These 9 Things Can Get To Kicked Off A Plane, If You’re A Muslim

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I listed the first 5 situations. (r. a. note)

By Jeremiah Jones | Counter Current News    Posted Thurs., Aug.11, 2016

Due to the rampant paranoia and Islamophobia that is unfortunately so common in our world, Muslims have to be extra careful when trying to travel by air.

. Airlines are catering to people’s absurd fears of other races, religions, skin colors, and even other languages. These airlines are kicking people off planes for being Muslim. That’s right, airlines reserve the RIGHT to DISCRIMINATE BASED ON RELIGION

Staff at Indy100 from the Independent have compiled a short list of things that Muslims have been removed from airplanes for doing. If you are not Muslim or do not speak Arabic and you have done one of these things, think about how you would feel if other prejudice passengers complained and the airline had you removed from the plane for it, or if the flight attendant had their own prejudice and decided to kick you off the plane.

It might screw up your vacation with your family, your business trip, or whatever else you were planning. You might even have to spend the night in the airport waiting for another flight the next day. All this because some prejudice people don’t like your religion and the airlines support their prejudice.

1. Ask for water

Two Muslim women were escorted off an American Airlines flight by armed police this week after a flight attendant said they made him feel “unsafe”.

One of the women, Niala Mohammad, said that their plane had been grounded for about five hours in Miami and they were not allowed to buy food or drink. After making complaints they were told to get off.

2. Ask your neighbour to switch seats

A Muslim woman was asked to get off a plane at Chicago airport in April without any explanation after she asked her neighbour to switch seats.

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has called for an investigation of a possible “bias motive” as the woman was of Somali descent and was wearing a headscarf.

When police asked the flight attendant at the gate if there was any reason why the woman had been taken off the plane, the flight attendant replied “no” and that she did “not feel comfortable” with the passenger.

3. Have a name similar to someone else

Syed Adam Ahmed, a six-year-old boy from Canada, has been repeatedly banned from boarding flights because he is on a “high risk traveller” list.

Despite authorities promising to remove him from the list months earlier, Syed was banned from boarding an Air Canada flight in March.

Although they have had no explanation for why their son is on the list, his family believe it may be because he shares his name with a suspected terrorist.

4. Speak Arabic

A man who moved to the US as an Iraqi refugee was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight in April after making a call to family in Baghdad.

After telling his uncle about the chicken dinner he’d had at an evening with UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, Khairuldeen Makhzoomi was asked to disembark the plane because his conversation had “alarmed” another passenger who accused him of making “potentially threatening comments”.

5. Look Muslim

A family of five were kicked off a United Airlines plane at a Chicago airport just before take-off in April with staff citing “safety concerns” but not providing a full explanation. Eaman-Amy Saad Shebley, who was with her husband and three children, asked the pilot whether it was a “discriminatory” decision. The pilot replied it was a “flight safety issue” but did not give any further details.

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