Town Mayor Beaten Up And Burned Alive In Guatemala. Here’s Why!

Burned alive

PRESS TV        Posted Thurs., Oct.15, 2015

The mayor of the western Guatemalan town of Concepcion in Solola Province has been lynched by a mob after reportedly ordering an attack on a political rival.

Basilio Juracan died on Sunday after being beaten up and burned alive by an angry crowd in the town which is located 100km (62 miles) west of the capital, Guatemala City.

The town residents believed Mayor Juracan had ordered an earlier attack on the family of Lorenzo Sequec, which left two women dead and five other injured.

In September, incumbent mayor Basilio Juracan defeated the town hall election candidate Lorenzo Sequec in the mayoral race in Concepcion.

After losing the municipality election, Sequec accused Juracan of misappropriation of the town’s finances and demanded an investigation in this regard.

On Sunday, while Sequec and his family members were travelling on a local road they were attacked by about ten unidentified gunmen riding on a red truck who fired rampantly on Sequec’s car and fled.

Sequec’s teenage daughter and niece were killed in the attack while Sequec and four other members of his family sustained wounds.

After town residents heard the news of the raid, they attacked several homes belonging to the relatives of the mayor before eventually attacking the mayor’s house where they dragged him out, beat him and set him on fire.

Police reached the scene too late to save the mayor but early enough to save the town hall which they were also trying to burn.



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