28 Palestinians Shot As The “Chosenites” Raid Defenceless Refugee Camp

Palestinian walled and chained in

Absolutely no justice or protection for a defenceless people. Satan‘s synagogue continues to kill, steal and destroy with impunity! (r.a. note)

Counter Current News       Posted Thurs., Feb.18, 2016

The Israeli military just invaded a West Bank refugee camp, and they won’t say why. All they will say is that IDF troops, in the illegally occupied Palestinian territory, shot protesters.

Israel is calling it a “raid” on the refugee camp, that was conducted on Monday, but they will not say who was raid, why, or what they accomplished besides shooting protesters who didn’t want their refugee camp raided by an occupying army.

The Palestinian health ministry confirmed that a total of 28 people were shot and wounded by the IDF troops. One of them was shot in the head.

The group of Israeli soldiers entered the Amari camp at the entrance to the heavily populated West Bank city of Ramallah.

It is here where the Palestinian Authority headquarters is located.

While Israel is staying tight-lipped about what they were doing there, Palestinian security sources say that they were trying to arrest a law-abiding politician in the Fatah Party, merely for his political ideas.

That unnamed politician managed to escape.

The IDF would only call their raid “operational activity”, and would neither confirm nor deny any of this.

The Amari refugee camp is home to 15,000 Palestinians. All of them are fed up with the Israeli occupying army invading their homes at will, doing what they want and shooting who they want.

As a result, IDF officials say that “dozens of rioters hurled homemade explosives and rocks at forces”, but AFP journalists who were there, documenting the assault, and taking photographs, say that there were no explosive devices.

Source: http://www.blacklistednews.com/28_Palestinians_Shot_As_Israeli_Troops_Raid_Refugee_Camp/49044/0/38/38/Y/M.html

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