TV’s Designated Survivor – Israel’s Hateful Brainwashing Propaganda


The link to this article contains two 1 min vids that demonstrate Israel’s agenda. That is, indoctrinating the collective to accept Israel’s phoney and deceptive narratives. (r. a. note)

Veterans Today By Gordon Duff & Ian Greenhalgh   Sat., Night, Oct.01/16

New television show. They’ve done it again. For those of you that don’t remember HBO’s Homeland, a masturbatory fiasco of hideous and hateful Israeli bile.

In the show Designated Survivor, Keifer Sutherland, son of Donald Sutherland, star of Robert Altman’s M*A*S*H*, plays the useful tool of globalist propaganda, the TV character isn’t the tool, it’s Sutherland in real life that’s the embarrassment.

No remotely sane person would sit still for the abusive network television show unless maybe they caught Sutherland doing something very, very naughty with a little boy somewhere.

Here’s how the show goes: the Capitol is blown up with everybody in it, bar Sutherland and Virginia Madsen. Here’s the crap we’ve seen so far:

First episode, Sutherland humiliates the Iranian ambassador and threatens to nuke Tehran; this is Zionist masturbatory fantasy in it’s purest form.

Episode two, the Lebanese political party Hezbollah, not on any American terrorist list is compared to Al-Qaeda. Conveniently ignoring the current reality that Hezbollah is engaged in bloody battle with Al-Qaeda in Syria. Worse still, Al-Qaeda, the organisation wrongly credited for 9-11, (we know the Mossad did it and we can prove it) has now shown to have always been American funded and CIA controlled, according to sources at the Russian Foreign Ministry.

–Last, and hardly the least, when no terror group took credit for the Washington bombing, this followed:

“But Osama Bin Laden didn’t take responsibility for 9-11 until month’s later”

Each one of these issues was placed in this TV show because these are key security concerns for the criminal group that runs Israel. Last week, Israel passed a law designating Saudi Arabia as the 9-11 plotter and overrode a deal by President Obama.

for people who read more than the first 30 words of an article, Israel is terrified of being blamed for 9-11. Over the past few months, Israeli internet trolls out of Haifa have taken control of the long useless 9-11 Truth Movement and turned it from a simple disinformation exercise to borscht-belt comedy.

The truth about Bin Laden, that before 9-11 his medical treatment wasn’t in Qatar but rather the Bethesda Naval Centre outside Washington.

The truth about Bin Laden, that Washington DC police in August of 2001 interviewed him at the Metropolitan Club over the theft of a briefcase.

The truth about Bin Laden, that his last known communication was December 3rd, 2001, received by the CIA/NSA intercept facility in Doha, in which he accused American Neocons of staging 9-11.

Then there’s Hezbollah, who are still close to the top of Israel’s shit list due to the failed Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006 when the IDF had their asses so comprehensively kicked they still can’t sit comfortably.

Designated Survivor is nothing more than an encapsulation of Israel’s fear and paranoia wrapped in a shroud of hateful propagandistic rhetoric. Wherever they decide to take the narrative of this show, rest assured the guiding hand is controlled by an Israeli brain and the ultimate purpose of this show is to further inculcate Israel’s agenda into the consciousness of the American masses.

Full article here:

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