Hell-born Demons Brutally Kill 8 Iraqi Civilians, Remove Heart Of One To Terrorize Citizens


FARS News Agency     Posted Mon., Jan.23, 2017

The ISIL terrorists killed eight Iraqi citizens in a brutal manner in Kirkuk province, and took the heart of one of them out of his body to intimidate people more.

“The ISIL killed seven people by running a bulldozer over them and took the eighth civilian’s heart while he was alive on charges of spying for the government forces,” a security source in Kirkuk province disclosed on Monday.

The source noted that the ISIL terrorists committed the heinous crime inside al-Bokareh airbase near Hawija around 55 kilometers Southwest of Kirkuk province.

“Another ISIL terrorist took the heart of an Iraqi civilian for allegations about his cooperation with the Iraqi security forces,” he added.

isisThe ISIL has committed similar crimes against the Iraqi civilians many times before in Kirkuk province.

In mid-December, the ISIL executed 17 people, mostly youths, in al-Hawija region over accusations of cooperating with security forces and mutiny against the terrorist group.

The ISIL group took 17 people out of their residences in the early hours of December 12 before executing them by a fire squad inside al-Bokareh airbase.

Meantime, a security source disclosed that a large number of civilians, including women and children, have escaped from the ISIL and approached Peshmerga forces.

The people had fled the ISIL-controlled al-Makhous, al-Madina and al-Akouleh regions to reach Maktab Khaled that is under the rule of the Peshmerga forces.

The ISIL had captured the the town of Hawija in June 2014.

Kirkuk lies some 108 miles away from Mosul, considered to be the terrorist group’s main stronghold in Iraq. On October 17, the Iraqi government launched an operation to retake Mosul from the ISIL.

Source:   http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13951104001251

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