Deliberate Disinfo? Hezbollah Blames Syrian Rebels For Commander’s Assassination!?

Hezbollah commander assass

Tikun Olam Website By Richard Silverstein   Sat., Night, May 14, 2016

Don’t believe it, here’s why! Though Hezbollah usually is quite prompt and forthright when it’s commanders have been assassinated by Israelis in the past, this time is different.

It’s hard to know why. But, I have a few theories.

I’ve been reading the Twitter timeline of Elijah Magnier, who is one of the most astute observers of both Hezbollah and the Syrian conflict. He believes the assignment of blame to Syrian rebels is deliberate disinformation. I’m inclined to agree.

Israel has assassinated as much of the top Hezbollah leadership as it can over the years. It killed Abbas Musawi, the top leader who preceded Hassan Nasrallah. It assassinated Imad Mugniyeh and later, his son. It’s also assassinated Syrian generals and IRG commanders in Syria.

That’s why you shouldn’t believe the nonsense the world media offers about Israel’s alleged neutrality in the Syria conflict.

When someone as senior as Mustafa Badreddine (poster pic above) is assassinated, it doesn’t happen by coincidence and not via an artillery shell. It’s a deliberate, targeted assassination–well-planned and executed with sophisticated weaponry. There is only one power in the region capable of doing this, and with a history of doing it in the past: Israel.

By the way, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights noted that there had been no artillery shelling of the airport for days before the assassination there.

Magnier adds another tantalizing piece of information: that only 30 minutes before his murder, Badreddine met with Iran’s top IRG commander, Qassem Soleimani in the same location where he died. If so, whoever killed the Hezbollah commander likely knew Soleimani was there and chose not to kill him.

If Israel did it, the reason would be clear: killing Iran’s top military commander would necessitate a huge Iranian response. It would threaten to destroy the Iran nuclear deal at the heart of Barack Obama’s legacy.

Ronen Bergman wrote in his NY Times Magazine portrait of Mugniyeh’s assassination that the NSA played a key role in intercepting the victim’s communications. That, in turn led to locating and targeting Mugniyeh, information fed to the Israelis which permitted them to kill him.

I say, if it worked once before why wouldn’t both the CIA-NSA and Israel try it again?

Why would Hezbollah release deliberately false information about the culprits?

Because if they point the finger at Israel immediately, it will ratchet up pressure on them to respond. If they do not take revenge, their supporters and the world will think them weak and ineffectual.

In the past, Hezbollah has been accused of mounting botched terror attacks in Asia, Africa and the Far East. It doesn’t want to be rushed when/if it responds. This cover gives them the time they need to decide how to respond and when.

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