He Was Laying In Bed And Was Suicidal – Cops Kill Him With 11 Shots!

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The Daily Sheeple  by Piper McGowin      Posted Tues., Feb.16, 2016

We’ve reported before on how calling the police for help these days in the modern American police state usually ends in less help and more death, pets included.

This time the woman was actually calling for an ambulance and not the cops, but since all first response tech is now integrated, the cops were sent anyway.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports:

Donna Spry called her husband’s doctor, crying. Curly Spry was refusing to go to his appointment. He was suicidal, off his medication and had a gun, his wife said.

Call 911, the doctor’s staff instructed her.

Less than an hour later, Curly Spry was dead. He had been shot 11 times by troopers with the West Virginia State Police, according to a lawsuit filed by Donna Spry last month in Kanawha County Circuit Court.

The family is suing for $11 million—their attorney told the Gazette-Mail that the agency’s insurance covers $1 million per incident.

Suicidal Curly Spry was delusional and crying and laying in bed. His wife and 17-year-old daughter were reportedly standing by his bedside when state police shot him 11 times.

Eleven Times!!

The Sprys allege the troopers came into their house without permission. They wore full tactical gear and had weapons in hand when they entered, according to the complaint.

Curly’s wife claims she was on the phone with 911 when they killed her husband, and a trooper made her hang up afterwards. Of course, the police said the man pointed a gun at them (while he was laying in bed crying and they were wearing full tactical gear including bullet proof body armor)… so they just had to shoot a weeping suicidal man 11 times while he was lying in bed.

Guess Mr. Spry doesn’t have to worry about being suicidal anymore.

Source: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/police-shoot-suicidal-dad-11-times-while-he-lay-in-bed_022016

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