Peanut Allergy Associated With Vaccinations. Big Pharma Drug Patch Will Reap Huge Profits.


I have abridged the following. (r. a.)

Natural Health News By Ethan A. Huff    Posted Fri., Night, June 03, 2016

A French pharmaceutical company is hoping to reap massive profits from a new drug patch that it says treats a common food allergy caused by vaccines. The DBV Technologies SA Viaskin Peanut patch for peanut allergy currently holds a market value of $1 billion, according to reports, which represents yet another major profit stream for an industry that creates many of the diseases it treats.

In this case, the ongoing peanut allergy epidemic, which is largely the result of peanut oil being used in vaccines as an adjuvant, is a major target of the money-hungry drug cartels. Whichever corporation can come up with the most effective “blockbuster” drug to treat this horrific illness, which currently afflicts more than 4.5 million people, will have the potential to rake in billions in profits.

In her new book The History of the Peanut Allergy Epidemic, Heather Fraser explains how peanut allergy has its roots in mass vaccinations foisted on the general public by the very same industry that is now trying to profit from treating it.

Vaccines have long been known to trigger anaphylaxis — this is the basic premise, after all, behind how they work — bearing evidence that they are, in fact, the primary cause of many food allergies. In the case of peanut oil, refined versions that may still contain peanut proteins are still being injected into children, in many cases triggering an allergic reaction to the food itself.

“Peanut is an excellent adjuvant as it is potentially highly allergenic and therefore very good at priming the immune system — although its use must also risk not just priming the immune system but sensitising it,” explains Foods Matter.

“Although it was little publicised, the medical profession had always been aware that vaccination by injection carried the risk of inducing allergy but, as in the early days of cow pus vaccination and serum sickness, the risk was felt to be outweighed by the benefits.”

Despite the damage they are clearly causing, vaccines containing peanut oil adjuvant and other allergy triggers have continued to be pushed by the government, flooding the bodies of the most vulnerable members of society with toxic, allergy-inducing carrier proteins.

As a result, allergy rates continue to skyrocket. Epidemiological data on vaccination rates and allergy prevalence reveal that, with each subsequent addition to the vaccine schedule, there has been a corresponding rise in allergies. And this is especially true when vaccines requiring multiple phases of injection are introduced, as second shots often trigger a lasting allergic condition.

“In the early 1990s there was a dramatic rise in the number of peanut allergic infants who had reached school age,” adds Foods Matter. “This sudden acceleration of peanut allergy around 1990 coincided with those paediatric vaccination schedule changes, including the rolling of the novel conjugate Hib B along with another four vaccines into one needle, all without benefit of long-term study.


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