After School Satan Club Approved – Christian Evangelicals To Blame


And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceives the whole world: (including Christians) he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. (Book of Revelation Chpt.12 verse 9)   [ r. a. note]

Raw Story   By Sarah K. Burris     Post Sat., Night, Jan.14, 2017

Christian evangelicals only have themselves to blame for a new After School Satan club that has popped up at Vista Elementary School in Taylorsville, Utah.

According to the Salt Lake Tribue, the club was approved after other Christian based clubs sprung up at the school, Patheos explained.

“If you are going to invite religion into schools you have to invite everybody,” said Chalice Blythe of the Utah chapter head for The Satanic Temple. “You can’t just say one is good and the other is bad.”

The school was forced to send home a letter to parents explaining that there was nothing they could do about the club and that it was legal and the school had no “discretion on this issue.”

Blythe explained that these clubs don’t actually worship Satan. Instead, they work to teach children the importance of science, critical thinking and understand the world around them.

“Kids naturally have that ability to be curious and question things,” Blythe said. “We’re basically just saying we should bolster that.”

Moises Esteves, a spokesperson for Child Evangelism Fellowship, thinks that the club is a misguided attempt by “very confused folk.” He went on to call it nothing more than a publicity stunt, “compelled by their despise of God and despise of anything Christian.”

Blythe explained that the club is perfectly transparent about what they’re doing.

“We have nothing to hide and we legitimately feel we are offering a really good curriculum for kids,” he said.

According to the national website for the club, the group thinks that keeping religion out of school is the best route.

“But the worst case scenario, when religion is allowed in the schools, is an environment in which one religious voice enjoys the exclusive benefit of delivering its teachings to the children, promoting the understanding that their religion is endorsed by the school, or otherwise has special privilege within their community.”

The site reads. “The Satanic Temple does not advocate for religion in schools. However, once religion invades schools, as The Good News Clubs have, The Satanic Temple will fight to ensure that plurality and true religious liberty are respected.”



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Because of my last name, there are some who might think I'm a Muslim. I'm an older student of the bible and I regard myself as Christian-other. That is, I was baptized in a Torah-keeping assembly. I'm one who tries his best to follow Yayshua, the Messiah (Christ) by keeping the commandments, the dietary laws, the weekly Sabbath and the annual Sabbaths (Holy Days) instituted and ordained by the great I AM, the Creator-God of Israel. I reject the holidays and festivals invented by the Roman church. Truth-seeking is my present passion. Presently, I do a lot of research into the World Wars, the mass media, the Holocaust, Zionism, Health Issues, 9/11 and the power brokers who are behind the New World Order that is gradually being established mainly in the Western Nations. Many prognosticators (prophets) both secular and religious are warning us that we are living "On the Eve of Destruction" - the last days. There's a very good chance a nuclear tsunami will eventually visit many nations. Peace and blessings to all who love the truth and hate the lies.
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