Former Car Dealer Found Guilty – Hacked To Death 19 Yr. Old

19yr old hacked mother sylvia

Mail Online UK   By Alex Matthews    Posted Tues., Dec.22, 2015

A former car dealer who hacked a teenager to death with a two-foot long machete during a ‘devastating’ and brutal attack has been convicted of murder. Ewen Reynolds, 44, struck 19-year-old Zac Evans in the neck with such force that it broke his jaw bone and severed major blood vessels. (Zac Evans and his mother Sylvia above)

The violent thug also swung his lethal weapon at Keaton Jones, 23, attempting to murder him with a blow to the side of the head.

Evans died almost instantly but Jones survived the savage attack in the car park of the Pike and Musket pub in Tuffley, Gloucester on January 24, 2015.

Reynolds denied one count of murder and one count of attempted murder, claiming his use of the machete was a lawful and proportionate act of self-defence. But he was found guilty on both counts at Bristol Crown Court following a two-week trial.

The court heard how a dispute between Reynold’s wife and the girlfriend of Mr Jones led to the murder. Reynolds got the weapon from his van parked nearby and grainy CCTV footage showed him attacking the two friends with the machete.

In just 87 seconds, they had suffered blows to their necks.

The CCTV cameras captured Reynolds calmly strolling away, getting in his van and driving off. He was arrested the following day.

A post-mortem examination found painter and decorator Mr Evans, known to friends and family as Sparky, had suffered a large “incised chop wound” to the left hand side of his neck, which severed arteries and veins. He also suffered a smaller cut to his cheek.

Police seized Reynolds’s van and clothing and found blood of both victims. The machete has never been recovered.

Detective chief inspector Steve Porter, the senior investigating officer on the case from Gloucestershire Constabulary, said: ‘This was a horrific attack on two young men with devastating consequences including the tragic death of Zac Evans and many other lives changed forever.

‘Our thoughts now are with Zac’s family, friends and all those who loved him. Nothing can bring him back but I hope today’s verdict has given Zac’s family some sense of justice at this difficult time.

‘This shocking incident is a reminder of the fateful consequences of people carrying or using weapons. ‘I hope if nothing else Zac’s tragic death and the sentence of life imprisonment given to Ewen Reynolds can act as a deterrent to ensure such an incident never happens again.’

Reynolds was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on January 8.

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