List of 17 Zionist Jewish Organizations Pushing USA Into War With Iran

Veterans Today    June 19/12  Posted by Debbie Menon

by Alison Weir   (I have abbreviated the article)

Israeli Journalist Larry Derfner writing on the +971 Israeli website, states that Israel and its lobby in the U.S. “have been leading the charge” for an American war against Iran for years “and they’re hardly hiding it.” Derfner writes:

“If America ends up bombing Iran first (unlikely), or being drawn into a war as a result of Israel’s bombing Iran first (much more likely), that American war will be stamped “Made In Israel”… by everyone with eyes and ears in his or her head.”

Derfner goes on to state that the U.S. military establishment doesn’t want to fight in Iran, but “Israel and AIPAC have been dragging them toward it with all their might.”

Derfner claims that pushing the U.S. into a war that it doesn’t want is “unprecedented,” and blames the Republican Party for today’s situation.

However, there is compelling evidence that Israel has played a role in previous American wars. There are also indications that individuals active in Israel’s founding movement __ Zionism __played a role in the U.S. entering World War I, a war that Americans voted resoundingly against joining.

(If I’m not mistaken, the Zionists also had a hand in pushing America into WW2! And, it sure looks like these cloven-hoof criminals will be responsible for dragging the world into a third world war, which will make the first two look like scuffles and scrimmages. My comments)

Here’s the list of 17 Jewish clusters seeking to shove and heave the USA into war with Iran. Woe to these criminal accomplices! Eventually, they will vanish in smoke. So say the prophets of the true House of Israel.

_The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)

_Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations

_Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA)

_The Jewish Federations of North America

_American Jewish Committee (AJC)

_Anti-Defamation League (ADL)

_Union for Reform Judaism

_Orthodox Union

_The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

_Jewish Re-constructionist Federation


_National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW)

_American Jewish Congress

_Women’s League for Conservative Judaism

_B’nai B’rith International

_Jewish War Veterans of the United States

_Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life

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