Presidential Election Candidate 56 Yr Old Found Dead In Hotel Room (Incl 1min vid)

LIbertarian Pres Marc Feldman

The Daily Sheeple   By Piper McGowin     Posted Mon., Aug.15, 2016

In case you missed it… here’s another dead body in the growing pile that’s surrounding this (US) campaign.

Fifty six-year-old Libertarian candidate Dr. Marc Allan Feldman, an anesthesiologist at Cleveland Clinic, was found dead in his hotel room on June 22, a story that was barely publicized in the media.

Details are relatively sparse in the few outlets that reported on Feldman’s untimely demise. Reportedly, after a mysterious, unnamed female dialed the front desk to alert authorities, minutes later police found Feldman unresponsive in his hotel room at Americas Best Value Inn in Brook Park, Ohio.

He was pronounced dead at the scene, but so far, no cause of death has been released and the case is still pending. There was also no explanation given for why he was even at the Americas Best Value Inn to begin with; police say this is part of the “ongoing investigation”.

Although he had dropped out of the running in May, Feldman had been chosen as an at-large member of the Libertarian National Committee.

A lot of people are dropping dead around this election… it’s getting pretty creepy around here.



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