America Is No Worthy Model Of Human Rights – Cops Riddle Black Man With Bullets (vid)

PRESS TV   Posted Sun., Dec.13, 2015

The recent video-taped shooting (vid below) death of an African American man by the US police reveals the true nature of law enforcement agencies in the country, American journalist and political analyst Abayomi Azikiwe says.

A dramatic video published on Sunday purported to show the death of a black man who died after being riddled with bullets by two sheriff deputies in Lynwood, California.

The incident took place on Saturday when two Los Angeles County sheriff deputies opened fire on Nicholas Robertson from behind and killed the 28-year-old father-of-three while he tried to hopelessly crawl his way into safety.

The 29-second video shows the two cops relentlessly shooting at Robertson after he fell to the ground. One of the cops reloaded his gun and resumed firing at him.

“This latest example of a police killing of an African American is thoroughly revealing the character of the police inside the United States,” Azikiwe, an editor at the Pan-African News Wire, told Press TV on Sunday.

“[It] illustrates that the police are totally out of control inside the United States,” he said. “But it also shows that these incidents are getting wider and broader coverage, they are prompting much deeper outrage, and, of course, consequently unrest inside the United States.”

Robertson’s shooting was the latest in a series of several high-profile killings of unarmed African Americans by white police officers in the last two years, which have triggered large-scale protests across the country.

Azikiwe highlighted Los Angeles County police officers’ history of exercising violence against the Californian city’s residents and called for a response from the authorities.

“The question becomes at what point does the federal government step in and try to justify the killing of the African Americans,” the analyst said, adding that the government needs to go beyond justification and take measures to “oppose” the phenomenon and “uphold the rights of people to life, liberty and happiness.”

“This phenomenon illustrates that the United States is by no means the paragon of human rights that they profess,” Azikiwe said.

He said American politicians “should not be allowed to go around the world and talk about fighting terrorism, talking about fighting torture, discrimination and other forms of injustice, when right within its own borders [the gross violation of human rights] is being carried out by its own agents of the state,” he noted.


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