BREAKING: New Shooting Between Man And Georgia Police

ROYALTY FREE, Male police officer aiming gun, COP, OFFICER, POLICE MAN,

ROYALTY FREE, Male police officer aiming gun, COP, OFFICER, POLICE MAN,

Source: ZERO HEDGE       Fri., July 08, 2016

The country is still in shock over the events in Dallas overnight, and already a new shooting involving a police officer is being reported.

BREAKING: Authorities: Man exchanges gunfire with Georgia police officer investigating property damage report; injuries unknown.

— The Associated Press (@AP) July 8, 2016

Authorities say a suspect exchanged gunfire with a police officer in south Georgia, but it’s unclear if anyone was wounded. A news release from the city of Valdosta says a police officer was called early Friday to investigate a report of property damage. That officer encountered a man in the parking lot of an apartment complex, and gunshots were then exchanged.

As WCTV adds, several law enforcement agencies responded to an officer-involved shooting Friday morning at a Valdosta apartment complex.

According to City of Valdosta spokesperson Sementha Mathews, a Valdosta police officer responded to a property damage call at Three Oaks Apartments around 8 a.m. Friday.

The officer encountered a male in the parking lot and gunfire was exchanged between the two, Mathews says.

VPD chief Brian Childress says the the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is taking over the shooting investigation.

The status of the officer and suspect are not available at this time.

The Valdosta Police Department, Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office, and Georgia State Patrol are currently on scene at Three Oaks apartments.

Authorities are not letting anyone but residents in to or out of the apartment complex at this time and are checking for proof of residency upon entrance and exit.

No further details are available at this time. This is a developing story.

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