8 Signs Hillary Clinton Will Be Arrested And Charged Soon

I’ve listed the first 2 reasons, the others can be found at link below. (r. a. note)

Whatsupic News    Posted Mon., Mar.13, 2017

Before I begin (author of the article)  let us review highly pertinent details to the case.

James Comey withheld a criminal indictment recommendation for Hillary despite the fact that he indicated under oath that Hillary broke the law. Based on the emails that were recovered from her server, more than 100 pieces of classified, secret and top-secret information were found. But the classified information that the FBI currently has in its possession is just one small piece of the puzzle.

The bigger question is why were the 33,000 emails deleted?

What information was contained in these emails? It was information so explosive that Hillary Clinton risked jail time by destroying the records.

During Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state, two explosive child trafficking cases occurred that were covered up by the state department. One was the case of alleged missionary Laura Silsby who tried to traffic 32 children after the Haiti earthquake of 2010. The US mainstream media painted Silsby as a simple missionary trying to help the children. But WikiLeaks told us a very different story. She was not a simple missionary. Silsby was in direct contact with the state department, and Hillary herself.

Ten leaders, including Silsby, were arrested and held in jail as they awaited the outcome of their case. WikiLeaks provided an email involving Hillary’s fixer, Patrick Kennedy, who was part of a secret thread discussing how the State department could hide the missionaries from the media once they were released from jail.

The second child trafficking case involved Howard Gutman, the 33rd ambassador to Belgium, who attempted to solicit children while he was in office. Despite the stunning allegations against him, including an official report proving he engaged in child trafficking, the case received almost no attention from mainstream media in the US.

WikiLeaks also had a file on Gutman. He was a top fundraiser for the Democrats in 2008. Guess who got Gutman off the hook? Patrick Kennedy. He scrubbed the official records of Gutman’s horrific crimes. We will return to Patrick Kennedy later in this article.

Here are the 8 signs that a major prosecution is coming against Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. 

1. Anthony Weiner

The former Democratic congressman is facing child pornography charges and is co-operating with prosecutors by informing on the Clintons in return for them dropping their case against him. (continues at link – r. a. note)

2. Jeffrey Epstein

Just a few days before reports that charges were coming against Weiner, a close friend of Hillary and Bill, Jeffrey Epstein, was hit with a massive new lawsuit involving child trafficking. A woman, whose name has not been revealed, filed a case alleging she was part of a child trafficking ring led by Epstein. This lawsuit appears to have been filed just after Trump’s inauguration.

Previously, Epstein and his best friend Prince Andrew were recipients of lawsuits by women who claimed  that they were part of a trafficking scheme that was being led by the world’s most powerful elites. It seems there are others involved, including Alan Derschowitz and Bill Clinton, both of whom were frequent fliers on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, the Lolita Express.

If Epstein is hauled into court again he could reveal damaging information about Bill Clinton.

Full article here:   http://whatsupic.com/news-politics-usa/signs-hillary-clinton-arrested.html    


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