Health: She’s Pregnant And Is Bullied For Continuing To Pump Iron

Pregnant Pumpin Iron

Mail Online By Andrea Magrath For Daily Mail Australia  Posted Tues., June16, 2015

A personal trainer who is 26 weeks pregnant with twins has been the subject of online bullying after posting a picture on social media lifting weights.

Health and fitness social media star Sophie Guidolin, 26, is expecting twin girls at the end of August, but has continued her workout regime.

Despite being cleared by her obstetrician and performed under the watchful eye of her husband Nathan, a strength and conditioning coach, the mother-of-two came under fire on Monday night from critics attacking her choice to lift a 30 kilogram weight.

Mrs Guidolin, from the Gold Coast, told Daily Mail Australia that, to her surprise, it was primarily men making scathing comments in response to the picture.

‘I had a man comment on my Facebook page saying that what I was lifting was considerably heavy – but considerably heavy to who? Him? My son is 29 kilos – if he falls asleep somewhere, I have to carry him,’ she said.

‘To me, that’s not a heavy weight. It all comes down to what’s heavy for the individual and what they could lift prior to pregnancy.’

Mrs Guidolin said that she ‘gobsmacked’ by the response, but that her primary concern would be that other pregnant women may see the comments and be discouraged from working out without doing their own research

‘There are so many myths and so much fear behind working out while pregnant,’ she said. ‘I get it, I’ve had a miscarriage before and it’s horrible, I wouldn’t wish it upon anybody.

‘There were people saying I’m going to have a prolapse [gynecological hernia], but its no different to if I bent down to pick up a pencil, or the groceries.

‘Miscarriage can be caused by so many things, but people associate it with exercise.

‘The pros of exercising during pregnancy definitely outweigh the cons. I really hope that pregnant women understand the benefits of exercising and a healthy lifestyle while pregnant.’

The criticism over her workout regime, similar to that received by American lingerie model Sarah Stage during her pregnancy, caused the Guidolin family distress.

‘I think most of my family had to unfollow my page as they couldn’t handle reading the horrible comments over and over,’ she wrote on Facebook. ‘Nath and I are used to it now (except the miscarriage comment which was uncalled for) but honestly if I took it to heart I would be upset daily.’

Mrs Guidolin has gained just seven and a half kilograms to date, compared to the more than 28 kilograms she gained in each of her previous pregnancies.


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