True Or False: Is This Artist A Holocaust Denier _ An Anti-Semite?

The fact is, the ADL Unwittingly & Unthinkingly Honours this man’s Art Illustrations.

The following commentary is found on the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) webpage. Link at bottom to full article. I have abbreviated it.


David Dees, a Louisville, Kentucky-based graphic artist, has found a large audience for his anti-Semitic and conspiratorial art. This artwork has been circulated on extremist email groups, published on the Websites of 9/11 conspiracy theorists and turned into videos posted on YouTube and other Websites.

A great deal of Dees’ art is overtly anti-Semitic and many of his images promote Holocaust denial. (David Dees’ art is anti-Zionism, NOT anti-Semitic, emphasis mine)

In one image, prisoners are disembarking from a train at Auschwitz. In the foreground a man holds a placard reading “What really happened?” while “Truth does not fear investigation” – a line used by Holocaust deniers – is written on the side of a cattle car.

In another image a prisoner jailed for having “asked for proof of 6 million gassed during Holocaust” is imprisoned between a “serial rapist” and a “murderer.” Faceless guards are dressed in riot control outfits with a Star of David with the letter Z at its center on their chests and Israeli police badges on their sleeves.

Another image depicts a woman being zapped by a laser gun by the same faceless guards as she reads a book entitled Did Six Million Really Die?

In yet another, Dees uses pictures of the gas chambers at Auschwitz and promotes the lie that Zyklon-B gas was used to kill lice, not people, in Auschwitz, which he asserts has been proven by “scientific testing.”

This falsehood is at the heart of many Holocaust deniers’ propaganda. In the same image, Dees alleges that it is the “Zionists” who claim the gas was used “to exterminate millions of Jews,” again suggesting that the Holocaust is a myth created by those who wanted to establish a Jewish state.

The Star of David with the letter Z (most likely referring to Zionists) at its center is a mainstay in Dees’ anti-Semitic images. It’s on the uniforms of the faceless guards, within a red mushroom cloud hovering over an American city, on a pendant on the wrist of California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (who wears a Nazi badge on his lapel), and  in a dark sky over the chained wrists of an Arab child.

In the context of Dee’s images, the Star of David with the letter Z suggests Jewish control over individuals and world events. (Who can deny that? Think AIPAC__the strongest and most organized Jewish Lobby group in the USA! It is just one of numerous such clusters that exist throughout the Western Nations. emphasis mine)

Read the full article here: The link contains various examples of Dees’ Illustrations.

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