Syrian Women Join Militia Battalions To Fight Against ISIS!!

Syrian women fight ISIS 3

I have abbreviated and edited the following just a tad. (r.a. note)

Sputnik International       Posted Thurs., Jan.14, 2016

Ordinary citizens of Syria … have taken up arms to defend their country and drive terrorists away. Syrian women are actively joining battalions and fighting side by side with men.

A Sputnik correspondent met with these women and spoke to them in an exclusive interview, taking a peak into their lives and hearing why they have taken up the fight against the terrorists.

Silviya Kuri, a 40 year old entrepreneur, left her job to join the battalion of the national militia fighting in the province of Hasaka against Daesh.

Talking about what pushed her to join, Silviya said, “Great love for my people pushed me to leave my small children at my parents so that I can stand on par with the men of my province and defend our homeland.”

Terrorists in Syria have been waging war for over 5 years and have demonstrated no mercy for children, women or the elderly. “The terrorists are concerned with two things only- who to rape and kill and what to destroy and steal? Hence, I decided to learn how to handle weapons,” Silviya explained.

“I pray to God for the return of peace to our country. I really miss my children and I feel physical pain because of it. My dream is that my children can grow up in a country where there is peace, love, friendship and where there is no place for terrorism,” she said.

Sakhar Bahnia, 26 years old, told Sputnik, that her husband was killed by terrorists because he occupied a public office in the City Hall. After that, she made up her mind to join the women’s battalion of the defense force.

“Homeland is priceless. When a person loses something, or someone, one can make up for this loss. But the loss of one’s entire country cannot be made up,” Sakhar said.

“Therefore, I support all the girls who take up arms to take back their homeland. Syria is where we were born and grew up and Syria is where we will stay at war against terrorism.”

Another female fighter is Rania Butrus who is just 19 years of age. She had to experience some difficulties before becoming part of the people’s militia forces of the country. Her husband was initially against letting his young wife head off to fight against Daesh, but after much persuasion from Rania, he agreed.

“Yes, it’s hard. But love for the motherland helps forget all the difficulties and heaviness of the weapons. Despite the constant smell of blood and death threats, we do not stop smiling,” Rania told Sputnik.


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