Pastor Pat Robertson Claims Women In Combat Are Sexual Deviants – Acting Out 50 Shades Of Gray (3min vid)

Pat Robertson 2

RAW STORY        Posted Thurs., Feb.11, 2016

Televangelist Pat Robertson asserted this week that women who wanted to serve their country in combat roles were probably sexual deviants inspired by the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

On the Thursday edition of The 700 Club, Robertson asked co-host Wendy Griffith why women would want to serve in combat roles even after the military announced plans to remove gender restrictions.

“The feminists have gotten to a point where women are going to be drafted and put into combat units,” Robertson remarked. “Why would any woman in her right mind want that?”

Griffith pointed out that “there are women warriors.”

“The Amazons!” Robertson snarked. “You’re living in trenches and eating K-rations and there’s mud and all the rest. Why would anybody want that?”

“I would go if I could take my makeup,” Griffith explained. “I’m not a good candidate, but I think there are some women that feel that call.”

“Maybe there’s a masochistic thing they want,” the TV preacher opined. “That’s bondage, that’s ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ squared.”

“You’re looking at somebody that’s been there, done that,” he concluded. “It ain’t something for a woman.”


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