Ted Cruz Defends Texas Ban On Dildos – Protecting “Public Morals”. Yeah Right!

Ted Cruz2

The Mirror UK   By Mikey Smith    Posted Wed., April 13, 2016

Ted Cruz once defended a ban on dildos, arguing Americans did not have a constitutional right to “stimulate one’s genitals.”

He backed the prudish law in 2004, while he was Texas solicitor general.

An Austin sex shop was challenging a law banning the sale of ‘obscene’ devices, on penalty of up to two years in prison, according Mother Jones. But a federal judge – backed by Mr Cruz’s legal team – kept the law on the books in order to protect “public morals.”

They argued there was a “government interest” in discouraging “autonomous sex” – comparing such activity with “hiring a willing prostitute.” The decision was eventually overturned by the court of appeals, presumably to the great relief of a huge number of frustrated Texans.

But in an unexpected twist, Mr Cruz’s college roommate today suggested his opposition to ‘flying solo’ must be a recent development.

Screenwriter Craig Mazin, who attended Princeton with the presidential hopeful, tweeted: ” Ted Cruz thinks people don’t have a right to “stimulate their genitals.” I was his college roommate. This would be a new belief of his.”

In a 2013 piece for the Daily Beast, he said he would “rather pick somebody from the phone book” than vote for Cruz to be president. He added: “I remember very specifically that he had a book in Spanish and the title was Was Karl Marx a Satanist? And I thought, who is this person?”

Other classmates reportedly described Cruz with words including “abrasive,” “intense” and “creepy.”

He reportedly had a habit of putting on a paisley bathrobe and hanging around in the part of his dorm where the female students lived. Mazin says the girls would complain to him about his antics.

Cruz might find an unlikely ally in Tory London mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith , who has also expressed a disliking for dildos.

Back in 2007, he expressed concerns that rubber sex toys contained harmful chemicals that cause pollution. While stopped short of calling for them to be banned, he suggested glass dildos would be kinder to the planet.

Mr Cruz is currently trailing in second place in the race to become the Republican nominee for President. He is being beaten by Donald Trump, the billionaire entrepreneur and sometime steak salesman.

Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ted-cruz-branded-hypocrite-defending-7749009

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