She Faked Cancer To Rake In The $$$! Snared After Tip To Cops

Kelly cancer scam       Posted Tues., Mar.17, 2015

A woman who faked her own cancer made a bundle of money because caring people wanted to help, but thanks to a tip to the police, the jig is up. The 36-year-old Florida woman disappeared for about a month and returned with the sad story that she had been at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa being treated for stage IV breast cancer, according to Fox News on March 16.

Kelly Johanneson (pic above) returned to her Citrus County, Florida home to friends and family with this devastating news. A GoFundMe page set up by family and friends raked in $4,400 along with other money raised through events held to raise money to help this woman in her time of need.

According to Sports Act today, Johanneson faked this cancer in order to collect thousands of dollars from her family, friends and community. She asked for help and “specifically asked for cash,” reports the Sheriff’s Office.

A tip came into the police that suggested Johanneson never had cancer and detectives started to investigate. They asked family members if they had ever gone with her to the doctors or talked to the doctors about her breast cancer and the prognosis.

None of Johanneson’s family members had ever seen or talked to a doctor, so she was asked to present her medical paperwork to the detectives. When she did detectives went to visit the Moffit Cancer Center and talk to the doctors she had listed on the paperwork she gave the detectives.

The Moffit Cancer Center employees had never heard of this woman. Johanneson is facing the third-degree felony charge of organized fraud today. The Florida State Attorney’s Office has taken on the case.

Johanneson’s actions have hurt a lot of people who went out of their way to help and to make her fight with cancer a little easier by supplying money to help pay for things needed. They did this in hopes of making her worries a bit lighter. Instead she was scamming them all along.


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