The Lone Dead Syrian Child – “The Grotesque Lie”

Syrian Child dead By Daniel McAdams   Posted Fri., Sept.04, 2015

Images are a powerful tool in the hands of propagandists. A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. If a powerful image can be manipulated to tell a tale even if false, it can persuade more viscerally than can a thousand reasoned arguments.

So it is with the tragic photograph making the mainstream media rounds yesterday of a lone Syrian child drowned on a Turkish shore. Reams of articles can be written about the current refugee crisis but particularly in the US they will go relatively unnoticed by those not directly affected.

But the powerful image of a dead child, abandoned by the world on the capricious sway of the tide, is putty in the hands of propagandists.

Writing in the International Business Times, the appropriately named James Bloodworth asserted that:

The escalating refugee crisis is rightly blamed on the cruel indifference shown to the plight of the world’s most vulnerable people by certain European governments, including our own. But let us remember how many of those who are today mawkishly lamenting the sight of dead children were whooping and hollering in 2013 when parliament voted to appease the brutal dictator from whom some of these unfortunate souls are fleeing.”

Of course this is a grotesque lie meant to abuse this little dead boy one final time to make a case for a US/UK attack on the country his family, in desperation, left behind.

But the boy’s family did not leave in 2010. Or 2009. Or 2008. Not even 2011 or 2012. They did not flee Bashar Assad’s Syria. They fled a Syria on the verge of being overrun by the US-backed radical jihadists who have turned Syria into another Libya.

These Syrians did not flee Assad’s domestic policy as much as they fled US and UK foreign policy.

How does this disgusting propaganda work? A single, sorrowful image of a dead three year old boy is used to show the evils of Assad and of those in the west who oppose a direct attack on Syria. But what about the scores of children murdered by the US-led coalition bombing Syria on a daily basis?

Why don’t Americans and Brits see equally heart-wrenching pictures of children killed or injured by their own governments’ bombs?

Because their governments are doing their best to hide the evidence. It doesn’t go with the storyline of the US and its allies as liberators of Syria. To put it bluntly, these dead children don’t count.

As a recent article found:

…credible reports of civilian casualties that have been flagged internally and passed to Centcom appear to receive only ‘minimal’ follow-up. ‘They don’t want to admit it,’ the official said, requesting anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak to the press. ‘It’s against their interest to admit there were civilian casualties in any strikes, and that’s why the burden of proof is quite high.’

One dead child is being used by western propaganda to enrage an ill-informed and propagandized population into demanding that their governments “do something” about the horrible situation in Syria.

But what they do not understand is that for the past four years their governments have been “doing something” in Syria. That is the problem.


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“If I Was President” – 4 Operations That Would Eliminate Zio-Jewish Control Of USA (Vid)

Posted by r.a.   Thurs., Sept. 03, 2015

Brother Nathanael outlines 4 actions that would bring about the demise of Jewish influence and sway over the USA. There is not one politician in America or Canada who would dare bring up, or suggest such initiatives – they’d be “suicided” or assassinated. It’s obvious Bro. Nathanael well knows this fact. Nonetheless, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming.


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Preparing Russian And American Children For War

Russian children war2

I have abridged the following article. (r.a. note)

Blacklisted News   via Disinfo      Posted Sept.02, 2015

In 1915, a mother’s protest against funneling children into war became the theme of a new American song, “I Didn’t Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier.” Although the ballad attained great popularity, not everyone liked it.

Theodore Roosevelt, a leading militarist of the era, retorted that the proper place for women who criticized war was “in a harem, not in the United States.”

Roosevelt would be happy to learn that, a century later, preparing children for war continues unabated.

That’s certainly the case in today’s Russia, where thousands of government-funded clubs are producing what is called “military-patriotic education” for children. Accepting both boys and girls, these clubs teach them military exercises, some of which employ heavy military equipment.

In a small town outside St. Petersburg, for example, children ranging from five to 17 years of age spend evenings learning how to fight and use military weapons. These efforts are supplemented by the Voluntary Society of Cooperation with the Army, Air Force, and Navy, which prepares Russian high school students for military service.

Russia’s “patriotic education” also benefits from frequent military historical re-enactments. The head of the Moscow branch of the All-Russian Military History Movement observed that groups hosting such re-enactments help people “realize that they can’t spend their whole life playing with Kinder Eggs or Pokemon.”

The Russian government opened a vast military theme park in June 2015 in Kubinka, an hour’s drive from Moscow. Frequently referred to as a “military Disneyland,” Patriot Park was proclaimed “an important element in our system of military-patriotic work with young people” by President Vladimir Putin.

According to news reports, Patriot Park, when completed, will cost $365 million and draw up to 100,000 visitors per day.

Those attending the park’s opening found the rows of tanks, armoured personnel carriers, and missile launching systems on display, plus the riding of tanks and shooting of guns, deeply moving.

“This park is a gift to Russian citizens, who can now behold the full power of the Russian armed forces,” declared Sergei Privalov, a Russian Orthodox priest.

“Children should come here, play with the weaponry and climb on the tanks and see all the most modern technology.”

Vladimir Kryuchkov, a weapons demonstrator, admitted that some missile launchers were too heavy for very small children. But he maintained that smaller rocket-propelled grenade launchers would be perfect for them, adding: “All males of all ages are defenders of the motherland and they must be ready for war.”


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War Criminal Netanyahu Slammed By Orthodox Religious Party For Eating In Italian Restaurant

Netanyahu 500 kids

Anti-War News     by Jason Ditz     Posted Sept.01, 2015

With a narrow 61-seat majority in the 120 seat Israeli Knesset, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right coalition is pretty much constantly on the brink of collapse.

Every perceived slight to any party, or even to a couple of MPs, could quickly escalate into a vote of no confidence and a push for fresh elections.

The latest possible reason, however, comes as a surprise, as Netanyahu’s dinner at an Italian restaurant during his state visit to Italy, where he dined with Italian PM Matteo Renzi, has sparked a serious divide between the PM and ultra-Orthodox coalition partners.

The Florentine restaurant, Enoteca Pinchiorri, serves some non-kosher entrees, and that’s not sitting well with United Torah Judaism (UTJ), which accused Netanyahu of “openly mocking” the religious parties in Israel by eating at such a restaurant.

Netanyahu maintains he didn’t eat anything non-kosher while he was there.

Of course, most Italian restaurants would, by the nature of Italian cuisine, have some non-kosher entrees available, but the UTJ maintains that it is inappropriate for a sitting Israeli PM to eat at such a restaurant in an official capacity.

This is the second time Netanyahu has faced such a restaurant-based controversy in less than a year.

During last year’s visit to New York to address the UN, he had lunch with pro-war billionaire Sheldon Adelson at Fresco by Scotto, a Manhattan restaurant which similarly wasn’t kosher.

At the time, the ultra-Orthodox press condemned him for dining at “a pig restaurant.”

Roughly half of Israeli Jews don’t keep kosher, and normally it is not treated as a huge issue.

Now, however, religious parties are getting quotes from a former Netanyahu housekeeper claiming the PM mixes meat and milk all the time.

Odd as it may seem, this might be the straw that breaks the (non-kosher) camel’s back.


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Islam VS Christianity – Marrying Young Women (vid)

Posted by r.a.        Vid by Charles Dowell     Aug.31, 2015

Mr. Dowell is a Hebrew Israelite who is the minister of a Torah-keeping and self-supporting community. In the following vid, he compares Islam with fundamental Christianity. I DO Not  agree with all of his teachings, nevertheless, he is a  truth-teller, for the most part, who ruffles the feathers of many, especially Christian/Catholic organizations. Some believe the guy is a “cult leader” – he comes across as one. Perhaps it’s because of his years in the military.



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What A Coincidence – Father Of Virginia News Reporter Shooting Is A “Crisis Actor” ( One Min vid)

GovtSlaves Info  Via Mint Press     Posted Sun., Aug., 30, 2015

The “reporter shooting” in Roanoke, Virginia is just more of the usual government propaganda to try and disarm the American people, and ferment a race war in the United States. (Press Reset Radio)


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US Building Up Biggest Naval Base on Yemen’s Island of Socotra.

Yemen Socotra Island

FARS News Agency       Posted Sat., Night, Aug.29, 2015

TEHRAN (FNA)- The US has invaded and occupied Yemen’s strategic Island of Socotra (circled on map) in the Indian Ocean and is now building up its biggest naval base there, media reports said.

“Hundreds of workers from Asian countries have been deployed by the US navy to construct its biggest naval base on the island,” Arabic-language Al-Masyra TV quoted a Spanish-language newspaper as saying on Saturday.

Socotra is a small archipelago of four islands in the Indian Ocean; the largest island, also called Socotra, is about 95 percent of the landmass of the archipelago. Socotra is located between the continents of Asia and Africa.

Saudi Arabia has been striking Yemen for 157 days now to restore power to fugitive president Mansour Hadi, a close ally of Riyadh. The Saudi-led aggression has so far killed at least 5,535 Yemenis, including hundreds of women and children.

Hadi stepped down in January and refused to reconsider the decision despite calls by Ansarullah revolutionaries of the Houthi movement.

Despite Riyadh’s claims that it is bombing the positions of the Ansarullah fighters, Saudi warplanes are flattening residential areas and civilian infrastructures.


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Pope Offers Blessing To Author of Lesbian Children’s Book.

Pope Francis 2

Whatever the bible says “DO”, the Pope (Catholics) don’t do. Whatever the bible say “DON’T DO”, the Pope (Catholics) do! And the same could be said for all Protestant organizations (churches). (r.a. note)

Agence France-Presse via Raw Story    Posted Sat., Night, Aug. 29, 2015

Pope Francis has sent his blessing to a lesbian author of children’s books dealing with same-sex families, wishing her and her wife well in their work, it emerged on Friday.

As Vatican officials scrambled to clarify that the message was simply a standard courtesy which did not signal any change in Church teaching on the subject, the author told AFP she had been pleasantly surprised to have received such a positive response.

Francesca Pardi, who writes and publishes books such as “Why you have two mummies”, wrote to Francis in June after the publishing company she runs with her wife came under fire from Christian groups.

She included examples of her works, some of which have recently been controversially withdrawn from nurseries and primary schools by a new mayor in Venice.

“My books present different types of families without setting any of them up as a model,” Pardi told AFP, praising the pope for having responded in a manner that showed “respect and dignity” towards her, her wife and their four children.

“It was not important for me that it was the pope who said it, I am not a Catholic. But it is important to see that we are not up against a wall. A dialogue is possible,” she added.

“Books are to be opened, to be read and to be criticised. What you don’t do is ban them.”

In his message, the pope wished the two women “ever more fruitful work in the service of young generations and in spreading authentic human and Christian values.”

Francis has signalled that he wants the Church to adopt a more pragmatic and understanding approach to the situation of believers living in gay relationships, an attitude reflected in his famous “who am I to judge” remark on the subject.

But proposals to integrate a shift to a more welcoming tone into the conclusions of an ongoing Church review of its teaching on the family have been opposed by conservatives.

Bishops from around the world will return to the subject at a Vatican synod in October which will seek to find a compromise on that and other divisive issues.

Pardi and her partner got married in Spain. Italy is the only major western European country that has no provision for same sex couples to have their unions legally recognised. The centre-left government has pledged to enact legislation introducing the possibility of civil unions by the end of this year but there are no plans to legalise gay marriage.


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Texas Town Fires Police Dept. Private Citizens Hired. Here’s What Happened!

Texas Police fired2

Counter Current News  Via Blacklisted News    Posted Fri., Aug.28, 2015

The community of Sharpstown, Texas decided that they didn’t need the police any longer. They made a controversial decision to fire the local police department and hire private citizens, granted no special rights that ordinary citizens do not have, to keep them safe.

That was back in 2012, and since then, Sharpstown residents say the private security company, SEAL Security Solutions, have done a much better job than the police used to. Crimes is down 61% in only 20 months.

James Alexander, the director of operations for SEAL Security Solutions says that, “Since we’ve been in there, an independent crime study that they’ve had done [indicates] we’ve reduced the crime by 61 percent,” according to

All of that and they don’t have any special rights that you or I don’t have. That means they can’t arrest for misdemeanour crimes… and why should people be arrested for them anyway? It also means that they are held accountable the same way as anyone else.

The SEAL security patrolmen don’t “receive the same protection, as we are in the private sector,” Alexander said. This, he explains, leads to constant accountability and vigilance of their employees making sure they don’t do something to get fired.

They don’t have special privileges, or lobbyist groups protecting them. If they break the law, if they murder someone, they will be treated like anyone else who committed the same crimes.

But so far, nothing like that has been a problem.

There’s the issue of savings too. The firm says they have saved taxpayers approximately $200,000 per year, even though they have more feet patrolling than back when the city employed cops.

“On a constable patrol contract, it’s either a 70/30 or an 80/20. Meaning they say they patrol your community 70 percent of the time, [while] 30 percent of the time they use for running calls out of your area or writing reports,” Alexander explained.

“The second thing that drastically reduces the crime is that we do directed patrols,” he continued. “Meaning we don’t just put an officer out there and say ‘here, go patrol.’ We look at recent crime stats, and we work off of those crime stats. So if we have hotspots in those areas say for that month, we focus and concentrate our efforts around those hotspots.”

Do you think private security instead of police forces is a good idea?


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Media-Staged-Hoax? Virginia News Crew Murdered? Serious Flaws In The Vid And Story. (Vid)

Posted by r.a.           Thurs., Aug.27, 2015     vid by black child

The interviewee, Vicki Gardner, was “shot in the back and is in critical condition at the hospital”. What? How in the heck did that happen? No witnesses to this supposed murder! The following vid by “black child” points out the flaws in this event. There are other alternative news sources who are also claiming that it’s a media staged hoax with the sole purpose of disarming the American public — it’s about gun control!

The first 50 seconds of the vid introduces the news story account.


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