Phoney Pretext Of Defeating ISIS – US-Led Nations Plan Escalated War On Syria

Syria war hands off

Source: Stephen Lendman Blog     Posted Mon., Sept.07, 2015

Obama’s proxy war on Syria is in its fifth year – using Islamic State and other takfiri terrorists as proxy foot soldiers, supported by US terror bombing of Syrian infrastructure targets on the phony pretext of defeating ISIS.

Britain, Canada and Israel are involved, complicit in Washington’s campaign against Assad – their warplanes covertly terror bombing Syrian infrastructure targets along with America’s.

UK SAS special forces masquerading as ISIS fighters operate covertly on the ground – likely with their US and Israeli counterparts.

Full-blown US-led Western war on Assad looms – Libya 2.0. In mid-August, Israeli media reported IDF preparations for possible Golan Heights ground operations in Syrian territory – readied to respond if its military attacks Israel, a likely false flag scheme for anti-Assad aggression if ordered.

Events on the ground and planned show America, Britain, Canada, France, perhaps other Western countries and Israel likely intend using phony war on ISIS and the refugee flood caused by regional conflicts as a pretext for full-scale war on Syria – to topple Assad and replace him and his government with a US-controlled stooge regime, the same old imperial plot.

David Cameron wants Britain’s covert bombing of Syria escalated. In October, he’ll seek parliamentary approval.

A source close to Downing Street said “(t)he government is essentially posing a question: Could we do more? Should we do more? But Syria is where the fight should be taken to.”

Former UK Defense Secretary Liam Fox said “(o)ur response is inadequate. The policy of attacking ISIS in Iraq but not in Syria is patently absurd.”

No such policy exists. US-led terror bombing in both countries targets infrastructure, not ISIS.

French and international media report the Hollande’s government may ally with Washington’s terror bombing campaign – on the same phony pretext of fighting ISIS and resolving the refugee crisis.

Wars cause human floods – people fleeing for safe havens to survive. Escalated terror bombing and ground attacks assure greater numbers of Syrians displaced to get out of harm’s way.

Canada’s Harper government says resolving crisis conditions in Syria requires more military action. He’s allied with Obama’s war on Syria and Iraq – Canadian warplanes terror bombing selected infrastructure sites in both countries, supporting Washington’s imperial campaign.

Putin urges “an international coalition to fight terrorism and extremism” – the monster Washington created and actively supports.


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