Canadian Jewish Predator And Lesbian Premier Draft Sex Ed To Sexualize Children

I have abbreviated the following.        By Reality (Real Women)  Sept.28, 20113

Just because his trial is 14 months off, we shouldn’t forget the case of former Ontario Deputy Minister of Education, Benjamin Levin, left.  Released July 9 on $100,000 bail, Levin was charged with making and distributing child pornography.

As Deputy Minister of Education, he drafted a “sex education” program to sexualize Ontario children.

This is more evidence that a Masonic (Cabalist Jewish) satanic sex cult controls society using liberal and “progressive” groups as fronts. He (Levin) was a professor at the University of Toronto; his brother is Registrar and another is Canadian ambassador to Cuba.

FROM 2004 to 2009, Ben Levin served as Deputy Minister of Education of Ontario under the lesbian Minister of Education, Kathleen Wynne, who is currently the Liberal Premier of the Province.  Ben Levin

During Levin’s time as Deputy Minister, a new sex education curriculum, called the Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy (EIES), was developed. (Levin on right)

According to this curriculum, 6-year-olds were to be taught “gender identity” in grade 1, sex orientation and different genders in grade 3, masturbation in grade 6, and oral and anal sex by grade 7.

In a letter, dated April 6, 2009, Mr. Levin stated, “Today, the ministry released its new equity and inclusive education strategy paper, realizing the Promise of Diversity… This province-wide strategy has been a priority for our Minister of Education Kathleen Wynne and me.”

This program was introduced in September, 2010. Horrified parents raised such a storm of protest, that the then Premier, Dalton McGuinty, was forced to withdraw the program after two days.

Kathleen WynneUndaunted by this rejection, Premier Wynne, who succeeded McGuinty, announced in January, 2013, that she planned to bring back this controversial sex education program. (Premier Kathleen Wynne on left)

By sexualizing children before they are ready– psychologically, emotionally and physically–children may begin to engage in early sex activity, believing that such sexual activity is normal, acceptable and expected of them.

This makes them both vulnerable and an easy prey for sexual predators. That is, children learn from this curriculum that sexual behavior, both deviant and otherwise, can be carried out without regret, concern or reservation at any time, by anyone, with anyone.

It was only the common sense and intuition of concerned parents in Ontario that stopped this sex curriculum from being implemented. Former Deputy Minister of Education Levin is obviously Premier Wynne’s good and trusted friend.

It seems they share the same values. One wonders, however, whether Ms. Wynne will now dare to implement her sex curriculum program with a provincial election looming and Mr. Levin’s inconvenient arrest.


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2 Responses to Canadian Jewish Predator And Lesbian Premier Draft Sex Ed To Sexualize Children

  1. Quagmure says:

    The Premier is forcing this Sex-Ed in 2015. The feminists and LGBTQ community support the move. I wonder why are these Marxists keen on forcing an agenda on 4 year old students in the first place? Why do teachers support this dreadful curriculum anyways?

    • ron abbass says:

      Thanks Quagmure for your comment-questions — much appreciated. I think if one were to check out the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, one would find the answers. Basically, these satanic elite power brokers are creating division, destroying the moral fabric of the Western Nations, making the perverse, the normal and introducing evolution and big-bang-science as the new god. Teachers won’t speak out against this agenda for they fear the lost of their careers. Political Correctness is the order of the day. The agenda behind this evil system, is to create a satanic “New World Order (one world gov).

      Thanks again Quagmure. Take good care! Peace and blessings to you and yours.

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