US Trained Mercenary Squads Slaughtering Innocent Civilians In Yemen


I abridged the following just a tad. (r. a. note)

American Free Press   By Richard Walker     Posted Tues., May 03, 2016

Thousands of Latin American mercenaries flooding into the battle-ravaged country of Yemen have been trained by United States Special Forces and are being paid by American companies with money from oil-rich Arab states, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Yemen is a tiny country on the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula. It is now in the midst of a bloody war, with Saudi Arabia bombing the current Shiite government there.

The UAE, while a small nation, has one of the world’s biggest military budgets. Its generals have been educated in the West and have close ties to London, Washington, and Tel Aviv. It has played a significant, though secretive, role in the West’s military operations in Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya.

Sources this writer spoke to suggested that, along with the Saudis, UAE Special Forces have been part of covert operations targeted at Iran and the Assad government in Syria.

YemenIn 2012, following a rebellion perceived to have been part of the so-called Arab Spring, the Houthi population of Yemen overthrew their president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, a Saudi puppet who had run the country as a dictatorship for 33 years. In 2015, he fled to Saudi Arabia as the Saudis launched a war against the Houthis to reinstate him.

The Saudis lied to the West, claiming that the Houthis were allies of Iran. It was a convenient cover story to win the support of Washington, London, and Tel Aviv for a war in Yemen.

Since then, Saudi and UAE warplanes have bombed the country, killing at least 8,000 innocent people and wounding 18,000. According to the United Nations, the Saudis and their Arab allies have committed war crimes by targeting schools, homes, and hospitals.

The mercenaries are from outfits like Academi (formerly Blackwater), R2 (Reflex Responses), Dyncorps, and a secretive company called Vinell Corporation that was bought by Northrup Grumman. The Saudis, because Yemen is next door, have been running the war.

The UAE has been doing most of the hiring, with the bill now in the tens of billions of dollars. It is being shouldered mainly by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, though other Arab states like Jordan are involved, too, militarily and financially.

Just as important is the fact that Washington and London, by providing military expertise for the vicious Saudi targeting of Houthi civilians, and assisting with the hiring of mercenaries, are adding more fuel to another potentially dangerous Middle East conflict.

The West’s role in it exposes an increasing tendency of the Obama White House to engage in proxy wars across the region.



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