And The Beat Goes On! Another Black Man Killed By Cops.

Black man killed by cops

PRESS TV  Posted July 10, 2016

An African American man has been shot and killed by police amid massive protests over the killings of two other black men in the US this week.

Alva Braziel, 38, (pic above) was shot and killed by two police officers in Houston, Texas on Saturday morning, according to the Houston Police Department.

The officers said that the man was holding a revolver and did not listen to their orders until they shot him multiple times.

Police spokeswoman Jodi Silva said that the officers got out of their patrol vehicle to talk to the man and ordered him to lower the weapon.

“He instead deliberately and slowly lowers his arm and allows it to come to a stop at his waist,” Silva said. “Now the gun is pointed directly at officers.”

Officers then shot the man, who did not fire his gun. He died at the scene.

A neighbor said that police are targeting black men in the area.

“It’s like we got a target on our back even if we’re innocent, it hurts,” said Eric Puckett, a bystander. “You don’t even want to walk outside your house any more. But to all the young black men and young black women out there, all black people, do something positive.”

The new shooting happened after 37-year-old Alton Sterling was fatally shot by police in the southeastern city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana On Tuesday and 32-year-old Philando Castile was shot dead Wednesday by a police officer near St. Paul, Minnesota.

Since the shootings, there have been numerous ‘Black Lives Matter” protests in different cities in the United States.

Here are some Press TV comments:

J.J.10 hours ago

While Alva Braziel does not look like the sharpest tool in the shed, was it necessary to shoot him multiple times? Was there no non lethal way to deal with this situation?

Smilekry> J.J. 7 hours ago

Was it really that necessary to say that first part I agree with you with the rest

J.J.> Smilekry 6 hours ago

I am not Zionist Politically Correct, I call the shots as I see them. The Odds of you being

Murdered by the Police in The U.S.A. are double or tripled if your skin is a darker color, so playing around with a gun, in front of Cops like Mr. Alva Braziel did is not something his own Mother would have approved of.

Dumb is Dumb, regardless of Race or Color.

Alim Mohammed 10 hours ago

If you live in a country or state where they allow you to carry guns to protect your lives from other citizens, well only the stupid would call this a civil society and these same people (USA) are responsible for most of the killings of innocent people across the globe in their murderous wars.


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