Satan’s Elite Liars – “They Expect You To Go Along With Them!”


Lies To the public

I abbreviated the following. (r.a.note)

VETERANS TODAY   By Katherine Frisk   Posted Wed., Nov.25, 2015

The thing about a pathological liar is that no matter how affable they might be, no matter how good-looking, no matter how successful or wealthy they become, no matter how powerful, there is no compromise with these people. They will deny everything.

They even expect you to go along with their lies when doing so is to your disadvantage and at your own expense. They simply are incapable of understanding that this behaviour is unacceptable.

Truth, justice or even a fair deal does not and never did count. The unacceptable in their minds is acceptable and they expect you to become a convert.

Lies, duplicity and theft. The unacceptable has become acceptable. And the 350,000 Syrians who have died, the 11 million people displaced, are merely collateral damage.

The unacceptable is unacceptable. That anyone should either blow the whistle on them or even consider their actions unacceptable is beyond their comprehension.

But what I really want to know is this:

How does the Bible belt and people like Christian/Zionist Hal Lindsey, feel about the CIA training, funding and arming Daesh/ISIL in Jordan who then went on to behead, crucify, rape and enslave Christians? Is this part of the Neocon/Zionist plan?

Has it not occurred to him that this is the Anti-Christ in action?

“We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.” – General Wesley Clark (2007)

What struck me about General Wesley Clark…and the impression I got was that this was not whistle blowing, or attempting to put something so inherently evil and wrong, right…rather it was more a statement of fact. Almost boasting.

Later he commented that “they,” I guess this refers to the CIA, Mossad and Daesh/ISIL, had to create something bigger and stronger than Hezbollah after Israel’s failed attempt at invading Lebanon, yet again, in 2006 .

The Shabra Shatilla massacre was not enough. And Daesh/ISIL was born. “It’s the terrorists!” Really? Did he see nothing wrong with that?

In the same way that some people think there is nothing wrong with detention without trial and CIA black sites, where many Jihadist extremists are created through torture, drugs and brainwashing. When the lunatics are in charge of the asylum, all hell breaks loose. Satan’s production line. All in a day’s work.

Following on from this, was a four-year lie about supporting the FSA, the “good terrorists,” not the bad ones. When no such distinction exists. At the bottom of it all, we find the trade in illegal, stolen oil flowing from Iraq and Syria and shipped to Turkey by Daesh/ISIL.

Press TV journalist Serena Shim was murdered because of this lot. But as far as they are concerned she was just collateral damage, and she wasn’t playing the game. She was not lying enough. So they took her out.

They were shocked and horrified that she would even consider contradicting them and exposing them. In their eyes, the crime was hers, not theirs.

Some things stick in your mind forever. Serena is one of them.

Syrian_Boy_syria-civil-war-pic3-320x240Another that has stuck in my mind forever is the three-year old Syrian boy, his broken body beyond repair who before he died said:

“I’m gonna tell God Everything.”

My first thought was, “You do that kid!” And while there is still breathe in my body I am going to do it here as well.


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Airbase Radar Shows Attacking Turkish Plane Violating Syrian Airspace. “Putin Not Taking It Lying Down.”

russian Jet attacked by turk

I have abridged and edited the following. (r.a.)

Zero Hedge  By Tyler Durden            Posted Tues., Nov.24, 2015

It appears Putin is not taking the shooting down of a fighter jet lying down. The seemingly cagey confirmation by NATO and Obama of Turkey’s claims that Russia invaded its airspace has been rebuked by Russia which claims the Hmeimim airbase radar shows the attacking Turkish plane violating Syrian airspace.

In response, Russia is moving a Cruiser ‘Moskva’ off the coast to strengthen air-defenses – just as French and US carriers are on their way.

As RT reports, Russian top brass announced the three following steps:

1.Each and every strike groups’ operation is to be carried out under the guise of fighter jets
2.Air defense to be boosted with the deployment of Moskva guided missile cruiser off Latakia coast with an aim to destroy any target that may pose danger
3.Military contacts with Turkey to be suspended

Sergey Rudskoy, a top official with the Russian General Staff, said the Russian warplane did not violate Turkish airspace. Additionally, according to the Hmeymim airfield radar, it was the Turkish fighter jet that actually entered Syrian airspace as it attacked the Russian bomber.

The Turkish fighter jet made no attempts to contact Russian pilots before attacking the bomber, Rudskoy added.

Rudskoy, also condemned the attack on the Russian bomber in Syrian airspace by a Turkish fighter jet as “a severe violation of international law”. He stressed that the Su-24 was downed over the Syrian territory. The crash site was four kilometers away from the Turkish border, he said.

As a result, Russia now plans to implement new measures aimed at strengthening the security of the country’s air base in Syria and in particular to bolster air defense. Russian guided missile cruiser Moskva, equipped with the ‘Fort’ air defense system, similar to the S-300, will be deployed off Latakia province’s coast.

“We warn that every target posing a potential threat will be destroyed,” lieutenant general Sergey Rudskoy said during the briefing.

“All military contacts with Turkey will be suspended,” he added.


via the ugly truth. wordpress

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Former Mossad Chief Calls For Israeli-Like Death Squads In US And Europe (2 min vid)

Vid by StillSpeakingOut            Posted by r.a.  Tues., Nov.24, 2015

“Shoot anyone they deem to be a nuisance to the New World Order!” Efraim Inbar, professor of political studies at Bar-llam University, Israel said, “Some people might find it offensive in terms of living in a democracy, but this is what is needed.” Yeah right, professor bughouse-screwball! (r.a. note)

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American Female Journalist Murdered By US-NATO Ally For Exposing ISIS Ties (Vid)

Posted by r.a., Mon., Nov.23, 2015

In case you missed it! “This story is a year old and we are making sure no one forgets the name Serena Shim.” (Luke Rudkowski)

Source of vid: WeAreChange

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USA Using Psychological Warfare To Terrorize Its Own Citizens – Advancing Post 911 Agenda


PRESS TV      Posted Mon., Nov.23, 2015

The recent Daesh (ISIS) videos that seemingly threaten bomb attacks on major US cities are part of a psychological warfare American politicians are waging against their own people to advance their post-9/11 agenda, says a US Army veteran.

“Any claim to lead an attack against New York and the White House really is false, and it is really designed just to trigger a reaction among the American people,” Scott Bennett told Press TV on Monday.

“This really is not a threat, it is really not anything rather than a black flag preparation, it is a psychological warfare tactic employed to soften and drive fear into the American citizens,” he maintained.

Bennett, a former US Army psychological warfare officer, said this plan benefits the US government and other supporters of Daesh, who are using the terrorists as “mercenaries” in exchange for training and equipment.

In the aftermath of the November 13 coordinated attacks in the French capital, Paris, that killed 132 people, several videos have surfaced showing alleged members of Daesh in Syria and Iraq preparing for bomb attacks on various US cities.

In one of the videos, the extremist militants hail the vicious Paris attacks, pledging to “grill” US President Barack Obama and French President Francois Hollande.

The videos have prompted US security officials to step up security measures, with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warning the American public about attending certain social gatherings and sports venues.

Bennett, however, believes that in case the threats were real, we would have seen real reactions from various American agencies.

“If it was a real threat, from a real enemy, they would be behaving with real intelligence in their tactical and strategic operations,” he noted. “That is not the case.”

“What we see, if we just look at the facts and the evidence, is this trauma-based mind control that has been existing in the United States and Europe since September 11, 2001, and has just simply metastasized and evolved into different messages, different enemies,” the analyst said.

Bennett further emphasized that if Daesh was really deemed a threat by US officials, they would be cooperating with people who have inside knowledge on the terror organization.

“They really know that there is no threat, there is no enemy; this is just a game, this is a ploy; this is part of a smoking mirror charade,” he said.


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Chinese Father Stoned Him To Death

Chinese father

South China Morning Post  By Stephen Chen       Sun., Nov.22, 2015

A farmer in eastern China was arrested for pushing his mentally ill son down a well and stoning him to death last month, mainland media reports.

The 46-year father, from Ruzhou, Shandong province, admitted to police that he took his son to the well on October 3, fed him pesticide, then kicked him into the well and dropped stones and cement blocks on his head, the China Youth Daily reports.

The father, who was not named, said his 18-year-old son was frequently violent, which was a threat to other family members.

China had the world’s largest number of mental patients. A study published in the medical journal Lancet earlier this year said more than 170 million people – over 13 per cent of China’s population – suffered some form of mental illness, and that most had never received professional treatment.

The central government had been accused of turning a blind eye to the issue. More than 90 per cent of mentally ill patients do not go to hospital because the government refuses to subsidise their costly treatment, according to some mainland studies.

Under Chinese law, the responsibility of taking care of the mentally ill falls entirely on their families, many of whom simply cannot afford it.

Mentally ill patients are not sent to hospitals or institutionalised unless they kill or injure someone, according to government regulations.

Those who are hospitalised are often overdosed with drugs or endure violent treatment such as electrical therapy, often performed by unqualified staff, according to some mainland news reports.

Some unscrupulous hospitals use excessive treatments to overcharge the patients and their families.


Below the well in which the son was thrown and stoned.

Chinese father well

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The Shadow Of Death: Parable Of The Old Man And His Son

Death spectre

Posted by r.a.  Sunday, Nov.22, 2015

The following is from a book I own titled “Come Before Winter”, pages 336 -339. I have abbreviated and edited those pages.

Intro: It followed them every step of the way. They were completely unaware of death’s shadow which accompanied them as they made their way to market. (r.a. note)

The old man and his son loaded up their ox-drawn cart with vegetables and headed to the nearest city to sell their produce. The father and son had little in common except for their name and a little piece of land.

The son figured if they walked faster they’d reach the city by early morn. So he kept prodding the ox to move faster, but the ox just kept his steady pace.

The young man wanted to get to the market before other sellers so they could get a good price for the produce. “Take if easy, son”, said the old man. “You’ll last longer”. The father pulled his hat down over his eyes and fell asleep on the cart seat.

Four hours and four miles down the road, they came to a little house. The old man awoke and said, “Here’s your uncle’s place. Let’s stop in and say hello.”

The son complained that they already lost an hour. The father said a few more minutes won’t matter. While his father and uncle talked and laughed for almost an hour, the young man was fuming.

On the move again, the father took over leading the ox. They approached a fork in the road and the old man led the ox to the right. “The left is the shorter way”, said the son. The old man replied, “I know, but this way is so much prettier”.

The young son asked impatiently, “Have you no respect for time?” “Oh, I respect it very much! That’s why I like to use it to look at the beauty and enjoy each moment to the fullest.”

Twilight found them in what looked like a huge colourful garden. The old man pulled the cart to a halt. “Let’s sleep here,”, the father sighed.

“This is the last trip I’m taking with you”, snapped the son. “You’re more interested in watching sunsets and smelling flowers than making money!”

The old man fell asleep while the son was restless all night.

Before sunrise, the son hurriedly shook his father awake. They hitched up and went on their way. They soon happened upon another farmer – a total stranger- trying to pull his cart out of a ditch.

“Let’s give him a hand”, whispered the old man. The son exploded: “And lose more time!!”

“Relax son, you might be in a ditch sometime yourself. We need to help others in need — don’t forget that!” The boy looked away in anger.

It was almost eight o’clock in the morning when they were able to get the other cart out of the ditch and back on the road. Suddenly, a great flash split the sky. What sounded like thunder followed and the sky grew dark.

“Looks like a big rain in the city,” said the old man. The son grumbled, “If we had hurried, we’d be almost sold out by now.” “Take it easy…you’ll last longer and enjoy life so much more, counselled the kind old gentleman.

It was late afternoon when they got to the top of the hill overlooking the city. They stopped and stared down at it for a long, long time. Neither of them said a word.

Finally, the son put his hand on his father’s shoulder and said, “I see what you mean Dad.”

They turned their cart around and rolled away slowly from what had once been the city of Hiroshima!

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Anonymous Warns Of ISIS Attacks In France, USA, Italy On Sunday (?)


This warning could be true and/or just another fear-mongering tactic/false flag by the synagogue of Satan. (r.a. note)

PRESS TV           Posted Sat., Night Nov.21, 2015

The Anonymous hacktivist group warns that the Daesh Takfiri terrorists are planning to carry out attacks in France, the US, and other locations around the globe on Sunday.

On Saturday, the loose collective of online activists released a report saying it had gathered information that Daesh plans to attack three events in Paris, a women’s rights group event and two musical ones.

The group noted that the women’s rights event and one of the concerts has been canceled.

“This is a warning to anyone going to any of the events listed below or going to any event with a lot of people, church services included – but the risk of any churches outside Paris/France being targeted is low,” read the report.

The report also pointed to “unconfirmed” threat alerts about an attack on a wrestling event in Atlanta in the US and series of other events in Italy, Indonesia, and Lebanon.

Anonymous noted that the information was gathered from various Takfiri online accounts, adding that all the attacks were set to take place on November 22.

The collective stressed that all the information had been shared with authorities “days ago” but, “The goal is to make sure the whole world, or at least the people going to these events, know that there have been threats and that there is possibility of an attack to happen. Another goal is to make sure Daesh knows that the world knows and cancels the attacks, which will disorientate them for a while.”

Anonymous has declared a total war on the Daesh terrorists since a series of coordinated attacks in Paris shocked the world on November 13 by claiming the lives of some 130 people.


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“Bomb Mecca Off The Face Of The Earth” – Prelutsky, A Jewish Idiot!

Skull of death

Raw Story   By Tom Boggioni      Posted Fri., Nov.20, 2015

As conservative politicians ratchet up hatred of Syrian refugees seeking asylum in the U.S. to escape persecution from radical jihadists, a conservative columnist claims that he is “sick and tired” of being pushed around by the followers of Islam and suggests a final solution: “Bomb Mecca off the face of the earth.”

This week saw possible 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump calling for Muslims to wear some type of identifying badge — reminiscent of the yellow Star of Davids Jews were forced to wear in Nazi Germany — and some GOP lawmakers suggesting internment camps like the ones used to incarcerate Japanese-Americans during World War II.

Writing for conservative news site WorldNetDaily, Burt Prelutsky (pic at the bottom) suggested that destroying Islamic terrorist group ISIS isn’t enough and that the center of the Islamic world and the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad needs to be destroyed as a lesson to the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world.

“Suggesting that there is nothing wrong with a religion whose Quran is a handbook for terrorism is reminiscent of those fools who keep insisting that communism is perfect, and that the only problem with it is that it’s never been done right, whether in China, the Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, Mongolia or North Korea. Believe in Marx’s utopia, the idiots insist, not your own eyes,” he wrote.

The former television comedy writer turned conservative gadfly continued, ““My own politically incorrect suggestion is that we remove ISIS from the face of the earth, hopefully as a joint effort with every other nation it has threatened or attacked.

And, that we then bomb Mecca off the face of the earth, not concerning ourselves in the least with collateral damage, letting the Muslims know once and for all that our God is far more powerful and, yes, vengeful than their own puny deity.”

Prelutsky allowed that killing the 1.2 million people who live in Mecca — Islamic or not –might be harsh, but “they’ve been asking for it for over 1,400 years.”

“I, for one, am sick and tired of seeing the Islamic bullies demand our lunch money and, like a bunch of scrawny wimps afraid of our own shadow, we hand it over,” he wrote. “What’s even more appalling, we then pretend we did it because we’re good guys who realized that they’re human beings just like us, and who just happen to be a little bit hungrier than we are.”

“The idea that we can civilize these savages is beyond ludicrous.”


Burt Prelutsky

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China Vows To Punish ISIS For Executing Chinese Citizen – plus – Peru Residents Drinking Frog Juice To Boost Sex Drive

Chinese troops march during the military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two, in Beijing, China, September 3, 2015. REUTERS/Rolex Dela Pena/Pool

Chinese troops march during the military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two, in Beijing, China, September 3, 2015. REUTERS/Rolex Dela Pena/Pool

Sputnik International   Posted Thurs., Nov.19, 2015

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Earlier this week, reports emerged that the ISIL terrorist group had executed one citizen each from China and Norway.

“The Chinese government strongly condemns this inhuman action and will definitely hold the perpetrators accountable,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said in a statement on Thursday.

Earlier on Thursday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed that Chinese citizen Fan Jinghui was kidnapped and killed by ISIL extremists.

“The Chinese government opposes all forms of terrorism and firmly cracks down on any violent and terrorist crime that challenges the baseline of human civilization. The Chinese side will continue to enhance counter-terrorism cooperation with the international community and safeguard world peace and tranquility,” Hong Lei said

On Wednesday, China stated that it fully supported Russia’s anti-terrorist actions in protecting national security and would fight together against terror threats. The statement follows Russian President Vladimir Putin’s call to the international community to join its efforts in ending extremist actions.

The Islamic State, a violent extremist group, seized large areas in Syria and Iraq and declared a caliphate on territories under its control. The group is notorious for numerous human rights atrocities, including kidnappings and public executions.


Peru Residents Drinking Frog Juice To Boost Sex Drive.

Sputnik International  Posted Thurs., Nov.19, 2015

People in Peru are drinking so-called “frog juice” for its believed – but unproven – health benefits, including the purported ability to cure impotence and boost sex drive.

frog juiceThe drink’s main ingredient is a water frog from remote Lake Titicaca that is actually listed as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The recipe calls for one live frog, whacked against the counter until dead, then skinned and thrown into a blender to be mixed with carrots, the Peruvian maca root and honey. The final result is a light-green juice that some believe can cure asthma, osteoporosis and fatigue, in addition to its carnal advantages.

Cecilia Cahuana drinks frog juice because “it’s good for the children, for anemia, bronchitis and also for older persons, it’s extremely good,” she told the Associated Press in a 2014 report.
Continues here:

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