The Hypocritical Jewish B’nai Brith Slams UNESCO Affiliation With Gaza University

Times of Israel  July 14, 2012

The Jewish organization B’nai Brith*, on Thursday, slammed the decision to establish a UNESCO* chair of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Sciences at the Islamic University of Gaza, which is closely linked with Hamas.

“To so strongly associate an organization meant to promote peaceful goals with a terrorist organization is yet another contributor to the world body’s tarnished reputation in the international community,” B’nai B’rith International President Allan J. Jacobs said.

“Establishing this special UNESCO scientific chair in effect legitimates an anti-Semitic institution so closely associated with a terrorist organization.

This decision flies in the face of rational thought, and once again gravely politicizes an agency that should be dealing with education, science and culture,” added B’nai B’rith International Executive Vice President Daniel S. Mariaschin.

According to a statement released by B’nai Brith, the Hamas-controlled university “promulgates anti-Semitic, racist, anti-Israel ideologies” and is believed to have served as a storage facility for weapons used against Israel. (END OF ARTICLE)

Can you believe this __a Jewish organization accusing the Palestinians of being terrorists and anti-Semites!!

Firstly, the Palestinians are TRUE Semites, while 80-90% of the Jews illegally occupying Palestine are non-Semitic.

Secondly, the Palestinians are the indigenous people of that land. They are the victims! They have every right in the world to RESIST the occupation of their land by a foreign enemy who falsely present themselves as the Creator-God’s “chosen ones”!

The REAL Anti-Semites are the criminal Zionist Jews! They are NOT the victims. They are the victimizers!!

The REAL terrorists are the same cloven-hoof-cluster __the Zionist entity __claiming to represent the ancient house of Israel. Almost on a daily basis, these bona fide serial killers murder innocent Palestinian men, women and children and not a peep from most of the nations on this earth.

These hell-born barbaric bastards are counterfeits and impostors. And, unfortunately the “whole world is deceived” on this matter. The UN allows this filthy entity to operate, kill, terrorize, torture, destroy, deny basic human rights and steal with total impunity! (Child from Gaza murdered by the Zionist serial killers)

Woe to them, for they will eventually vanish in smoke! So say the prophets of the True House of Israel!!

*Sons of the Covenant = B’nai Brith the Jewish brother-group of the Anti-Defamation League aka ADL.

*United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization = UNESCO


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