Police Pump Out 90 Bullets At Teen Driver.

After a speed chase by the police, the teen driver stops his car and flees, running backward facing police. The teen stops running and begins to walk toward the police. Here’s the story. 2 links at bottom of page.

The Telegraph         By Lauren Gambino

Officers fired more than 90 rounds at a teenage driver who failed to pull over.

Eight police officers from the Los Angeles Police Department shot dead 19-year-old Abdul Arian after a freeway pursuit on Wednesday night.

“It’s certainly bizarre behaviour, and it ended in a tragic situation for all involved,” LAPD Lt. Andy Neiman told the Los Angeles Times.

The LAPD said on Friday that it is investigating the shooting, but defended the officers’ actions.

Police said they noticed Mr Arian’s erratic driving behaviour and signalled for him to pull over near the Northridge Fashion Center. He refused and engaged police in a car chase on city streets before pulling onto the Ventura Freeway.

Mr Arian was driving a black Crown Victoria, which his family said was a retired police cruiser that he purchased at an auction. (the ‘retired police cruiser’ was probably the real reason they wanted to pull him over–emphasis mine)

At one point Mr Arian cut across several lanes, jumped out of the car and started sprinting backwards down the freeway. As he ran, facing police, he extended both hands and clasped them together. The scene was captured by a CBS Sky 2 news helicopter.

Then the man started walking towards his vehicle and assumed what police called “a shooting stance”. He waved what appeared to be a weapon, but was later confirmed to be his cell phone. 

Eight LAPD officers opened fire, killing him. (Abdul Arian on left)

The Arian family watched the dramatic car chase as it was happening on television. The man’s uncle Hamed Arian told the Los Angeles Times he thought his nephew acted erratically because he was afraid.

It emerged that the driver made a desperate 911 call during the pursuit. The LAPD released a partial transcript of the call, in which he claimed to have a gun and threatened to use it on police.

“I have been arrested before for possession of destructive devices, I’m not afraid of the cops,” Mr Arian told the dispatcher. “If they pull their guns, I’m going to have to pull my gun out on them.”

The dispatcher told Mr Arian to surrender to police so he doesn’t get hurt, to which he responded that it would be police who “are going to get hurt”.

No weapon was found at the site of the shooting.

My source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/9203800/LAPD-investigate-high-speed-chase-after-officers-fire-90-rounds-at-teen-driver.html

2nd source (more detail with pics) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2129203/8-LAPD-police-officers-shoot-kill-unarmed-man-19-90-rounds-dramatic-car-chase-caught-live-TV.html

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2 Responses to Police Pump Out 90 Bullets At Teen Driver.

  1. Dalia says:

    God bless his soul ! May god punish all of his culprits !!

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