Satanists Host “Lamb Sacrifice” and “Bible Torching” At Neo-Satanic Temple

Here’s the eternal destiny of those who worship Satan (Devil) and his fallen angels. “And the devil (Satan) that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are…” (Revelation “Chpt.20 verse 10)   [r. a. note]

Campus Reform    Posted Thurs., Mar.09, 2017

An organization called the “Clemson Unorthodox Neo-Satanic Temple (C.U.N.T.)” caused outrage Monday with a flier advertising a “live bloodletting and lamb sacrifice” and “Bible torching.”

The flier, reportedly found in Clemson University’s Brackett Hall, invites students to a “C.U.N.T. Afterlife Party” on March 11, but does not specify a location.

Decorated with satanic images such as pentagrams and goat skulls, the disclaimer lists various activities, including a “Bible torching ceremony” with a $25 prize for the “C.U.N.T. sucker” who brings in the most Bibles and a “Pentagram completion event” intended to “summon Baphomet to celebrate the new Clemson Chapel.”

The flier does not provide contact information for the group, leaving its reference to a “new Clemson Chapel” somewhat ambiguous, but the wording may refer to an unfinished chapel intended as a memorial to a former student.

The Cadden Chapel is named for Samuel J. Cadden, a Clemson student who tragically passed away in an automobile accident in the Summer of 2015. According to WIS-TV, Cadden kept a bucket list of life goals in his Bible, one of which was to give back to Clemson through a gift to name a building.

In addition to Cadden’s, the names of over 600 students who passed away before their intended graduation date will be engraved at the chapel as a tribute.

The activity mentioned most prominently in the Satanist club’s flier, though, is a “live bloodletting and lamb sacrifice,” which the group claims was made possible through a “lamb provided by our friends at Clemson Collegiate Farm Bureau.”

Director of College Relations Kirby Player, however, flatly denied the claim, telling Campus Reform that the Farm Bureau would “absolutely not” be providing any animals for ritual slaughter.

Clemson students sounded off on Twitter in an uproar over the Satanic event.

One student posted, “I just got a few questions,” to which others responded with, “uhh…i have way more than a few ‘questions,’” and “Yeah I have many questions, first of all, How dare they?”

Others disparaged the Satanist group’s presence at Clemson, stating, “I ain’t trying to be nowhere near clemson this weekend..,” “I knew I chose the wrong school,” and “marking Clemson off of my potential schools list.”

One student proclaimed, “i feel like im [sic] bout to be struck down just reading this.”


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