We Are Being Tricked, Warned and Attacked By Zionist False Flag Operatives And Their Jewish-Owned Media.

I have abbreviated the following (r.a. note)

Warning To Nations: Don’t Cross Israel.  By James Perloff  via henrymakow.com        Posted Sat. eve., Jan. 10, 2015

It seems like they’re spinning out PSYOPS these days faster than the writers of plots for a daily soap opera. Ottawa and Sydney are already old news.

The three latest headlines have probably been: the Charlie Hebdo shootings in France, the downed AirAsia plane, and “North Korea hacks Sony.” While no conclusive explanations have yet been reached, these three seemingly distinct events all have something in common: running afoul of Israel.

On December 2nd, the France Parliament passed a resolution asking that France recognize a Palestinian state. And just a week ago, Israel informed France that it was “deeply disappointed” with France’s vote on a UN resolution that would have required Israeli forces to withdraw to their pre-1967 borders by 2017.

With France taking measures decisively sympathetic to Islam, why would Muslim zealots suddenly choose THIS MOMENT to murder a dozen French citizens, an act that would turn French public opinion against Muslims and in favor of Israel?

We are told the motive for the atrocity was publication of cartoons satirizing Islam and Muhammad. What Muslim would consider cartoons more important than Palestinian rights, which Muslims have spent decades earnestly striving and bleeding for. (continues below pic)

Paris killingsClearly, the beneficiary of the Charlie Hebdo incident is neither France nor Islam, but Israel.

This was equally true of 9/11.

9/11’s SOLE BENEFICIARY is Israel – her enemies neutralized one by one, courtesy America.

Francesco Cossiga, the former President and Prime Minister of Italy stated: “All of the democratic areas of America and of Europe . . . now know full well that the disastrous attack [9/11] was planned and executed by the American CIA and Mossad with the help of the Zionist world, to falsely incriminate Arabic countries and to persuade the Western Powers to intervene in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

The Charlie Hebdo shootings show some of the same “MO” as 9/11. A key 9/11 clue was Mohammed Atta’s passport, found intact and unburned outside the World Trade Center.

Likewise, in the recent Paris shootings, police have identified the alleged perpetrators by means of an ID card which one of them CONVENIENTLY left in the getaway car.

Analysts have pointed out that the attack was carried out with military precision and skill. If you watch the footage of the getaway — shot by Amchai Stein, deputy editor of Israel’s IBA Channel 1, who “just happened” to be on the scene — the perps wore hoods over their faces: they clearly did not want their identities known.

Why, then, after all this precision, did they carelessly leave identification in the car? Could it be that the masked shooters were NOT the same men whom the ID card has sent the police chasing after?

Perhaps the Mossad believes all French detectives are Inspector Clouseaus …

Wake up, my fellow Christians. You are under insidious attack by the Illuminati: a secret oligarchy of Jews and Freemasons. Don’t be deceived by the media which they own. The political Israel of today is not the Israel of the Bible.

Full article here: http://henrymakow.com/2015/01/warning-to-nations.html

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Because of my last name, there are some who might think I'm a Muslim. I'm an older student of the bible and I regard myself as Christian-other. That is, I was baptized in a Torah-keeping assembly. I'm one who tries his best to follow Yayshua, the Messiah (Christ) by keeping the commandments, the dietary laws, the weekly Sabbath and the annual Sabbaths (Holy Days) instituted and ordained by the great I AM, the Creator-God of Israel. I reject the holidays and festivals invented by the Roman church. Truth-seeking is my present passion. Presently, I do a lot of research into the World Wars, the mass media, the Holocaust, Zionism, Health Issues, 9/11 and the power brokers who are behind the New World Order that is gradually being established mainly in the Western Nations. Many prognosticators (prophets) both secular and religious are warning us that we are living "On the Eve of Destruction" - the last days. There's a very good chance a nuclear tsunami will eventually visit many nations. Peace and blessings to all who love the truth and hate the lies.
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