Israeli Settler Who Torched Palestinian Family Freed From Prison. WTF!

Israel settler freed torched

PRESS TV          Posted Wed., June 01, 2016

Israel has freed Meir Ettinger, (pic above) an Israeli settler who was behind the burning to death of a Palestinian family in the occupied West Bank.

Ettinger was freed on Wednesday after being detained for 10 months without being charged for leading a terror group.

The 24-year-old settler was arrested in August 2015 for leading Israeli attackers who firebombed a Palestinian home and killed three members of the family. The victims were an 18-month-old boy and his parents.

Israel’s security agency, also known as Shin Bet, declined to say why Ettinger was being released.

Ettinger was banned from entering the West Bank for a year and barred from contacting certain radical activists for six months, according to the agency.

Jamal Dajani, a spokesman for the Palestinian government said Ettinger “will be now allowed to roam free and put Palestinian lives in danger.”

Ettinger’s grandfather, controversial American-Israeli lobbyist Meir Kahane, founded the so-called Jewish Defense League in New York in 1968.

He was a radical figure who encouraged violence against Israel’s enemies and lobbied to expel Arabs from the occupied Palestinian territory. He became a member of Knesset (Israel’s parliament) and was later expelled from it.


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