Dick-911-Cheney Predicts Nuclear War Between US And Iran

Dick Cheney 2

Sputnik International News     Posted Thurs., Sept.10, 2015

Dick Cheney has done it again! This time he’s lying regarding the Iran Deal. He spoke at the American Enterprise Institute on Tuesday to warn against what he sees as a nuclear threat on US soil.

“With the removal of restrictions on Iran’s ballistic missile program this agreement will give Iran the means to launch a nuclear attack on the US homeland,” Dick Cheney said during his speech at the American Enterprise Institute (allied with AIPAC).

Brad Friedman in Thursday’s BradCast could not contain himself and he had to play the clip twice where Dick Cheney ‘warns’ the Americans against Iran’s nuclear threat.

“I am not going to put you through all the times that Dick Cheney was wrong about everything! How he blatantly lies to American people,” Friedman said during his podcast.

Freidman goes on to recall the time when back in 2008 Dick Cheney said that if Democrats are elected there will be another 9/11 in the US.

Looking at the Public Policy Polling (PPP) Friedman found out that even with all the ‘fabricated nonsense’ that is being fed to the American people: in 23 states and congressional districts 55% of voters across those districts support the proposed Iran deal and only 39% oppose it.

“57% of Jewish voters support the Iran deal, to only 37% who are opposed. Those people aren’t buying Israel’s version of Dick Cheney and aren’t buying Benjamin Netanyahu’s’ crap either,” Friedman said.

In his speech Cheney dismissed Obama’s recent comments that rejecting the deal risks war with Iran as a ‘false choice,’ and right after that told his audience that the United States must threaten Iran with war to reach its objectives.

“Iran will not be convinced to abandon its program peacefully unless it knows it will face military action if it refuses to do so,” he said. “That’s how a self-respecting power with everything in the balance asserts its vital interest,” Foreign Policy reported.

Dick Cheney it seems is prepared to bully the international community again and risk putting the US in another war in the Middle East.

Source: http://sputniknews.com/us/20150910/1026844270.html911 Jet fuel thats a laugh











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