Female Teen Finds Gold Bar By Hitler’s Holiday Home

Gold bar hitler

Mirror Online UK    by Staff      Posted Fri., Feb.05, 2016

The discovery started speculation that it might have been Nazi gold reported to have been abandoned in lakes as they fled the advancing Allied forces.

A teenage girl swimmer who spotted a gold bar at the bottom of the German lake near Adolf Hitler’s holiday retreat has been told she can keep it after the owner failed to come forward.

Police divers had been dispatched to search the Konigsee Lake in the Bavarian Alps in the summer after the girl reported the find, but discovered no other valuables at the location.

The finding also started speculation that it might have been Nazi gold reported to have been abandoned in lakes as they fled the advancing Allied forces.

However police quickly confirmed that the gold bar had been created after the Nazis and also that the fact that it was found 3 km (1.8 miles) from the location of Berghof, where Hitler spent his summer holidays, was merely a coincidence.

And after a search for the owner by police in North Rhine-Westphalia failed, the girl has now been told she can keep the object estimated to be worth around €15,000 (£11,527).

Under German law, the owner of lost property has six months to come forward and claim it from the date it is handed in – otherwise the finder gets to keep it.

Police suspected that the bar may well have been illegally obtained by whoever had left it in the lake, as the serial number with which it could have been identified was scratched off.

Police said they had later managed to identify a serial number but this didn’t help them to find the owner.

Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/teenage-diver-finds-gold-bar-7317376

hitler gold

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