“Werewolf” Serial-Killer-Cop Murders 82 Women. “He Was A Good Husband”

Mirror UK    By Will Stewart   Posted Mon., Mar.27, 2017

Russia’ worst-ever serial killer has given a chilling account of how he was a “good husband and father” while he went on a killing rampage murdering 82 women over almost two decades.

Mikhail ‘The Werewolf’ Popkov, 53, (pic above with wife and daughter) was today formally charged with 60 new murders on top of 22 for which he is already convicted and serving a life sentence.

A former policeman , he has already confessed to all the killings, saying he wanted to “clean up” his Siberian city Angarsk of “prostitutes” and “immoral women”.

Prosecutors believe 82 to be the “final toll” of a killer who raped almost all his victims before butchering them with knives, axes or screwdrivers.

The cases go back to the period from 1992, just after the collapse of the Soviet Union, to 2010. His newly-confirmed victims were aged 17 to 38, according to law enforcement sources.

In leaked testimony from the macabre case, he described to criminal investigators how he separated his “ordinary” family life from his other existence as one of history’s worst and most bloodthirsty serial killers using axes, knives and screwdrivers to murder his victims “I had a double life,” he told investigators working on his case.

“In one life I was an ordinary person, I was in the service in the police, having positive feedback on my work.”

I had a family. My wife and daughter considered me a good husband and father, which corresponded to reality.

“In my other life I committed murders, which I carefully concealed from everyone, realising that this was a criminal offence.

“My wife and daughter never knew about the crimes I committed and did not even suspect this.”

He coldly revealed how he cruelly selected women to kill during his 18-year reign of terror in Irkutsk region between 1992 and 2010.

“The victims were those who, unaccompanied by men, at night, without a certain purpose, were on the streets, behaving carelessly, who were not afraid to enter into conversation with me, get into my car, and then go for a drive in search of adventures, for the sake of entertainment, ready to drink alcohol and have sexual intercourse with me.”

He used his police car, offering lifts to some victims, then taking them to remote areas to rape and murder them.

Investigators never believed a policeman could be responsible for such crimes.

“Not all women became victims, but those of a certain negative behaviour, I had a desire to teach and punish,” he said of his decision who would live and die.

Full article here:  http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/russias-werewolf-serial-killer-says-10109676

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