U.S. Court Ruled Iran, Syria Must Pay 200 Mill For Death Of Jewish Baby In Jerusalem Attack


One Jewish baby is worth much more than a thousand Palestinian babies. (r. a. farcical  note)

TheTower.org Staff     Posted Fri., Jan.13, 2017

A United States district court ruled Tuesday that Iran and Syria must pay $178 million in damages to the family of a three-month-old baby who was killed in an October 2014 terrorist attack in Jerusalem.

Chaya Zissel Braun, who held both American and Israeli citizenship, was killed when Abd al-Rahman al-Shaloudi, a Hamas member from eastern Jerusalem, rammed his car into a crowd of people at the Ammunition Hill light rail station.

The vehicle hit Braun’s stroller, killing her and seriously injuring her father Shmuel. Keren Yamima Mosquera, a 22-year-old Ecuadorian woman, was also killed in the incident.

Both Hamas and Fatah, the political party led by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, subsequently praised al-Shaloudi.

At the trial, expert witnesses for the plaintiffs established that Iran and Syria had provided material support to Hamas, which acknowledged prior to the attack that al-Shaloudi was its operative. The court ordered a default judgment against the two state-sponsors of terrorism.

The lawsuit was brought to the Washington, D.C., District Court on behalf of Braun’s parents, Shmuel and Hanna. The family was represented by Nitsana Darsan-Leitner, director of Shurat Hadin, the Israel Law Center.

“This ruling sends a clear message that the heavy price will be imposed on anyone who finances terror and spills the blood of innocents,” said Darshan-Leitner, whose NGO seeks to wage a legal struggle against global terror. “We will continue to constantly pursue Syria and Iran through any legal means at our disposal to ensure that the victims of terror have justice.”

A similar car-ramming attack that took place in Jerusalem this past Sunday and left four Israeli soldiers dead prompted worldwide outrage, but garnered praise from both Fatah and Hamas.

Source:   http://www.thetower.org/4423-u-s-court-finds-iran-syria-liable-for-death-of-infant-in-jerusalem-terror-attack/

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