Roseanne Barr: MK Ultra Mind Control Rules In Hollywood ( RT Vid)

The Vigilant Citizen in several earlier articles have pointed out that Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Rihanna and other artists are under the same diabolical influence. (emphasis mine)

Vigilant Citizen – April 1, 2013    Via  (Apr.02/13)

Roseanne Barr is an outspoken actress and comedienne who never shied away from tackling difficult and controversial issues, even if that meant being unpopular or being tagged as “crazy” by mass media.

While I can’t say that I agree with all of her views, she remains  one of the very few people in Hollywood who dare talking about its most damning issue: MK ULTRA***.

In a recent interview with RT, Roseanne talked about the dark side of the entertainment industry and directly mentioned MK ULTRA as being a major force in Hollywood.

Roseanne basically says that Hollywood stars are terrified of using their status to speak out about important issues because there’s a “culture of fear” going on there, where “speaking out” almost automatically equals being shunned from the industry and having one’s career destroyed.

More importantly she adds:

“It’s also a big culture of Mind Control. MK ULTRA Mind Control rules in Hollywood.”

***Note: MK-ULTRA was the code name for a secret CIA mind control program, begun in 1953, under Director Allen Dulles. (emphasis mine, Ron)

My source for vid and article:

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2 Responses to Roseanne Barr: MK Ultra Mind Control Rules In Hollywood ( RT Vid)

  1. Winston Smith says:

    This bitch is a JEW, as she has always made crystal clear with all of her WASP-hating, faggot-hugging antics. “Champion of working people” my ass. Her and her co-star John Goodman, another stinking JEW, portrayed white working class Americans every bit as contemptuously as Fox does with shows like Married With Children and The Simpsons. “The problem with Hollywood is MK-Ultra”— ha ha ha ha ha! Please bitch, get your cockamamie CIA lingo right. MK-Ultra was a series of psychological experiments. It was Operation Mockingbird that used media to manipulate the American public. But either way this bitch is just deflecting attention off into nonsense. The real problem with Hollywood is JEWS, period.

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