called “mark of the beast” as recorded in the book of Revelation, chapters 13 & 14. Personally, I’m fully convinced that it is not a physical micro-chip – it’s a spiritual mark. That is, you are either keeping God’s Commandments (Mark of God), or the traditions and pagan customs of man, which is the “mark of the beast”. (r. a. note)

What do they mean we need a bill to keep us from being forced to have some implantable chip? If you don’t want a chip, you don’t get a chip. The fact that the government wants to get involved tells you they will end up pushing something on the people.

Let’s face it, we all are chipped already.

You are attached to a cellular device that has wifi connectivity which basically provides tracking wherever you are. A personal listening device if you will. That’s what the CIA reminded us of anyway. (intro note from “World Events And The Bible”)

Las Vegas Review Journal   By Sandra Chereb    Posted Tues., Feb.14, 2017

CARSON CITY — State Sen. Becky Harris said a bill to prohibit forced microchipping of people is not as far-fetched as it might seem, because it happens in some places around the world.

Senate Bill 109 would make it a Class C felony to require someone to be implanted with a radio frequency identifier, such as microchips placed in pets.The idea for the bill came from a constituent, the Las Vegas Republican said. “As I began to look into the issue, I was surprised with the merit that I believe the issue warrants,” Harris told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday.

 She said sales of radio frequency identifiers are escalating around the world, and a company in Australia as of June 2016 sold more than 10,000 implantable chips with do-it-yourself kits.

micro-chip“Each kit costs about $100 and includes a tag and an injection tool,” Harris said. The Wall Street Journal has reported an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 chips have been sold globally, she said.

Harris said the technology is used by companies in Belgium and Sweden to identify employees.

“It’s done under the idea to unlock doors or use copy machines or maybe pay for lunch, you could use your hand,” she said.

Besides privacy concerns, Harris said the concept raises ethical questions, such as who owns the chip or the information contained on it, and how does someone get “de-chipped” if they are no longer employed by the company that required it. She also wondered if a chip could be hacked to harass or stalk someone.

Harris said the Nevada bill is modeled after legislation passed by at least 10 other states.

“It wouldn’t prohibit the voluntary decision of a person to be microchipped,” she said, adding that a nightclub in Europe offers microchipping to customers so the establishment can provide tailored service.

There was no total opposition to the bill, though some witnesses said the technology could help patients with dementia.

 No action was taken on the bill by the committee.

Source:  http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/politics-and-government/nevada/outlawing-microchipping-humans-not-so-far-fetched-nevada-senator

Via: From The Trenches World Report.com


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21 Yr. Old Univ Student Raped and Murdered By Convicted Sex Offender


The Daily Caller   By Eric Lieberman    Posted Mon., Feb.13, 2017

A convicted sex offender released from prison a few months ago has been officially accused of raping and murdering Reagan Tokes, a 21-year-old student at Ohio State University.

Brian Golsby, 29, was arrested Saturday only two days after Tokes’ body was found near a park entrance in Grove City, Ohio. He was initially charged with aggravated murder, kidnapping, and aggravated robbery, according to the Associated Press. But a rape charge was added after testing was conducted.

Grove City Police Sgt. Chris White said Tokes was shot twice in the head, but it is still unclear where the shooting occurred.

Tokes was last seen Wednesday night leaving work at a brewery located in a shopping and dining area, according to the Grove City Ohio Police.

Golsby admitted to kidnapping Tokes Wednesday night as she was walking to her car from work, according to a local NBC news affiliate, which cited the criminal complaint filed in Franklin County Municipal Court. He also admitted forcing her to withdraw $60 in cash from an ATM, and then driving her to the location where her body was later found.

“He gave us details of these events of that night that closely match what we’re finding,” White said, according to The AP.

Golsby’s DNA was find in and around Toke’s car, including on a cigarette butt within the vehicle.

Reagan’s sister, Makenzie Tokes, expressed her grief on Twitter.

“You hear about these things on the news but you never think it could happen,” Makenzie wrote, while posting a picture of the two at a much younger age. “I love you with all my heart gee gee.”

Golsby, who is a registered sex offender, was let go from prison in November after serving five years for robbery and attempted rape, reports The Washington Post.

He appeared in court Monday, and no bond was set.

“We miss her deeply, she didn’t deserve what happened to her,” Tokes’ father said after Golsby’s first court hearing, according to Fox28. “We’re going to get through this, and justice will be served.”

Tokes’ co-workers and employers also expressed their sorrow and described how she was so well-loved.

“She was always bouncing around, happy and never complaining. Everyone loved her,” said Brian Swanson, Tokes’ boss, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

A crowdsourcing page for a scholarship fund created in her honor has already reached the $50,000 goal in just two days.

Source:   http://dailycaller.com/2017/02/13/sex-offender-charged-with-rape-murder-of-ohio-state-student-only-months-after-release/

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“It’s Been Dead-On-Arrival” For Almost 50 Years – “A Modern Hoax”


Global Research   By Stephen Lendman   Posted Mon., Feb.13, 2017

Whether or not Trump knows now, he’ll soon enough realize the so-called Israeli/Palestinian peace process is the greatest hoax in modern times. It’s been dead-on-arrival each time proposed for nearly half a century. Israel wants conflict and instability, not peaceful resolution – the way it’s always been since its inception.

It doesn’t negotiate. It never has.

It demands unconditional Palestinian subservience to its interests, yielding virtually nothing in return. It’s the price long-suffering Palestinian people pay – victims of Anglo-Zionist viciousness.

In hindsight, analysts one day may call Trump the most one-sided, pro-Israeli president in US history – dating from the rape, slaughter and ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948, Israel stealing 78% of its historic land and the taking of the rest in 1967.

Netanyahu considers Trump’s election a free pass to build endless settlement units on stolen Palestinian land. Who’ll stop him?

So far, Trump hasn’t translated campaign rhetoric into policy. He wisely backed off on pledging to move America’s embassy to Jerusalem – an international city, not Israel’s exclusive capital no matter what its regime claims, regardless of the laws it passes.

Interviewed by Sheldon Adelson’s Hebrew language “Israel Hayom” broadcast, Trump’s rhetoric changed from telling AIPAC conference attendees last March that he’d “move the American embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem to now saying:

“I’m thinking about it. I’m learning the issue, and we’ll see what happens. It’s not an easy decision. It’s been discussed for so many years. No one wants to make this decision, and I’m thinking about it seriously.”

No nation has its embassy there. If Trump opts to move, he’ll breach international law, making America the only one. He’s been warned about potential consequences of a move this reckless.

He also said he’ll explore possibilities for making what he calls “the ultimate deal” – what no other US leader accomplished, appointing his orthodox Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner to lead efforts to try negotiate Israeli/Palestinian peace.

“No deal is a good deal if it isn’t good for all sides,” said Trump. “We are currently in a process that has been going on for a long time. Decades. A lot of people think that it can’t be done. And a lot of smart people around me claim that you can’t reach an agreement. I don’t agree. I think we can reach an agreement and that we need to reach an agreement.”

“I want Israel to act reasonably in the peace process, and that it will finally happen after so many years. And maybe there will even be a possibility of a bigger peace than just Israel and the Palestinians. I want both sides to act reasonably and we have a good chance at that.”

Throughout its entire history, Israel never acted “reasonably” – especially on issues regarding Palestinian rights. The only “peace” Israel will accept is unconditional Palestinian surrender – impossible no matter what its longstanding collaborative leadership does or doesn’t do.

Israel controls around 85% of historic Palestine, including greater Jerusalem and virtually all valued West Bank land.

Long ago a two-state solution was possible. No longer. The only feasible resolution is one state for all its people, what Israel will never accept, assuring endless conflict as far ahead as one dare imagine.

Trump’s lofty rhetoric is meaningless. Reality on the ground tells another story.

Source:   http://www.globalresearch.ca/trump-blowing-smoke-on-possible-israelipalestinian-peace-deal/5574534


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