The Nuclear-Armed Occupier versus Children Throwing Stones.


I have abridged the following and edited it a tad. (r.a. note)

Global Research By Anthony Bellchambers & Sarah Lazare Posted Wed., July 22, 2015

Human Rights Watch (HRW) report accuses Israel of Child Abuse as Knesset now imposes penalties of up to 20 years prison for those throwing stones.

Palestinian stone-throwing refers to the Palestinian practice of unarmed children throwing stones at occupying forces, most commonly as a form of resistance and/or civil disobedience against those who they perceive as the hated occupiers of their families’ land.

In this context, it should be appreciated that the state which illegally expropriates land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem – that has been Arab populated for a thousand years – is one of the most heavily armed in the world being estimated to be the most powerful nuclear weaponised entity after the US and Russia.

Palestinian children face chokeholds, stun grenades, and forced confessions at the hands of Israeli forces, Human Rights Watch report reveals. The findings are contained in a report—Israel: Security Forces Abuse Palestinian Children.

“Israel has been on notice for years that its security forces are abusing Palestinian children’s rights in occupied territory, but the problems continue,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa director for HRW. “These are not difficult abuses to end if the Israeli government were serious about doing so.”

Sarah Leah Whitson emphasized in a statement that Israel’s abuse of Palestinian children is “at odds with its claim to respect children’s rights,” and the U.S. shares responsibility for this mistreatment: “As Israel’s largest military donor, the U.S. should press hard for an end to these abusive practices and for reforms.”

Israeli forces inflicted violence on the children using stun grenades, chokeholds, and physical beatings. Two children urinated on themselves throughout the course of the arrest due to fear, and several say they suffer lasting psychological impacts, including nightmares.

Nuclear Arms vs. Rock Throwing

Estimates of undeclared nuclear warheads held by Israel, range up to 400, all outside of any inspection by the UN’s IAEA nuclear energy agency because the Israeli state is, uniquely for a claimed Western democracy, a non-party to the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to which all member states of the EU are signatories. As are the United States, Russia and China – but not Mr Netanyahu’s Israel.

Israelis fear the rock throwing – after all, it could end their illegal occupation and stolen land of the Palestinians. (facetious r.a. note)

Source (1) By Anthony Bellchambers

Source (2) By Sarah Lazare

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