Another Routine Killing: Israeli Soldiers Kill Palestinian Man Outside His Home.


TeleSur News    Posted Tues., Jan.10, 2017

Israeli soldiers shot dead Tuesday night a Palestinian man at a refugee camp outside of Nablus in the West Bank. The Israeli military claims the man was attempting to stab a group of soldiers, but Palestinians say the man was shot in cold blood as he attempted to stop the soldiers from entering his house.

Israeli occupation forces said that the man was armed with a knife as soldiers took part in raid to arrests suspects at the Fara refugee camp, northeast of the city of Nablus. “Forces called on the attacker to halt and upon his continued advance fired towards him, resulting in his death,” Israeli military authorities said in a statement after the killing.

The IDF also said that other Palestinians in the camp threw explosives and shot at the soldiers, but no injuries from the incident have been reported.

The victim was identified as 32-year-old Mohammed Sahi by an official at the refugee camp, Khaled Mansour. Sahi was shot six times after he had attempted to prevent Israeli soldiers from entering his house.

In a statement, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry identified Sahi as a former prisoner who spent three years in Israeli jails who was “executed in cold blood” in his courtyard where he died at the scene in front of his mother.

The IDF also arrested three other young men and then left the site, according to Haaretz.

Escalation of confrontations between Palestinians and Israeli forces since October 2015 has killed at least 246 Palestinian in violence in Israel, the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Israeli authorities say that the majority of Palestinians killed were carrying out knife, gun or car-ramming attacks. In the same period, at least 34 Israelis have been killed.

The IDF routinely carries out raids against Palestinians suspected of militant activity and there are proposals to give Israeli forces immunity so that they may continue to carry out killings. Israel has been internationally condemned for its collective punishment of Palestinian populations and illegal settlements on Palestinian territories.

The shooting came less than 48 hours after four Israeli soldiers were killed in a truck attack. The incidents did not appear to be connected.



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