Way Off Beat: Scientist: Aliens Exist And Are Impregnating Women. Here’s How & Why

Alien abduction

The Daily Sheeple  By Piper McGowin   Posted Sun., May 01, 2016

It’s the kind of headline that makes you think someone is ripping off the X-files.

Turns out, the claim comes from Author Miguel Mendonça, 42, a former research manager who worked on green energy policy for the international NGO World Future Council and a renewable energy charity out of Bristol called The Converging World.

Now he has published the book Meet The Hybrids: The Lives And Missions of ET Ambassadors On Earth with co-author Barbara Lamb all about how aliens are taking pregnant women up to their spacecrafts to implant genetic overlays onto their unborn children in an effort to raise Earth’s frequency and vibration to help us “evolve into higher beings”.

For the book, Mendonça interviewed eight people from various parts of the globe who all claimed to be alien hybrids, all with similar stories. He also says this solves the mystery of UFOs.

Mr. Mendonça, who did not appear to be sniffing any glue at the time, said, “My background is in renewable energy policy gained as an academic, so I have to be sure of my facts.

These hybrids are raising the vibration and awakening people. I have begun to go through this process and to me it is undeniable.”

Source: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/scientist-aliens-exist-and-are-impregnating-human-woman-on-earth-to-evolve-us-into-higher-beings_042016

Alien Hybrid

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