Jewish Media Supremacist Urges Jews To Vote For Trump Who “Outperforms Hillary” As A Zio-Flunky

Trump on jews

Non-Aligned Media by Brandon Martinez   Posted Fri., Sept.02, 2016

Canada’s leading Zionist media hack, Ezra Levant, has in a new video implored American Jews to vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

Pointing to the billionaire’s Jewish familial and business ties as well as his ‘stellar’ pro-Israel track record and credentials, Levant makes the case that Trump outperforms Hillary Clinton in subservience to Jewish interests.

Living up to Levant’s Zionist predilections, Trump is outspokenly critical of Islam, has pledged to rescind the US nuclear deal with Iran, and may even be more zealously pro-Israel then its extremist war criminal Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who Trump has praised and campaigned for in the past.

Levant gleefully noted that all of Trump’s children except for his youngest son (who is only 10 years old) are either married to, or are currently dating, Jews.

Many of the top executives at the Trump Organization are likewise Jews, Levant blithely pointed out. Jews are also well represented and influential among Trump’s presidential campaign staff. Trump’s Jewish and fanatically Zionist son-in-law Jared Kushner is one of his leading campaign advisors.

ezra-levantWhile Levant (pic on left) concedes that Clinton is equally hawkish in her support of Israel and hostility towards its remaining adversaries (Syria, Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas), he singled out her friendliness with the Arab Gulf states and fussed over her one top advisor with a Muslim background, Huma Abedin (who, ironically, is married to scandal-plagued Jewish ex-congressman Anthony Weiner).

Levant predictably failed to mention Clinton’s most influential perennial chief advisor is Sidney Blumenthal, a Jew. Other pro-Israel Jews on Clinton’s advisory team are: James Steinberg, Andrew Shapiro, Laura Rosenberger, Tamara Cofman Wittes and Madeline Albright.

Further solidifying her Zionist pedigree, Clinton’s most prominent financial backer is the Israeli-American media mogul Haim Saban, a self-professed “one issue” Israel-first advocate and philanthropist, who has pumped $10 million into her 2016 campaign.

The second most lavish contributor to her presidential run is George Soros, the Jewish globalist hedge fund manager, who has given her $7 million so far.

Levant strategically sidestepped the fact that the Gulf Arab governments Clinton is friendly with are the Muslim world’s chief sell-outs that actually have cordial relations with and are constantly expanding ties to Israel.

Those corrupt and despotic Arab monarchies are essentially allies with the Jewish state against Iran and Syria, cooperating with Tel Aviv on a wide range of geopolitical, economic and diplomatic fronts since at least 2007, as detailed in the reportage of Seymour Hersh and others.

Reports surfacing in the British and Israeli press have even suggested Israel and Saudi Arabia have for years been secretly planning and war-gaming a joint assault on Iran.

For the Jewish supremacist Levant, nothing less than the total capitulation to every whim of Israel’s ruling elite will suffice to satisfy his co-religionists’ hegemonic ambitions of global domination, with Tel Aviv positioned as the leading state in the world.

Continues here:     link contains Levant’s video to Jews

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