Churches Allowed To Have Own Police Force. “Don’t Criticize Pastors/Priests/Rabbis”? ( 2 vids)


Mass Private I      Posted Tues., Feb.21, 2017

The great American Police State has outdone itself! America already has public transit police, hospital police, campus and high school police and now you can add ‘church’ police to the list.

 According to an article in the Briarwood Presbyterian Church and Briarwood Christian School wants to have it’s own police force. HB 45 would allow religious centers to hire their own police force, HB 45 would also make it a hate crime to criticize first responders.

Earlier this year, I warned everyone that people will be arrested for criticizing first responders. Imagine going to church or religious school and being arrested for criticizing a priest, minister, rabbi etc.

Church attormey Eric Johnston claims, police would be patrolling their campuses and churches in ‘church’ police vehicles and claims they won’t have a jail.

 It would not involve a jail or other facilities – basically an officer and an official car, he said. “I couldn’t imagine it would be something more than that,” Johnston said. 

Johnston couldn’t imagine ‘church’ police having jails? Don’t believe him, when campus police replaced campus security, officials said the same thing.

Lawmakers said that allowing a private church to have its own police force, would be like opening pandora’s box.




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Washington Analyst: Trump’s 7 Muslim Countries Victims Of US Terrorism (link has vid)


PRESS TV      Posted Tues., Feb.21, 2017

The seven Muslim countries targeted by US President Donald Trump’s executive order are the victim of US terrorism, not sponsors of terrorism, says an American political analyst and activist based in Washington.

Brian Becker, the national coordinator for the ANSWER Coalition, a US-based protest group consisting of many antiwar and civil rights organizations, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Tuesday.

Trump’s revised immigration ban includes the same seven countries targeted in the original executive order, according to The Associated Press.

The initial order barred refugees and people from seven predominately Muslim countries — Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen — from entering the United States.

Becker said that the fact that Trump “selected seven particular countries with majority Muslim populations was an effort to provide some fig leaf or legal cover for what is blatantly unconstitutional and illegal in his effort to ban people from the United States based on religion.”

“By selecting individuals from these seven countries Trump is picking up on a resolution adopted by the US Congress and signed by President Barack Obama that identified these seven countries as the site of enhanced terrorism efforts against the United States or others,” he stated.

“So in other words Trump is just trying to pretend or camouflage his ban on Muslims by creating the false pretext that it’s not a ban on a religion or people who believe in a particular religion but that’s based on an effort to protect America from terrorism,” the analyst said.

“Trump’s ban on Muslims…is unconstitutional. It violates US and international law,” he emphasized.

“And he keeps resorting to banning individuals from the seven countries in an effort to overcome what is blatantly illegal about his plan,” he underlined.


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Sweden Court Rules In Favor Of A Child Marriage. Establishing Sharia Law?


THOMASDISHAW.COM     Posted Mon., Feb.20, 2017

A  court in Sweden has ruled in favor of a marriage between a 14-year-old Syrian Refugee and her 21-year-old husband, who is also her cousin. The court made the ruling on the basis that the teenager appears to be “mature,” as well as for religious and cultural reasons.

According to the website Speisa, the girl was married off to her cousin when she was 12-years-old in their home country. The couple was seeking asylum and were sent to live with the girls’ Aunt and her family in Sweden. In addition to being underage, the teenager is now pregnant.

Social service authorities in Sweden became involved because of how young the teenager is and thought the marriage was completely outrageous, so they decided the logical step would be to take it to the justice system.

The judge presiding over the case, however, did not share the same outrage as the social service authorities and did not feel any crime had been committed since the couple was raised with different religious and cultural perceptions of morality. The court also found the 14-year-old girl to have “matured” earlier and therefore could see no wrong doing.

There has been an ongoing issue in European countries like Sweden and Germany that have seen an influx of immigrants. Many courts are not sure how to proceed in certain situations due to cultural differences, and more often than not, they end up siding with the refugees in an effort not to offend anyone.

An eerily similar case was ruled on in Germany where a 14-year-old teenager married her 20-year-old cousin. A regional German court ruled to recognize the marriage as valid despite the legal age in Germany to marry being set at 16.

Per Breitbart, among the hundreds of thousands of migrants arriving in European countries, there are a number of underage wives, some as young as eleven, some already mothers. Although most European countries stipulate that a girl must be 16 to marry, the authorities seem unsure what to do with young bride migrants.

There are no official figures on the number of child bride migrants living in Europe, but the number is thought to be in the hundreds. Although in some cases the girls have been separated from their husbands and placed in child protection facilities, in others, the authorities have been content to let them remain with their husbands for fear of traumatizing them.

Aside from the pedophilia, there are two huge negative implications on the justice system this ruling will have. First, these decisions mean Sweden and Germany now approve of Sharia law and may set a precedent for further introduction of Sharia law in the country. That means cases of slavery, mercy killings, and rape, all of which are approved of in some form in Sharia Law, could come before the court and be justified based on this precedent.

So the question must be asked if immigrants are given asylum should they not be required to adhere to the laws of that country for the greater good of society?

These court rulings have created a slippery slope of morality and religion versus law.

Full article here:          via:

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Black Women Beware! Walmart Donates To Screening Scam Which Has Killed “Countless” Victims


Natural News   By Ethan Huff     Posted Mon., Feb.20, 2017

The Walmart Foundation has issued a $300,000 grant to the American Cancer Society (ACS) that is specifically to be used in pushing more mammogram screenings on low-income, African-American women living in three American cities.

Poorer, black women in Jackson, Mississippi; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Portsmouth, Virginia will be told that in order to avoid developing breast cancer, they will need to undergo a routine screening procedure that science has repeatedly shown actually causes breast cancer, all in the name of prevention, of course.

According to the ACS press release, this Walmart money will increase women’s access to mammograms, supposedly in order to prevent “more than half of cancer deaths.”

Besides mammograms, the women in the three cities will also be instructed on ways to change their lifestyle habits to help them avoid developing breast cancer in the first place, which include eating better (what this entails in the view of ACS is unclear), avoiding cigarettes, and avoiding being overweight.

cancer-scan-2By getting more women into this grotesque screening routine, the stated plan is to detect more cancers earlier in order to sign these same women up for chemotherapy and radiation treatments as quickly as possible

It all sounds so nice and benevolent if you know nothing about the dangers of mammograms

But when you dig a little deeper into what mammograms actually entail and how they put women at risk, it becomes clear that there is another agenda afoot than simply helping the poor.

… the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) issued a statement of its own, back in 2009, explaining that mammograms significantly increase women’s risk of developing breast cancer.

The screening procedure is also notorious for producing false positives, which lead to unnecessary biopsies and other treatments that further put women at risk of complications.

This is really Walmart’s way of following in the footsteps of criminal Farid Fata, a former medical doctor who lost his medical license in 2015 for conspiring to falsely screen patients for cancer, and then treat them for cancers they didn’t even have.

On top of this, Fata was convicted of defrauding both Medicare and insurance companies of more than $30,000,000.

Being that it’s a large, multi-national corporation simply donating money — at least on the surface — Walmart’s grant to the ACS didn’t receive the attention that Fata’s case did. But the repercussions of it, if the public is ever even made privy to them, will likely be the same.

Full article here:

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Giant Remains And Treasure Trove Discovered In Iran


Sputnik International      Posted Sun., Feb.19, 2017

Archeologists in western Iran have discovered a treasure trove of ancient artifacts, including the remains of an extremely tall man who lived more than 1,500 years ago.

Archeologists excavating a site in the Iranian province of Lorestan have discovered a load of historically important artefacts dating back thousands of years.

The most exciting discovery is the remains of a very tall man, believed to be two meters tall, who lived during the Sasanian Empire, which ruled from approximately 224 AD until 651 AD, when was conquered by the Islamic Caliphate.

Archeologists also found artefacts dating back to the Achaemenid Empire, which existed from approximately 550 BC until its demise at the hands of Alexander the Great in 330 BC, and the Parthian Empire of c. 250 BC – 224 AD.

Items dating back to the Achaemenid Empire, also known as the First Persian Empire, include plates, ceramic bowls, painted vessels, stamped ornaments and coins, and stone tools. They are the first artefacts from the period to be found in the province of Lorestan.

“We found a lot of ceramic items of the Sasanian Empire close to the burial site, but we can only give them a more exact date after radiocarbon analysis.”

“In the final days of the excavation, we managed to find a storeroom with two vessels for storing food. The contents of the vessels have been sent to a laboratory for further investigations,” he said. It is believed the room dates back to the Parthian Empire.

During their dig, the archeologists have also uncovered two columns, which they believe formed part of an ancient ceremonial hall.


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The Swamp Is Still Controlled By The Kosher Mafia (24 min Vid)


Posted by r. a.   vid by TruthMediaRevolution   Sun., Feb.19, 2017

If you’ve been duped by the programmers, this vid should blow your mind!

Trump is a Zionist puppet whose job it is to create chaos and further the agenda of same. You can’t be anti-establishment and an anti-globalist and, at the same time, be pro-Zionist (pro-Israel) when your supporters, donors, campaign managers and directors are all Ashkenazi Jew who own/control Rothschild banking systems, mass media and other corporations. These are the power brokers behind the globalist agenda for the New World Order – a one world government.

If you believe otherwise, you’ve been hoodwinked – “Big Time”!

The first 10 min of the vid exposes the 911 culprits, while the next 9 minutes is a pic-list  of all the Ashkenazi Jews who are involved with and behind Trump.

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Lesbian Clobbers Six Women Who Rejected Her On Dance Floor


Daily Mail UK   By Joe Sheppard       Posted Sat., Night, Feb.18, 2017

A spurned lesbian beat up six women when they resisted her advances in a bar, a court heard.

Kimberly McLeod, 28, ‘misread the signs’ of the women dancing together at the venue in Hartlepool, County Durham.

She grabbed two of the girls by their faces and attempted to kiss them but became angry when they pushed her away.

In her rage she beat up the whole group of friends, leaving them battered and afraid to leave the house.

One of the victims, a teacher, had her nose burst after she was punched by McLeod, leading to her developing Bell’s palsy, which caused her face to droop to one side.

In her rage she beat up the whole group of friends, leaving them battered and afraid to leave the house.

One of the victims, a teacher, had her nose burst after she was punched by McLeod, leading to her developing Bell’s palsy, which caused her face to droop to one side.

The disfigurement from the attack at the Loons bar lasted for months. 

According to the Hartlepool Mail, in a victim statement the woman told Teesside magistrates court: ‘I can’t understand how a person can have such hate inside them to physically attack other people. I had to make up reasons for my injuries. 

‘I am thankful for just one thing – although I suffered this horrendous attack I know that it was in no way personal against me.’

Lynn Dalton, prosecuting, said the victim felt her nose ‘pop and start pouring with blood’ as McLeod, who lives with her same sex partner in Hartlepool, hit her.

 The defendant pleaded guilty to six charges of assault and two sexual assaults and was handed a 17-week prison sentence suspended for two years and ordered to pay £150 costs to each victim.

Chairman of the bench Martin Slimings said McLeod had carried out ‘multiple, persistent, unprovoked assaults’.


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US Is A Den For Traitors, Bandits And The Corrupt – Venezuela’s President


TeleSur News     Posted Sat., Night, Feb.18, 2017

The Bolivarian Revolution leader made the remarks amidst renewed U.S. attacks on the South American country. 

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro bashed the United States during a televised government youth rally on Thursday, calling it “a den for traitors, bandits and the corrupt.”

 “There are bandits — I know who they are and where they are — that when we go in search for them, they end up escaping to the United States,” Maduro added.

The Bolivarian Revolution leader made the remarks amidst renewed U.S. attacks on the South American country. 

On Monday, the U.S. President Donald Trump’s Treasury Department placed Venezuela’s Vice President Tareck El Aissami on a sanctions list for allegedly aiding drug traffickers and Middle Eastern terrorists. He was placed on the narcotics-related Kingpin Act Designation, making him the highest-ranking Venezuelan official to be sanctioned by the U.S.

El Aissami, pointing out that there is no legitimate evidence proving his complicity, has consistently denied all allegations, accusing the U.S. of slander. 

Earlier that day, Cuban-American right-wing congressional leaders Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Florida, and Sen. Robert Menendez, D-New Jersey, called on lawmakers to boost funding for illegal right-wing opposition groups operating within the country. These are the same groups that have received millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars for over 15 years and are responsible for deaths associated with their violent “guarimbas.”

On Wednesday, Trump met with Lilian Tintori, the wife of convicted opposition criminal Leopoldo Lopez, at the White House. The pair discussed ways to ramp up pressure and sanctions on the South American country.

While the U.S. and its right-wing opposition escalated attacks on Venezuela this week, Venezuela’s leadership did not back down.

Venezuela’s National Telecommunications Commission, CONATEL, announced plans on Wednesday to begin sanctioning procedures against CNN en Español for its “direct aggression against the Venezuelan people and state.”

And on Thursday, after Tintori met with Trump, Venezuela’s Supreme Tribunal of Justice upheld Lopez’s 14-year jail sentence. Lopez was found guilty of inciting violence during protests in 2014. 


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Atheist Teacher Claims To Be “Bullied” By Her Students. Here’s How


American Thinker    By Rick Moran   Posted Fri., Feb.17, 2017

Susan Creamer, a teacher at Merritt Brown Middle School in Panama City, took to the Atheists of Bay County’s private Facebook page to vent her frustrations about students in her class who invite her to church or teasingly yell “God Bless You” when someone sneezes, reported.

“There is a bevy of boys in one of my classes (middle school) who are taking turns either inviting me to their church or leaving (anonymously) flyers inviting me to church events. Today, I found one on the A/V cart I use for a podium,” Ms. Creamer wrote, according to a screenshot published by NBC News affiliate WJHG.

“Every time any child sneezes, they loudly say ‘God bless you!’ and look in my direction. I have complained twice to my principal – one last month and once today,” she continued. “She has spoken privately to one or two of the little cretins, but it seems to do NO GOOD. I am feeling bullied and harassed. It has become intolerable. I don’t feel like talking with the parents will stop the inappropriate behaviors because, for all I know, the parents are encouraging them.”

The Atheists of Bay County page is closed to members only, and Ms. Creamer didn’t name the students or the school she worked for in her post.

Karen Tucker, a spokeswoman for Bay District Schools, told the Northwest Florida Daily News that it is against school policy to criticize students on the internet.

“I don’t think it matters (if the page is closed), because eventually someone else is going to see it posted, which is what happened,” she said. “People were re-posting. If you said things on there, which she did, about students, no, I don’t think it matters.”

Ms. Tucker said Human Resources is investigating the post, along with other comments made by Ms. Creamer on the Atheists of Bay County page, the Daily News reported.

In an official statement, the district said it does not “condone the use of disparaging comments about our students in any form, on any social media platform or in any school.”

“Unfortunately, like any other organizations of our size, we have had to address these issues occasionally with our employees,” the statement said.

There is no reporting on what precipitated the razzing from students.  How do they know she’s an atheist?  Almost certainly because she told them.  Many atheists use disparaging language to describe the religious beliefs of others, and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if that were the case here.

Even so, the problem isn’t the kids “bullying” the teacher; it’s the teacher’s lack of control in her classroom.  Has she tried to discuss the issue with students, or did she simply run to the principal and ask her to take care of it?  Perhaps she should also change her attitude toward students of faith and respect them for their beliefs.  She might be surprised to get some respect for her beliefs in response.


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Inflaming Westerners Against Muslims: Mass Sex Assaults In Germany Never Happened


SOTT Website   Via RT News    Posted Fri., Feb.17, 2017

Reports of mass sexual assaults on women in Frankfurt on New Year’s Eve allegedly committed by dozens of drunken refugees, and which initially appeared in Germany’s Bild newspaper, were made up and are “completely baseless,” police said.

The story about mass sexual assaults by refugees in the Fressgass Street area in downtown Frankfurt was reported by Bild earlier in February. The article has since been taken down.

One of the victims, Irina A., 27, told Bild: “They [the migrants] grabbed me under the skirt, between my legs, my breasts, everywhere….More and more of these guys came. Their hands were everywhere,” the Express said, quoting the original report.

Her words were supported by Jan Mai, a local pub owner, who said that a mob of Arabs was “highly aggressive, there was shouting and hand gestures.”

“When I came in, the whole place was full with a group of around 50 Arabs. They did not speak German, drank our guests’ drinks and danced towards them. The women asked me for help because they were being attacked. The mood changed completely,” he told Bild, as cited by the Express.

It was claimed the migrants came from a refugee center in Hesse state, where Frankfurt is located, the Local said, citing the original report.

Police started an investigation into the alleged incidents and on Tuesday released a report stating that the allegations of mass sexual assaults had been invented.

“There were no massive mob-like attacks by masses of refugees in Fressgass [Street]. The allegations were groundless,” police said.

In the article several people “reported about sexual assaults, bodily injuries, thefts and extremely aggressive behavior of masses of refugees. Media interest in these descriptions was very high. The police were not aware of these circumstances,” the statement said.

According to police, “interviews with alleged witnesses, guests and employees led to major doubts with the version of events that had been presented.

“One of the alleged victims was not even in Frankfurt at the time the allegations are said to have taken place,” the report said.

The Bild editorial team quickly apologized “for this inaccurate reporting and the accusations against those concerned.”

“This reporting does not correspond in any way to the journalistic standards of Bild,” the newspaper said in a statement.

Bild said that the alleged witnesses – the pub owner and his staff – talked of mass sexual assaults to other media outlets. “We apologize for our own work. I’ll shortly announce what Bild will do about it,” online editor-in-chief Julian Reichelt tweeted.

Inflaming Westerners Against Muslims: Mass Sex Assaults By Refugees In Germany Never Happened.

The Bild story appeared to prompt comparisons with the Cologne attacks committed on New Year’s Eve in 2015. Back then, groups of North African men sexually assaulted hundreds of women in the city.

A German police report from November revealed the latest figures on the crimes committed on New Year’s Eve 2015 across Germany: 881 sexual offenses involving over 1,231 women. The victims were almost all young women.

Apart from Germany, similar sex attacks allegedly took place on New Year’s Eve that year in Sweden, Austria, Finland and Switzerland.



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