Gravitational Waves Hoax? LIGO Fake Blind Injection Discovery (4min vid)

We were told, many years ago, that it was gravity that held us to the earth.  Personally, if the discovery is true or false, it won’t affect our immediate lives. (r.a. note)

Vid by Russ Brown        Posted by r.a. Fri., Feb.12, 2016

LIGO Detects Gravitational Waves using blind injection simulation which means it is basically a hoax or false flag.

Here is the whistleblowing Guardian article warning about trusting such a claim…

In this article you will discover the fakery is done on a need to basis with only the top 4 directors aware of the Gravitational Waves hoax –…

It is a shame that research grants, not just egos, are at stake with big announcements. People need to understand if they cannot make it they fake it. 100 years the best research labs could not confirm the assumption so they just fake it.

There was a massive preparation for this with Hawkins doing special lectures and hinting he is going to get a Noble Prize (you see the narrative), its all showbiz.

Astrophysics needs to be rescued. (I have never seen so much inferences made from so little data!)

Caution is needed over claims that gravitational waves have been found. It could be a fake to test the detectors and scientists involved – it has been before

However, we must regard this with caution at the moment. In the past, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (Ligo) management team has “injected” signals into the data to check whether the team can actually recognise them. (intro by Russ Brown)

Comment to the vid by Indra       Posted Fri., Feb.12, 2016

How many times scientists in the past, have claimed to detect gravitational waves? And every time they were proven wrong after a few weeks or months after careful scrutiny. Nature ran an article “Gravitational Wave Discovery Officially Dead” around the same time last year. Why should we believe these scientists got it right this time?

Truth is that gravitational waves does not exist and Einstein whole idea of space-time curvature is completely wrong. It is an unnecessarily complicated and convoluted concept that has polluted the thinking of several generation of physicists.

The scientific establishment continue to drag it due to its vested interests. It is time to let it go and examine the basics of physics more closely specially electromagnetism.

The experimental setup itself is rather questionable. The system should be detecting gravitational waves continuously from the two black holes from the moment it was set up because the black holes were emitting the waves continuously for a long time – possibly many years.

Why then we just receive a single pulse of a short duration? Does not seem logical to me.


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2 Responses to Gravitational Waves Hoax? LIGO Fake Blind Injection Discovery (4min vid)

  1. John George Norman Hyde says:

    I find it suspicious that as soon as this university gave up looking for gravitational waves, LIGO detects one –

    “Was Einstein wrong? Astronomers spend 11 years hunting for gravitational waves…but find nothing”

    Did they think “Oh no, now people know they don’t exist, we’d better find one and fast if we want to keep our jobs.” (LIGO later retracted the Sep 2015 detection but say they really did detect one the following February)

    • ron abbass says:

      Hi John! Thanks for your comments and links. I wasn’t convinced of gravitational waves as I understood “gravity” was a theory to support a spherical earth which rotated on an axis and revolved around the sun. I chuckled when I read, “we’d better find one and fast if we want to keep our jobs”. Isn’t that the truth!

      Thanks again, John. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

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