Under Trump, Israel-Palestine Conflict Could Explode – Israel Supporter Warns


Mondoweiss    By Philip Weiss    Posted Tues., Jan.10, 2017

The Israel-Palestine conflict could “explode” under the presidency of Donald Trump, long-time Israel supporter David Makovsky warned on Sunday in New York.

Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are capable of a series of eight or nine missteps that could lead to an outbreak of greater violence in Palestine and across the region, Makovsky said in an appearance at the 92d Street Y. “I worry… it is going to cause an explosion.”

Makovsky, a former State Department aide who is now an expert at the Israel lobby group the Washington Institute, detailed some of those possible missteps:

The Israelis are now so “spun up” about the UN Security Council vote against settlements that there is a major push to colonize more of Palestine.

 “Netanyahu is the most left wing member of his government,” Makovsky said. He has failed to get anyone to his left inside the coalition and the result is that the center doesn’t hold. “He’s riding the tiger and going along for the ride.”

david-malovskiyThe Israelis are pushing Trump for a demonstration of support for their claims to Palestinian territories. The UN vote, Makovsky (pic left) said, is “forcing them to want to force Trump to do something soon.”

 If Trump gives Israel the go-ahead on its colonization of Jerusalem and the West Bank, Netanyahu will lose his “excuse” that Americans oppose the occupation, and he could become “intertwined” with Education Minister Naftali Bennett and there will be no check on expansionism.

Bennett will push for “76 outposts” to be legalized on the east side of Israel’s wall inside the West Bank; and there will be a push to “settle everywhere.”

Trump wants to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. But moving the embassy would “require a lot of political spadework on the part of the new administration” that it may not be capable of, Makovsky said: talking to Arab leaders, talking to Palestinians, going on satellite TV and saying, This is West Jerusalem, this has nothing to do with East Jerusalem, that’s for negotiation. But even with that kind of P.R.  

Arabs across the region may well hear: “America has decided Jerusalem belongs to the Jews.” The result could be violence against American embassies across the region.

“The Jordanians said Friday, this is terrible, it could lead to an explosion in our country, don’t do it. Ironically Arabs might have more influence on Israel than the US in trying to hold it back,” Makovsky said.

The Israelis have withheld infrastructure supplies from going to the besieged Gaza Strip because they wanted the Palestinian Authority to reap the political rewards of such aid; but the result is that the water will soon be undrinkable in Gaza, and even Israeli generals are warning that there could be a fourth war to follow the three of 2008, 2012, and 2014. “The cycles are shorter and the wars get longer.”

Full article here:   http://mondoweiss.net/2017/01/palestine-conflict-supporter/

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