Moon Landing Hoax! NASA Unwittingly Reveals Van Allen Radiation Belts Prohibit Human Spaceflight. (2min vid incl)

Since Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, passed away a few days ago, I thought I’d post the following NASA article which was released about 10 hrs ago.

The following is a comment with the username  un4g1v3n1

“NASA is still seeking to develop technology to safeguard humans for spaceflight into radiation-laden space within and beyond the Van Allen Radiation belts, and the protection provided by our magnetosphere.”

“Until that technology is available, our exploits into space will continue to be well below the beginning of radiation belts so intense, Van Allen called them a SEA of DEADLY RADIATION. What we know from the effects of radiation on Earth teaches us that Apollo was nothing more than mere FANTASY.” (end of comment by username un4g1v3n1)

According to the you tube vid below, every space ship, whether Russian or American with humans aboard, beginning in 1961 to the present, all have maintained altitudes of one thousand miles well below the Van Allen Radiation Belts. The only space craft to go through the 25,000 miles of those belts was the Apollo.

Question: If it’s NOT possible to presently pass through these deadly radiation belts, how was it possible for the Apollo to pass through and land on the moon without any danger to the astronauts in 1969? They didn’t have the technology to do so, as the following article seems to indicate. (do you notice anything wrong with that pic?)

Here’s the NASA article.

AFP      Aug.30, 2012

NASA launched two satellites into space on Thursday to explore the belts of radioactive particles orbiting the Earth, in a mission that is the first of its kind.

The twin spacecraft will spend the next two years exploring the so-called Van Allen belt that is filled with highly-charged particles and at times poses a danger to communications, GPS satellites and even human spaceflight.

“Scientists will learn in unprecedented detail how the radiation belts are populated with charged particles, what causes them to change and how these processes affect the upper reaches of the atmosphere around Earth,” said John Grunsfeld, associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate.

“The information collected from these probes will benefit the public by allowing us to better protect our satellites and understand how space weather affects communications and technology on Earth.”

The satellites — buttressed with protective plating — blasted into orbit from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida aboard an Atlas V 401 rocket.

NASA’s latest mission comes just weeks after the space agency landed its $2.5 billion Mars Science Laboratory and Curiosity rover on the surface of the Red Planet, breaking new ground in US-led exploration of an alien world.


Here’s a link to the 10 min version of the vid below which is titled “greatest proof man didn’t land on the moon”.

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Because of my last name, there are some who might think I'm a Muslim. I regard myself as Christian-other. That is, I'm an older student of the bible. Truth-seeking is my present passion. Presently, I do a lot of research into the World Wars, the mass media, the Holocaust, Zionism, Health Issues, 9/11 and the power brokers who are behind the New World Order that is gradually being established mainly in the Western Nations. Many prognosticators (prophets) both secular and religious are warning us that we are living "On the Eve of Destruction". There's a very good chance a nuclear tsunami will eventually visit many nations. Let's hope they are wrong.
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300 Responses to Moon Landing Hoax! NASA Unwittingly Reveals Van Allen Radiation Belts Prohibit Human Spaceflight. (2min vid incl)

  1. I agree there is compelling evidence leading one to subscribe to the hoax theory, there’s just as compelling evidence leading them in the other direction.

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi David! Thanks for your comment. After reviewing the evidence presented by many experts, I’m convinced that the Moon Landing was indeed a Hollywood production. The Van Allen radiation belts is the most compelling evidence that humans, presently, do not have the technology to allow them to travel to the moon or to another planet.

      Thanks again, David and peace and blessings to you and yours!

      • Your article contains cherry-picked statements from an article that is focused on LONG-TERM (several months and more) manned space flights. The Apollo missions lasted only a little more than a week. The fact that you are ignorant about the reality of the Apollo missions is evident in your face-palmingly absurd acceptance of whatever hogwash is presented to support your ludicrous claim, regardless of its lack of legitimate reference(s), logic, or proper science. If there is/are any specific question(s) you have about the Van Allen belts, in association with Apollo, I will be glad to attempt to answer.

        Also, as far as NASA doing more research in the magnetosphere (which is the ACTUAL cause of the belts), that is how science works. The Earth’s oceans are dangerous, and still being studied in depth, but that doesn’t make them impassible. Science does NOT know everything. That is why it doesn’t quit.

    • colin bath says:

      I watched a documentary on Netflix about this very issue. It discussed the radiation belts and numerous other things, including photos with strange shadows. I continue to attempt to find someone who will confirm how Apollo got through the radiation belts, but find only answers in the negative.

      Just as we now find that President JFK was not killed as reported, one wonders how much history has been made up to fortify someone’s or a group’s goals. Look at the Mormons with golden plates and papyrus that are fake, Catholicism hiding it’s clergy’s heinous crimes, the Bush family’s connection to Hitler, all now proven. If you’re afraid of accepting the truth, don’t go looking for it. There are still billions of other sheep out there who will believe everything their leaders tell them. But once you experience a real incident where you find those same leaders have lied, you will never blindly accept anything again.

      It’s not the truth I fear. It’s the people who won’t question what other humans tell them. We have all lied, some much more than others, to protect our own positions. Remember, first the church said the earth was flat, then many iterations of false maps later, we discovered what it’s really about. If you are unwilling to question other human animals, you have no right to criticize those who do.

      • ron abbass says:

        Hi Colin! Thanks for your comments __much appreciated. I wholeheartedly agree with you @ “It’s not the truth I fear. It’s the people who won’t question what other humans tell them”! It’s my contention that it is the mass media, which is controlled by power brokers from a particular “tribe”, who are responsible for most of the dis-info and propaganda that is presented as “history” and as “current events”.

        Thanks again, Colin. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

      • aaron says:

        Wait… someone found the Mormons’ gold plates and they were fake??? Do tell. Was it really fools gold or real gold but a make believe story? And since we are on the topic of crazy stories what about the burning bush, that seems a little far fetched to me or the parting of the read sea? Or what about a young lad challenging a giant with his sling shot, a little far fetched if you ask a doubter like me. And what about the great flood that wiped out the entire world’s population but one man who apparently made a lucky guess to prepare for such an event or was told by God himself. Or what about that so called Hebrew prophet that would heal the dead and cause the lame to walk? What about the story his followers wrote about this same prophet rising from the dead after 3 days. Have scientists figured that one out yet? Man…this history is tough stuff. One could argue the past is about has difficult to figure out as the future. Believing has never been the problem it has always been the lack of belief. If there really is a creator of a beautiful planet like the one we live on, surely he can clear of the confusion, James 1:27 is a good place to start.

      • ron abbass says:

        Hi aaron! Thanks for your comments __much appreciated. There IS a Creator, and he will eventually make all things new. However, before that time comes, we are to clear up the confusion in our own lives. One has free will to seek the Creator and his determined will, or to reject altogether, the Creator, and his will. James is talking about “pure religion”. Most “religions” have some truth and lots of lies, customs, rituals and man-made doctrines.

        Thanks again, aaron. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

      • Zero-11 says:

        There is no connection between the Bush family and Hitler, this is Jewish Bullshit. Btw. Earth is not a Planet, there is no infinite universe.

      • AngelFire says:

        The “truth” to these “leaders” is just “a lie that is hidden”!

      • ron abbass says:

        Hi AngelFire! Thanks so much for your observations and comments — much appreciated. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

      • 1dogma1 says:

        Thank you for your comment. Have you had it out with Steve yet? A couple people are quite fond of his dedication to being right. Regards, Meeks.

      • hsaive says:

        Some of the brightest people I talk to know the Apollo mission was an “inside job”. They won’t discuss it unless you bring it up. Looking at all the documentaries and books should convince any reasonable person to be very skeptical — especially considering we have everything military and strategical to gain by going back to the moon…but mum’s the word and Mars is the big distraction. ….Notice how little Mars news is in the media. I suspect something’s up.

      • simphiwe says:

        beautiful. thanks man for your words.

  2. willie says:

    I think so many people believe in conspiracy theories because there is an excitement about such theories. The truth can seem boring in comparison. The idea that the moon landings could be a hoax is surely though the most ridiculous of all such alleged conspiracies. The evidence that the Apollo program DID land men on the moon is overwhelming. 40+ years on and still no-one who was involved with the Apollo program has come forward to say it was a hoax. Ever worse for the hoax believers, we now have evidence from non-NASA sources that the landing sites on the moon are real. No doubt though these people will claim that those behind these images are also in on conspiracy. Sad and pathetic really. We should take pride in one of the most extraordinary achievement of mankind instead of being so daft!

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi Willie! Thanks for your comment. I believe NASA and their admission that the Van Allen Belts, at this particular juncture, prevent human travel to the moon or other planets. If you participated in a massive lie that was foisted upon the public, would you come forward and confess?

      In any case, Willie, I do thank you for your comments. Peace to you and yours.

      • Phil says:

        Cant believe so many people still think the landings on the moon are false. There are so many articles about the Van Allen Belt, The radiation they were exposed to for 1hr was not enough to do them any real harm. It mentioned they would have to be in the belt for 3 months to endure any harm.
        Now if you want a good conspiracy theory what about humans being the children of visiting aliens, much more evidence around to support this.

      • ron abbass says:

        Hiya Phil! Thanks for your observations – much appreciated. However, I’m convinced that no American astronaut walked on the moon, nor of the outlandish fairytale that we humans are the children of aliens. :-)

        Nonetheless, thanks again Phil! Peace and blessings to you and yours.


      • jason twist says:

        one point about this clip,, notice the background,, its completely flat,, no bumps,, hills,, mountains,, or craters !!! i find it hard to believe that the moons surface is totally flat?

    • jason twist says:

      willie,, explain to us then how they got thru the van allen belts? just becuase a lie is 40 years old doesnt make it now thruth,, if you can explain,, clearly,,how they did it,, ill listen,, but unless you got something credible to say,,then its just ur uneducated moronic opinion and thats not what this topic is about.
      plus,, you dont believe that the government would,,lie,,to its ppls,,do you? surely not,,no polititions always tell the truth,,right,, they wouldnt lie about something ,, that had such a huge benifitial effect for themselves,,would they? wake up mate. ppl are assholes,,self absorbed and iggnorant,, a person will do just about anything to further their own goals. lying,, thats childs play,, mass murder for profit,, now,, thats a bit more serious.

      • ron abbass says:

        Hi Jason! Thanks for both of your observations! I couldn’t agree more with you. Lies and deceptions are the order of the day.

        Peace and blessings to you and yours, Jason!

      • Mike Anthony says:

        Took the words out of my mouth. We can’t even FOIA the original moon landing films because they’re missing.

      • hsaive says:

        Alleged Moon rocks out of touch and out of sight. Insurance fraud in 2002 is likely how can we tell a moon rock from a meteorite? This from Wikipedia…..

        “The main repository for the Apollo moon rocks is the Lunar Sample Laboratory Facility at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. For safe keeping, there is also a smaller collection stored at White Sands Test Facility in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Most of the rocks are stored in nitrogen to keep them free of moisture. They are only handled indirectly, using special tools.

        Moon rocks collected during the course of lunar exploration are currently considered priceless. In 1993, three small fragments from Luna 16, weighing 0.2 g, were sold for US$ 442,500. In 2002, a safe, containing minute samples of lunar and Martian material, was stolen from the Lunar Sample Building. The samples were recovered; in 2003, during the court case, NASA estimated the value of these samples at about $1 million for 285 g (10 oz) of material.

        Naturally transported moon rocks (in the form of lunar meteorites), although expensive, are widely sold and traded among private collectors.”

    • AngelFire says:

      Hey willie

      Recent evidence shows that President Kennedy was shot with a high calibre bullet. Since the rifle that was said to be Lee Harvey Oswald’s was low calibre how can you accept that he was the “lone” gunman. Further, the Zapruder film has been shown to have been massively edited. One only has to look at the bystanders when Kennedy is being shot to see how the film had been tampered with, as they are looking up the street and not at the president.

      Even more new evidence with better technology of the Zapruder film shows Present Kennedy was first shot in the throat (as he reaches for his neck with both hands). That bullet came from the front. Also the autopsy doctors state taht there was a massive hole in the back of Kennedy’s head indicating he was shot from the front and not the back. And of course anyone stupid enough to believe in the “magic bullet” theory are themselves believers in conspiracy theories since the “magic bullet” theory defies all physics!

    • Truthy1 says:

      Can you provide 1 source for a satellite or telescopic image taken from Earth that shows one iota of evidence of a landing ? Nobody else can either ! There supposedly are two large Rovers and landing pods still there right ! Job One: Redundancy/safety ? Why didn’t NASA fly a dog or monkey to the moon first to make sure it could be done? Not even an orbit ! Why are we still the only visitors to the moon? Hmmm… it is easier to fool people than it is to tell them they have been fooled. Cognitive Dissonance,Normalcy Bias and Insulated Ignorance are far easier to fall for without Faithful pursuit of the Truth. If you honestly seek the truth it will be revealed to you.Keep up your research on Van Allen belts and the 1962 nuclear war head tests on it.

      • ron abbass says:

        Hi Truthy1 Thanks for your insightful comments and thought-provoking questions. I wholeheartedly agree with them. Peace and blessings to you and yours, Truthy1. :-)

      • hsaive says:

        We have telescopes that can spot earth-like planets in another galaxy but the tin-foil American Flag on the moon remains out of range?

      • Tim says:

        Why go to the moon again. The expense is just not worth it. What is there to find that would make it a worthwhile venture? We use science to disprove science. Really? What kind of proof would you need to accept that they landed on the moon? Or is there no such proof that you could except?

      • ron abbass says:

        Hi Tim! Thanks for your comments and questions — much appreciated. Your questions have been answered in many of those who commented on this post. Take care, Tim and peace and blessings to you and yours.

      • hsaive says:

        If Neil DeGrasse Tyson (New Al Gore) says we went to the Moon…then we went to the moon! Right? (grin)

      • 1dogma1 says:

        They found another belt a few months back, because of the probes.( Does this mean the supposed trajectory of 30° will change? The more new things we discover, the more you have to wonder. I wonder what’s in between the 2nd & 3rd belt!!!?? Stanley Kubrick route?

      • 1dogma1 says:

        Whoever doesn’t think there is any good reason for going back to the moon, have you heard of “Helium 3?” The moon is covered with it. It could be an awesome contributer for alternate energy. Do some research, nasa did and found a 3rd belt. Facts are still being furnished & I think this blog will be here to see the end result.

      • Chris Carter says:

        Apollo 10 went into lunar orbit in a dress rehearsal for the Apollo 11 mission – didn’t you know that Truthy1? Also, google ‘LROC’ and you’ll see plenty of images of all 6 of the Apollo mission’s landing sites, which include the equipment left behind, and the Lunar Module descent stage. This is all the proof you need that the Apollo missions were NOT faked.

    • Crabby Abbey says:

      What proof do you have that they happened? How did all of the original films of it get destroyed? Why can’t NASA explain how humans were protected from radiation. If you are believing the government and not the scientists, I’m sorry but you are a fool. It’s like climate change – 99% of the scientists are not wrong. Turn off Fox and start reading outside the American echo chamber of lies.

      • ron abbass says:

        Hi Crabby Abbey! :-) Thanks for your bang-on and witty comments — much appreciated. I especially liked your spot on observation @ “Turn off Fox and start reading outside the American echo chamber of lies.” :-)

        Thanks again, Abbey. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

    • Eyeswideopen says:

      Ever wonder why they called the black box the TEL-LIE-VISION? Just a few letters moved around to stop the sheep barring when bored……….Some people are so brain trained by this thing that they actually think the actors are really NOT acting!

      Capricorn ONE (1 Goat ) is a good film to watch to get the feel of how things turn out for real!

  3. Not Willie says:

    @ Rob Abbass
    Willie is a shill, you idiot!!!

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi Willie NOT! Thanks for your comment. Please note my name is not “Rob”. Are you sure your comment was meant for the above topic? Methinks you’ve been drinking too much dumb-whoopass! :-) Happy New Year, Willie-NOT!

  4. Engineer says:

    The article you cite says that Van Allen Belt activity affects human spaceflight “at times” which does not imply that they are always deadly. The video you embedded notes that no manned space mission has ventured into or through the belts “except the moon missions” and cites no source other than CNN. And the flashes of light seen by the shuttle astronauts? Also reported by every man sent to the moon, which even by your logic, is positive proof that these men did go to the moon.

    Here’s something you may not have thought about: given that the Saturn V contained enough fuel to take 100,000 pounds into orbit ~400,000 km above the earth’s surface, where else could it have gone but the moon?

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi Engineer! Thanks for your comment. Was Saturn V manned? If it wasn’t manned then it certainly could have travelled thru the Van Allen Belts.

      Why hasn’t NASA gone back to the moon, if they went there in 1969? Answer: It was a Hollywood production! :-) Do some research, since you don’t even believe NASA’s own admission that the Van Belts, presently, prohibit human space travel.

      Thanks again, Engineer for taking the time to comment__much appreciated. Peace!

    • AngelFire says:

      Hey Engineer

      You are reasoning with false logic. You are stating that… because the Saturn V rocket could contain or did contain the fuel… that is proof that they went to the moon.

      That is really very dumb. It is not proof of anything. Coming from an Engineer? Did they not teach you logic?

  5. John says:

    Not only do I believe the Van Allen belts would most probably prevent safe passage for astronauts, how were all the intricate on board calculations made with no more than a 64K computer? Once NASA understood early on that reaching the moon was impossible they simply decided to fake it. This saved face against the Soviets and provided decades of guaranteed job security for the employees involved. Never trust the government without verifiable evidence!

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi John! Thanks for your sound and insightful observations __much appreciated. Peace to you and yours.

    • Zero-11 says:

      The USA and the Soviet Union were never enemies, also Yuri Gagarin was never in Space. In the Stratosphere under the Van Allen Belt but not in Space.

      • ron abbass says:

        Hi Zero! Thanks for your observations. You could be right re “USA and Soviet were never enemies”. However, that may not be the case today. I agree with you re: no astronauts passed through the Van Allen Belt __all were under that radiation belt.

        Thanks again, Zero! Peace and blessings to you and yours.

    • Mike Chambers says:

      I’m not arguing that we went to the moon, I think it was not possible… but I just want to say that computer technology wouldn’t have been a prohibiting factor. 64 KB of memory space on a computer was always easily expandable via bankswitching. If you really wanted, you could use many gigabytes of RAM on a small 8 or 16 bit computer using that technique.

      • ron abbass says:

        Hi Mike! Thanks for your comments re the memory space on a computer and the great question you posed -ie- Don’t you think they would have discovered this belt as Apollo flights passed through it? IMO, Apollo didn’t pass thru any Van Allen Belt.

        Thanks again, Mike. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

    • AngelFire says:

      Hey John

      Your reasoning on this is as bad as Engineer’s. You would need to prove that the computer’s could not calculate what was needed.

      The real questions are 2 fold. How could the Apollo ships pass through the belts and the Astronauts survive and is there real proof that artifacts remain on the “landing sites” on the moon. There are claims now that there are new pictures revealing the artifacts. These photographs need to be examined from their source to see if these are fakes. They may very well be. It would be better if the proof was video and not pictures (which are easier to fake.)

      • Shaz T says:

        I’ve seen the photos, google does better! see a website (not mine) called and look for a RichPlanet interview re: Apollo to see them. a movie called Apollo Zero is a gem. NASA film of fakery inside an Apollo capsule did it for me, on top of the belt! Once you are free from believing this, no gold plates or fake papyrus, or government sponsored propaganda will fool you again. Critical thinking, logic and rationale are the keys to the truth, and freedom. peace!

    • hsaive says:

      Outside of the thousands of examples that the Moon landings were faked, It’s very important to zoom out our thinking to ask why neither the US or any other country/corporation has RETURNED to the moon to establish a critically important and valuable base of operations for future manned space travel.

      There is a reason why this question is never asked in the Media, by NASA or in Space journals. There is a reason all of our space experiments are stuck running on a near earth orbit space station in micro-gravity instead of a developed, sophisticated and inhabited lunar site with enough gravity to function at a higher level.

      Those LROC images might look impressive to a novice, but too many of us know NASA can re-write history with photoshop and science fraud.

  6. Andy Klokweiss says:

    No, people believe in rational (not conspiracy) theories because they can see the ‘official’ explanation offered is clearly a load of illogical bullsh*t. Official channels like to use the words ‘conspiracy theory’ to denigrate the suspicions as they are left with no other defence when logic prevails.

    That’s why so-called conspiracy theories don’t actually exist for everything. Only for those matters for which the official “propaganda” is so obviously smoke and mirrors.

    Don’t be so gullible, willie.

    • AngelFire says:

      Hey Andy

      What people also need to be aware of is that “mainstream media” is controlled now by 6 corporations some of which receive massive funding from the government. Any institution that receives funding can only be defined as a propaganda medium. Thus any media reporting that is funded by government can no longer be considered objective and thus reputable.

      • Shaz T says:

        Hi AngelFire, You have the ownership of media fact correct, but the rest is a little more complex. Governments are now puppets of the Corporate World Order, that’s why it hardly matters what ‘party,’ only that they are put in place for a reason. Public money is absolutely being handed over to private corps. And governmental departments write the news and distribute it. Diversions are plenty; fear, poverty and ‘austerity’ keep the masses from standing up for each other and against the powerful and evil ruling class. I really hope a wake-up call will be sent forth, loud and clear, all the way through space, and that we will come together in peace and prosperity. regards, Shaz

  7. silly says:

    silly Nasa. it should have saved the taxpayers’ money as this study is totally unnecessary. Nasa should just ask the apollo-believers who claim that the radiation belts are totally harmless if you can fly through them in an hour

    • Eyeswideopen says:

      Is this the reason Yashua said to all of us who would listen: “The truth will set you free!” We need to be free from this Satanic propaganda that keep the sheep in a state of mind slavery to the lies of this world……………..Space travel is not only expensive but it kills people and animals through tests so sever that many just can’t live normally afterward………..Neil Armstrong was one who had to face the rest of his life to speak the lie that he’d actually walked on the moon…………….Tell a lie or die! Poor man may he now rest in peace!

      • ron abbass says:

        Hi Eyeswideopen! Thank you for both your comments and insights — much appreciated. I agree re: .Neil Armstrong was one who had to face the rest of his life to speak the lie that he’d actually walked on the moon That was the main reason why he stayed out of the public eye.

        Thanks again Eyeswideopen. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

  8. Carla says:

    ” She said that when Jasmine feels a little tired, she will ask her mom innocently, “Can I have some
    of my ‘baby food. A bone scan report dated 28 August 2006, confirmed “no evidence of MDP avid skeletal metastasis. Patients are anesthetized or sedated as body temperature is increased to 107-108F.

  9. Eoin the physicist says:

    Alright, the extremely simple answer as to how the astronauts made it safely through the van allen radiation belts is that the spent very little time in these belts, if you do the calculations, going at the minimum speed of the spacecraft necessary to escape the earths pull and get into the moons gravitational pull, as well as factoring in the gravitational pull of both objects into your calcuations, and then couple this with how radioactive the belts are, you would see that the aircraft would travel through the belts in roughly 1-2 hours each, and this exposed them to ~2 rems (a unit used to measure the radiation a human is exposed to) each way. Seeing as leading medical research suggests that about 350 rems is the borderline limit, the risk to the astronauts is minimal from the van allen belts, at least in comparison to the other risks they faced, and of course, this risk would not kill them immediately, but would at most result in developing cancer at a later stage in life. RADIATION CAN NOT KILL IMMEDIATELY! IF IT COULD, WE WOULD ALL BE DEAD NOW DUE TO RADIATION FROM THE SUN!
    And as to the current studies, in terms surviving of passing through the van allen belts, this is primarily about how we can safeguard astronauts who make repeated journeys through the belts and would thus be at a much higher risk of developing cancer.
    And no, I am not some mindless sheep who has simply accepted what the government has told me, I am a physicist who has done the relevant research and the calculations and knows that passing through the van allen belts will not cause death to anyone.

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi Eoin! Thanks for your in-depth observations! However, your calulations do not gel with NSA’s. I’m inclined to believe the so-called moon landings were all Hollywood.

      At any rate, Eoin, I appreciate your comments. Thanks again and peace and blessings to you and yours.

      • Eoin the physicist says:

        Where exactly can I find these calculations by NSA? I would be most interested to know in
        what way they differ from mine.
        I did not state that the fact humans can pass through the Van Allen belts was proof that man was on the moon, I simply mentioned the fact that if man did go to the moon, the existences of these belts would not kill the astronauts.
        Personally, I do believe man went to the moon, there is overwhelming evidence to support this, but I do accept your right to deny it, if you so choose.

    • ben harper says:

      Physicist… that’s funny! Stick a mouse in your microwave oven, turn it to “high”, then get ready for a show. The radiation present in the VA belt is stronger than man can produce, by a factor of 5….

    • AngelFire says:

      Hey Eoin the physicist

      If the Van Allen belt poses such little risk to health then why is NASA so concerned about the risk now?

      And why was the risk not addressed back in the 60’s? Why was the discussion of this radiation and potential death to the atronauts never discussed? Why did Neil Armstrong cry when the subject was brought up a few years ago? I eman he could have said.. “it really didn’t affect us because….” but instead he just cried! That seems more of an indication that he was involved in some kind of hoax.

    • Mike Anthony says:

      What about after passing through the Van Allen Belts. And also the lack of stars from any lunar mission pictures, or blast craters from the lunar module when the footprints were deeply imprinted right next to it? What kind of thrust engines were on the lunar module considering the vacuum of space?

      • ron abbass says:

        Hi Mike! Thanks for your bang on comments — much appreciated. I wholeheartedly agree with your observations — the moon landing was a Hollywood production. And as you noted, NASA supposedly “LOST” their original footage of the so-called “first man on the moon” –Neil Armstrong, who remained out of the public eye soon after participating in one of the grandest deceptions of the past 100yrs.

        Thanks again Mike! Peace and blessings to you and yours.

      • 1dogma1 says:

        Ron, Thanks to your site (voice of reason) & personal insight (scientific). Are you familiar with the Stanley Kubrick doc. about the moon landings? Good stuff! Do you recommend any 911 reading? Peace 2 you & yours 2!

      • ron abbass says:

        Thank you 1dogma for your compliment –I do appreciate it. Yes, I viewed Stanley Kubrick doc sometime ago. There is a ton of info on 911. If you want a video that demonstrates who were the real culprits behind the 911 false flag, I’d recommend “911 Missing Links” and/or “911 All the proof you need”

        Take good care, 1dogma. Cheers to you and yours.

      • Chris Carter says:

        Why would any stars be visible in the Apollo mission pictures? The cameras used were set to 1/250th of a second shutter speeds due to the bright daytime conditions, rendering the capture of any stars on film impossible. It seems your knowledge of even basic photography is woefully lacking.

  10. ron abbass says:

    Hi Eoin! Instead of “calculations”, I should have stated “obervations/comments”.

    Here’s what is stated in the link in my post regarding NASA’s comments on the Van Allen Belt

    QUOTE: “NASA launched two satellites into space on Thursday to explore the belts of radioactive particles orbiting the Earth, in a mission that is the first of its kind.

    The twin spacecraft will spend the next two years exploring the so-called Van Allen belt that is filled with highly-charged particles and at times poses a danger to communications, GPS satellites and even human spaceflight.” (end of quote)

    Eoin, note that NASA admits they just launched FOR THE FIRST TIME, two satellites to explore the Van Allen belts.

    How in the heck did they know all about the Van Allen belts in the 60’s when they didn’t “explore” them to determine their effects on space flight.

    Eoin, again, I am convinced no man set foot on the moon. At the time of the first so-called man-moon-landing (Neil Armstrong), the Russians, the very next day, said it was a hoax.

    Peace out, bro!

    • AngelFire says:

      Hey Ron

      Why did Neil Armstrong cry when the subject of passing through the VAn Allen belt was brought up a couple of years ago?

      • ron abbass says:

        Hi AngelFire! Here’s my answer to your question re Armstrong cried when Van Allen Belt was brought up. His conscience was pricked, that is, he knew the moon landing was a Big Fat Lie and that was the reason he kept out of the public lime light for the rest of his life. Just my opinion, Angelfire. Peace! :-)

  11. Stevieb says:

    I like your style….God Bless You

  12. ron abbass says:

    Hi Stevieb! Thanks for the blessing. God BLess you, also! :-)

  13. moonlandingswerefaked says:

    We did NOT go to the moon, though we probably could now with the back engineered alien craft the government is operating in secret.. If we are to be convinced we did go to the moon, the overwhelming evidence proving we didn’t go (couldn’t have gone) must be adequately and satisfactorily refuted. Anyone visiting D;C. simply must go to the Air and Space Museum. My wife and I were in stitches of uncontrollable laughter the last time we visited! All you have to do is look at those flimsy Halloween costumes, that Lem go-kart piece of junk and all the other kit that looked like someone had just picked it up from Goodwill! Then you check out all the reasons why it was impossible including temperatures on the moon that would kill a man in seconds. Don’t even dream about that space suit’s cooling system keeping you alive with 4 liters of water including what you had to drink! It’s can get close to 300 F on the moon! I’ts the kind of heat we use for baking! A couple just died hiking in AZ today in dangerous 106F. Do you really think they would have survived 3 times that temperature with a flimsy 1960s era suit with some AC in it?! I was in Palm Springs a couple years ago and thought I was going to die while driving in 120 F heat. My AC literally stopped working in that temperature. It’s a modern VW Jetta with doors far more insulating than Apollo craft. They couldn’t have handled that heat in the craft so forget about being outdoors in those suits fully exposed. Just use yours brains people. The oligarchs that control the show are depending on us not thinking, not looking up at the night sky. I suspect iPhones were created so we’d all become less aware of our environment. The aliens could literally take over the world with us all looking down and ignoring them! Seriously. We have become a dangerously inhuman country. Just in time for the aliens to take over.Personally, I’m all for it. I’d much rather have a more intelligent race controlling the world than all the bankers, oil companies and war mongers running the show now. Anything’s got to be better, eh?

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi Soul! Thanks for your perceptive and informative comments __much appreciated. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

    • AngelFire says:

      Hey moonlandingswerefaked

      It is really difficult to know what is true. It is coming out that the Nazi’s had tested manned “flying saucers” in February 1945. Maybe the Nazi’s went to the moon. Who knows… but been one of 12 kids who have seen a flying saucer hovering above me, in the 60’s, from no more than 200 feet away and seeing it zoom off, I believe someone has the technology to go to the moon and has long since dealt with the Van Allen radiation. Just not NASA.

    • Chris Carter says:

      Your ‘heat’ argument holds no water. The ‘heat’ on the moon is the surface temperature, not the temperature of objects above it. Also, you don’t seem to realize that in a vacuum, heat transfer is completely different to that in earth’s atmosphere. You need to do some more research to alleviate yourself of your ignorance.

  14. John Hucul says:

    If those spacesuits were as great as nasa says they are why don’t we use em to clean up 3 mile island or chernobyl…. probably because they are not what they say they are ….

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi John! :-) Thanks for a very insightful and thought-provoking observations. A superb question! :-) I am convinced the moon landing as presented to the public was a hoax. The very day after Armstrong was supposedly to have set foot on the moon, I recall the Russians stating that it was a hoax.

      Thanks again, John. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

  15. Jenny says:

    Just a thought, how did the aliens get through the van allen belts?

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi Jenny! Thanks for your comment-question which is an interesting one. If “aliens” are able to travel throughout our solar system and/or galaxy then I’m sure they would have solved the problem of the Van Allan Belts. Or, they may not be flesh, blood and bone as we are and the belts wouldn’t have any effect on them. :-)

      Thanks again, Jenny. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

    • AngelFire says:

      What aliens? You mean the Nazi’s who developed flying saucer technology back in the early 1940’s? The same Nazi’s who had developed atomic bombs and gave one to the US so that Hitler, Boremann and others, including Hammler the head of the Nazi secret weapons projects and Mueller the head of the Gestapo, could leave Germany and live in Argentina? There is proof Boremann cashed checks in 1967. And proof Germany sent weapons grade uranium that the US received to use in one of 2 bombs dropped on Japan.

  16. Mike Chambers says:

    There is also a third Van Allen radiation belt which NASA discovered this year, then four weeks later they conveniently said “Oh, it’s not there anymore it was destroyed by a huge solar flare.” after they realized the implication this would have on the moon hoax.

    Don’t you think they would have discovered this belt as Apollo flights passed through it?

  17. GuitarMan says:

    The perpetrators of the moon landing hoax because they are full of hoaxes…..

    ~ Jews don’t work, they steal everything they have from us Real Israelites and other Races !!!

    “Our major vice of old, as of today, is PARASITISM. We are a people of vultures living on the labor (of the host nations) and the good nature of the rest of the world….. It seems to be part of the Jews’ unwritten code that they should never work. I venture to add that they never will, either…..I cannot find anything of value that the Jews have created in their 250 years residence on the American continent.” (Samuel Roth, a Jew, “Jews Must Live”, The Golden Hind Press, New York (1934), pp. 56, 101, 108).

    “A Jew cannot be a true patriot. He is something different, like a harmful insect. He must be kept apart, out of a place where he can do mischief – even by pogroms, if necessary. The Jews are responsible for Bolshevism [Communism] in Russia, and Germany too. I was far too indulgent with them during my reign, and I bitterly regret the favors I showed the prominent Jewish bankers.” (WILHELM II. German Kaiser, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, July 2, 1922)

    “A Jew remains a Jew. Assimilation is impossible, because a Jew cannot change his national character or his nature. Whatever he does, he is a Jew and remains a Jew. The majority has discovered this fact, but too late.” (The Jew Ludwig Lewisohn, in his book “Israel,” 1926)

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi GuitarMan! Thanks for those revealing quotes by Jewish writers — much apreciated. I guess we could consider these Jews as either/or — self-hating or anti-Semitic! :-)

      Peace and blessings to you and yours, GuitarMan!

  18. The Van Allen belts are just one reason I’ve come to see that the moon landings were impossible. the documentary “a funny thing happened on the way to the moon” reveals many more. There is footage clearly showing them faking being half way to the moon when they are really in earth orbit. the whole air-conditioning question is another huge problem. regardless of how much computing power they had, nothing can explain how thr suits and craft kept them from being cooked alive, operating on what were basically just car batteries (for 3 days in 200-300 degree heat), especially when there is no atmosphere, no outside air to use to cool the inside air. (We all understand how modern a/c works right?) It’s a joke if u stop and think about it for even five minutes!

    Plus you have all the wonky photo evidence, the shadows etc, the flapping us flag, and the moon walk footage, which when sped up, is CLEARLY just showing guys hopping and driving around in normal gravity. think about it, operating in 1/7 of the earth’s gravity wouldn’t make you go in “slo-mo”, the astronauts arms and bodies would be able to move as naturally as we seem them do as when they were training on earth. what we WOULD see is them is them taking long, floaty steps like we see in the movies, yet the “moon-walkers” stay as close to the ground as we do on earth… plus there is no burn mark under the lunar lander’s huge engine, and on and on…

  19. Brian "Smitty" Smith says:

    Anyone can do 5 minutes of internet research and easily find the answer to how astronauts DID IN FACT PASS THROUGH THE BAN ALLEN BELTS!! You people are the reason real conspiracies of terror or greed are able to successfully occur without a second look by the majority of the public or media of any kind! I too believe the government lies to its people and at times kills them. But for you to buy into this Van Allen Belt bullshit as a reason to circle jerk the absolutly psychotic story that they faked the moon landing is pathetic! Think exposure time, trajectory, velocity and stop looking at the damn pics!! The Van Allen belts are not perfectly shaped their are thinner areas and it does move! And there is all kinds of different radiation people that you know absolutly nothing about! Lead is the stupidest form of “protection”! Ever heard of google you idiots maybe you should try using it before looking like a bunch of thin wits lol…no wonder people laugh off conspiricists (shaking my head)

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi Brian! Thanks for your comments — much appreciated. Why haven’t the Americans (NASA) gone to the moon since? Why haven’t the Russians tried it? They haven’t gone because they do not have the technology to pass thru the Van Allen Belts. That’s what NASA admits to in the article, that is, if you read it!

      Thanks again, Brian. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

      • Chris Carter says:

        Don’t your realize Ron that the Apollo mission trajectories, meant that the ships spent very little time in the belts and skirted around the intense inner core? This information is readily available from many sources on the internet – have you bothered to do the research to reach a balanced conclusion about this subject?

    • fertog says:

      Your right, just that even if the belts were perfectly shaped, the exposure levels would still be minimal for a passage. They did not stay in the belts long enough to get any observable radiation effect.

      • hsaive says:

        Case not closed. The Van Allen belt is only one issue even if you could show evidence that radiation was insignificant.. The only reason we are skeptics is because we took a lot more than 10 minutes to research both sides of the issue. The Book: “One Small Step? : The Great Moon Hoax and the Race to Dominate Earth from Space” by Gerhard Wisnewski tells what really happened. $Trillions of dollars cannot be located in the DoD that started with the mis-appropraiation of Apollo funds used instead to weaponize near space and the climate. The entire planet is now under Climate Geoengineering (aka chemtrails) and Tesla scalar weapons to to produce man-made climate change.

  20. angela alvares says:

    humans didn’t even get to the moon dummy. Read why by checking moonlanding hoax. Only one to moonwalk was MICHAEL JACKSON

    • ron abbass says:

      Hiya Angela! Thanks for your comment– much appreciated. I smiled when I read: Only one to moonwalk was MICHAEL JACKSON! :-) Yep, I really liked Michael’s moonwalk especially his one featured in youtube’s “Billy Jean”.

      Thanks again, Angela! Peace and blessings to you and yours.

  21. Joe says:

    I take it I’ve upset someone?
    My posts having been removed.

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi Joe! No offence, but I removed your posts as I didn’t see how they tied into the Moon landing hoax. They were a distraction from the topic. Nevertheless, Joe, I did appreciate your comments. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

  22. Joe says:

    Ahhh ok Ron.
    I seem to have a habit of going off topic.
    As for the moon stuff I’m still on the fence.
    I don’t want to beleive it was a hoax but … the radiation belts above all else pose a major difficulty for my wee brain.
    Saw a comment somewhere saying they were only exposed to them for a very short time but … they are thousands of miles deep are they not?
    Carrying film through it one way and then back again intact is a problem too.
    Fuel to power that landing craft down and back upagain … anyone have a picture of the fuel tanks?
    What I find amusing right now is … they drive a car out of the thing too!
    A space capsual with a garage attached!
    Over two hundred degrees inside that little box too yet they had a sleep on one mission before stepping out.
    This is all taking me where I don’t want to go.
    I sat in a cafe watching the first man on the moon aged sixteen … very exciting times.

    • fertog says:

      Fuel tanks? come on, this is a “moon landing hoax” page. No one wanted to tell you for about 8 months that yes, there were tanks in every section. Investigate the cross sections of the moon lander. There are videos also explaining how it was designed. Lots of info. That’s why no one helped you with this question, they need you.

      Van Allen Belts difficult? Ok, just google what Dr James Van Allen said himself about a possible threat for the Apollo mission. Oh, I just can read it down below in the post by dave.

      The film? Ok, the spacecraft is aluminum (excellent filter for that type of radiation), besides film already had radiation protection in its container and in the camera; it was designed for cosmic radiation, which during the mission was way higher than the radiation received in the belts. Besides, they took Video Tape as well, which is not as sensitive to radiation.

  23. dave says:

    “The recent Fox TV show, which I saw, is an ingenious and entertaining assemblage of nonsense. The claim that radiation exposure during the Apollo missions would have been fatal to the astronauts is only one example of such nonsense.” — Dr. James Van Allen

    Ever heard of the ‘horse’s mouth’. You choose to believe something didn’t happen, that’s fine but your evidence is based on your misunderstanding of what Nasa reports actually mean. You are not a scientist so this understandable. If you want the website address the quote comes from i can provide it.

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi Dave! Thanks for your comments and quote — much appreciated.

      Here’s a quote from a person with a username Raven found on this site >>

      QUOTE: “If you want to make a conspiracy theorist look like a fool, quoting the man who discovered the radiation belts is a good start. However, my meanderings around the Internet have found no source for this statement, beyond saying Van Allen said it. All seem to lead back to the website. So just where did you get it? A youtuber while commenting/debating on Lunar Legacy episode 1-part 3 directly asked me, and I thought it important to find out.” (End of Quote)

      NASA is the horse’s mouth. Did you know that NASA “lost” the “original” film of the so-called landing. I’ve looked into that event and viewed and read many articles written by experts who claim that the Moon Landing is a hoax.

      And NASA, as the article confirms and unwittingly admits that the Van Allen belts pose an obstacle to human space flights to the moon and other planets.

      Thanks again, Dave. Peace to you and yours.

  24. dave says:

    just looked at the site raven posted, the various responses include quotes from van Allen and others which support the scientific view that the belts pose no serious threat to astronauts passing through them. The site which is where i found the quote contains a good deal of information explaining the science of radiation and its effects. The fact is you believe something and all you post is directed by this belief. Nasa express concern about the possible effects passing through the Van Allen belts, this is not the same as saying they are an impassable obstacle, is it?
    peace to you too.

    • ron abbass says:

      Hiya Dave. Here’s a quote from the AP NASA article>> NASA launched two satellites into space on Thursday to explore the belts of radioactive particles orbiting the Earth, in a mission that is the first of its kind.

      The twin spacecraft will spend the next two years exploring the so-called Van Allen belt that is filled with highly-charged particles and at times poses a danger to communications, GPS satellites and even human spaceflight.<<<

      Note, if presently the belts pose a "danger to human spaceflight", how in the hell did they overcome this danger 44 yrs ago.

      Why haven't they returned to the moon? Why haven't the Russians gone to the moon. At the time of the first so-called moon landing (Neil Armstrong), the Russians immediately stated that it was a hoax.

      Thanks again, Dave. Peace out!

  25. dave says:

    “The twin spacecraft will spend the next two years exploring the so-called Van Allen belt that is filled with highly-charged particles and at times poses a danger to communications, GPS satellites and even human spaceflight.”
    “and at times poses a danger” again this does not suggest an impassable obstruction. They overcame it by passing through it near one of the poles where the belts are at their narrowest, the craft was travelling at great speed and passed through in around an hour. One of the crew of Apollo 8 became physically sick shortly after passing this point and nasa’s medical team considered halting the mission but all was well.
    They stopped going because interest and funding dried up. Now it would be far more expensive and there would have to be something in it for those who pay.
    The Russians did not immediately state it was a hoax and never have dispite having monitored the whole thing closely. The Russians version of the saturn 5 rocket failed and this halted their efforts to beat the US to the moon.
    All of this is very well documented but ignored and/or denied by those who wish to believe otherwise.
    Having spent quite some time on this I find that the forces of logic and research come down on the side of the moon landings having happened.
    I wish you well,

  26. brian says:

    There is a you tube clip of an astronaut hammering something into the moon surface you can clearly hear the hammer making contact, yet the moon is a vacum , there would be no noise unless it was on a film set..

    • ron abbass says:

      Thanks brian for your comment — much appreciated. I chuckled re “hear the hammering”. :-) If that is true, how stupid do “they” think we are, or perhaps it’s because “they” are so sloppy.

      Thanks again, brian! Peace and blessings to you and yours.

    • fertog says:

      Not science. Sound may travel trough the spacesuit to reach the microphone inside. Solids can conduct sound better than air. Native Americans used to stick they ears to the ground to advert horses coming. Okay, that might be a Hollywood myth but try it yourself, it works, that’s science.

  27. joe says:

    So wheres the youtube?

  28. ron abbass says:

    Hi Joe! There’s a link to a 10min version and there is the 1min 56sec vid which is part of the article.

  29. hsaive says:

    More compelling is the dosimeters for the entire to the (alleged) moon only registed 2 Rads. This evidence adds shattering doubt that the Apollo mission transited the Van Allen.
    “Note: According to radiation dosimeters carried by Apollo astronauts, their total dosage for the entire trip to the moon and return was not more than 2 Rads over 6days”

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi hsaive! Thanks for your info– much appreciated. You posted a NASA source. The very first so-called moon landing by Neil Armstrong, was debunked by the Russians who stated that is was a hoax. I’m convinced that it was indeed a “lying wonder”, to use biblical terms. If you read the article NASA stated that the Van Allen Belt was a huge obstacle which prevented human space flight. If a true moon landing was possible, surely the Russians and NASA, by now, would have undertaken to do so –but they haven’t.

      At any rate, hsaive, peace and blessings to you and yours.

    • fertog says:

      That proves that they had exposure, maybe some of it at the Van Allen Belt.

      Ordinary people tend to think that radiation is that of Hiroshima, Nagasaki or Chernobyl. Radiation can kill? yes, but it depends on the type, the magnitude, the distance from the source and the exposure time. We get radiation all the time, cosmic, solar, soil, even from bananas. We are built to deal with it. Our body repairs itself continuously. Eventually a cell mutates yes, some of them become cancer, yes in cases of repeated or prolonged exposure. That’s why people is warned about long exposures under the sun. What do you do? use an umbrella, you are filtrating radiation.

      Some types of radiation are more penetrating than others. Gamma being the most penetrating type, which requires thick lead or heavy metal to filtrate. Still we use Gamma radiation in nuclear imaging equipment. Then XRays, filtered with lead as well, but thinner than for the same magnitude of Gamma. The less penetrating ones, those at the Van Allen Belt, are Beta which can be filtrated with glass or Alpha, which can be filtrated with paper. But what if the magnitude is high at the Van Allen Belt? Ok, the aluminum spacecraft is a bunker for that order of magnitude. Just stay in the ship.

      Astronauts were shielded by the aluminum walls. Even foil can reduce Alpha or Beta radiation, which is the type of radiation at the belt, the least penetrating types. Besides, the astronauts were exposed with a much lower dose than outside.

      I use a dosimeter myself since I work with radiation equipment. The radiation calculated during the passage is 11 Rad, the radiation received after aluminum filtration at the astronaut dosimeter is 2 Rad. Per current standards, the minimal dosage to get observable symptoms is 25 Rad, you start to get skin damage at 200 Rad, you get acute exposure at 400 Rad which can be very harmful requiring hospitalization, it gets lethal at 10000 Rad. So why all this discussion if we are talking about 2 Rad?

      The Van Allen Belt poses a threat yes, all levels of radiation do pose some risk since radiation kills cells and may mutate others into cancer cells. But if we are talking about a 11 Rad in a passage and 2 Rad after filtration, the threat is only for long term exposures. The long term and short term exposures have different considerations. Long term exposures need to be evaluated for a long mission; our cells reproduce slowly, our body takes time to trash the death cells as well, so the dosage has to be sufficiently low over a long term exposure to allow our body to self-repair. Short term exposures can imply higher doses but differ from the other, that they affect a larger numbers of cells, so these exposures should not be repeated as often, you blood cells need to recover, that means you do not want a space station orbiting trough the Van Allen Belt or same astronaut traveling across back and forth periodically. Cells can mutate to cancer, but that’s statistics at the long term; the more exposure is accumulated over lifetime, the more likely you are to get cancer cells reproducing.

      What NASA refers to when they say it’s a threat, they mean don’t plan for a space station there. No long term manned missions at the belt. Use a lower orbit.

      • ron abbass says:

        Thanks fertog for your info and comments — much appreciated. Personally, I’m not convinced there was any human who walked or drove on the moon. The show was Hollywood.

        In any case, fertog, thanks again. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

  30. ron abbass says:

    Thanks again, hsaive! I wholeheartedly agree. Cheers and Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays, Hsaive. :-)

  31. John says:

    This is a terrific thread. I am convinced there was no manned moon landing. The Van Allen Radiation belt was never raised as a significant radiation risk for the astronauts for a good reason, they never had to go through it. Once NASA employed Operation Paperclick nazi scientists realized it was not feasible in 1965 the brilliant ones decided it would be a great diversion for the Vietnam war. When the war was over c. 1975, the Apollo missions magically disappeared. Dear reader, look to the political motivations and the machinations of the military industrial complex for the reasons both to continue and to discontinue the program. While technical arguments are interesting, the motivations lie in power and control. By the way, does anyone have the link for the depressing interview Armstrong and his mates had with the media upon his return from the moon (laughter and sarcasm intended). The depressing atmospherics of that interview spill the beans for those listening.

    • hsaive says:

      Take a look at the 1966 documents and article that reveal NASA was the organizing agency to assemble all federal agencies under a National Weather Modification Program. The R and D project soon came under military authority where all agencies have been under top secret clearance as a gag order of secrecy for “national security” ever since. The Apollo mission followed – an enormously expensive project that never landed a man on the moon but secretly allowed funding of covert space weapons, HAARP, Tesla devices and “chemtrails” (the only truly visible layer of the weather modification/global warming conspiracy).
      Fascinating stuff that reveals global warming was viewed as a desirable outcome for 70 years prior to the post WWII paper-clip operation —

  32. John says:

    By the way, interestingly, I worked as a summer university student in a mine in Sudbury, Ontario in 1969, the year before the astronauts visited Sudbury because the landscape was so similar to the moon they said, good for lunar landing simulation. The really big question for Dear Readers: Did Stanley Kubrick or film associate participate in this “simulation”. The passenger manifold for Air Canada for 1968 would confirm his participation.

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi John! Thanks for your spot on comments –much appreciated. I wholeheartly agree with all of your observations, especially re the media interview with Armstrong and his mates. I saw that interview and they were not convincing. In addition, after that interview, Armstrong stayed completely out of the public’s eye. It’s my belief, he couldn’t face the public knowing that he was living a lie.

      At any rate, John, thanks again. Peace to you and yours.

  33. hsaive says:

    Theory says that AREA-51 is a giant Hollywood Studio. Easier to believe with each passing day, eh?

  34. John says:

    Indeed, the impossible becomes too possible each day, the unbelievable believable. I had the distinct pleasure in meeting R.D. Laing, the anti-psychiatry psychiatrist in the 1970s, this man clearly understood paradox and illusion and the powers of deception. I think the powers that be are conditioning us to this reality, perhaps mocking our stupidity at the same time, in old movies like Capricorn One (free on internet) and The Bodysnatchers (original, 1956). Everytime I see obvious criss-crossing chemtrails overhead, and realize I am the only one aware in my neck of the woods, I shudder just like the lead character in the Bodysnatchers does at the end of the film, “They’re here, they’re here”.

    • ron abbass says:

      Thanks to both hsaive and John. Your comments are much appreciated. Re Area–51 being a giant Hollywood studio — you could be right hsaive.

      John, it was just the other night that I watched “Bodysnatchers” for the first time and it held my attention all the way thru. I’m surprised there are not others “in your neck of the woods” who are not aware of those dam chemtrails.

      Peace and blessings to you both.

  35. xs says:

    The claim that radiation of Van Allen belt would be so deadly that no human, present or in the past, could travel through it, is not supported by any of the evidence presented here.

    NASA’s statement indicate the radiation is bad for astronaut’s health. That’s a given, as any radiation is more or less bad for your health. The real question is, how much radiation would one receive sitting in Apollo space craft, for the duration of time required to travel through the belt.

    Well, the fact is, Apollo space craft would spend less than 1 hour traveling through the belt at the speed necessary to go to the moon. And based on known radiation strength of the Van Allen belt, the total radiation the astronaut at most would receive during that time would be less than 20 Rads, well below lethal radiation dosage. The shielding of the ship and their suit would cut that down much further.

    This Van Allen belt would kill the astronaut business is a hoax, propagated by people who don’t know enough about Van Allen belt, and not enough about the physics required for moon travel.

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi xs! Thanks for your comments — much appreciated. The fact NASA hasn’t returned to the moon and set up a station there, convinces me that the moon landings were indeed a hoax. They didn’ have the technology in ’69 and they do not today, and it’s the Van Allen Belts that prove to be the problem as admitted by NASA.

      Peace and blessings to you and yours, xs.

  36. John says:

    Manned moon landings have been faked, the evidence and commonsense and political judgement almost bring this, in my mind at least, to a confirmed fake, however we have a genuine mystery in crop circles. The California crop circle is the latest incarnation. I am of the opinion, after much study and deliberation, that many crop circles are evidence of a profound intelligence at work, either paranormal, or alien in origin. At this point I cannot confirm the California crop circle as otherwordly in origin, but it has been pointed out to me that the recently discovered grand geometric shaped circle is being guarded by Echelon Security services who plan on erasing this shape by December 31st, only discovered a day or so ago. Why this rush to erase what could be a very important communication. The British crop circles around Stonehedge were fantastic, they are constantly being analyzed and speculated upon. While crop circles arose to prominance in the early 1990s, the so-called debunking of them by intelligence services such as MI5 has been bullshit: biophysicists have subsequently detected molecular changes to vegetation within the crop circle, mathematicians suspect mathematical codes and postulate remarkable additions to geometric theorems, the intricate (apparent) mathematical patterns appear to form in fields within hours to some observers, and strange lights have been observed prior to their creation, they even occur after rainy nights or during the daytime, and patterns have been observed in sand and ice. Huge numbers of crop circles have been reported, and the mainstream media either completely disregards or ridicules them. Why? What is being hidden? Why in this California case is the evidence being erased? Crop Circles may represent the most important communication with the otherwordly that mankind has ever encountered — and teams of funded researchers from major universities are not investigating them? Why?

  37. ron abbass says:

    Hi John! An excellent commentary, coupled with some thought-provoking questions. After my own scant research into crop circles, I’ve come to the conclusion that they are indeed the work of “other-worldly” beings as recorded in the bible. I’ll leave it at that.

    Thanks again, John. Peace and blessings, Bro!

  38. Stevie says:

    Moon hoax, crop circles, aliens – what a bunch of crap. You should all be locked up.
    Typical pseudo-science from people who wouldn’t know a Geiger counter if you shoved it up their ass.

  39. Stevie says:

    Hi Ron, I assumed I would be banned or my post not approved due to my bad language and distain. Thanks for that at least. :)

    The moon landings are the most documented events in history over the past 100 years or so and have been studied by scientists the world over for 40+ years. If you doubt the moon landings, then you must also doubt everything that has happened in history.

    Try learning some basic science first and then come back and talk further.



  40. hsaive says:

    We have telescopes that can spot earth-like planets in another galaxy but the tin-foil American Flag on the moon remains out of range?

    • fertog says:

      That’s not true. No telescope can still take pictures of exoplanets in our galaxy. They measure little changes in light magnitude of distant stars as an exoplanet passes in front of it. That’s why artists draw those exoplanets with some imagination and some science. You said other galaxies? Wrong, they cannot take pictures even of a single star in another galaxy, maybe a supernova, exoplanets? No way.

      They cannot get a picture of a flag? True, it’s too tiny for a picture a doxen of miles away but the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter took pictures of the landing sites including Apollo 11, showing tracks, traces and equipment left behind, matching what was reported back then. Japanese, Indian and Chinese probes have also spotted traces of the landing sites as well. Russians have spied all telecomunications as well. The day one of those missions take a picture of the flag, they will ask for the picture of the golf ball. Then when they find the golf ball they will say the picture was fabricated.

  41. ron abbass says:

    Hi Hsaive! Fabulous comment! I’m still chuckling as I type this! :-) LOL Thanks for an insightful comparison — much appreciated. Peace and blessings to you, hsaive!

  42. Stevie says:

    hsaive – amazingly ignorant comment. Do some basic research about telescope resolution and then come back and apologise for your stupidity. Thanks

  43. joe says:

    funny,..NASA themselves say the belts are a problem and dangerous..and that a human would need adequate shielding,..and STILL people believe we went…along those lines of thinking,.even tho american airlines has posted on thier website that thier planes werent involved in 9/11,.and in fact at least one is still in use…doesnt change a thing and it was still terrorists?,.only in america

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi Joe! Thanks for your comments — much appreciated. I wholeheartedly agree with your insights. Yes Joe, unfortunately most peeps are fast asleep.

      Peace and blessing to you and yours, Joe!

  44. Hammad says:

    I haven’t read through all the comments but just wanted to note the 3 biggest factors for me is, #1 the Van Allen Belt of course, #2 the fact that there are no stars from any angle! #3 there is no crater or scorch mark from the landing of the craft on the surface of the moon! Also we have no modern day pictures of the landing site! No doubt a hoax.

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi Hammad! The 3 factors you noted are spot on! I wholeheartedly agree with you. Thank you for your comments — much appreciated. Peace and blessings to you and yours, Hammad!

      • Jay Goudy says:

        Why wasn’t the sinking of the Titanic ever questioned? Every thing I have ever seen or read simply states it was a terrible tragedy, which it was by the way, but didn’t any one ever question if some thing different could have happened to it. It had a well seasoned sea worthy captain and even the designers of the boat were on board. Checking the manifest of passengers you will quickly see there was a lot of people with money or those that controlled or had influence over others money in first class. Combine the money aspect with the thought that the sinking occurred just a few years before the beginning of WW1. How many of them survived, where did they go, what did they do….before the trip and afterwards. I think if this research was done one may have reason to question if the sinking was a true “accident”.

      • ron abbass says:

        Hi Jay! Thanks for your thought-provoking comments — much appreciated. I read a couple of articles a few years back regarding the sinking of the Titanic. The authors of those commentaries also suggested it was no accident, but a planned sinking. Who, or what, the motive was for the planned sinking, I can’t recall who the author(s) fingered.

        Since then, I haven’t dug into the possibility of a planned sinking of the Titanic. You bring up some excellent questions. Jay, I think you’d agree, we’ve been born into frickin lies, lies and more lies.

        Thanks again! Peace and blessings to you and yours.

      • Chris Carter says:

        Ron, why should there be stars in any of the lunar surface pictures? When a camera is set to 1/250th of a second shutter speed, as were the Apollo lunar mission cameras due to the bright daytime conditions, the faint images of stars are never going to show up on film. Google ‘International Space Station pictures’ and tell me how many images you can find that have stars in the background? Actually, there aren’t any, so in theory you must now come to the conclusion that the ISS is a hoax as well.

  45. John says:

    Well documented in John Hamer’s work, clearly Titantic was a gigantic fraud. There were two sister ships, Titantic was one of them. Her identical sister ship was a mess and for insurance reasons was unfit to sail, or at least required significant maintenance to do so. Problem solved overnight by flag change and minor paint jobs. As a result the unfit vessel set forward, while true Titantic stayed in port designated as the lame sister ship. The original Titantic would have survived the collision.

  46. Mike Anthony says:

    Now we know why the original footage of the moon landings is missing. The first clue of a hoax were the absence of blast craters from the lunar module, absence of stars, and the fact that the Van Allen Belts are still being studied for space travel. Am I close to anyone elses doubts of enough knowledge to have completed the moon landings starting in 69?

    • fertog says:

      Japanese probe has pictures of the blast and no, there are no craters, there is no need for a big blast in low gravity. If there were a crater, it would in fact be fake.

      The stars are not visible in pictures because of photography, not because they’re absent. If there were stars in the background, I would start suspecting fraud. Debunked so many times.

      Van Allen Belt did not pose a threat for Apollo Missions. The type of radiation, the time of exposure and the calculated radiation do not cause any noticeable symptoms.

  47. Stevie says:

    Mike – Kindly explain the following
    1/ Why do you think there would be a huge blast crater under the LEM?
    2/ Why do you think we should see stars in the Apollo photography?
    3/ Why wouldn’t scientist still be studying the Van Allen belts?

    All seems perfectly understandable to me – then again, I have a scientific education and you clearly do not.

    • 1dogma1 says:

      +Stevie / Why wouldn’t there be blast crater? Or a mention of dangers from the Van Allen Belts. You’re wrong in saying I have no scientific schooling. I didn’t know you were the Q&A person for NASA. They also had kb’s to compute the misson, clearly not enough data. Did you open your text books to the vacuum of space? I’ll bet my IQ is in your same realm, if not higher(degree) during a discussion$$

      • fertog says:

        No crater because the lower section is on top of it, in fact not a crater, but a minor blast. The upper section took off over the lower section which was left on site. Because even if the blast would hit the moon directly, the upper section did not need as much thrust to get far away from the soil and because there was no air to blow dust and leave a large mark.

        The dangers of the Van Allen Belt are because all radiation is dangerous, even Alpha and Beta which are the harmless. Because long term exposure to them do pose harm. Because a space station in it would be life threatening. Not because it cannot be crossed. Besides, why you think NASA would be shooting in their own feet?

  48. machocomacho says:

    I was having a discussion at the pub the other night with a doctor friend who is really into science, quantum physics, space, matter, particles, debunking conspiracy theories…. that sort of stuff. I asked him about China’s recent forays into space exploration and if he thought the US would ramp up the funding of NASA to return to the moon themselves. He feels the US will definitely back NASA to plan a return visit. I just said huh, maybe that $$ would be better spent trying to convince China to be quiet when they find out that it’s impossible for humans to travel to the moon and expose the US government for the moon landing fraud. My friend laughed in amazement that I’m a crackpot conspiracy theorist & I just said, well then Mr Scientist, please explain the Van Allen Radiation Belts and how none of the astronauts were badly affected after passing through it. He couldn’t explain, stared into my eyes in sudden amazement that he had no answer. I continued further by saying that I had read that the spacecraft passed through a thin layer of it quickly that they weren’t affected. WTF? If it’s drizzling outside and I run quickly from my car to the house, I still get a little wet – impossible not to. Rain ain’t radiation. Why when we get x-rays are we given all this protective gear???? Why are there hazard signs everywhere in the oncology treatment area about the radiation! Oh, well the astronauts and crew of the Apollo were not exposed to that much and weren’t there for that long, oh and well, the type of radiation they experienced isn’t ‘bad’ radiation. Bologna. I hope China exposes this fraud – further egg on the face of the Americans.

    • fertog says:

      Ask him again, maybe he read about the Van Allen Belt already. I didn’t know about of it either until you deniers got me interested. Just takes 10 minutes of reading the Van Allen radiation distribution and the passage time to understand that’s harmless if you have radiation background. I am not only into quantum physics and space exploration but I work in radiation equipment. Now thanks to this page I am also into debunking bad science and I am having a lot of fun. And by the way I am not born nor studied in any of the 50 States, just defending mi little one’s flag and pride.

  49. machocomacho says:

    Regarding the Titanic sinking not being an ‘accident’, I read somewhere once that JJ Astor, F Guggenheim and I Strauss, 3 of the world’s richest men were passengers on the ship and did not survive. Allegedly the 3 were against the Federal Reserve Act going ahead and were planning a challenge to Rockefeller and his cronies who were of course in favor of it. Removing the dissidents from the equation made it much easier to push the Federal Reserve Act which was eventually passed into law by Woodrow Wilson in Dec of 1913.

  50. machocomacho says:

    On the NASA website, I read that the Apollo crew had to travel through the most intense regions of the belts but were not affected by radiation because it only took 30 minutes.

    Yet I read on a debunker site that the Astronauts plotted the course through the thinnest parts of the belts to minimize the danger…

    Hmmmm…. I get differing information everywhere on this. Did they go through the most intense parts or the thinnest?

    Then of course is some info I picked up last year about a 3rd belt discovered & some other interesting tidbits about the Van Allen Belts.

    “The Van Allen belts can pose a severe danger to satellites and spacecraft, with hazards ranging from minor anomalies to the complete failure of critical satellites. A better understanding of the radiation in space is instrumental to protecting people and equipment, Shprits said. He goes on to say “Ultra-relativistic electrons—which made up the third ring and are present in both the outer and inner belts—are especially hazardous and can penetrate through the shielding of the most protected and most valuable satellites in space, noted Shprits and Adam Kellerman, a staff research associate in Shprits’ group.

    Read more at:

    If NASA already sent people and equipment through the belts and to the moon and all they got were cataracts, it seems we should already have a pretty good understanding of how to shield against the radiation in the belts and how to protect satellites long term.

    The initial story was that Apollo and the crew did not have any special protective material to shield the radiation but that story has evolved over the years on Wikipedia and now it seems they had special suits with aluminium etc even though they didn’t originally! Oh, and it took 4 hours to traverse the belts, not 30 minutes. The story has changed too many times for me to believe a word of it.

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi Machocomacho! Thanks for your commentary and insights — much appreciated. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

    • fertog says:

      No shielding? What about the spacecraft itself? Know that paper can stop Alpha radiation? Beta takes just foil? Those are the radiation types there. Sure some particles may penetrate, however it is so little compared with outside dose and the outside dose is not even lethal. Ok, say not 2 hours but 4, still no clinically observable symptoms. It needs 12 times that to get observable symptoms.

      Your post? that’s a transient ring of highly energetic particles. They observed it and it went away after a month. So what’s the fact, that it was there during the mission? Most likely not, but even if it were, astronauts got radiated with a non lethal dose. The threat to life is again, staying there in an orbit, not going across them. Same applies to electronics equipment, it will fail if the orbit stays in the belt.

  51. Stevie says:

    Machocomacho – complete crap. The discoverer of the Van Allen belts, Dr Van Allen himself has gone on record to state that the belts posed no major threat to the safety of the Apollo astronauts. Who should we believe? Your made up doctor friend who you stunned with your amazing insights or Dr Van Allen? Do us a favour and buy a physics book and learn something useful.

  52. machocomacho says:

    I don’t normally respond to trolls like Steve but I’ll go on to note that Van Allen made recommendations to the US Government and NASA on the scientific requirements necessary to build a rocket that would protect the crew from radiation when passing through the belts and he was basically ignored. According to Van Allen’s original findings, aluminium wasn’t enough protection from the deadly radiation. Ultimately further shielding was going to be needed but would be too heavy making it impossible to get off the ground. With 30 billion at stake, NASA did their own thing and told The National Committee on Radiation Protection (NCRP) and the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) to lower their standards on acceptable radiation levels for space travel and declared that aluminium skin on the command module was adequate protection – this was based on NASA’s own studies, not Dr Van Allen’s. When interviewed about this many years later, Dr Van Allen stood by his original findings but at the same time downgraded them to ‘popular science’ and modified his story.

    Now Steve, why don’t you join all of the other statistics out there and take your medicine like a good boy.

  53. Stevie says:

    A quote from Dr. James Van Allen himself:

    “The recent Fox TV show, which I saw, is an ingenious and entertaining assemblage of nonsense. The claim that radiation exposure during the Apollo missions would have been fatal to the astronauts is only one example of such nonsense.” — Dr. James Van Allen

    I repeat – get a physics book and learn some proper science – you really will learn something – do not be taken in by conspiracy nonsense garbage. You might think you are ‘in the know’ or ‘can see the truth’ but in reality you are doing nothing more than displaying publicly your wilful ignorance.

    • 1dogma1 says:

      You haven’t seen anyone change their public views because of government influence. By the way, I take planetary science. I just find it odd that probes are just getting into the picture for the first time. How come we haven’t seen any photo of the american flag and such that we supposedly left on the moon? Or were they conveniently placed on the dark side? Don’t believe everthing you read. It’s you can’t create your own opinoin.I’ll start calling you the “obvious scholar”, it must be true if the book says so.

  54. Stevie says:

    1dogmas1 – If you take Planetary Science then you would know all the Apollo landings took place on the near side of the moon for obvious communication line-of-site reasons. Clearly you should pay more attention in class – I just hope you are not giving the class – I doubt that somehow – there are certain standards. You do know of course there is no such thing as the dark side of the moon, all places on the moon get the same amount of sunlight over a lunar day.

    By the way there have been pictures taken on the Apollo landing gear in the last couple of years.
    Here you can even see the legs if the LM that were left behind by Apollo 17.

    Yes of course Dr Van Allen was threatened or bribed to change his story! Of course he was – how else could your illusion stand up?

    • 1dogma1 says:

      We have several ground based telescopes that could put this baby to sleep for pocket change compared to the alternatives. You sound like you would. So, are you a scientists? I’m sure your computer wit outweighs your personal character.” Sputtered”

  55. Stevie says:

    typo : Here you can even see the legs of the LM that were left behind by Apollo 17.

  56. Stevie says:

    As you ‘take’ Planetary Science, 1dogma1, you will of course understand basic optics and telescope resolution power. You will understand that you would need an Earth bound telescope with a mirror over 100m across to be able to resolve a 4m object on the moon, 250,000 miles away. Basic trigonometry and optics.

    The largest telescope on the planet is only 10m across, so no chance. The Hubble telescope is only 2.4m across.

    I think we have all become accustomed to popular culture talking crap about satellites being able to read newspaper headlines from space and such like. Again this all big brother fear mongering and complete nonsense.

    If telescopes could see the Apollo stuff on the moon we would see pictures all over the place. Unfortunately they can’t and that’s the end of it – It does not mean some global conspiracy, just plain boring old physics.

  57. rnsone says:

    It’s now known that there is a their belt! So that means they were in the belt even longer than previously thought! It’s like the researcher Dave McGowan (Wagging the Moon Doggie) said, either they didn’t to the moon or men were just superhuman in the 60’s!

  58. Stevie says:

    rnsone – Your comment is incoherent – “It’s now known that there is a their belt!” WTF?
    What are you trying to say? Is English your first language or are you under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
    No wonder you guys have trouble understanding rocket science.

    • 1dogma1 says:

      Check out Science. com “Magellan Telescope MagA/O’s secondary mirror” I am getting a blood test right now, you must be my karma for today. I had a new equation written out for you and that is all I can reference off the top of my head. I have all of my equations stickered to my computer. I’m a subject person and have to work out math. I Thank you, in a weird way, for bringing a smile to my face during the worst part of my day. I respect you dude, I’ve been through the last 5 years with stomach problems but I’m a christian.

  59. Stevie says:

    Best wishes with your health problems 1dogma1 – keep smiling.

    • 1dogma1 says:

      Stevie, here’s the sight with the formula. ( is this at least a good start? When I found a year old article on “Advances in Optical and Mechanical Technologies for Telescopes and Instrumentation” it had one hit from a girl in another country. Pretty Sad. Regards, 1dogma1/Mike.

  60. Stevie says:

    Not sure the point you are trying to make with that document Mike.
    Keep in mind that a telescope can point to a distant star or galaxy in the night sky for hours on end gathering light one photon at a time – building up an image – obviously can’t do that with the moon as everything will be completely washed out.

    The maximum resolving power of a telescope is still a function of mirror size no matter how sensitive the detector cells are. Still need one over 100m to see the moon buggies and stuff.

    • 1dogma1 says:

      It’s cool Stevie, my mistake. You are an awesome person and full of knowledge. What I won’t do is act like an egotistical jackass, and try to drag someone over the coals in front of a whole chatroom hungry with hate and fear. Thanks for keeping it above the belt. My main goal is peace. I can always pat myself on the back for beiny the only person to ace my D.C. test in boot. Small but sweet. Regards, Mike Anthony.

  61. Stevie says:

    In short – resolution power has nothing to do with sensitivity

  62. Stevie says:

    No worries Mike. I like explaining things to people who will listen and haven’t already made their mind up about things.

    It’s okay not to understand things, but wrong to make completely false statements due to lack of knowledge or an agenda. (YouTube videos or conspiracy websites do not count as knowledge)

    In my experience I have yet to come up against a single Apollo hoax ‘argument’ that could not be explained away by a little physics and deeper understanding.

    It’s okay to be sceptical, but not to be cynical.

    Best wishes


    • 1dogma1 says:

      So what is your take on Ron’s post? It just stood out to me cause he’s an awesome dude, and obviously a class act. Also, I’m used to not being able to reference from Wikipedia, I’m sure you know why. I reference as much as I can from Your writing style is nice and you reference too, “College!” Peace!

  63. Stevie says:

    My take on Ron’s original post…

    The article references this news story

    If you read it you will find nothing that puts the Apollo missions in any doubt. Scientists are continually trying to improve their knowledge of things – why is it strange that NASA is studying the Van Allen belts in more detail now? Why wouldn’t they want to increase data and get more detailed results. That’s what science is all about – getting more data. We sent a probe to Mars decades ago, and we are still sending them now – its called science.

    The information they has about the belts in 1969 was limited but not considered a show stopper. Health and Safety laws were not as crazy as they are now!

    The only alarming things in Ron’s post are the freakish ramblings of somebody posting comments on the article – a poster called username un4g1v3n1

    He is the person using trumped up phraseology like ‘Sea of DEADLY RADIATION’ – not NASA. You find ignorant comments like this all over the web, so why does that surprise you?

    Nothing to see here at all – the Apollo landings happened as advertised.

    • 1dogma1 says:

      I checked a killer non-wiki site and found out some cool information. If it is easy for you to believe the astronauts were in orbit, than it would be easier to believe they passed through the (VAB). The exposure time in orbit from the (SAMA) is far longer than passing through the (VAB) at its thinnest part. Plus, I guess it would be easier to find shielding from charged particles, than fake the whole thing. My main reason for being angry was that NASA spent billions in honest American taxpayer’s dollars.


      L8er & Peace, Mike.

  64. Dave says:

    There really is no point arguing about the moon landings – they happened as described by NASA and sometime within the next 5-10 years China or some other country will either go to the moon or map the entire surface with high resolution photography. In either case the evidence will be there on the moon’s surface where it has been ever since the landings and the conspiracy theorists will be made to look like the fools they are. (By the way – Capricorn 1 was a sci-fi movie not a documentary).

  65. Stevie says:

    1dogma1 – Nice to see somebody look at the evidence objectively and change his mind on the subject based on facts and not belief. Good for you – just wish more people would do the same – nothing shameful about being wrong. What is bad is sticking to one’s initial opinion when shown why it is incorrect. Kudos.
    By the way the site deals with practically all Apollo hoax arguments and explains why they are not to be trusted. Good find.

  66. 1dogma1 says:

    Hi Ron, I thought you might enjoy this article, if you haven’t already. Is the activity, on this particular site, pretty fluid? I’ve met some cool people, regardless of their views, that think you’re a cool person. I’m right along with them. Regards, 1dogma1.

  67. ron abbass says:

    Hiya 1dogma1, Yes, I’m aware of how it was faked by Stan Kubrick. A couple of years ago, I viewed a couple of youtube vids which outlined how Stanley faked the moon landings. Thanks 1dogma1.

  68. Stevie says:

    Ron – Behave! – Listen to yourself – ” A couple of years ago, I viewed a couple of youtube vids which outlined how Stanley faked the moon landings.” Ridiculous unsubstantiated statement.

    Care to give us some actual evidence?

    Sorry, but you cannot be allowed to get away with such a glib statement, even if it is your blog :)

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi Stevie! :-) It’s a never ending debate, as indicated by you and 1dogma. I thought you guys were going to go on forever. lol Stevie, I’m firm in my convictions re it was a hoax. (1) Why is NASA, at this point in time, going to study the Van Allen Belts? They admit it is an “obstacle” to space travel for humans. Didn’t they do their homework in the 60’s? (2) Why haven’t they returned to the moon? No need to respond. In the meantime, Peace and Blessings Stevie, to you and yours. :-)

      • shawn young says:

        Hi Ron! I want to start by saying, “man did not go to the moon”. Maybe a probe or two, but not man. Ron,; you keep mentioning, “didn’t they do their homework in the 60’s?” They actually started in the early 50’s. Sputniks 1,2,3; Explorers 1,2,3; 1961 Explorer 12. Ludwig has a book out; look into the IGY Bulletins. After the data was compiled from these artificial satellites, Van Allen was “admonished not to make a public announcement”

      • ron abbass says:

        Hi Shawn! Thanks for your comments – I appreciate them. And, you are correct re they started in the 50’s. Interesting that Van Allen was cautioned not “to make a public announcement. I wasn’t aware of that. Peace and blessings to you and yours, Shawn.

  69. John says:

    Hi Ron: Of course you are right and at some point all of us truth-seekers will be completely vindicated. The evidence for the supposed moon landings make no political, strategic or technological sense; the harder the NASA shills try to push back on honest questioning of events the more you know they are attempting to cover up an absolutely indefensible contention. I am old enough to have witnessed the supposed first moon landing in 1969 in Copenhagen on street TV and am the last person to want to deny it happenned as portrayed. However, this is a significant watershead moment which has proven to be a lie: John Hamer proves it well in his writings, as does David McGowan in his series of “Wagging the Moondoggie”. Take care my friend.

    • ron abbass says:

      Hiya John. Thank you. I do appreciate your comments, especially, “truth-seekers will be completely vindicated”. Peace and Blessings to you and yours, John.

  70. bonny says:

    Great arguments from you guys. But i think you should stop this as you Guys are proving that Americans are nothing but cheats and fakes. Moreover this is an insult on the American pride, lol sorry that is if they have it.
    Nice going guys, keep it up.

  71. Stevie says:

    John – If you care to share some actual evidence that the landings were faked we can discuss further. For example what are your 3 most compelling reasons? I assure you it is highly likely you are just mistaken or badly informed from others.

  72. Stevie says:

    Bonny – The guys have proven nothing – no evidence means no case.

  73. Clay says:

    I watched President Kennedy state that we should land a man on the moon and bring him home safely. Sad to say he never got that chance. During that time frame we the USA had a very big problem with Russia. The space race was to prove that the USA was capable to launch a ICBM and put it where we wanted it, not possible at that time. Remember the Bay of Pigs time frame? If we were successful at landing a man on the moon is really moot as far as getting Russia to remove the weapons out of Cuba.
    With that said could we have done what we were told we did?
    The Van Allan belt is just that a belt not a sphere. It is 20 deg north and 20 deg south of the equator. Yes if exposed long enough it would certainly kill a flesh and blood entity. It is not a X-ray belt not like your doctor or dentist would use. a very different type of radiation. Yet still deadly.
    As your microwave is deadly. Look at your microwave how much protection between you and the magnetron’s deadly radiation. Put a piece of foil in the same unit and you will have 4th of July in your oven. Microwave Radiation cannot penetrate it.
    The Apollo missions traveled at 25000 MPH approx. 58 min skirting the belt. Was it worth the risk? Remember USSR had missiles with warhead of conventional or nuclear explosives in Cuba.
    If the US government made a lie that saved us from a nuclear war, thank you.
    I have my doubts as to if man landed on the moon but think it is quite possible.
    One thing for sure time will tell.
    “All that is done in darkness will be seen in the light”
    Why did Mr. Neil Armstrong choke up?
    If you had done what he did and then been called a liar. He risk his life for all Americans, moon landing or not, he blasted off.
    Basic knowledge of photography and enlargement of imagery will mathematically show you why we do not have a Earth based image or satellite image of our flags on the moon.
    Hubble is deep space telescope. Try this take a small astronomical telescope and try to read your newspaper from three foot away.
    I’m Just saying…

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi Clay! Thanks for your interesting comments and background on JFK and the Van Allan belts. In my opinion, Armstrong kept out of the public spotlight because he knew he participated in a hoax.

      China supposedly landed a space craft on the moon recently and you’d think they would have landed close to the site where the American’s landed and took pictures of the flag and rovers left behind by the Americans. But they didn’t.

      I’m convinced that no American landed on the moon. I’ll leave it at that, Clay. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

  74. Clay says:

    Mr. ron abbass
    I too was convinced the moon landing was a hoax, not so much any more.
    I’m old enough to have studied the facts and believe it is possible that we landed.
    Not that I’m without doubts.
    I have ate evening dinner years later with some of those that designed the first rover and they appeared to me quite legit. I have met the crew of the early flights first hand, then much older than I. So being young then, I may just be holding onto that dream, being at quite an impressionable age.
    I remember Grandma and Grandpa saying “it’s a lie” Mom and Dad said “they landed”. Grandpa never believed it, Dad still does. I don’t know.
    It’s not like 9-11 where the evidence is irrefutable, that it was a planned attack from the inside with ulterior motives. Which Dad nor my brother believes. To which I am convinced, as you are of the moon landing. I wish we were both wrong but believe we are both right. You on Moon landing and I on 9-11

  75. Clay says:

    Joshua Filmer
    wrote a good paper
    take a look he is just a kid but smart

  76. Maybe the Van Allen Belts are not a threat to life over short(ish) periods of time.

    But answer me this – if the radiation can pierce right through the ships and then the astronauts suits and then the cranium (and it appears it can) – then how on earth did they protect their photographic films??

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi Chris! Thanks for your comments/question — much apreciated. Your question was presented as one of the pieces of evidence that suggest the film and pics were not taken on the moon, but here on earth. A few months ago, I read an article that NASA LOST the original film of the very first Neil Armstrong moon landing. Is that possible? Maybe, but I think they didn’t want anyone reviewing the original, which probably would have revealed that no such moon landing took place.

      In any case, Chris, thanks again. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

    • fertog says:

      “Radiation can pierce” is not enough. A few particles get trough the aluminum walls but those particles after filtrated are much less in quantity than those outside. If you want to prove that Film would be unusable by just crossing the Van Allen Belt, you cannot only say “aha, the walls can be pierced”. You have to calculate and consider the following (in fact it may be more complicated):

      1) time of the passage (elementary physics, known speed and distance)
      2) distribution and types of radiation over the passage (chart by NASA or 3rd party)
      3) aluminum thickness of the ship (NASA)
      4) material and thickness of the film container (manufacturer or NASA)
      5) radiation shielding of the camera (yes, it was specifically designed, manufacturer)
      6) calculate the geometry of the film reel (inner film protected by outer, calculus)
      7) attenuation of Alpha and Beta radiation (radiation safety)
      8) dose of Alpha and Beta radiation exposing the film (your calculations)
      9) film sensitivity to Alpha and Beta radiation chart (manufacturer or experimental)
      10) then you can conclude if the attenuated radiation exposed the film or part of it

      So believing or not that’s your right but if you are not ready to know yourself, then believe in the experts. The experts are the ones that challenge the “belief in other believer” loop.

      Besides, they used Magnetic Video Tape, that would require so much radiation to get destroyed (to damage the molecular structure of the tape), that it’s most likely not possible. Tapes lost or reused does not imply fraud. They have lost or trashed pieces of equipment as well, they didn’t save all consumables that were used already. You loosing the textbooks you used at school, does not prove you were not at school. You have other evidence.

  77. Paul says:

    Lots of Apollo scientist and astronauts involved with the Moon landings have died in mysterious circumstances. There is a mass of evidence against the Landings including photographic!! Only a handful of top NASA/government officials were party to the whole picture, with all other workers operating on a need to know basis! The Van Allen Belt is a major hurdle for the future of manned space exploration and not one astronaut has had problem with the radiation they would have encountered on a trip to the Moon? I’m waiting for another country to scan the lunar surface as I do not trust NASA’s last scan that showed vehicles and footprints at the alleged landing sites !! I have left a small part of my mind open to the idea they did land against all the odds, but I’m not holding my breath !!

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi Paul! Thanks for your insightful comments — much appreciated. I smiled when I read: “I have left a small part of my mind open to the idea they did land against all the odds, but I’m not holding my breath!!” Admitting to lies and deception is not part of the power broker’s agenda.

      Thanks again, Paul. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

  78. 1dogma1 says:

    I’m almost completely sure,because of the referenced article, the computers in the late 60’s & early 70’s space program didn’t have the technology to function properly through the Van Allen Belts (3) without being fried.
    This blog keeps me coming back because of the new discoveries in the Van Allen Belts. Thanks Ron.

    • fertog says:

      Yes, electronic components and computers may be damaged by a short term exposure to radiation, but its required in the order of over 10,000 Rad. We are talking about 2 Rads across the Van Allen Belts during the passage, which is a minor exposure to electronics.

      There is a vast number of probes, even Russian, before and after the manned landings, whose computers passed across the belts with no failures. Computers at the time of the missions had much larger and with less number of elements than nowadays. Transistor joints had more area, so the likelihood of particle-matter interactions to overtake the whole gate response causing a fluke were less likely. Likewise, there were less elements, so simpler logic more difficult to collapse. So they may need better protection now.

      Either for manned or not manned missions, they are not as concerned about passages trough the VABs, as they are concerned about solar flares (short term exposures to higher levels of radiation) and long missions (long term exposures to cosmic radiation), which pose a real risk specially for astronauts that are often outside of a lander or spacecraft, moonwalking or spacewalking. That’s why they are need to improve radiation shielding in spacesuits which will allow extended safety. There is a rule in Radiation Safety called ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) which enforces radiation protection even if it is low. XRay or CT Scanners are still reducing dose levels whenever newer technologies arise, even when older and cheaper equipment is still in use.

  79. Brandon Osuna says:

    I think NASA probes into the Van Allen belts are proof that we did not land on the moon.

  80. Billy says:

    NASA is just discovering how deadly, dynamic and ever changing the Van Allen Belts are to spacecraft and humans? I thought they had all this data from all of the “Apollo missions to the moon”. NASA “sent” men to the moon and through the Van Allen Belts without knowing everything about them and just learning what they are all about today? I think NASA in a subtle way is saying that we never went to the moon because those radiation belts would have cooked humans and destroyed spacecraft.

  81. Stevie says:

    The article DOES NOT say the Van Allen Belts are harmful to humans during a brief transit to the moon and back. You will NOT find a reputable article that does.

    Why is it so strange to you guys that they are studying the VAB in more detail now. That is what scientists do – they study things – YES even if they have studied them before – SHOCK HORROR.

    Gaining extra knowledge is a good thing – it DOES NOT imply Apollo was faked – only in your own warped minds.

    ‘Cooked humans and destroyed spacecraft’ – what a joker!
    Learn some basic science, then come back an apologise.

    • fertog says:

      Absolutely right. Some people think of this radiation as a firewall like in video gaming, not considering at all the time of exposure.

  82. Annabel says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people still believe in this ridiculous story that man walked on the moon in 1969. It was the biggest lie ever told. NASA has refused to answer many questions or has blatantly lied. Many moon rocks and lunar soil in museums and collections have been found to be fakes. Dozens lost. The original videos were wiped or lost. The footage that we do have is a joke. I don’t have a scientific mind but I’ve looked at all the facts and read about this subject for years. I don’t buy it for one second.
    I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Neil Armstrong. A reluctant hero. A recluse. A man who probably had death threats or threats on his family. On ever interview or press conference he just looked so sad, so uncomfortable. Just because it’s in the history books… Dont make it fact. Ask questions, Annabel x

    • Chris Carter says:

      Many moon rocks are fake? Actually, one ‘moon rock’ was found to be petrified wood, and this is the only instance out of hundreds of samples that has EVER been found to not be genuine moon rock. Please stop exaggerating, it only lessens your credibility.

  83. Annabel says:

    Oh and Stevie, when you have some real solid proof that we did go to the moon, I’ll apologise :)

  84. Stevie says:

    Welcome Annabel,

    The moon landings were man’s greatest achievement to date and certainly not the biggest lie ever told.

    Your post contains absolutely no evidence whatsoever that the landings were faked – all your points are circumstantial at best, completely wrong or just offer an unsubstantiated opinion.

    Out of the millions of pieces of evidence that support Apollo, you have simply sorted through and latched onto things that seemingly support your belief system. It is called ‘confirmation bias’ and is not how science works in the real world.

    “NASA has refused to answer many questions or has blatantly lied”
    – No they haven’t. Please supply examples of this – you are mistaken or have taken things out of context.

    “Many moon rocks and lunar soil in museums and collections have been found to be fakes. Dozens lost”
    – The only example I can find is the Dutch Moon rock that turned out to be petrified wood. Again when you look into this you find quite an innocent explanation. It appears the petrified wood was simply misidentified and incorrectly labelled at some later date years after it was presented.

    Having lunar rocks go missing in museums (if true) DOES NOT imply the moon landings were a hoax. Please explain your logical reasoning for this. Whether the rocks are missing or not is irrelevant to whether they landed or not. What about the rocks that are not lost?

    “The original videos were wiped or lost.”
    – I think you will find one reel was lost or damaged out of hundreds. Again so what? Why does this imply a hoax in any shape of form? What about the reels that were not lost?
    There were thousands of moon artefacts, diagrams, samples, recordings, plans etc relating to the moon landings. I think it would be more remarkable if nothing was lost given the amount of time passed and the huge cut in NASA’s budget to look after all this stuff.

    “The footage that we do have is a joke”
    – Agreed the film footage of Apollo 11 was not great – however the many hours of footage taken on Apollo 14, 15, 16 and 17 are absolutely fantastic. Long uncut scenes of them working in 1/6 g, throwing objects that perfectly match lunar gravity, driving around in moon buggies that throw dust back exactly as it should in low g, vacuum environment. The hammer and feather experiment etc. Impossible to fake.

    “I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Neil Armstrong.”
    – Again so what if Neil Armstrong looked a bit awkward in some interviews ?– You are seeing what you want to based on your belief system. This again does not in any way provide evidence Apollo was faked. Looking at some 2 minute video snippet from a two hour press conference is simply cherry picking the evidence. These guys were military test pilots not polished media men.

    So you see all your points are superficial and do not stand up to scrutiny. Just like all the other nonsense arguments about no stars, wrong shadows, ‘lethal’ radiation, extreme temperatures, and the rest of the hoax nonsense.

    The scientific method is all about asking questions actually – I am a sceptical about many things but NOT the authenticity of the moon landings.


  85. Annabel says:

    ”We don’t have time to answer their questions, the truth is in the photographs.”

    Brian Welch NASA spokesman

    There are many, many examples of NASA lying and withholding information. You don’t look for them because your mind is already made up. You would think they would find the time to answer questions. They spent billions of dollars. Why not give answers and proof and silence the deniers?The astronauts and NASA have refused interviews and tv debates where they knew they would be questioned by conspiracy theorists. I stand by my original statement.

    You only found ONE example of fake or missing moon rock or lunar soil? One? Are you kidding me? Yes the Dutch museum’s moon rock was petrified wood. Due to this discovery, an investigation was started to locate the 134 moon rocks from Apollo 11 that were given as gifts to countries around the world. Some countries deny being given them. Fewer than a dozen have been found. NASA has admitted they didn’t keep any records of where the rocks went. NASA inspector general Paul K Martin determined that 517 moon rock and astromaterial samples that were lent between 1970 and 2010 had been lost or stolen. They couldn’t make an inventory or record of who received each moon rock or which country each one went to? Astrobiologist have tested samples of lunar soil. They found Teflon and plastic among other things. Very little evidence here of man walking on the moon. You only found one example because your mind is already made up. You spent 5 mins googling lost moon rocks? Did you use that oh so reliable and trustworthy site Wikipedia and then post here?

    Regarding the tapes… You say one reel was lost or damaged. No, not true. You trust NASA so much, then look at their statements regarding how they wiped the original as they needed to re use the tapes. Not lost not damaged…they taped over the moon landings like it was auntie Margaret’s 40th birthday bash. They then had to go scrounging round the world to see what footage other countries had. You didn’t read NASA’s statement or look in to the subject because your mind is already made up.

    If some 16 yr old macdonalds worker wins xfactor or Britain’s Got Talent , they are immediately trained in how to conduct themselves in interviews, in the public eye, body language, voice coaches, image, etc. The astronauts would know they would be national heroes and be expected to give many press conferences and interviews for the rest of their lives. The footage is there for all to see. Their heads are down, their voices low, shifting uncomfortably in their seats. It’s uncomfortable to watch. These men should be animated with their stories. They should be elated, proud. They are not. Billions of dollars of tax payers money…and Armstrong refuses interviews and becomes a recluse? He (supposedly) got to do something none of us will ever do. The experience of a lifetime all funded by the people…and yet he was so reluctant to talk about it. Okay Stevie, this isn’t proof that the moon landing was a hoax but then again, I haven’t see any proof we did go to the moon. Not any.

    • fertog says:

      ”We don’t have time to answer their questions, the truth is in the photographs.”
      (Brian Welch NASA spokesman)

      I just watched the final game at the Soccer World Cup in Brazil and a lunatic jumped to the field. The TV just started to broadcast views of the landscape in Rio, instead of those of the showman being chased at the field. That’s exactly what NASA spokesman did regardless the lunatic paid for his ticket.

  86. Stevie says:

    Good truculent comeback Annabel – nice to see a bit of fight from an Apollo denier rather than their usual shallow thinking. Only you could manage to get away with mentioning Britain’s Got Talent in a moon landing debate :)

    I thoroughly agree with your last statement – “…this isn’t proof that the moon landing was a hoax…”. Glad we cleared that up.

    Good for Brian Welch I say. If I were continually bombarded with innate questions doubting your integrity and life’s work I would say the same thing too. That is why astronauts have sometimes failed to answer questions when they have been bullied or tricked to comment by unscrupulous people – because they are totally fed up with this nonsense – they know whatever they say it won’t change these peoples minds so what is the point? This is not a glib response but a real one. If you knew 100% that the landings were true, you were surrounded with all the evidence on a daily basis – you would not bother with such shallow trivial nonsense when there is so many more exciting things to talk about in the Space programme.

    I would go further to say that if by some miracle NASA could spend just one extra $ that would 100% convince all Apollo hoax believers they are wrong I would say don’t waste the money – spend it on something more useful, more sciencey!

    You are quite correct about many additional moon rocks being lost – point conceded – but so what? What does this prove apart from many nations were careless with them? How does this imply a hoax? – it is a non sequitur.

    Plastic found in lunar samples –the lunar samples given to most nations of the world were encased in lucite to stop them degrading. Lucite is a plastic so no mystery there.

    Regarding the lost tapes – yes some of the Apollo 11’s telemetry tapes were reused. This was a conscious decision about resource management made in the face of looming threats to lose data from ongoing missions for lack of storage media. Tapes remain for all the other 5 landings – why aren’t you concerned about them? Why on moon does this imply a conspiracy?

    Neil Armstrong was an intensely private man both before and after his successful moon landing with Apollo 11. He later became a recluse. Buzz Aldrin on the other hand became a show-off and a womaniser. What does it matter? – People are different. If Neil had become a showman and extrovert – would you say he was only doing this to cover up his guilt too?

    There is an overwhelming body of evidence that the Apollo landings happened as advertised. They were the most scrutinised and well-documented events in history and still studied intensely today. Thousands of high res pictures, hour upon hour of TV and film footage, nearly 400kg of rock and soil samples, surviving hardware, personal testimonies, millions of pages of documentation, independent verification from hostile and friendly nations.

    It has been nearly 45 years since the first landing – nobody has exposed the conspiracy, no death bed confessions, no damning evidence. It’s one hell of a bloody clever cover up!

    President Nixon could not cover up a simple break in. President Clinton couldn’t get a blow job in the oval office without getting found out. Ridiculous to think the moon landings were faked 6 times over 3 and half years and nobody is clever enough to figure it all out apart from you conspiracy fanatics.


  87. Annabel says:

    I’m sorry Stevie, I keep reading your last post. Nope, Still can’t find evidence in there. The burden to prove a negative is not on me. You’re saying it did happen. The burden is on you.. I’m still waiting for that single piece of absolutely proof of the Moon landings. Let me know when you have it. I can wait. Cheers.

    • Chris Carter says:

      Google ‘LROC Apollo landing sites’ Annabel. HMMM, look at all those pictures showing the equipment left behind on the lunar surface from all six Apollo missions. There’s your proof darling, lol.

  88. Stevie says:

    In the real world – once something has been established as a historical event and documented the world over the burden of proof moves on to the hoax believers. You are saying the moon landings did not happen – that is an extremely minority viewpoint – you are accusing NASA and the US Government of some huge global conspiracy so you might need a little evidence to back up those claims :) – so far you have offered nothing but unsubstantiated opinions and irrelevant facts.

    Once something is established as fact it is no longer necessary to prove it. Think about Concorde for example – do you doubt it ever existed now supersonic commercial air travel is no longer possible?

    However I am very happy to explain why the moon landing must be 100% genuine and any logical and sound mind is forced to believe it.

    1/ Photographs

    The photographs are stunning – do yourself a favour and take a look at some of the high res images available. They are simply beautiful and should make you feel in awe of life , the universe and everything.

    I have a book called ‘Full Moon’ – a coffee table book full of stunning images from the 6 manned landings. If you saw the book and read it – next time somebody said they think the landings were faked you would more than likely bang them on the head with it.

    There are 5771 high resolution photographs available to wonder at. There is NOT one single tiny anomaly on any Apollo photograph. I mean it – not one. There is your proof right there – colossal amounts of photographic evidence!

    And, if you think about it – pretty stupid to try to fake 6000 pictures – why not just take 20?

    2/ Video

    Hours of video footage taken in low gravity high vacuum environment – impossible to fake. You might need to have studied physics to appreciate the subtleties of the footage – but every second of the footage stands up to rigorous scrutiny. There are no absolutely no anomalies, no wires, no coke cans lying about, no third astronaut and no evidence whatsoever of a fake.

    Any, if you think about it – pretty stupid to try to fake hours of video – why not just take a 10 minutes worth? Why make your job 10 times harder filming moon buggies driving all over the place too? Makes no sense whatsoever.

    3/ Moon rocks – groan – yes 381 kg of moon rocks and soil samples.
    All lunar rocks show evidence of micro impacts from tiny particles that would otherwise burn up on entry on earth. No hydration and evidence of being formed in low g environment – impossible to fake!

    No, they did not collect them all from Antarctica – there were only a few found there and were only identified to have come from the moon AFTER they were compared to the rocks returned from the moon by Apollo. These also show signs of atmospheric heating, water contamination and weathering. Clearly not the same as the rocks collected by Apollo astronauts!. Most rocks collected were even photographed in situ on the moon prior to being picked up.

    1000’s of scientist from all nations of the earth have studied them and nobody thinks they are fake – why do you?

    And, if you think about it – why bring back so much rock if you were gonna fake it? Easy to say due to weight restrictions you could only bring back a few pounds?

    4/ Faking would be pointless – Absolutely pointless. The Russians were neck and neck with the US in trying to get to the moon. What would be the point of faking so many pictures, video and samples when you knew with 100% certainty you would definitely be exposed the minute somebody else landed? Think about it – Answer – they didn’t fake it.

    I really don’t understand what Apollo hoax believers think was so impossible about the moon landings. Clearly the technology was available to send probes to the moon (even the Russians did that) – there was clearly life support systems available (submarines could keep 50 men under water for months during WW2)

    Please explain where the problem is? Where is this mysterious line that they could not cross? They had the technology, they had the incentive, they had the combined brain power of 400,000 top engineers and scientists and they had a practically infinite budget and the will of the nation. Quite simply they figured it all out.

    And before you put your fingers in your ears, shut your eyes and shout – “ They never left earth orbit”, you may want to be reminded that the moon does in fact orbit the Earth.

    Case closed.


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  90. LMMFAO says:

    LMMFAO….. I authentically feel bad for you people… a physicist (who judging solely on his explanation obviously knows more about the subject than the author of this article) explains it to you clear as crystal and you choose to ignore all that he has to say in favor of something you misunderstood entirely from an article that said nothing at all of what you claim…. Don’t bother replying to me.. I won’t be back..

    • hsaive says:

      LMFAO – I’ve seen all the evidence. Good bye

    • jashend says:

      Many interesting points brought up on both sides here. I read most but not all of the comments. I saw that a few people refered to the Kubrick vid as evidence against the landing. I would like to thank those who believe any part of that vid is true becuse I got a much needed laugh from your posts. I’m not sure if anyone above addressed the fact that the Kubrick video is a mockumentary…a planned and billed mockumentary. It is quite obvious early on that Rumsfeld and Kissenger were not interviewed for the movie. The producers simply isolated comments from past unrelated interviews that fit into their script. I respect everyone’s right to an opinion and have no reason to try to change anyone’s mind on the subject. I just thought it was hilarious that the same people that get duped by a poorly put together movie turn around and argue the complexities of space travel.

  91. Cllr Chris says:

    I’m confused. There is Stevie who waxes eloquently about photography so stunning and beautiful that we must believe in moon landings. Not sure I see the connection …? Then we have LMFAO who is so sorry for us that he is leaving us to our misery. Good convincing move there LMFAO – just not sure it’s enough to win me over. But Fertog takes the biscuit. A man so confidently scornful of doubters and so knowledgeable in the Van Allen Radiation Belts that NASA could have saved a great deal in satellite and research funding just by asking this man. Yet despite this relentless barrage against doubters I still remain curiously unconvinced. It seems sensible then that my interest in the debate should remain until my doubts are either proven or disproven.

  92. fertog says:

    Cllr Chris,

    The Van Allen Belts were explored deeply around 1958. There were multiple unmanned missions that carried radiation monitoring equipment to analyze the recently discovered belts by Dr Van Allen. The probes measured, classified and mapped the existing radiation at the inner and an outer belt. These belts were found to be made of high energy particles, the shape is like a doughnut along the magnetic equator, thicker at the equator and thinner as latitude gets towards the poles, where it has no presence; their size changes though, they swell and shrink depending on the solar wind and cosmic rays.

    It was then known the belts posed a threat for man and equipment, yes; but explicitly stated for long term exposures, referring explicitly too, to stationary orbits along the belts. Exposures to astronauts and equipment when passing across the belts are short term exposures and they were below 2 Rad in all missions. In fact I believe it was from 0.4 to 1.2 or so, less than what you get in a CT Scan.

    During a mission launched in August 2012 to study the belts with more detail, they were caught by surprise with the presence of an anomalous, transient, thin belt in between the other two, which appeared and then disappeared after a month. So far, they have not observed it again as of July 2014; so, they still don’t know if it is a cyclic or a rare event.

    That’s all the buzz is about. The less they do research, the less they will understand physics. They want to confuse people with poor technical background. If you are not into physics, you do not need to trust me, just search for what scientists think about a fake moon landing.

  93. ken says:

    The Van Allen bet imay not be an issue, apparently “they” ( astronauts) only spent a number of minutes in the strongest radiation , which was “acceptable ” . Im erring on the side of USA did not land on the moon and usually quoted the Van Allen belt as the main unexplained issue , but read this for a proposed solution.

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  95. fertog says:

    Exactly Ken, that was one of the original explanations. There were only two known belts by then, however it is still valid for most, but not 100% of the time.

    The findings about a third belt, observed by the NASA Van Allen Probes in 2012 were misunderstood and refueled the discussion. The fact is that there is still nothing conclusive about the third belt’s habits. So far, it was a temporary, single appearance that lasted a month before it was wiped out by solar winds; it has been absent since then.

    The third belt seems to be rare, meanwhile a deeper study of the Van Allen Belts is in progress. Findings also include the presence of a natural particle accelerator which is driving most of the attention for now and it may even trigger a new discussion as the third belt argument losses grip. It will just take cherry-picking some of NASA’s publications to ignite more debate.

  96. zeez says:

    How the appolo made it through the van allen belts is magic.
    Even now in the year 2014 nasa still dont have materials to protect its space craft and astronaut, how can appolo passed through the deadly belt in 1969? Magic?

    • fertog says:


      No materials? Where are you reading that?

      The 2 Van Allen Probes are currently in permanent orbit at the belts as many other probes did since 1958. Do you know the radiation damage is accumulative, do you? Both for the living and for materials, right? Ok. As being permanently there, these probes are exposed to radiation maybe thousands or even millions of times more than the astronauts did. Hard to calculate but it is way, way more.

      A spacecraft for humans is designed as a big O2 tank so that astronauts can breathe and strong enough not to blow in the vacuum of space. In this case the walls were made of thick aluminum which is an excellent radiation shield for this type of radiation.

      By the other hand, the probes are minimalistic, they don’t have an enclosure to host a crew and their electronics are more exposed. So yes, they need extra shielding in some components and guess what, they are shielded with known materials and guess what: they are still working.

      There’s nothing magic, just real science.

  97. Marshalr says:

    Shield effectiveness is usually measured in “half-layer thickness”. The “half-layer thickness” number tells you how thick your shield must be to block at least HALF of the radiation. The half-layer thickness for some materials for x-rays at 100 keV:

    Lead 0.12 mm
    Copper 1.8 mm
    Iron 2.6 mm
    Aluminum 15.9 mm
    Water 41.5 mm
    Air 35550 mm

    As you can see, aluminum is a terrible radiation shield. A sheet of lead as thick as a piece of paper works as well as a block of aluminum thicker than your finger. Aluminum is more than 10 times worse than lead. It’s more than 6 times worse than iron.

    It seems to me that you would want to stock pile lead at an in orbit space station and manufacture a vessel fit for human transportation.

  98. fertog says:

    Marsharl, you mention XRay, that’s not the type of radiation we are talking when we mention Van Allen Belts. What makes Van Allen Belts different are protons and electrons, which have less penetrating power. There is other radiation types too but in outer space as well. The Landing Module is the only one that had thin walls but the crew was not there during the passage.

    Here a study on the radiation dose received by a satellite at the belts:

    It says: “A object satellite shielded by 3 mm of aluminum will received about 2500 rem (3) per year.”

    So they consider aluminum for a satellite, but the Command Module was a bunker compared to that.

    Lets consider the Satellite approach (which is a coke can compared to the CM) and divide the 2500 rem by 365, then it will be 6.8 rem per day. That’s not any close to lethal dose but then how many hours were they though the belts? Two? Then 0.6 rem? Ok 1.2 rem due to their way back. Besides the wall was a sandwich of aluminum walls in each side, an aluminum honeycomb layer, another brass-iron honeycomb layer, two fiberglass layers, a thermal layer all making 1.5 inch, plus all kinds of metal in the equipment, hardware, seats, attenuating even more. Take a look to the thickness of the walls in the link below.

    No way, the Allen Belts posed no risk at all.

  99. fertog says:

    Here a link that makes a calculation for an astronaut exposure during the passage but disregarding the spacecraft as a shield. Reading it my way: the first astronaut doing a strip-spacewalk at the expense of 13 Rads. They calculate the passage is almost 1 hour, so even my estimate in the previous post was high. The lethal dose in that ~1 hour passage would be 300 Rad. (1 Rad= 1 rem). The stripper would have survived to radiation but killed by vacuum.

    Ok, that’s a post by NASA, but Russians and Chinese can read it too, so why they would remain silent? A conspiracy on top of a conspiracy? That’s nuts, if those numbers were faked or exaggerated, then Russia would have been the first to point it out, then Putin’s ego would skyrocket past the belts and survive.

  100. paulos says:

    The NASA article you have posted doesn’t say anything about the van allen’s belts prohibiting human spaceflight beyond near earth orbit. The closest it gets to saying that is “The twin spacecraft will spend the next two years exploring the so-called Van Allen belt that is filled with highly-charged particles and at times poses a danger to communications, GPS satellites and even human spaceflight.”

    “Poses a danger to human spaceflight” is a lot different to saying it’s not possible to go beyond the Van Allen’s belts or that the Van Allen’s belts prohibit manned spaceflight beyond near earth orbit.

    I’ve read a fatal radiation dose is 300 rads. “According to radiation dosimeters carried by Apollo astronauts, their total dosage for the entire trip to the moon and return was not more than 2 Rads over 6 days. ”

    They took the shortest route through the belts. There are different types of radiation and the command module did offer some protection against some of the types of radiation in the belts. Alpha particles wont even pass through a human hand while Gamma radiation needs something as dense as lead to stop them (you even learn this in high school). Not all the radiation in the Van Allen’s belts was of the most deadly variety and the less deadly varieties (alpha and beta rays) wwere mostly blocked by the structure of the vehicle.

    I found this very interesting

    The only person saying the Van Allens belt prohibit spaceflight is someone with the username ” un4g1v3n1″. Who is this person ? Is it just someone who commented on the NASA article or what ? Anyone can say anything on the internet. I can say aeroplanes can’t fly because they are too heavy. Doesn’t make it fact.

  101. FilmAllfoggedUp says:

    Check mate ‘Moon hoax deniers’! Forget the argument about how radiation effected the astronauts, please explain how the film from the Hasselblad cameras that supposedly took pictures on the lunar surface got back through the Van Allen Radiation Belts with 0% damage ? In case anyone don’t know, radiation fogs film and is a serious problem for NASA even in the shuttle, well below the Van Allen Radiation Belts.

    “The Shuttle and its cargo are occasionally exposed to a large enough amount of radiation to
    create nonimage forming exposures (fog) on photographic flight film. The sensitivity of
    photographic films to significant space radiation was investigated during several NASA
    programs including Skylab.”

    Quote from NASA ‘The Effects of Space Radiation on Flight Film’, September 1995.

    If NASA cannot protect film from radiation in 1995 while it is aboard the shuttle, below the Van Allen Radiation Belts, how did it achieve this amazing feat in 1969 ? Every single picture, from every single supposed Apollo mission to the moon has 0% radiation fogging, how is that possible ?
    Please read the NASA article before just blabbing nonsense, because NASA has clearly admitted, as of 1995, they don’t know how to protect film from radiation.
    Remember, I am talking about film, from Hassleblad cameras, that NASA has stated was on the lunar surface and used to take pictures. This film, according to NASA would have to travel from the lunar surface in open space ( where there is radiation ) and through the Van Allen Radiation Belts.
    Anyone can view the images NASA claims was taken with Hassleblad cameras on the lunar surface, here is a link to Apollo 11 images.

    There is 0% fogging from radiation on these images, this is impossible if this film passed through the Van Allen Radiation Belts in 1969 aboard the ‘Command Module’ when it supposedly returned from the moon.

  102. fertog says:

    In the previous post, the link was a study done in 1995 to quantify film exposure to radiation at Space Shuttle Missions, which was used to “demonstrate” that the film would get foggy in the Van Allen Belts. Results from a long mission which even considers solar flares are compared to a 2-hour passage. That’s not comparing pears to pears. Besides, the results in that study show minimal or no degradation and in the worst scenarios the images could be corrected during the printing process.

    One thing to consider is that by 1995, there were commercially available high resolution digital cameras (i.e. Kodak DCS 465, 6.3 Megapixels) so, why would they insist using film? If they chose film over digital, it must be because the pictures are better, meaning that film could be used.

    One more fact to consider is that the levels of radiation at the belts were studied since 1958 in different satellite missions by the USA and the USSR. Why would they risk film to get exposed if they could have only used videotapes? Sure it was because their films would not get foggy.

    • FilmAllfoggedUp says:

      ‘Results from a long mission which even considers solar flares are compared to a 2-hour passage’
      *STS-31 ‘Flight Film exposure to radiation resulted in fogged and degraded images’
      Mission Duration: 5 days, 1 hour, 16 minutes, 6 seconds
      STS-31 382 miles above earth to launch the Hubble Space Telescope, protected by VAB’s.

      *Apollo 11 ‘Beautiful images from the Lunar surface on 1969 film technology and 1969 Hasselblad Camera’ – Mission Duration: eight days, three hours, 18 min, 35 seconds.
      Apollo 11 spent 4 hours in the VAB’s ( 2 hours twice, once each way ) and at least 7 days outside the protection of the VAB’s.

      ‘worst scenarios the images could be corrected during the printing process’
      “Table XIII. Recommendations for Shuttle Mission Photography”
      Deals a death blow to any procedure to ‘correct’ for radiation fogging of Apollo 11 images taken on film with the Hasselblad Camera. We can not go back and ‘correct during the printing process’ on Apollo 11 thru 17 images, NASA has never stated such a process was done on those images. We can not imagine some other images to talk about or a process considered in 1995, we are bound to the 1969-72 Apollo 11 thru 17 Hassleblad images and the process used on that film.

      ‘One thing to consider’ is that NASA supposedly sent Apollo 11 to the moon with a Hasselblad Camera to take pictures on film and those images appear to be 100% free of any radiation fogging what so ever. How is that possible when ‘CR188427.pdf’ clearly states NASA has no idea how it was done in 1969 and is studying the problem in 1995 ?

      ‘ Why would they risk film… Sure it was because their films would not get foggy’.
      I don’t know why NASA choose the Hassleblad Camera for supposedly taking pictures on the lunar surface.
      The ‘risk’ has physically bound them to those Apollo 11 thru 17 images developed from the film they supposedly brought back from the Hassleblad cameras. NASA can never go back on its claim about those images. Images that are physically impossible according to NASA themselves in ‘CR188427.pdf’.

      We cannot re-write history, NASA documented what they said took place on the film, where the images where taken, the films journey through the VAB’s twice and in open space outside the protection of the VAB’s for more than 7 days.

      Please respond with documented proof from NASA, from 1969, that describes how the film was protected from radiation or what magical non-radiation-fogging film was used. I mean, the documentation has to be out there, right ?

      If I had found any info from NASA showing how they pulled this off I wouldn’t be on this forum.

      • Marshalr says:

        I would like to say what I think from all I have studied. We live in a fishbowl, and its not meant for us to leave our environment. Space is a harsh environment. Lack of gravity and pressure, particulate and radiation. The sunlit side of the moon has to be the biggest solar reflective oven there could be. By the best evidence I have seen, Apollo teams launched into orbit, did send unmanned LEM, recovered the samples, and splashed down. The live coverage I remembered had to a reverse Trojan Horse designed to convince the USSR that Nuclear war was futile, because we could come out of our bunkers with wonder suits and solar powered vehicles even if the aftermath was a moonscape. Or for the same reason, we used technology obtained by an accident of a much more advanced technical creatures. The materials were expended for the Apollo program or it was decided to recover them and hide them. At least the case of Apollo 13 would not be the mother of all fraud, which would be the case if the team never left earth orbit. In any case, humans don’t leave orbit, even for another once around the moon. NASA continues to study radiation environmental issues for deep space travel. Something just is not right.

      • hsaive says:

        Failure of ANY COUNTRY to return to the moon to setup a base, manned experiment or lunar community is a major clue to the moon landing hoax. The future of Internet access, personal technologies to (further) debunk phony landings quashed the Apollo mission.

  103. Hi folks!

    In recent studies, Nasa has confirmed that there are now more belts (more than the initial two), and that they have appeared recently. Independent studies said so before.

    So, I would like to express my serious concerns about what Nasa or any other state controlled agency is admitting or distributing when it comes to core information. It very clearly looks like that our planet has kind of reacted and powered up more shields, thus to prevent entrance or escape by certain kind of organisms, artifacts or unknown. It is quite possible that the actual crazy and furious race around technology is no other thing that a kind of program which wanted to conduct to manned or unmanned space flight and investigation, but now has found out that the more we push in this direction, the more we get caught or shielded away from the goal. Finally, the whole thing starts to throw stones on all those agencies, making it clear that most of their propaganda was nothing else but propaganda.

    In my surely uninteresting opinion the incredible speeding up of economies, developments and specially tech-developments in the last 50 years was dedicated solely to escape from planet Earth. Now it has become clear that we have no chance to do so, and even if we try harder, just the more belts or other devices will prevent us from any kind of success.

    Nasa is a fraud, as all the other agencies are. They partly act as cover-up for highly secretive missions, or decorate conveniently the mock-ups and setups for the broad public.

    My – of course totally useless – personal feelings are that technology will never be the key to any kind of evolution in the way the planet is designed to react, or act and even help us. All this looks like that some very rich and powerful were trying to find a passage for themselves, and then look at us from above or leave us behind forever. Now their dreams have come to a sudden end, they know that they are bound to this planet. It’s just the epic economical and technological infraestructure that can’t be stopped by them – no matter how hard they may try now, and, oh dear… they really try hard lately.

    Whether the truth will come out or not in time to know, it’s quite clear to me that another kind of evolution was withheld from us by our own fellow humans, but will now emerge with grace from the ruins the last decades have accomplished to multiply all over the planet.

    Don’t take me seriously. Just read, feel… and have fun.

    Kind regards to all

  104. fertog says:

    @Miguel, you choose not to believe, that’s your right; however, as I posted before, the additional belt was observed temporarily for about a month in 2012 and disappeared not to be observed again. Not saying that the newly discovered, more energetic third belt would have been fatal to astronauts inside the LEM, but basically that it is absent most of the time. There is no way to know if the third belt was present during the Apollo Missions; however, for the sake of the discussion, it is easy to deduct that the probabilities were low (1 month out of 2+ years makes it an unlikely event). This becomes a weak argument to disprove a safe passage.

    @FilmAllFoggedUp, the film fogginess in a Space Shuttle Mission that was not in orbit trough the Van Allen Belts, but in lower orbit and on a longer mission. The foggy film may have been exposed by other type of radiation with more penetrating power and for a longer term than the Apollo Missions, not by the characteristic radiation at the belts. Yes, Apollo may have been exposed too, that’s a statistical possibility but not very likely; what is for sure, is that if the film got exposed, it was safe in its aluminum canister inside the LEM and besides, it was not exposed for too much time. A study like the one you refer to, is intended to cover multiple possibilities while in a long mission while in orbit, not during a passage or a short term mission. The test you refer to uses a film more sensitive to radiation and the radiation used “a thousand of times more energetic than those existing in outer space”. Maybe you want to read this article: it even has has a link to a primer in radiation.

    • Marshalr says:

      The lunar space helmets face plates are are lined with gold??

      • hsaive says:

        We expect many people will not have the capacity to believe the facts. This is how it should be. If it’s true that the planet’s population is too high, this may be an opportunity to eliminate the mentally unfit.

    • hsaive says:

      “Choosing” to believe is a religion and has nothing to do with the scientific method. So choose away.

      • Marshalr says:

        Countries and private enterprise want to mine Helium 3 from the moon to use for fusion. Energy resource, that’s human motivator So how do they plan to accomplish this? Robotics? If they plan to establish a colony, where is their data about the lunar surface. There was a “moon bomb” that NASA has published, stating its impact showed there was frozen water? So you must shield for a CME proton storm caused by solar flares? You must shield for Comic rays. You must be ready for unearthly temperature and UV conditions. What are the shielding requirements?

      • Marshalr says:

        You do it with aluminum??

  105. Stevie says:

    Basically then – the people who do not believe in the moon landings have very little understanding of science and radiation. Those that do believe them actually know what they are talking about.
    All you doubters are quite pathetic and should open a science book before opening your mouths!

  106. Marshalr says:

    Please read about super tenacity from Col P.J. Curso. Could this material been included in Dupont’s famous lunar space suit?

  107. John Spaziani says:

    I see there is a discussion in the Science Community about removing ions & radiation from the Van Allen belt: they better be careful what they wish for, owing to unknown factors whereby the belts as they are might hold some existing protection for our planet!

  108. Jake says:

    The only technology that has regressed. NASA nor anyone else can duplicate the feat done almost a half a century ago. Dental X-rays at 0.1 Rem and they place a lead shield over you. There is a reason they stay below 400 miles and usually 200 miles up in orbit and it is radiation. Only the naive believe in the government.

  109. Pingback: Létající muž z Macclesfieldu a pád do „jezírka ticha“: Záhada, kterou nikdo nevyšetřuje. Otázka stejného druhu, jako zda opravdu byli Američané na Měsíci |

  110. Tom says:

    I don’t see any problem…

    Missions beyond low Earth orbit leave the protection of the geomagnetic field, and transit the Van Allen belts. Thus they may need to be shielded against exposure to cosmic rays, Van Allen radiation, or solar flares. The region between two to four Earth radii lies between the two radiation belts and is sometimes referred to as the “safe zone”.[24][25]

    Solar cells, integrated circuits, and sensors can be damaged by radiation. Geomagnetic storms occasionally damage electronic components on spacecraft. Miniaturization and digitization of electronics and logic circuits have made satellites more vulnerable to radiation, as the total electric charge in these circuits is now small enough so as to be comparable with the charge of incoming ions. Electronics on satellites must be hardened against radiation to operate reliably. The Hubble Space Telescope, among other satellites, often has its sensors turned off when passing through regions of intense radiation.[26] A satellite shielded by 3 mm of aluminium in an elliptic orbit (200 by 20,000 miles (320 by 32,190 km)) passing the radiation belts will receive about 2,500 rem (25 Sv) per year. Almost all radiation will be received while passing the inner belt.[27]

    The Apollo missions marked the first event where humans traveled through the Van Allen belts, which was one of several radiation hazards known by mission planners.[28] The astronauts had low exposure in the Van Allen belts due to the short period of time spent flying through them.[29] The command module’s inner structure was an aluminum “sandwich” consisting of a welded aluminium inner skin, a thermally bonded honeycomb core, and a thin aluminium “face sheet”. The steel honeycomb core and outer face sheets were thermally bonded to the inner skin.

    In fact, the astronauts’ overall exposure was dominated by solar particles once outside Earth’s magnetic field. The total radiation received by the astronauts varied from mission to mission but was measured to be between 0.16 and 1.14 rads (1.6 and 11.4 mGy), much less than the standard of 5 rem (50 mSv) per year set by the United States Atomic Energy Commission for people who work with radioactivity.[28]

  111. Marshalr says:

    So between the structure of LEM and the Apollo astronaut suits, astronauts would not be overexposed to dangerous radiation on the moon surface. The radiation is of what type and what levels on the lunar surface??

  112. shawn young says:

    Has anyone mentioned the book, “Opening Space Research: Dreams, Technology, and Scientific Discovery” , By George H. Ludwig. He worked with Van Allen at the time Van Allen was making his discoveries. It is very interesting reading. Ernie Ray signed a letter in which he states, “Evidently there is no hole in space. Rather, space is radioactive…. work with an Anton Geiger tube indicates…10 to the fourth – 10 to the sixth/sec…. 4 April, 1958. (page 336). Ludwig also recounts a page from his journal in which he writes: By now a very startling and interesting result has appeared in the data. We have encountered some extremely high counting rates at the higher altitudes, and at perhaps all latitudes north and south 33 degrees….Counting rates are probably over 4000 per second. This result appears on both Explorers, and there seems to be no doubt as to its existence. ….Van Allen was sufficiently confident in our conclusions by mid-April that he discussed them with several IGY program officials, namely, Richard Porter, Hugh Odishaw, Homer Newell, and William Pickering. Those calls were made, most likely on Monday, 14 April….The US National Committee had recently established a policy for the release of scientific information… It provided that all satelite-derived data should be conveyed to the US national Committee in advance of public release. Odishaw reminded Van Allen of that policy and admonished him to make no public announcement of the new discovery…(chapter 12 page 339)…..”. I’m not going to write out the whole book for you… the information is out there if you want it. I can’t believe with how easy it is to find information, these days, that there are still so many ignorant Sheeple!

  113. Marshalr says:

    Thank you.. I have been looking for more info on Ernie Ray. I once saw a quote from Van Allen about the danger of going to Mars, but cannot seem to relocate it. However, the more people who retire or pass, the more information becomes available.

  114. John says:

    I just saw the spectacular movie, Interstellar, it promises to wake up some of those in stupified sleep. The revelation to the lead character that the moon landings were fake and done to bankrupt the old soviet union is part of predictive programming: the controllers well know the absurdity of their fantasy that there has been no return manned flight to the moon in over 40 years, and counting, despite quantum leaps in technology and their immense desire to utilize the moon as a miltary and mineral resource base; let’s habitualize those asleep so they will awaken in a controlled way. Another clue is the Kubrick 2001 meme and the open references to the parallels with Kubrick’s earlier masterpiece — the controllers have an ironic sense of humour don’t they.

  115. Stevei says:

    Congratulations John on probably the dumbest post so far, and there have been quite a few.
    So your evidence that the moon landings were a hoax is because you have seen a movie at the cinema? Wow, such a powerful argument.

  116. Wayne says:

    You want proof we did it. Russia our biggest enemy at the time said we did it. They have taken pictures of our rovers. Now give me one reason that Russia would lie for us. Just one.

    • Wayne says:

      Just wanted to add a quote from the man who the belt is named after.

      “The recent Fox TV show, which I saw, is an ingenious and entertaining assemblage of nonsense. The claim that radiation exposure during the Apollo missions would have been fatal to the astronauts is only one example of such nonsense.” — Dr. James Van Allen

      • hsaive says:

        Wayne need to know that the Russians – Like the US Government – can lie or tell the truth on any given subject for no reason that you will ever be allowed to know.

  117. John says:

    On July 21, 2019 it will be 50 years since Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Think about that. 50 years. Half a century since the first fictional moon landing, and since 1973 no manned U.S. lunar landings, despite the militiary, mineral, research, human colonization and propaganda prize. The technological, human factors and economic advances during the intervening period have been staggering, but backward on the manned landing front; in fact, a reversal.

    This is all you have to know. Hats off to Hollywood NASA. But what a cruel, cruel joke on the American people.

  118. hsaive says:

    Why hasn’t a manned mission returned to the moon? Is it true that we’ve finished exploring the Moon and there’s nothing else of import to learn? Or is it that there’s simply no military or research advantage to building a colony on the lunar surface from which to build and launch interstellar, manned missions to further reaches with less need for bulky rockets needed to escape the bonds of earth’s gravity.? There must be a million reasons why it’s no longer a good idea to return a man to the moon – and you’re likely to hear all of them right here from the “true believers” of the Apollo myth-shun

    • Wayne says:

      Cause NASA has like almost no funding. Cause people didn’t want to spend millions of dollars to go back when there is nothing to gain. By gain I mean the prize is greater then the price to get there.

      • hsaive says:

        No funding is no excuse. The FED creates cash out of thin air. Since when did the grassroots will of the people have anything to do with the $3 Trillion+ missing from the Pentagon reported by Rumsfeld the day before the 9/11 False Flag? (another collosal lie) — We know by now that mass propaganda like that of Edward Bernays and repeated through lying media created strong opinions about what was needed for commerce and war throughout the 20th Century. – including the Apollo mission itself. Bernays demonstrated that Propaganda can too easily create the “will of the people” when the invisible government needs to dominate and profit. If it could REALLY be done, there would already be a highly touted lunar base on the moon made immensely easier by the past 50 years of terrestrial advances in related technology. There is no excuse, therefore the Apollo Myth-shun is revealed.

  119. John says:

    Well said, hsaive, completely agree!

  120. spacecat says:

    was just watching the Orion test flight q&a on the Nasa channel, even with the modern tech equipment they have today they still dont seem to know, much about or, how they are going to deal with the Van Allen and Solar Radiation in deep space. They are just now trying to figure how to overcome safety issues for astronauts and computer problems when comp chips get fried by radiation. Can someone please help? I’ve been looking for a story about ?Russian? astronauts getting fried to death when passing thru the radiaion belts on there way to the moon… incredibly they were able to turn around and make it back to earth…but sadly one of the men was dead on arrival and the ther died soon after, am i imagining this story

    • shawn young says:

      I have been looking for the story of the three cosmonauts for a long time. I read it from a book (saw the pictures with my own eyes, read the story myself), when I was a kid, and although I still have a few sets of the books that I had, they were torn up by my nephews and nieces, and some of the books were replaced with newer versions that have been reedited or just flat out changed. I have the Life Science books, I thought it was there, some of mine have been replaced with newer editions; and I have the book of Popular Science, I thought it might be there. The one set I spent a lot of time with, but no longer have, was the Worldbook Encyclopedia. I know I’ve read, and seen, that man cannot figure out how to pass through the Van Allen Radiation Belt, I just can’t find it.

      • spacecat says:

        hi shawn, thanks for the reply, i saw the cosmonaut story on tv. i’m thinking late 70’s to early 1980’s. a man i worked with in the early 80’s was the only other person, i know, that has ever heard of this story. it was a news show or maybe a documentary (kinda fuzzy) but i do remember them talking about the story. cosmonauts on there way to the moon being severly burned as they entered radiation belts were able to turn around and head back to earth but the exposer was fatal, the other two cosmonauts dead on arrival, the other cosmonaut coherant for several hours before he perished. i remember clearly the still pictures of his upper body and the large red patches or blisters on his upper body

    • g.g says:

      “They are just now trying to figure how to overcome safety issues for astronauts and computer problems when comp chips get fried by radiation.”

      You *do* understand that the Apollo computer ran on SSI circuits and magnetic core memories, right? Orion flies on VLSI circuits and semiconductor memories, the former being much more complex and therefore much more vulnerable, and the latter, unlike core memories, being sensitive to radiation (magnetic cores don’t even notice there’s any radiation around). Therefore, all the new computer stuff has to be re-qualified.

  121. spacecat says:

    i know the russians had concerns about manned missions into deep space, even tho they had some probs with some unmanned deep space missions they had theplans and the capability to send manned missions to lunar orbit and to land on the moon, they supposedly did send some small animals to deep space (insects turtles) supposedly they didnt survive re-entry or maybe the radiation got them as well, maybe they were waiting to see what happened with the US deep space experiments before they admitted concerns about deep space radiation? so this is what i’m getting at…if they see the US manned mission orbit the moon (apollo 8) and they see apollo 11 land on the moon…they decide the wait is over, tje US did it safely lets go now. Imagine there anger when they found out theUS lied snd mow three beloved cosmonauts are dead. this would have happened right sfter 1969(apollo11) the russians had everything they needed, equal technology(maybe better) the rockets, th lander, everything, it was all there ready to go…so maybe by late 69 early 70 they go, the cosmonauts die from radiation poisoning and they realize that the US lie. my point is the russians are very angry, they immediatly send nuclear subs and missles to cuba and continue a build up weapons late 1970, 71, 72…get whete i’m goin with this. then all of the sudden in 1972 the US says…..hey how about we share all of our space technology forget about this cold war stuff and work together onspace exploration. a few years later all lunar missions are scrapped and the space station and shuttle programs begim in low earth orbit. why? because mannd missions into deep space were impossible and may still be

    • spacecat says:

      and sorry about the misspellings and grammer, my mobil keyboard is giving me fits lately and it only gets worse afer i cram so mant characters into these reply windows..LOL

      • hsaive says:

        Russian Intel and monitoring was good enough that they knew the Apollo missions never happened. The absence of Russians on the moon speaks loudly to the Apollo lie.

        The real question remains as to why the Russians failed to expose the Apollo lie to embarrass their US rival.

        My guess is the ultimate NWO agenda of “dominance” is shared by both world powers. It would not help Russia to snitch on the Apollo lie if they wanted to join in on secret Near=earth-orbit Space weapons technology directed at world population dominance themselves.

        I suspect the Russians agreed not to snitch on the Apollo lie in exchange for US promise not to attack the Russian space weapons program.

        This agreement is now manifest in the ongoing, US/Russian ISS mission where “trust but verify” is easy to achieve.

        The ultimate synthesis of the US/Russian Space weapons program of global population dominance is actually on track even if the lying media’s “official story” places US and Russia at near “nuclear war “. But, so far there is no sign of ISS cooperation breaking down despite the manufactured violence of ISIS and in East Ukraine where helmeted NAZI’s are media fodder to inflame the propaganda for the large dumb-downed western audiences.

        The collapse of the Berlin Wall was the signal to move forward with the next phase of globalist corporatism. After all, the Russian Oligarchy is in a position to demand equal time on planning the coming global feudalistic state.

        The manufactured friction of relations that gives China the excuse they need to enter the arms race promises to form the defacto 3-way Space weapons program needed to cover the physical area and majority populations of planet earth in the northern hemisphere wheli South America languishes helplessly in bankster-imposed debt..

        As country boundaries and sovereignty of nations dissolve driven by increasingly inter-dependant trade agreements, all those space weapons are increasingly turned DIRECTLY against all populations rather than through the old-school method of country against country warfare contrived by bangster funded, media propaganda.

  122. spacecat says:

    hello hsaive, thanks for your reply, and yes it does seem as if their is alot of BS out there intended to confuse the public. all these military confrontations (the russians take one side the US takes the other)and everyone gets to test use and sell a bunch of military equiptment stockpiles so they can sign new military contracts and produce more. its all big business at the expense of human life and the taxpayers

    • spacecat says:

      mind control and controlling the masses has been going on for a very long time. probably since the beginning of time. when the first deviant person (just smart enough to be dangerous) told the biggest strongest person that; with your muscle and my brains…we can rule this place… (i think i saw that on the three stooges LOL) religions and governments have been attempting to control the masses many different ways (lie’s, instilling fear, propaganda, racism, ect ect) most of witch are very effective on the large majority of the populous.

      • spacecat says:

        but what really concerns me….i saw Michio Kaku on c-span saying that mind control is now a scientific reality. no longer science fiction, their will be no need for wires sticking out of your head or a computer chip implanted in your brain. how will they do this? they will do it with the very simple FM radio waves. at first for medical applications a fm reciever in the home would would send the stimulie to help sick people. this is not speculation or exageration on my part, this is now a fact of science. he said these experiments are succesful and repeatable in the labratory. they are mapping all brainwaves for every different action of our minds. he said in 5 or 6 years it will have wonderous medical applications, and that military applications would soon follow. what he didnt say was how long befor governments are controlling the masses with real foolproof scientific mind control. kinda scary huh. step outside right now and tell me if you cant see at least one large atennae structure, or maybe even two or three. it seems that its just a matter of time before all of our freedoms and freewill will be under control of the world powers that make up the NWO

  123. spacecat says:

    who knows what the world powers will do or how they will use this technology. so i think i will get busy with my life, my music, my writing and others project and things i love to do, splitting wood, the outdoors, cooking, making beer LOL, i’m in mid life so i think i should be ok. this will probably be slowely implimented process, so i guess future generations wont even realize what is happening to them(just as most people today dont even realize) besides the cold truth is that their is not a single thing that any of us will be able to do about. enjoy the simple pleasures in life, try to be spritual, moral, optomistic and try to make life easier for one another

    • hsaive says:

      Just posted on Veterans Today – Reveals what the secret military space weapons program has been doing to us. We must remember that a military career is essentially a socialistic “jobs program” model on the backs of taxpayers who are increasingly weary of perpetual war. When will this awareness make a difference to the left and the right-wing war-mongers who think they are fighting for “freedom”?
      Chemtrails: Synthetic Alien Biology and Climate Change War on Mankind

  124. Stevie says:

    I see the lunatics are back in charge of the asylum again. Any sane person reading the last ten posts or so would think he has accidentally stumbled into a nut house.

    • CllrChris says:

      Stevie – don’t you understand that using abuse is hardly the way to win friends or influence people? How would you like it, it works both ways, if I said to you “Don’t open your eyes, you’ll let all the sand in” – or some such demeaning comment? Whatever the truth – I’d be happy to hear ALL sides with thanks – and no silly insults.

  125. Nissim says:

    This article is complete nonsense. The amount of radiation each astronaut is calculated to have endured is under 13 rads/hr. A dosage of 300 rads/hr is deemed deadly.

    Please read this article

    • hsaive says:

      Sorry, but NASA is in the business of falsifying certain data sensitive to NWO, corporatist agenda. You only need look at their feeble defense of the debunked climate change lie and faux ignorance of the past 16 years of covert aerosol geoengineerig (chemtrails).

      The article you throw up here is no more than speculation of best-case scenario and fails to meet the rigors of peer-reviewed research – even if that were to make much difference in the current age of massive science fraud and media deceit.

  126. stargaze says:

    This video is over 3 hours long but my goodness we never landed on the moon in fact we never orbited the moon. After watching this I am 100% sure the moon landings were all fabricated and many have died keeping the lie going.

  127. Stevie says:

    stargaze and hsaive – That video is a crock of shit. It exhibits every possible logical fallacy going. In fact some of them are so blatant it should be held up as a text book example of Logical Fallacies. It has ‘special pleading’, ‘poisoning the well’, ‘strawman’, ‘begging the question’, ‘personal incredulity’, ‘appeal to authority’ and one or two others. Anybody with any basic critical thinking skills can see them plain as day. Don’t be duped by such nonsense just because it seems to fit your already made up opinion.

    The following link dissects the video minute by minute and completely debunks it. Basically it is quite shocking how somebody watching the video can be willingly mislead.

    Try engaging ones brain.

    • CllrChris says:

      Stevie – I haven’t yet watched your debunking video. I will. What devalues your argument are the insults you so carelessly fling at people who are simply having a discussion. Politeness, especially with ideas (or people?) you disagree with can only work to your advantage. Unless of course it is your argument that is “s**t” ???

  128. Stevie says:

    CllrChris – Sorry for the insults – I will try to rein them in future :) It is difficult however when people are effectively calling the Apollo astronauts con artists and liars, when in reality they were/are incredibly brave and courageous men backed up by the fantastic hard work and dedication of thousands of NASA scientists and workers. Their achievements should be revered and celebrated, not pissed on.

    In reality the hoax argument is dead anyway – I constantly ask hoax believers to give me once piece of solid evidence that it was hoaxed. They NEVER can!

    • Jay Dabigman says:

      are you trying to tell us that 3mm of alluminium sheet will stop gamma radiation? i smell bullshit here bro,,fact,, nothing we know of atm can stop gamma radiation,,this is one of the problems with cleaning up fuklushima,,its just a death zone that ppl cannot get any where near,, and ok,, i have a comeback question,,as ur info was good but flawed,, answer me this one simple question,, if they really did go,, why did they never go aagain? and name me another thing that humans worked out how to do but then only did once and decided to never do it again? shit even the atom bomb was dropped twice on 2 seperate citys,, and if they really did go,, what happened to scare them from going again,,cus fear is the only reasonable answer,,and why is it that china plans to land on the moon but cannot accomplish this untill at least 2020,, you telling me they flew a spaceship thru deadly radiation 60 years ago,, with a computer that would have been less powerful than my electric toothbrush ? but yet we cant do it now,,or since,, seriously,, ? btw again,, alluminium does not stop radiation bro,,dunno where u got that from? the label inside ur tin hat?

      • ron abbass says:

        Hi Jay! Thanks for your comment. Man, I really laughed out loud when I read your response to “Stevie” — “…dunno where you got that from – the label inside ur tin hat? I’m still laughing as I type this. :-) Thanks again, Jay. Peace Bro! :-)

      • Dan says:

        Nobody is saying 3mm of Aluminium will stop Gamma radiation. That’s ridiculous. However, 3mm of aluminium will easily stop both Beta and Alpha radiation. Gamma radiation can be considered as a packet of extremely powerful energy (it’s basically light at a really high frequency). Beta radiation is a fast moving electron ejected from an atom when a proton breaks down into a neutron and an electron. Alpha radiation is a fast moving helium nucleus, or two protons and two neutrons moving at high speed.

        Because of this, gamma radiation passes through matter really easily and is difficult to stop. Beta radiation is significantly larger but still quite small, so it’ll pass through stuff like paper, but will get stopped by a thin sheet of any reasonable dense metal. Alpha radiation is really large compared to the other two and will be stopped by basically any collection of matter.

        There are other particles considered to be radiation (because radiation isn’t just gamma rays, it’s an umbrella term and can be used for a lot of things), including high energy protons. High energy protons (free protons moving very quickly) are what the first layer of the Van Allen belts contains. Protons are quite a bit larger than electrons and as we can see above, 3mm of aluminium is enough to block beta radiation (electrons), so it will just as easily block the high energy protons found in the Van Allen Belts.

  129. Derek says:

    Man can only go so far…
    Psalm 115:16
    King James Bible
    The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD’S: but the earth hath he given to the children of men.

  130. Stevie says:

    Great, that clears everything up then.
    Thank you so much Derek for your fantastic insight.

  131. CllrChris says:

    Do I detect a hint of sarcasm there Stevie? :-)

  132. Dan says:

    Hi, I’d just like to drop in with some data.

    The Van Allen belts are actually quite small in latitude. They only span roughly 20 degrees in both directions from the equator. The trajectory of the Apollo missions was at 30% to the equator, so they only passed through at worse, the outer layers of the belts. They aren’t a spherical shield around the earth that is untraversable by anyone. If you think of it in 3 dimensions, they’re like two thin donuts around the equator.

    Also, most of the nasties in the belts are high energy protons. The protons in the Van Allen belt tend to have an energy level of around 30MeV (Mega electron volts). 3mm of aluminium can protect against all protons with an energy level of 25MeV, and the aluminium hull on the Apollo command module was at least twice this thickness, allowing it to shield up to 50MeV, well enough to block out the radiation at the middle of the belts, let alone the edges the craft passed through.

    The lower Van Allen belt is the one with all the nasty proton radiation and is the most deadly. It’s also the thinnest, at 5000km. When the Apollo mission flew through the first belt, it did so at a bit over 10km per second. With a quick calculation, you find that they spent at most, 8 minutes in the least deadly part of the belt along with adequate radiation shielding.

    So what about the upper belt? That one is more expansive and more difficult to avoid. The problem is, the radiation found there is beta radiation in the form of high energy electrons. This also happens to be shielded by 3mm of aluminium, which we have already established to be overprovided for by the Apollo craft.

    I honestly want to hear your thoughts on this, because I would be delighted if you could prove me wrong.

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