DHS Classifies Bible Camps As “Terrorist Training Grounds”

bible Camp terroristsI have abridged the following. (r.a. note)

The People’s Cube By Chedoh        Posted Mon., May 25, 2015

WASHINGTON, DC – At a White House press briefing earlier last week, Obama-appointed Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, stated that after years of surveillance and probes of numerous Bible camps nationwide, the U.S. Government has obtained enough conclusive information to deem such institutions as a threat to national security, officially designating them “Terrorist Training Grounds.”

“These camps serve the exclusive purpose of undermining the very foundation of our nation by means of indoctrinating children by Christian extremists into a subversive radical ideology,” Johnson stated to a room full of reporters and photographers.

“The unsuspecting children are taken to secluded locations, away from populated areas, where they have no access to mainstream media or the internet, and are ruthlessly bombarded with dangerous ideas about the existence of a power that’s higher and more omnipotent than the U.S. Government.”

The Secretary of Homeland Security has confirmed that the process of indoctrination has now been researched down to the last link.

According to DHS, children as young as seven are taken from their friends and family into remote locations, where they are being groomed by ultra-right-wing Christians until they reach adulthood and are old enough to start spreading the same hateful ideology to newer generations, acting like an aggressive virus.

This statement follows an earlier 22,345 page DHS report, detailing the looming threat and the dangerous incorrect ideas forced onto impressionable minds by Christian fanatics.

The report’s terminology leaves no doubt about the level of the threat posed by these “breeding grounds for an ideology of violence and hate,”which “teach intolerance towards minorities” and “creating a distrust of government.”

DHS Director Johnson painted a disquieting picture of the graduates’ subversive activities, which included child insurgents sneaking assault Bibles, which they smuggled from some of these camps, into a public school, and using it to preach onto unsuspecting staff and students.

It was later revealed that during Johnson’s speech, DHS agents raided three camps within a 100 mile radius of the capitol. The federal agents broke down cabin doors and tore open tents, rounding up camp leaders and trainees and bringing them to a undisclosed location.

Source: http://thepeoplescube.com/peoples-blog/dhs-classifies-bible-camps-as-terrorist-training-grounds-t16322.html    Via Power of Prophecy.com

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