Michael Moore Visits Occupy Wall Street Encampment. (Vid incl)

On Monday night (Sept.26/11), Michael Moore visited the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters in Lincoln Park, New York, just a block away from Wall Street. The mainstream media is not covering this event at all. However, when a protest occurs in the Mid East, the zio-media gives it 24/7 coverage. Their objective: maintain the status quo and keep the peeps distracted  and uninformed.

Mr. Moore is famous for his films Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11, Sicko and several other features.

He encouraged those in the encampment to keep protesting and not to give up!

Question: Is it possible Mr. Moore made that public appearance at the encampment to promote his new book, titled “Here Comes Trouble”, which has just been released? Or, as a famous independent (?) film maker, was he motivated to join the protesters to just give encouragement? I suppose one could say, by his appearance, he “killed two birds with one stone”.

In any case, in the video below, Michael is interviewed by Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now” and he explains that “Occupy Wall Street” protest is “an uprising of people who have had it”.

He further stated that it’s likely that the protest will spread across the country and continue to spread until there are “hundreds of thousands of people” protesting on the streets.

There is an “army of really upset Americans who are just waiting for somebody to do something and something has started”, said Michael.

Here’s the “Democracy Now” video interview with Michael Moore. It contains video clips of police brutality against the Wall Street protesters.   My Source:


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