Barbaric: Saudi Arabia Female Employer Chops Off House Maid’s Arm (Link Has Vid)


Mail Online By Tom Wyke       Posted Fri., Oct.09, 2015

An Indian housemaid had her arm hacked off allegedly by her female employer in Saudi Arabia and has complained she has been tortured whilst working in Riyadh.

Kasturi Munirathinam, originally from the south Indian city of Chennai, had been earning £150 a month while working as a cleaner for a household in the Saudi capital.

Since she started working in Riyadh, she said she had been tortured and deliberately deprived of food by her employers. Her family said that when Ms Munirathinam tried to escape, her employer decided to punish her and cut off her arm.

‘When she tried to escape harassment and torture, her right hand was chopped off by the woman employer. She fell down and sustained serious spinal injuries,’ her sister, S Vijayakumari, told the Press Trust of India.

‘The incident happened after… she complained about torture and non-payment of wages by her employer.’ she said. Ms Munirathinam was taken to hospital in Riyadh and her condition has now reportedly stabilised.

A video has emerged on social media, allegedly showing the moments after Ms Munirathinam was attacked.

‘I pleaded with the lady not to harm me but she kicked me, punched me and cut off my arm. I want to go back home. Please help me,’ she says in the video according to the Times of India.

‘Kasturi’s employer was angered after she apprised local officials about the harassment she was facing there, she was not even provided food,’ her sister S Vijayakumari told the Press Trust of India news agency.

‘When she tried to escape the harassment and torture, her right hand was chopped off by the woman employer. She fell down and sustained serious spinal injuries,’ she said.

Sushma Swaraj, India’s minister for internal affairs, tweeted about the woman’s plight in Saudi Arabia.

‘Chopping of hand of Indian lady – We are very much disturbed over the brutal manner in which Indian lady has been treated in Saudi Arabia,’ she wrote.

It is thought Ms Munirathinam sought work in Saudi Arabia to help earn money for her husband and four children in India.

Indian foreign ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup has spoken out against the attack on the Indian woman, telling the Indian Express that India had launched an investigation into the attack and will ‘continue to seek justice for the victim’.

‘Our embassy in Riyadh has taken up the matter with the Saudi Foreign Office and asked for strict action in the matter and severe punishment for the sponsor,’ he said.

He said a case of attempted murder should be lodged against the sponsor ‘so that he is punished, if found guilty as per law.’

Source with vid:

Second source: this shows that the arm was chopped off, while Mail Online claims it was her hand.

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1000’s Of ISIS Terrorists Flee Syria After Russia’s Air-Strikes and Army Ground Assault

ISIS Terrorist flees syria 2

It’s also been reported by FNA that Russia will soon be invited, by the Iraqi parliament/president, to conduct air strikes in Iraq. (r.a. note)

FARS NEWS AGENCY    Posted Thurs., Oct.08, 2015

TEHRAN (FNA)- Members of the ISIL Takfiri terrorist groups in Syria have evacuated the Arab country and fled to Turkey, Jordan and Europe, military source confirmed.

Thousands of ISIL Takfiri terrorists have fled Syria to Jordan, Turkey and Europe as the Syrian army continues march on militant-held regions as well as Russia’s airstrikes against positions of militias across the Arab country.

“A large number of ISIL terrorists have fled the Syrian territories to Jordan, Turkey and Europe after the Russian warplanes and the Syrian army troops pounded their gathering centers and hideouts,” the source underlined.

A local source on Monday told FNA that the ISIL militants, most of them from the Caucasus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Chechnya, together with their families have left Raqqa province in Syria for Iraq.

The source noted that at least 220 ISIL families have fled to Iraq, and said, “Notorious terrorists such as Abu Talheh Hejazi from Saudi Arabia and ISIL religious police chief Abu Abdullah al-Akidi are among the militants who have fled Raqqa province.”

Another military source confirmed that over 3,000 militants from the ISIL, Al-Nusra Front and Jeish al-Yarmouk have left Syria for Jordan after the start of the Syrian army’s new wave of attacks and advances and the Russian airstrikes on terrorist groups positions.

The source noted that the Takfiri militants are afraid of the army’s advances in all fronts that come with the Russians’ air backup.

Russia’s Defense Ministry confimed on Tuesday that its jets pounded 10 ISIL targets in various regions, and destroyed 20 tanks and 3 rocket launchers near Palmyra in Homs province.

Russia’s upper house of parliament has approved the use of Russia’s Air Force in Syria, following a request by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Russia has launched a series of airstrikes across the Arab country Syria since last Wednesday.

Moscow says its strikes have destroyed command centers and arms depots belonging to ISIL.

Meanwhile, Head of Russia’s upper chamber of parliament announced that Moscow will consider extending its airstrikes against terrorist groups in Syria to Iraq if it receives such a request from Baghdad. The Speaker, Valentina Matviyenko, stressed that Russia had so far not received such a request from the Iraqi government.


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Washington Lunatics Want Direct Military Confrontation With Russia.

Obama vs Putin

Global Research News  By Stephen Lendman  Posted Wed., Oct.07, 2015

Deputy State Department spokesman Mark Toner lied saying the Obama administration “welcome(s) a constructive role for Russia if it takes the fight to ISIS” – precisely what it’s doing as Toner knows.

Instead of acknowledging and praising its effort, he lied saying “we’ve not seen that that’s the case. We’ve seen no indication that they’re actually hitting ISIL targets.”

He persists in the Big Lie about Moscow targeting nonexistent anti-Assad moderates. Sergey Lavrov explained clearly what Russia has been doing for the past week, saying if it walks and talks and squawks like a terrorist, it’s a terrorist vital to eliminate – to keep its danger from spreading.

Lunatics like presidential aspirant Carly Fiorina wants Washington enforcing a no-fly zone in Syria – even if it means shooting down Russian aircraft, claiming:

“Russian jets have been basically conducting dangerous and unpredictable manoeuvres around our (sic) water and our (sic) borders and our (sic) territory.”

Does she means planet earth, its oceans, airspace and outer space? Does she consider Russian territory “ours?”

Would anyone want this woman’s finger on the nuclear trigger? Would you trust her with safeguarding life on earth? Would we avoid WW III with her in the White House?

Marco Rubio supports establishing so-called safe and no-fly zones in Syria – enforcing them “against anyone who would dare intrude on” them, including Russia. He’s willing to risk nuclear war to enforce US policy.

Last May, Ben Carson said he would not rule out military confrontation with Russia. “I would do whatever is necessary,” he said.

Earlier, Ted Cruz said he’d ramp up tensions with Russia and China if he became America’s commander-in-chief – risking nuclear war to pursue America’s hegemonic agenda.

All Republican and Democrat candidates support endless US wars of aggression. All might risk direct confrontation with Russia. Don’t let Trump’s rhetoric fool you, saying “(l)et Russia fight ISIS.”

Separately, he calls himself “the most militaristic” presidential aspirant. Hillary Clinton supports establishing safe and no-fly zones in Syria.

Bernie Sanders is militantly anti-Russian. “The entire world has got to stand up to Putin,” he blustered. Would he risk direct confrontation, possible nuclear war?

In a Financial Times op-ed, former Carter administration national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski irresponsibly said Russia “launched air attacks at Syrian elements that are sponsored, trained and equipped by the Americans, inflicting damage and causing casualties.”

“At best, it was a display of Russian military incompetence; at worst, evidence of a dangerous desire to highlight American political impotence.”

Washington has “only one real option,” he claimed, to protect its regional interests – “to convey to Moscow the demand that it cease and desist from military actions that directly affect American assets.”

He stopped short of explaining they’re ISIS and other imported terrorists, not moderate Syrian opponents, one of many Big Lies about Obama’s war, systematically destroying another country. Putin wants Syria saved. He wants the scourge of terrorism eliminated.

Instead of applauding his righteous efforts, Brzezinski urged “prompt US retaliation.” Is he suggesting possible nuclear war?

He’s one of many neocon lunatics infesting Washington. His call for “strategic boldness” sounds like a declaration of war, madness at a time cools heads are desperately needed.


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The Hell-born Jewish State Continue Their Killing Spree On Defenceless Palestinians

Israel war crimes

International Law and Geneva Conventions are trampled upon by the criminal Jewish entity — so-called Israel, while nearly all nations do nothing to force them to comply. I have abridged the following. (r.a. note)

PRESS TV    Posted Tues., Oct.06, 2015

On Sunday, the PRCS declared a level-three state of emergency in the West Bank and East al-Quds, calling on the international community to take necessary steps and to force Israel to comply with international law.

A 13-year-old Palestinian teenage boy, identified as Abed al-Rahman Shadi Obeidallah, was shot by Israeli forces during clashes in the Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem on Monday.

He was taken to the Beit Jala hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly afterward due to the severity of the gunshot wound near his heart.

In a statement on Monday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas slammed the Tel Aviv regime for the escalation of tensions. The statement from Abbas’ office said Israel has an interest “in dragging things into a cycle of violence” due to the turmoil in the al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

On Sunday morning, Israeli police officers shot dead a Palestinian teenager, identified as Fadi Samir Mustafa Alloun, near the Damascus Gate of the al-Aqsa Mosque compound, claiming that he had attempted to stab an Israeli settler with a knife, according to the Palestinian Ma’an news agency.

There are reports that Israeli settlers kicked Alloun’s body later on, and dragged it along the street.

Also on Sunday night, another teenager was killed during clashes in the occupied northern West Bank city of Tulkarm, located about 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) west of Nablus.

Israeli forces and Palestinians have been clashing at the al-Aqsa Mosque compound for weeks now.

‘Morally bankrupt approach’

Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with Press TV’s website on Tuesday, Richard Silverstesin, a journalist and blogger, described the escalating tensions between Palestinians and Israelis in al-Quds as “very alarming.”

He stressed that Israel’s suppression of Palestinian protests rather than addressing them is simply exacerbating the situation.

“Israel’s approach to this issue will fail and the murder of Palestinians is a morally bankrupt approach… The rights of Palestinians to return to their own nation must be recognized, and the end of occupation must happen.”

“Without satisfying these elementary demands of Palestinians, this will go on forever until the international community intervenes in some meaningful way to force Israel to adhere to a reasonable settlement,” he said.


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11 Yr Old Boy Murders 8 Yr Old Girl Over Puppy

girl 8 murdered

This story is featured on various other sites and I’m wondering if this is true or false. Is it another invented gun story to persuade the public to ban guns? (r.a. note)

Raw Story  By Travis Getty      Posted Mon. Night, Oct.05, 2015

An 11-year-old Tennessee boy has been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of an 8-year-old neighbor girl.

The Jefferson County sheriff said the boy, whose name has not been released, used his father’s 12-gauge single-shot shotgun to kill his next-door neighbor, McKayla Dyer.

The girl had been outside playing about 7:30 p.m. Saturday when the older boy asked to see her puppy, but she told him no, said Latasha Dyer, the girl’s mother.

She said the boy, who had bullied her daughter since moving to the mobile home park in White Pine, went home to get the shotgun and then shot her daughter in the chest.

“He was making fun of her, calling her names — just being mean to her,” Dyer said. “I had to go the principal about him, and he quit for a while, and then all of a sudden yesterday he shot her.”

The girl was pronounced dead at an area hospital.

“She was a precious little girl, she was a mommy’s girl — no matter how bad of a mood you were in, she could always make you smile,” Dyer said.

The boy was charged in juvenile court, but a judge will later decide whether to transfer his case to adult court.

“Wanting to see a puppy, the little girl laughed and told him no, and that was it,” said neighbor Chasity Arwood. “Guns should be under lock and key if you have a child, nowhere in arms reach of a child.”


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Keeping You Safe And Spreading Democracy – US Bombs Afghan Hospital

Hospital bombed by US 2

The Free Thought Project  By Matt Agorist   Posted Sun., Oct.04, 2015

The US is once again attempting to justify another deadly blunder in which dozens of innocent people were murdered in the name of the war on terror.

From their teleprompter fed pulpits, detached bureaucrats discuss this war in terms of numbers only. The notion of humanity is completely absent from any and all decisions made by the state in their quest for empire.

The murder of innocent children is renamed collateral damage. Real terrorism, in which entire countries are kept in a constant state of fear of bombs raining down from the sky fired by US drones is renamed asymmetrical warfare.

This simple play on semantics allows most Americans to sit back in their recliners and thank God that the troops are out there keeping them safe from terrorism. Remaining in their mainstream media controlled bubble, most Americans are shielded from the horrid atrocities committed by the US military in the name of “keeping you safe.”

The photos of dead children, blown to bits by hellfire missiles fired from US predator drones aren’t allowed on television. The grim reality of the warfare state is but a blip on American media.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is watching as history’s largest empire is violently expanding its special interest owned tentacles into countries across the globe.

In America’s latest attempt to “protect the citizens of the US,” an aerial bombing in the Afghan city of Kunduz was conducted. The target? A hospital.

Many of the innocent civilians injured and killed in the bombing were staff members with the charity group Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), the French charitable organization, “Doctors Without Borders.”

An MSF source told the Guardian that up to 20 Afghan members of staff and patients were killed and dozens more injured. They said the death toll could rise further. Among the killed were nine MSF staff and seven patients from the intensive care unit, including three children.

To keep you safe from “terrorists” the US blew up a hospital and killed people who’ve selflessly devoted their lives to helping others. This is what spreading democracy looks like.

Almost immediately, the play on semantics began with Col Brian Tribus, spokesman for international forces in Afghanistan releasing the following statement noting the “collateral damage.”

“US forces conducted an airstrike in Kunduz city at 2:15am [local time] on 3 October against individuals threatening the force. The strike may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility. This incident is under investigation.”

What Tribus means when he says “under investigation” is that the story will be swept under the rug so we do not wake the American people up to our murderous actions.

Read more at:

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No Post Saturday – Just Chillin Today

Hope to be back sometime tomorrow (Sunday, Oct.04/15) with another news item. In the meantime, take good care and thanks to all who view my wordpress site. Peace and blessings to you all.

Ron A.

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Here’s Why The Oregon Shooting Is A Hoax (6min vid)

Posted by r.a         Fri., Oct.02, 2015      vid by “Operation Truth”

Yesterday, I posted a vid on the shooting and after viewing it, I sensed that the shooting may have been a staged event to garner support for gun restriction. Today (Oct.02, 2015), the producer of the following vid, “operation truth”, has suggested the same thing. He gives his reasons why he believes it is a hoax. His vid received a 121 comments.


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Breaking News: Staged?? Oregon Campus Killings – Student Inside Campus Bldg Didn’t Hear Any Shots (2min Vid) Update

Posted by r.a.     vid by Ferdi Mokul      Thurs., Oct.01, 2015

Student inside campus building doesn’t hear any shots/shooting (at the 53 sec. mark). What up with that? 10 -15 students killed and 20 or so injured and student is not aware of shots being fired. He suggests perhaps the shooter had a silencer on his weapon. That’s a possibility. We’ll have to wait for further reports from the media/police.

UPDATE: Obama is, at this moment, commenting on these killings and he is pushing for gun laws. This could be a false flag – a pretext for dis-arming the American public by instituting new gun law restrictions.

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Iranian Troops To Join Syria War As Russia Provides Air Support

Iran troops

Reuters News By Laila Bassam and Andrew Osborn    Posted Thurs., Oct.01, 2015

Hundreds of Iranian troops have arrived in Syria to join a major ground offensive in support of President Bashar al-Assad’s government, Lebanese sources said on Thursday, a further sign of the rapid internationalization of a civil war in which every major country in the region has a stake.

Russian warplanes, in a second day of strikes, bombed a camp run by rebels trained by the CIA, the group’s commander said, putting Moscow and Washington on opposing sides in a Middle East conflict for the first time since the Cold War.

The U.S. and Russian militaries were due to hold talks via video link to seek ways to keep their militaries apart as they wage parallel campaigns of air strikes in Syria, a U.S. defense official said.

Russian jets struck targets near the cities of Hama and Homs in western Syria on the second day of their air campaign.

Moscow said it had hit Islamic State positions, but the areas it struck are mostly held by a rival insurgent alliance, which unlike Islamic State is supported by U.S. allies including Arab states and Turkey.

Hassan Haj Ali, head of the Liwa Suqour al-Jabal rebel group which is part of the Free Syrian Army, told Reuters one of the targets was his group’s base in Idlib province, struck by around 20 missiles in two separate raids. His fighters had been trained by the CIA in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, part of a program Washington says is aimed at supporting groups that oppose both Islamic State and Assad.

“Russia is challenging everyone and saying there is no alternative to Bashar,” Haj Ali said. He said the Russian jets had been identified by members of his group who once served as Syrian air force pilots.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said later that Moscow was targeting Islamic State and did not consider the U.S.-backed Free Syrian Army a terrorist group, adding that they should be part of a political solution in Syria.

The aim is to help the Syrian armed forces “in their weak spots”, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Two Lebanese sources told Reuters hundreds of Iranian troops had reached Syria in the past 10 days with weapons to mount a major ground offensive. They would also be backed by Assad’s Lebanese Hezbollah allies and by Shi’ite militia fighters from Iraq, while the Russia would provide air support.

“The vanguard of Iranian ground forces began arriving in Syria: soldiers and officers specifically to participate in this battle. They are not advisers … we mean hundreds with equipment and weapons. They will be followed by more,” one of the sources said.

So far, direct Iranian military support for Assad has come mostly in the form of military advisers. Iran has also mobilized Shi’ite militia fighters, including Iraqis and some Afghans, to fight alongside Syrian government forces.

Continues here:

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