Putin Orders 40 Million Citizens Take Part In A Nuclear Bombardment Drill

Putin threatens Nukes 3

YourNewsWire.com  by Baxter Dmitry             Posted Tues., Oct.04, 2016

Vladimir Putin has ordered every city in Russia to take part in an urgent civil defense drill starting today. 40 million people – almost a third of the country – will take part in the exercise to prepare Russian citizens from imminent nuclear bombardment.

Russian intelligence sources believe an attack is more likely than it has been for decades. Government and media have begun warning the people to prepare for nuclear Armegeddon, after the U.S. explosively announced it was “cutting ties” with Russia regarding the Syrian war.

Military and strategic experts have been warning that the Syrian conflict, far from being an isolated civil war, is actually a World War 3 powder keg waiting to combust. All of the world’s major powers are now active in Syria.

With tensions at an all time high, and American rhetoric sending shivers down Russian spines, Putin is determined to protect his people at all costs.

More than 200,000 specialist rescue units as well the military and paramilitary will be involved in the groundbreaking four-day drill.

Federal executive authorities, heads of regions, local governing bodies and organisations will take part, as well as paramilitary mine rescue divisions, the state small vessel inspectorate, paramedics and the fire service, reports Interfax.

“The full force of the Russian emergencies ministry will be utilised”

said Sergey Manuilov, director of the Civil Defense Department. It is being coordinated by EMERCOM – the Emergencies Ministry of Russia.


News of the unprecedented drill followed an announcement by Putin’s ministers that the government have built enormous nuclear bunkers capable of safely holding all of Moscow’s 12 million residents in the event of an attack on Russia’s largest city. Every single Muscovite must be protected, Putin commanded before the bunkers were built.

However fears in Russia remain at an all time high. A headline in Zvezda, a defence ministry TV channel last week read: “Psychopaths in America are sharpening nuclear weapons for Moscow.”

Last month, Putin allegedly ordered a massive 400-square mile facility to be carved into a secluded region of the Ural mountains, from which he could direct the nuclear conflict. Russia has also developed the near invisible ‘doomsday plane‘, from which generals could command a war from the safety of the air while the ground is under attack.

Last week, the Kremlin responded to U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby’s warning that Russian cities could suffer terrorist attacks if Vladimir Putin continued his military campaign in Syria by taking his ‘warning’ as a veiled threat.

Source: http://yournewswire.com/putin-orders-citizens-prepare-nuclear-war/

Pic below – Tunnel leading to a bunker designed to protect Moscow citizens from nuclear Armageddon.


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