Gay Rights On $2 Dollars A Day? “The Monstrous Hypocrisy” Of Afro-American Obama

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I have abbreviated and edited (just a tad) the following. (r.a. note)

Information Clearing House By Finian Cunningham    Posted July 29, 2015

(Sputnik Intl)American sermonising on human rights has lost the plot in the new multi-polar world. The monstrous hypocrisy of the United States makes it a laughing stock, if its own crimes against humanity were not so vile.

Obama is rounding off a five-day tour of Kenya and Ethiopia in East Africa. There is a Pollyanna (cheerful) quality to US President Barack Obama urging African leaders to respect gay rights and same-sex marriage.

Ahead of his trip, Western rights groups were urging the US president to get tough on the subject. But such Western concern is not only misplaced; it sounds like neo-colonial arrogance run amok. Ironically, too, expressed by an African-American president.

Obama’s stated concern for gay rights while in Africa sounds like a Western leader who has lost touch with the more pressing reality in this part of the world.

That reality includes ensuring basic needs of food security, clean drinking water, life-saving vaccination against from malaria, as well as providing general healthcare and education.

For the majority of Ethiopians and Kenyans, life is a daily struggle to survive on an income of less than $2 a day. Homosexuality is banned in Kenya and “gender identities are non-issues”.

Obama’s lecture on gay and other rights sounds decadent and frivolous. But more than that, Obama and his American human rights bandwagon expose their supercilious arrogance towards other nations.

Think about this astounding hypocrisy. Obama appoints himself to pontificate to African leaders about “rights” when in his country heavily armed police forces routinely shoot dead unarmed civilians. So far this year, over 500 American civilians have been killed by US officers using lethal violence. That’s nearly three victims per day.

In Ethiopia and Kenya, reported cases of lethal police violence against civilians are far and few between, apart from Kenya’s eastern region facing its security problem with Al Qaeda-linked militants.

The American hypocrisy is even more staggering when we take note of the horror being perpetrated in Yemen. There, Washington is backing and arming a Saudi-led military coalition that has been bombing that country for four months non-stop.

American-supplied and coordinated warplanes have been bombing residential areas, hospitals, schools, power stations, drinking-water supplies, marketplaces, mosques and even medical aid convoys.

Nothing is off-limits in this slaughter of the Yemeni people whose only crime is that they kicked out a US stooge-president earlier this year.

This US-sponsored criminal war on a defenceless civilian population — classed as the poorest country in the Arab region — is in the same regional neighbourhood where Obama and his Washington entourage were simultaneously pronouncing on human rights to African leader.

When American politicians, like Obama, come to Africa and lecture about gay rights or any other sort of rights, it is just more confirmation that the US has really lost the plot in the new multi-polar world.

Source:   via Sputnik International News.

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