“Free Speech Is Dangerous When It “Challenges Govt Power”. Ask Pete Santilli

Free Speech dead

I have abridged and edited the following.(r.a. note) Tues., Feb.09, 2016

Information Clearing House By John Whitehead Via The Rutherford Institute

“If you can’t say ‘Fuck’ – you can’t say, ‘Fuck the government.’” ? Lenny Bruce

Not only has free speech become a four-letter word – profane, obscene, uncouth, not to be uttered in so-called public places – but in more and more cases, the government deems free speech to be downright dangerous and in some instances illegal.

The U.S. government has become particularly intolerant of speech that challenges the government’s power, reveals the government’s corruption, exposes the government’s lies, and encourages the citizenry to push back against the government’s many injustices.

Indeed, there is a long and growing list of the kinds of speech that the government considers dangerous enough to red flag and subject an individual to censorship, surveillance, investigation and prosecution…

Yet by allowing the government to whittle away at cherished First Amendment freedoms – which form the backbone of the Bill of Rights – we have evolved into a society that would not only be abhorrent to the founders of this country, but would be hostile to the words they used to birth this nation.

Don’t believe me?

Conduct your own experiment into the government’s tolerance of speech that challenges its authority, and see for yourself.

Stand on a street corner—or in a courtroom, at a city council meeting or on a university campus—and recite some of the rhetoric used by the likes of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, John Adams and Thomas Paine without referencing them as the authors.

For that matter, just try reciting the Declaration of Independence, which rejects tyranny, establishes Americans as sovereign beings, recognizes God as a Supreme power, portrays the government as evil, and provides a detailed laundry list of abuses that are as relevant today as they were 240 years ago.

My guess is that you won’t last long before you get thrown out, shut up, threatened with arrest or at the very least accused of being a radical, a troublemaker, a sovereign citizen, a conspirator, or an extremist.

Then again, perhaps you don’t need to test the limits of free speech for yourself.

Pete SantilliOne such test is playing out before our very eyes in Portland, Oregon, where radio “shock jock” Pete Santilli, a new media journalist who broadcasts his news reports over YouTube and streaming internet radio, is sitting in jail. (Santilli on left)

Santilli covered the April 2014 standoff in Nevada between the Bundy ranching family and the federal government over grazing rights. He reported on the occupation in Burns as an embedded journalist, albeit one who was sympathetic to the complaints (although not the tactics) of the occupiers.

Long a thorn in the side of the FBI, Santilli was arrested by the FBI following its ambush and arrest of key leaders of the movement.

Santilli is the only journalist among those covering the occupation to be charged with conspiracy, despite the fact that he did not participate in the takeover of the refuge, nor did he ever spend a night on the grounds of the refuge, nor did he ever represent himself as anything but a journalist covering the occupation.

…the government is really accusing Santilli of employing dangerous speech.…the government is prosecuting Santilli solely as a reporter of information.

In other words, they’re making an example of him, which is consistent with the government’s ongoing efforts to intimidate members of the media who portray the government in a less than favourable light.

What we’re dealing with today is a government that wants to suppress dangerous words—words about its warring empire, words about its land grabs, words about its militarized police, words about its killing, its poisoning and its corruption—in order to keep its lies going.

Full article here: http://www.blacklistednews.com/Dangerous_Speech%3A_Would_The_Founders_Be_Considered_Domestic_Extremists_Today%3F/48763/0/38/38/Y/M.html

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Jennifer Lopez Plans Performance In Isra-Hell. Pro-Palestinians Angered. “Follow Footsteps Of Pink Floyd”!

Jen Lopez

Do you think she will change her mind about performing this summer in the war-criminal entity called “Israel”? I don’t think so, not if she wants to continue in her new TV series and continue to perform as a top entertainer! (r.a. note)

Mail Online UK   By Tom Wyke     Posted Mon., Feb.08, 2016

Jennifer Lopez is facing a social media backlash from pro-Palestine supporters over her rumoured plans to perform in Israel for the first time in the summer.

Writing under the hashtag #CancelTelAviv, activists have been questioning her motives for wanting to gig in Tel Aviv, accusing her of ‘entertaining children’s killers’.

Some of the tweets were accompanied by graphic photos purportedly showing injured children in Gaza, with the caption questioning the American singer’s unconfirmed decision.

Israeli media first started reporting last week that Ms Lopez was looking to perform in Tel Aviv next summer. Ynet News claimed that the pop singer, who has also starred in multiple films, had ‘sealed the deal’ to perform in Yarkon Park, Tel Aviv’s largest park.

The news has stirred up fresh anger from pro-Palestinian activists and supporters of the boycott movement against Israel.

‘Say NO TO APARTHEID’, one tweet user posted on social media, addressing the message directly to Ms Lopez’s official twitter account.

Another user in support of the event’s cancellation posted two contrasting images; one of a man carrying a child with bleeding facial injury and another image of J-Lo performing in a red dress.

The caption of the tweet asked the singer: ‘Will you wear Blood Red for your Israeli Concert?’

Many of the tweets focus on the plight of Palestinians living in Gaza as well as using lyrics of her songs to voice their anger.

Other activists called on J-Lo to follow in the footsteps of the former front-man of Pink Floyd Roger Waters, who refuses to visit or perform in Israel.

In 2013 Waters was forced to explain why he used a pig-shaped balloon decorated with a Star of David on the set of one of his concerts, seen by many as an act of antisemitism.

The singer, a vocal supporter of the Palestinian cause, rebuffed his critics at the time, claiming it was one of many religious symbols on the stage. Waters also later sparked outrage after comparing Israel’s government to the Nazi regime.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3437199/CancelTelAviv-Jenifer-Lopez-faces-Twitter-backlash-plans-perform-Israel-accused-entertaining-children-s-killers.html

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Cargo Of Guillotines Headed For ISIS Confiscated By Iranian Customs

Guillotine 2

I have abbreviated the following. (r.a. note)

FARS News Agency    Posted Sun., Feb.07, 2016

The Iranian customs authorities have discovered and seized a cargo bound for the ISIL terrorist group, an official disclosed on Sunday.

“Few days ago, we seized a cargo containing guillotines (an apparatus designed for efficiently carrying out executions by beheading) that was headed to the ISIL,” Director-General of Iran’s Customs Office for Transit Affairs Vahid Dashtbani told the Iranian Seday-e Eqtesad daily on Sunday.

The Iranian security forces have in the past foiled many ISIL plots to create insecurity and tension within the country.

Head of Iran’s Cyber Police (FATA) Brigadier General Seyed Kamal Hadianfar had announced in December that 53 supporters of the ISIL terrorist group were identified and arrested in Iran in almost two years.

“The FATA (Cyber) Police has identified 285 websites affiliated to those who supported the ISIL or promoted ISIL’s thoughts in Iran in the past 20 months,” Hadianfar told reporters in a press conference in Tehran.

He said that 108 websites which supported the ISIL were run from outside Iran, adding that all these sites have been filtered and closed with the help of the Interpol.

“34 pages or profiles of these 285 websites were inactive and totally, 53 people who supported the ISIL inside Iran were identified, arrested and sent to courts,” Hadianfar said.

Also late November, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari announced that the Iranian forces had several times defused attempts by the ISIL terrorist group to stir insecurity in the country.

“The ISIL has long wanted to stoke insecurity in Iran but it has failed,” General Jafari told reporters in Tehran.

He underlined the IRGC and other security and intelligence forces’ superiority over the terrorists, and said, “These groups have different logistical networks and recently one of them was dismantled and other groups are also being fully monitored and will come under raid in due time.”

He also said that the intelligence ministry traced and dismantled another terrorist cell in the Northwestern province of West Azarbaijan, adding that the terrorists were affiliated to “anti-revolutionary groups and infiltrated the country to stage terror and sabotage operations”.

The official explained that the terrorists had also staged terror attacks on the lives of teachers and government employees.

Full article here: http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13941118000475

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Iran’s Major General: If Saudi Ground Troops Dare Enter Syria, They Will Suffer A Merciful Death

Saudi troops

As reported in a Zero Hedge article: “Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah are on the verge of routing the Syrian opposition. After an arduous push north from Russia’s air field in Latakia, Aleppo is now encircled.”

“Rebels and terrorists alike (assuming there’s a difference) are cut off from their supply lines in Turkey and Moscow’s warplanes are bearing down. Tens of thousands of people are fleeing the city ahead of what promises to be a truly epic battle.” (r.a. intro via Zero Hedge)

FARS NEWS AGENCY   Posted Sat., Night, Feb.06, 2015

Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said Saudi Arabia doesn’t have the guts to send its armed forces (pic above) to Syria.

“They claim they will send troops (to Syria) but I don’t think they will dare do so. They have a classic army and history tells us such armies stand no chance in fighting irregular resistance forces,” Jafari told reporters in Tehran on Saturday.

“This will be like a coup de grâce for them. Apparently, they see no other way but this, and if this is the case, then their fate is sealed,” he added.

Jafari, said this is just cheap talks, but Iran welcomes the Saudi decision if they decide to walk on this path.

On Thursday, the Saudi Defense Ministry said it stood ready to deploy ground troops to Syria to allegedly aid the US-led anti-ISIL, also known as Daesh, coalition.

Riyadh has been a member of the US-led coalition that has been launching airstrikes against the ISIL in Syria since September 2014, without the permission of Damascus or the United Nations. In December 2015, Saudi Arabia started its own Muslim 34-nation coalition to fight Islamic extremism.

A spokeswoman for UN Syria Envoy Staffan de Mistura said that she will not comment on Saudi Arabia’s decision to send ground troops to Syria and she tries to concentrate on the intra-Syrian talks.

Anastasia Levchenko — A spokeswoman for UN Syria Envoy Staffan de Mistura talking to Sputnik on Friday refused to comment on Saudi Arabia’s decision to send ground troops to Syria.

Riyadh has been a nominal member of the US-led coalition that has been launching airstrikes against Daesh in Syria since September 2014, without the permission of Damascus or the United Nations. In December 2015, Saudi Arabia started its own Muslim 34-nation coalition to allegedly fight Islamic extremism.

Daesh or ISIL/ISIS is a Wahhabi group mentored by Saudi Arabia and has been blacklisted as a terrorist group everywhere in the world, including the United States and Russia, but Saudi Arabia.

Source 1: http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13941117000644

Source 2: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-02-06/theyll-return-their-countries-wooden-coffin-iran-syria-warn-saudis-turks-against-gro

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“War Is A Racket”, “To Hell With War” — General Smedley Butler (vid)

Butler Smedley

Posted by r.a.    via Veterans Today    Fri., Feb.05, 201

War is a Racket by Smedley Butler is a famous speech denouncing the Banks, Wall Street and military industrial complex. This speech by two-time Congressional Medal of Honour recipient exposes war profits that benefit few at the expense of many.

Throughout his distinguished career in the Marines, Smedley Darlington Butler demonstrated that true patriotism does not mean blind allegiance to government policies with which one does not agree.  “To Hell with war!”  (vid and intro by numoleen)

Source: http://www.veteranstoday.com/#2016/01/24/jon-stewart-smedley-butler-and-sarah-palin-3-of-a-kind/?&_suid=145469993705504993291081496207

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Female Teen Finds Gold Bar By Hitler’s Holiday Home

Gold bar hitler

Mirror Online UK    by Staff      Posted Fri., Feb.05, 2016

The discovery started speculation that it might have been Nazi gold reported to have been abandoned in lakes as they fled the advancing Allied forces.

A teenage girl swimmer who spotted a gold bar at the bottom of the German lake near Adolf Hitler’s holiday retreat has been told she can keep it after the owner failed to come forward.

Police divers had been dispatched to search the Konigsee Lake in the Bavarian Alps in the summer after the girl reported the find, but discovered no other valuables at the location.

The finding also started speculation that it might have been Nazi gold reported to have been abandoned in lakes as they fled the advancing Allied forces.

However police quickly confirmed that the gold bar had been created after the Nazis and also that the fact that it was found 3 km (1.8 miles) from the location of Berghof, where Hitler spent his summer holidays, was merely a coincidence.

And after a search for the owner by police in North Rhine-Westphalia failed, the girl has now been told she can keep the object estimated to be worth around €15,000 (£11,527).

Under German law, the owner of lost property has six months to come forward and claim it from the date it is handed in – otherwise the finder gets to keep it.

Police suspected that the bar may well have been illegally obtained by whoever had left it in the lake, as the serial number with which it could have been identified was scratched off.

Police said they had later managed to identify a serial number but this didn’t help them to find the owner.

Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/teenage-diver-finds-gold-bar-7317376

hitler gold

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Syria’s Pres. Assad Looks “Angelic” Compared To US Regional Allies

Assad the bad guy

FARS NEWS AGENCY     Posted Thurs., Feb.04, 2015

TEHRAN (FNA)- Analysts say despite all criticism levelled against the Syrian President Bashar Assad, accusing him of dictatorship and being undemocratic, he is comparably more angelic than many of his counterparts in the region.

Syrian political scientist Bassam Abu Abdullah argues that it is the height of cynicism for Western leaders and the media to call Syrian President Bashar Assad a dictator, suggesting that they should take a good look at their allies in the neighborhood before making such accusations, Sputnik reported.

Interviewed by Latvian radio station Baltkom, Abdullah, a professor of political science at the University of Damascus, suggested that when Western commentators say that Assad is an ‘undemocratic leader’, they are deceiving their audience, because Western allies Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar aren’t exactly shining examples of democracy.

“Briefly describing the conflict in Syria is not so simple; there are several layers, including the domestic and international. But I do not believe that democracy, freedom and human rights are the main object of this conflict, however the West might portray it,” Abdullah said.

“The main forces fighting against the Syrian government consist of groups tied to Al-Qaeda and Islamist ideology. We are not fighting against people fighting for freedom and democracy, but against terrorists, which are clearly being supported by the government of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. The ideologies of these countries have nothing to do with democracy,” he added.

Western leaders and the media, the analyst suggested, aren’t being honest with themselves when they characterize Assad as a dictator.

“The West is being dishonest on this matter. I do not want to indulge in polemics (argue) about whether Assad is a democratically elected leader or not, because the West’s key allies [in the region] are Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and they are not exactly shining examples of democracy.”

In reality, Abdullah noted, “democracy is just the slogan under which the West hides its real objectives in Syria. [The path to] democracy demands a long process, touching on culture, reforms in the country; it doesn’t come about overnight.”

Ultimately, the analyst suggested, the West is keen on removing Assad because he interferes with their geopolitical plans for the region. For the US and Europe, “it’s not that Assad is not a democrat, but that he stands against the West’s objectives in Syria.

One can love him or hate him, but he is the country’s leader, and represents Syria’s national interests. Look at Erdogan, the president of Turkey, a NATO member – he is not a democrat. The same is true in Saudi Arabia ad Qatar. So it’s all a matter of politics – to swing the Syrian government and society toward the West – these are the real goals.”

Source: http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13941115000900

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If He Was A 73Yr Old Former White Banker, Would They Have Executed Him?


Black man exec 73 yrs oldHe was a few days from his 73rd birthday and had spent 36yrs on death row. Brandon Jones was a black man and the oldest on death row, yet they went ahead and executed him. Death row is much like solitary confinement and one could say Brandon suffered “double punishment”.

In my opinion, there seemed to be no sense of humanity (kindness/compassion) in his case. (r.a. intro)

PRESS TV   Posted Wed., Feb.03, 2016

The US state of Georgia has executed its oldest death row inmate days before his 73rd birthday after courts rejected his request for a stay.

Brandon Jones was put to death at 12:46 am Wednesday with lethal injection at the Georgia Department of Corrections in Jackson.

The African-American man had spent more than 36 years behind bars, convicted in the murder of a white Atlanta store manager, Roger Tackett, in 1979.

Jones’ attorneys had made late appeals to block the execution, including with the US Supreme Court, but they were all rejected.

Earlier on Tuesday, the US 11th Circuit Court of Appeals voted 6-5 not to hear before a full court Jones’ challenge of Georgia’s lethal injection secrecy law.

Critics say his case points to “double punishment” in the US criminal justice system where some death row inmates spend decades in solitary confinement before they are finally executed.

“Jones’s case raises questions of proportionality and discriminatory application of the death penalty,” the Death Penalty Information Center, a non-profit organization providing analysis and information on capital punishment in the US, said in a statement.

“He and his co-defendant Van Solomon — both African American — were sentenced to death… for killing a white gas station store clerk during a robbery,” it noted. “Jones denies shooting the clerk and prosecutors never determined who fired the fatal shot.”

There are now 75 men on death row in Georgia, which suspended executions for several months last year following a controversy over the drugs used in its lethal injections.

Source: http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2016/02/03/448517/US-Georgia-execute-Brandon-Jones

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Proof ! Blacks Are Of The Biblical Hebrew House Of Israel. Modern Israelis (Jews) Are Impostors (7min Vid)

Black Israelites

Posted by r.a.  Vid by Tribe Of Yisrael X     Tues., Feb.02, 2016

Because February is set aside as “black history month”, I decided to post this serious and salient info, which is not presented in our public educational systems. The political and religious elite keep this info hidden from the collective. Why? I’m convinced it exposes the racism evident in our institutions. For instance, white supremacy is prevalent and it holds sway in the Western Nations.

Secondly, in my opinion, I believe if the majority of the citizenry – especially the Christian Zionists – were awaken to this fact, it is very likely the New World Order agenda of these elites, for a satanic one world government, would be impeded and restrained.

In the following vid, thirty brief sentences, both biblical and secular, are presented as crystal-clear evidence that the blacks are of the biblical family (House) of ancient Israel. As recorded in the bible, they represent true Israel – the chosen and physical-fleshly nation (family) of the Creator-God, the great I AM.

While on the other hand, modern day so-called “Jews” are counterfeit and fake. In addition, the true Messiah (so-called jesus) was a black man of the tribe of Judah, one of the 12 tribes (clans) that constitute the whole and ancient Hebrew House of Israel. (r.a. intro)


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Death Row Inmate: “It’s Not My Execution, It’s My Murder”. 5 Judges Say He Is Innocent.

Kevin cooper set execution

Mirror UK    By Richard Wheatstone       Posted Mon., Feb.01, 2016

A death row inmate is set to be given a lethal injection despite five judges saying he’s innocent.

Kevin Cooper (pic on left and right bot) was convicted of murder in 1985 following the brutal killings of Douglas and Peggy Ryan and their 10-year-old daughter Jessica in Los Angeles.

Chris Hughes, 10, who was staying at the house was also killed.

Douglas and Peggy’s eight-year-old son Josh (pic top right) had his throat slit but survived the attack.

In an interview with NBC from behind bars, he said: “I am the only person in the history of the state to have five federal circuit judges say that ‘the state of California may be about to execute an innocent man.

8 yr old Josh Ryan originally said that three white or Latino men killed his family. His account was backed up by physical evidence which suggested the attack was carried out by multiple men.

At the time, police issued a public appeal saying officers were searching for three suspects who were ‘white or Mexican males’.

On the night of the killings, two witnesses saw three white men driving a wagon away from the house, similar to the family’s wagon which was stolen that night.

But police identified Cooper as a suspect, mainly because he had escaped from prison and was staying at a nearby house. Prosecutors also said a footprint at the scene of the crime came from a prison-issue shoe.

A warden from the prison said this wasn’t true, but the evidence was never produced to a jury. At trial, Josh changed his testimony to say that he’d seen Cooper murder his family.

Cooper, speaking to NBC from behind bars, said: “I am the only person in the history of the state to have five federal circuit judges say that ‘the state of California may be about to execute an innocent man.

“I’m not asking America as a whole, or any one person in particular, to believe me. Forget what I say. I’m asking people to believe those [judges].

“I am innocent. And it’s not my execution, it’s my murder.”

In 2004, Cooper was three hours away from being put to death but was given a reprieve by the Ninth Circuit Court, who said some of the evidence against him was flawed and illegal.

In November 2009, the United States Supreme Court upheld the Ninth Circuit Court’s denial of his appeal – but the judges were bitterly divided.

In a 103-page report signed by five of judges, they warned: ‘The State of California may be about to execute an innocent man.

Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/its-not-execution-its-murder-7285941#rlabs=51%20p$7

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