Behold The Sham! Zionist War Criminals Capture and Charge Nazi Collaborator With War Crimes!

The leaders of the Zionist state are war criminals of the first magnitude. They have destroyed and “wiped off the map” over 450 Palestinian villages, massacred thousands of innocents, forced hundreds of thousands of indigenous Palestinians to flee their land, and continue on a daily basis to kill Palestinians, steal their land, destroy their homes and deny basic human rights.

These double-dealing-zio-demons have just arrested a 95yr old Polish Nazi collaborator for allegedly sending 15, 700 Jews to Auschwitz in the Spring of 1944. Notice, in the following article that he is not charged with killing anyone, but for the deportation of Jews.

Here’s the article. I have abbreviated it.

Jerusalem Post     By  Gil Shefler   July 18, 2012

Police in Hungary on Tuesday arrested Laszlo Csatary, said to be the world’s most wanted living Nazi, and charged him with war crimes related to the deportation of thousands of Jews to Auschwitz during World War II.

Hungarian prosecution said it indicted the 95-year-old for the part he played in sending 15,700 Jews to Nazi death camps when he was the police chief of Kosice. (pic of 95 yr. old Laszlo Csatary on left)

Csatary was the police chief of Kosice during the deportation of 15,700 local Jews to Auschwitz in spring 1944, according to Efraim Zuroff of the Simon Wiesenthal center.

After the war he emigrated to Canada but was stripped of his citizenship in 1995 when his wartime role was discovered and he subsequently returned to his country of birth.

Zuroff said on Thursday he hoped Csatary’s trial will be swift due to the suspect’s age.

Asked why he insisted on bringing the remaining Nazis and their collaborators –the youngest of which are well in their 90s– to trial over 60 years since World War II ended, Zuroff said “the passage of times does not diminish the guilt of the killers.”

“Don’t look at Csatary when he is old and frail, look at a man who, when he was at the height of the his powers, devoted them to killing people,” he said.

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