UFO – 2 Navy Airmen and an Object That ‘Accelerated Like Nothing I’ve Ever Seen’

David Fravor, at his home in Windham, N.H., is a former Navy pilot who says he was “pretty weirded out” by an unexplained episode over the Pacific. His story has captured the attention of a Pentagon program investigating U.F.O.s. Credit M. Scott Brauer for The New York Times

New York Times     Posted Sun., Dec.17, 2017

The following recounts an incident in 2004 that advocates of research into U.F.O.s have said is the kind of event worthy of more investigation, and that was studied by a Pentagon program that investigated U.F.O.s. Experts caution that earthly explanations often exist for such incidents, and that not knowing the explanation does not mean that the event has interstellar origins.

Cmdr. David Fravor and Lt. Cmdr. Jim Slaight were on a routine training mission 100 miles out into the Pacific when the radio in each of their F/A-18F Super Hornets crackled: An operations officer aboard the U.S.S. Princeton, a Navy cruiser, wanted to know if they were carrying weapons.

“Two CATM-9s,” Commander Fravor replied, referring to dummy missiles that could not be fired. He had not been expecting any hostile exchanges off the coast of San Diego that November afternoon in 2004.

Commander Fravor, in a recent interview with The New York Times, recalled what happened next. Some of it is captured in a video made public by officials with a Pentagon program that investigated U.F.O.s.

“Well, we’ve got a real-world vector for you,” the radio operator said, according to Commander Fravor. For two weeks, the operator said, the Princeton had been tracking mysterious aircraft. The objects appeared suddenly at 80,000 feet, and then hurtled toward the sea, eventually stopping at 20,000 feet and hovering. Then they either dropped out of radar range or shot straight back up.

The radio operator instructed Commander Fravor and Commander Slaight, who has given a similar account, to investigate.

The two fighter planes headed toward the objects. The Princeton alerted them as they closed in, but when they arrived at “merge plot” with the object — naval aviation parlance for being so close that the Princeton could not tell which were the objects and which were the fighter jets — neither Commander Fravor nor Commander Slaight could see anything at first. There was nothing on their radars, either.

Then, Commander Fravor looked down to the sea. It was calm that day, but the waves were breaking over something that was just below the surface. Whatever it was, it was big enough to cause the sea to churn.

Hovering 50 feet above the churn was an aircraft of some kind — whitish — that was around 40 feet long and oval in shape. The craft was jumping around erratically, staying over the wave disturbance but not moving in any specific direction, Commander Fravor said. The disturbance looked like frothy waves and foam, as if the water were boiling.

Commander Fravor began a circular descent to get a closer look, but as he got nearer the object began ascending toward him. It was almost as if it were coming to meet him halfway, he said.

Commander Fravor abandoned his slow circular descent and headed straight for the object. But then the object peeled away. “It accelerated like nothing I’ve ever seen,” he said in the interview. He was, he said, “pretty weirded out.”

The two fighter jets then conferred with the operations officer on the Princeton and were told to head to a rendezvous point 60 miles away, called the cap point, in aviation parlance.

They were en route and closing in when the Princeton radioed again. Radar had again picked up the strange aircraft. “Sir, you won’t believe it,” the radio operator said, “but that thing is at your cap point.” “We were at least 40 miles away, and in less than a minute this thing was already at our cap point,” Commander Fravor, who has since retired from the Navy, said in the interview.

By the time the two fighter jets arrived at the rendezvous point, the object had disappeared. The fighter jets returned to the Nimitz, where everyone on the ship had learned of Commander Fravor’s encounter and was making fun of him.

Commander Fravor’s superiors did not investigate further and he went on with his career, deploying to the Persian Gulf to provide air support to ground troops during the Iraq war. But he does remember what he said that evening to a fellow pilot who asked him what he thought he had seen.

“I have no idea what I saw,” Commander Fravor replied to the pilot. “It had no plumes, wings or rotors and outran our F-18s.”

But, he added, “I want to fly one.”



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Israeli Forces Wounded 793 And Kill 4 Protesters In West Bank And Gaza

Middle East Monitor      Posted Sun., Dec. 17, 2017

Israeli occupation forces yesterday killed four Palestinian protesters and wounded 793 others in occupied West Bank, Jerusalem and the besieged Gaza Strip, Palestinian medical sources said.

The Palestinian sources identified the four dead as Basil Ibrahim, 29, from Jerusalem, Mohamed Aqel, 21, from Hebron, Yaser Sukkar, 23, and Ibrahim Abu-Thurayya, 29, from Gaza.

One of the dead, Abu-Thurayya, was disabled having lost both his legs previously. He was shot by an Israeli sniper in the head. Meanwhile, the Palestinian Red Crescent (PRC) said that the Israeli occupation wounded 793 protesters across the occupied territories.

According to the PRC, 566 were wounded in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem and 227 in the Gaza Strip. It noted that the Israeli occupation forces shot 111 of them with live bullets.

Spokesman of the Palestinian Ministry of Health Ashraf Al-Qidra said in a statement that the Israeli occupation forces used explosive live bullets in its crackdown on the unarmed protesters.

Al-Qidra called for the regional powers and the international community to protect unarmed Palestinian protesters from the “savage crackdown” of the Israeli occupation.

Trump’s announcement, reversing decades of US policy which treated Jerusalem’s status as a matter for Israeli-Palestinian negotiation, stirred anger across the Arab and Muslim world and concern among Washington’s European allies.

Tension has risen across the Palestinian territories since US President Donald Trump’s decision to officially recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Most countries consider East Jerusalem, which Israel annexed after capturing it in a 1967 war, to be occupied territory, and say the status of the city should be left to be decided at future Israeli-Palestinian talks.

While the international community has almost unanimously disagreed with Donald Trump’s announcement, reports suggest that the announcement was done with the pre-agreement of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, with the Saudi Arabia going as far as, allegedly, stating to the Palestinian President to accept a village on the outskirts of Jerusalem as the alternative Palestinian capital.

US Vice President Mike Pence was scheduled to visit Israel, as well as Egypt, next week. However, due to the PA’s refusals to meet him, he has now cancelled part of his trip.

Source:  https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20171216-4-killed-900-wounded-as-israel-cracks-down-on-protesters/

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Putin Thanks Trump For Intelligence Data Which Foiled Terror Attacks In St. Petersburg

Sputnik International     Posted Sun., Dec.17, 2017

According to the Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin has thanked US President Donald Trump during a phone conversation for the intelligence data provided by the CIA that helped detain terrorists who had been plotting a terrorist attack in Saint Petersburg.

While expressing the Kremlin’s gratitude to the CIA director and the agency’s employees, Putin has ensured his counterpart that Russian special services would “certainly and immediately” share intelligence information with their US colleagues on the terrorist threat in the country “as it had always been done before.”

The information shared by the CIA helped “track, find and detain a group of terrorists planning explosions in the Kazan Cathedral of Saint Petersburg, as well as other public places” in the home city of Putin.

On Friday, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) announced that it had detained a cell of Daesh supporters in a special operation on December 13-14 that had been planning to commit “high-profile attacks” in St. Petersburg aiming to kill people by detonating explosive devices in crowded places, adding that “a significant amount of explosives, components of improvised explosive devices, automatic weapons, ammunition, extremist literature were seized from them.

A laboratory manufacturing explosive devices was destroyed.” According to a video posted by the FSB, one of detained Daesh supporters has admitted his involvement in the preparation of terrorist acts in the city.

Putin: Had US Trusted Our Intel, Boston Marathon Attack Could’ve Been Prevented

The Putin-Trump talks have been their second conversation by the phone this week, with the presidents discussing the North Korean nuclear issue earlier this week. Commenting on the talks, Trump said that Washington could rely on the Moscow’s support on the issue and considers it to be of major importance.

The Kremlin has repeatedly emphasized that Russia is willing to develop ties with the US on an equal basis and with mutual respect, with President Putin saying during his large-scale end-of-year press conference earlier this week that he hopes that Trump “will have opportunities to improve contacts” with Moscow in line with the US president’s campaign pledges to “get along” with Russia.

Despite his statements during the presidential campaign, since Trump had assumed office, Washington has imposed new sanctions on Moscow, targeting Russia’s energy projects among other things, and also has been involved in a dispute over the seizure of Russian diplomatic property in the US.

Source:  https://sputniknews.com/world/201712171060078910-putin-trump-talks-cia-intelligence-terrorism/


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Sabbath Day (Ex.20: 8 -11) Word – Does The Creator-God Hate?

By r. a.   Sat., Dec.16, 2017

In Messiah’s name: for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

How many times have you heard this: “God is love, he doesn’t hate”. I’ve often listened to various Christian pastors preach that God loves the sinner, but hates the sin. Is this true?

If God doesn’t hate both the sinner and the sin, why would he destroy the sinners in “the flood”, “the lake of fire”, “Sodom And Gomorrah”, the Egyptians in “the Red Sea”, etc?

The biblical fact is that God does hate both the sin and the sinner.

Here are just a few of many verses which declare that the Creator-God (I AM) hates.
5 The foolish shall not stand in your sight: you hate all workers of iniquity.
6 You shalt destroy them that speak leasing (lies, falsehoods): the Lord will abhor (hate) the bloody and deceitful man. (Psalm 5: 5-6)

3 And I hated Esau, and laid his mountains and his heritage waste for the dragons of the wilderness. ( MALACHI 1: 3)

Here are 7 more things God hates

16 These six things does the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
18 An heart that devises wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
19 A false witness that speaks lies, and he that sows discord among brethren. (Proverbs 6: 16 – 19)

Sinners are urged to follow this advice

20 My son, keep thy father’s commandment, and forsake not the law of thy mother: (God’s commandments)
21 Bind them continually upon thine heart, and tie them about thy neck.
22 When thou goest, it shall lead thee; when thou sleepest, it shall keep thee; and when thou awakest, it shall talk with thee.
23 For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life. (Proverbs 6: 20 – 23)

Peace, blessings and protection to all those who love the truth and hate the lies and deception. All praises and glory to our Father, the great I AM.


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A Very Brief Xmas Rant

By r. a.      Fri., Dec.15, 2017

My brief Xmas rant! Those who cling to the Christmas lie don’t have any idea how liberating it is to be free from that Prince of Darkness HELLi-Day.

Years ago when I was wallowing and indulging in that bewitching festival, I took great delight in deceiving my daughter into believing in the Satan Claws yarn.

And, as a result, I passed on that lie to her like many of you will be doing this season to your young children. If you want to experience an exhilarating and true sense of freedom, halt and refrain from passing on that satanic skullduggery to your children.

As Messiah stated: “the truth will set you free”. The lie, on the other hand, is a devil’s dungeon in which one is confined and chained to ignorance, slavery and falsehoods.

All praise and glory to the Creator-God, the great I AM, through his son, the Messiah.

Peace and blessings to all.


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Jews Leaving Paris Suburbs Over Rising Anti-Semitism (1min vid incl)

Perhaps the rising tide of so-called anti-Semitism is the result of the actions of their criminal Zionist state – fake Israel. (r. a. note)

BreitBart.com   by Simon Kent      Posted Fri., Dec.15, 2017

French-Jewish families are being forced from their homes in Paris suburbs as Europe continues to be convulsed by levels of anti-Semitism not seen since the end of the Second World War.

The Paris commuter newspaper 20 Minutes documents an “internal exodus” during 2017 of Jews from the Seine-Saint-Denis department, saying it is emblematic of broader concerns that French Jews, like their brothers and sisters across Europe, are finding it increasingly difficult to reconcile their faith with the changing demographics of the continent.

The paper reports that Jews are leaving their homes on the northeastern fringe of Paris to escape the open hostility that French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Sunday condemned as “well-rooted.” The newspaper reports:

This ‘internal exodus’ is difficult to quantify, but it is clear that many synagogues of Seine-Saint-Denis have closed, for lack of people. In Pierrefitte, the rabbi has recorded a 50 percent decline in the congregations since his arrival thirteen years ago. A similar story is told in (nearby) Bondy, where attendance on Yom Kippur (the holiest day of the Jewish calendar) has fallen from about 800 to 400 in the last decade.

The Bondy synagogue president saw a “deteriorating climate” of the last 15 years as driving the exodus, “It’s hard to explain, it’s provocations, it’s looks,” he lamented. “There are places where we do not feel welcome.”

His observations mimic those made 12 months before in nearby Raincy, where local Rabbi Moshe Lewin said he feared he could be one of the last Jewish leaders in Seine-Saint-Denis.

“What upsets me is that in some areas of France, Jews can no longer live peacefully, and that just five minutes from my home, some are forced to hide their kippas (skullcaps) or their Star of David,” he said.

Klein later points out the irony that Paris today is a city “where keffiyeh-wearing men and veiled women speak Arabic on every street corner” but where “soldiers are walking every street that houses a Jewish institution.”

Sammy Ghozlan, the president of the Jewish communal security organization BNCVA, told 20 Minutes that it was vital “not to underestimate the anti-Semitism we experience on a daily basis.”

“For a long time, Jews were targeted through their symbols — today, people themselves are targeted directly,” Ghozlan said.

As Breitbart Jerusalem has reported, the experience of Jews in Paris is much the same across the rest of the country. More and more are feeling so unsafe that they now feel they have no other choice but to move to Israel for safety.

They are continuing a trend that has seen tens of thousands of Jews quit the country in the past decade.

Source:  http://www.breitbart.com/jerusalem/2017/12/15/exodus-french-jews-forced-islamists-anti-semitism-rises-across-europe/

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Man Dies After Spontaneously Combusting Into Flames.

The Independent    Via blacklistednews   Posted Fri., Dec.15, 2017

A pensioner has died of his injuries after bursting into flames in unexplained circumstances in a London street.

Police are appealing for information on the blaze that killed 70-year-old John Nolan, a retired construction worker originally from Ireland.

Emergency services were called to reports of a “man ablaze” near his home in Haringey on 17 September.

Horrified members of the public tried to put the fire out and alerted police but the flames were not extinguished until firefighters arrived on the scene.

Mr Nolan was taken to a specialist hospital by air ambulance but died of severe burns, with an inquest due to open in March.

The London Fire Brigade investigated the cause of the fire but found no evidence of an “accelerant” that would have spread the flames.

Police have now taken charge of the investigation but have made no arrests, with Mr Nolan’s death being treated as unexplained.

The investigating officer, PC Damien Ait-Amer, said: “We have spoken with a number of witnesses who saw Mr Nolan ablaze, but we have yet to establish how the fire started.

“Mr Nolan was a well-liked member of the community and none of our enquiries so far have indicated that he had been involved in a dispute of any sort.

“Nor does any account given by witnesses suggest that he had been in contact with another person at the time of the fire.”

Anyone who witnessed the incident but has yet to speak with police is urged to contact investigators by calling 101 or tweeting @MetCC.

Source:  http://www.blacklistednews.com/Man_dies_after_spontaneously_combusting_into_flames_in_unexplained_circumstances_in_London_street/62191/0/38/38/Y/M.html

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Christian Zionist: John Humbuggery Hagee And Jewish Heresy (5 min vid)

Posted by r. a.     Vid by Brother Nathanael     Thurs., Dec.14, 2017


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Women Accusing Trump Of Assault Are Receiving Money From George Soros (3 min vid incl)

George Soros, Chairman Soros Fund Management answers a question during the IMF Seminar: 

Yournewswire.com   By Baxter Dmitry        Thurs., Dec.14, 2017

The activist group supporting the women accusing President Trump of sexual assault have been exposed receiving money from George Soros.

On Monday, the women called for a congressional investigation into the President’s alleged misconduct, stating they want “accountability and an investigation by Congress of sexual misconduct.”

However it has been revealed that George Soros, the globalist billionaire well known for his donations to Black Lives Matter and the tens of millions of dollars he invested in Hillary Clinton, is pumping serious cash into their campaign, raising serious questions about what they really want.

Using a media company called Brave New Films as a front, Soros has been injecting cold, hard cash into the campaign by the women to unseat the president.

Why do women speaking to the media and demanding congressional investigations need enormous sums of money?

The Daily Wire provides some background info about the Soros front, Brave New Films:

The group behind this obvious new attempt to force Trump out of the White House, Brave New Films, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that claims to be “non-partisan” — a claim that becomes laughable upon a review of their donors and partners which include left-wing hit groups like Media Matters For America and Democracy For America.

Brave New Films claims that they do not “expressly advocate for the election or defeat of candidates for public office,” a statement that is not even remotely accurate looking at just some of the propaganda-style videos they created, including:

*”Stand Up, Senate! The President-elect is a hypocrite.”
*”Protect Public Education – Stop Betsy DeVos!”
*”Indivisible: A Practical Guide For Resisting The Trump Agenda”

One of Brave New Films’ donors is Open Society Foundations, a leftist organization whose founder and chairman is George Soros, who has given “over $32 billion to fund the Open Society Foundations, which work in over 100 countries around the world.”

It has become clear there is real money to be made in accusing President Trump of actions that could potentially see him removed from office. It has also become clear where that money is coming from.

Look no further than George Soros.

Bill O’Reilly has also gone on record speaking about an audio tape in which an “anti-Trump person” offers a woman a serious financial reward to accuse Trump of harassment.

O’Reilly: There is a tape, Beck, an audio tape of an anti-Trump person offering $200,000 to a woman to accuse Donald Trump of untoward behavior.

Beck: Is this tape going to be released?

O’Reilly: I may have to go to the US Attorney myself. I don’t wanna have to do that and inject myself into the story, but I had my lawyer listen to the tape. He’s listened to it. There are at least three crimes on the tape. So as a citizen, I may have to do this.

Source:  http://yournewswire.com/women-trump-assault-soros/

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The Neo-Cons Are Back: “Expect War With Iran Within The Next Year”

The following is an excerpt from the article titled, “Yes, The Neo-Cons Are Back”. In case you don’t know, the term “neo-cons” is a polite reference to Jewish Zionist power brokers. (r. a. note)

Information Clearing House   By Philip Giraldi      Thurs., Dec.14, 2017

What is wrong about the whole Trump team is that they all seem to believe that you can go around the world kicking the shit out of everyone without there being any consequences. And they all hate Iran for reasons that continue to be obscure but may be connected to their relationships with – you guessed it – the neoconservatives and the Israeli Lobby!

Yes, the neocons are back. I noted back in October that when Pompeo and National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster wanted a friendly place to drop by to give a policy speech that would be warmly received they went to the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD), whose marketing masthead slogan is “Fighting Terrorism and Promoting Freedom.”

FDD is currently neocon central, used like the American Enterprise Institute was when Dick Cheney was Vice President and needed a friendly audience. It is headed by Canadian Mark Dubowitz, whose passion in life is making sure that sanctions on Iran are enforced to the letter. Unfortunately, it is not easy to deport a Canadian.

Neocon watchers will undoubtedly note that big names like Brill Kristol, the Kagans, Michael Chertoff and Max Boot will not be showing up in government. True, but that is because they will instead be working through their foundations, of which FDD is only one.

The Alliance for Securing Democracy, which has recently sprung up in lobby-land, markets itself as “bipartisan, and transatlantic…” but it actually is pure neocon. Its goal is to “expose Putin’s ongoing efforts to subvert democracy in the United States of America and Europe.” It includes the usual neocon names but also has the loyal Democratic opposition, including ex-CIA Acting Director Mike Morell and Jake Sullivan, both of whom were top level advisers to Hillary Clinton.

The replacement of former political appointees in the government has been so slow in Trump’s first year that it has actually benefited the neocons in their recovery. Many survivors of the two previous administrations are still in place, nearly all of whom reflect the hawkishness prevalent during 2001-2016.

They will be supplemented by second and third tier neoconservatives, who will fill in the policy gaps, virtually guaranteeing that the neocon crafted foreign policy that has been around for the past sixteen years will be here for some time longer.

What all this means is that, now that the Palestinians have been disposed of and the Israelis rewarded, we can expect armed conflict with Iran within the next year, followed by increased hostility towards Moscow as Russiagate continues to play out.

I do not even want to guess at what kind of insanity the gang in the West Wing Situation Room will come up with for dealing with North Korea. The good news is that the builders of home bomb shelters, a booming enterprise when I was growing up back in the 1950s and 1960s now used to cultivate mushrooms, will be back in business.

Full article here: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/48407.htm

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