Obama, How Did You Know A Bomb Was On The Russian Airbus?

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According to my present knowledge, based upon various articles and radio/TV interviews, there is absolutely no concrete proof, as yet, that a bomb brought down the Russian passenger jet. It has been suggested by a few others that an Israeli missile was the cause of the crash. I have abridged the following article. (r.a. note)

VETERANS TODAY By Jonas E. Alexis   Posted Tues., Nov.10, 2015

President Obama is confident that there was indeed a bomb on the Russian passenger jet,which killed all 224 people on board. Yet Obama could not really see that this admission brings up numerous questions, which can be a deathblow to the New World Order project.

How did he know that there was a bomb on the plane? Does he really mean to tell us that members of ISIS got so smart over the past few months or years that they secretly slipped into the Egyptian security custom and subtly sneaked that bomb inside Russian Metrojet passenger plane without any connection?

If that is the case, then it is certainly inconsistent with what Obama and NWO agents have been telling us over the few years or so.

The regime has been telling us ad nauseam that America is exceptional. But why couldn’t they catch an exceptionally terrorist act, which didn’t occur in some isolated place in the Middle East? Doesn’t the NSA snoop on virtually every major and serious activity across the globe?

Doesn’t the NSA have the authorization to snoop on at least 193 countries, including Egypt? Haven’t we already spent at least $52 billion on spying?[5] So, where did all that money go? To Israel again?

Do NWO agents mean to tell us that ISIS out-smarted them? Don’t members of the Dreadful Few brag about their so-called super DNA? Don’t Goyim like Charles Murray nod their heads in agreement?

Or could it be that ISIS once again is a pseudonym for the Israeli Security Intelligence Service? Why have the Israeli Defense Forces “been in regular contact with Syrian rebels, including Islamic State (ISIS) militants”?

As Ken O’Keefe pointed out earlier, why is it that the same terrorist group never once attacked or threatened Israel? How is it that they have only attacked and threatened Russia, Iran and Syria—Israel’s perceived enemies?

224 innocent people lost their lives and United States officials aren’t worrying about that. They are not concerned about sending Putin their condolences, as Putin once did right after 9/11.

They are happy because the death of innocent people will force Putin take a different path. Whether NWO agents like it or not, Putin was right in saying that they worship Satan.

Full article here:

RT Cross Talk News Vid link: https://youtu.be/IxaZTc_3B5s

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